Swedish coinage

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How to make small coin rings from large coins (Swedish wrap)

403 958 views | 17 Jul. 2016

The morgan dollar video to

The morgan dollar video to see all the first steps.


Check out my rings for sale! www.changeyoucanwear.net

Get a set of Swedish wrap tools



The finished ring looks absolutely beautiful. One question, why don't you file the outer edge of the coin away to match the inside of the ring? I did two quarters yesterday and they look good but a little strange with both sides not being smooth. Personal preference maybe? Thanks Skyler, another older but great tutorial.

frank Kelly

neat, working with silver takes care..

Valdeci Morereira

Good evening friend, how much is it to send an alliance to Brazil?

Anthony Dacey

A really nice demostration on using the SW system along with other tools and techniques and of course not forgetting the tips along the way. Thanks

Miguel Mario Palmieri

no se entiende un carajo lo que habla!


How much dollar for one dollar?


Beautiful... i think you just made me want to start a new Hobby. Do leather work but those rings are amazing.


106 coin collectors disliked this video!

عماد الدين حسين الغواص ابو علي

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته يا ريت بعد اذنكم يقولوا لنا الخامات والعده اللي بيشتغل بها نقدر نحصل عليها منين انا عمتي من جمهوريه مصر العربيه ام العالم كله وليه البرنامج ما يبقاش مدبلج او يبقى فيه تحديث باللغه العربيه بصراحه الاخ اللي شغال استاذ ومعلم و باشا الله ينور عليك شكرا لكم جميعا يا ريت تردوا علي

Jose Vieira

@@@ por quanto sai uma aliança desta ai por favor

Gary Vander Giessen

Very good vid. It explained a few things I was wondering about. Also, beautiful end result. Thanks!

Dean Miller

Hell don't make a ring. Contact me and I will buy any silver dollar from you, or smaller coins 1964 or older !!!

Joel Buchanan

Seems like science, math, and a generous dose of artistry. I was impressed that you must be so talented and skilled to be able to explain with such clarity a complicated process. Very cool and well done. I just still don't understand why after the gold is heated and cooled, it still is so malleable. Is that because properties of gold are so different from say, Iron? Asking for a friend...

Larry Kelley

Can you do a Swedish rap on a Quarter or give it the fat tire look

Kyriakos Christofides

i have a 2.7cm coin what size hole must i open
(for my index finger i have around the same size as you

Miguel Angel Lozada

what can I do to get a ring like this ?

Mike Russell

This is mind boggling to me I've been making rings since you made me one a few months ago still am cornfused ?

chip bryant

Very good video. Well done, thanks for not playing music.

Franklin Horst

Please install a vertical support directly under your arbor press. It shouldn't take more than a tightly fitted 2×4 from the underside of the bench to the floor beneath to eliminate all that flex you can see in the bench to when you use the press.


I love Jesus too.


whitch acid or how it is called in eng. do u use on silverrings to get a better contrast ?

Michael G

Do you sell any of the rings?

Nicolas Shubin

do you ever make gold rings? great channel by the way

ziad tameemi

i need to buy one do you selling online

Thouck Prum

how can i buy those ring?

Angela Pierre D

I love the shape of the smaller sizes...round and bulky. Will this go down to 6 3/4 -7?


What’s the maximum time you work with the coin, before you anneal it again?


looks AWESOME .
Bless your hands. and thank you for sharing..

Brandon RideOrDie

Can you do 22k gold rings? Or have tips on how to I am thinking about trying to do one but don't want to waste a good peace if I mess up lol??

resinating patriot designs

why the hell would i want to go to another video to see how you got to the middle of the process??. ugh.. next!

Lillian Stacy

where do you find the Morgan coins to purchase for this roject ?

Andrew Lybrand

You should show the finished product after it's been polished. A 100% finished product would be nice to see.

Ray Mosher

Great vid. Many thanks, but would have liked to see use of the doming tool.


i don't know if i should ask you this here but +Coin Rings from The Mint - Change You Can Wear do you, by any chance, ship international via you're storefront?

The Keto Chief

you did a great job I think it look great compared to what others do the only thing I do not like is the fact you destroyed a peace of history that is becoming more and more rare to find. their is $13 in scap in a morgan but since the coins are harder and harder to get they now hold a min value of $20 and it keeps going up every summer. I sugest you buy fakes you can get them cheap and they look like the real deal and you do not damage a peace of history.

kayla mickel

would you use the swedish wrap to make a size 6 in kennedy half dollars? what size reduction dies do you use for half dollar and dollar size coins?


I don't know man....this looks a little cooky....why wouldn't some sockets and reducing ring that comes with your mandrel work? Stacking things on top and not seeing if the coin is even would be a major problem. Doesn't this method also squish the raised details on the ring and flatten it all out???? Would make this very hard to patina wouldn't it? I see holes in this technique, sorry man. cool video though

Manoel Amaral

Hello my name is Manoel
I'm Brazilian and I find your art amazing with the coins ...
I would like to deduct two rings, for me and my wife ...
For her 18 cm and for me 20 cm.
thanks for the feedback.

وليد العبيدي

كيف بي امكاني الحصول على وحدا من الخواتم أو كيف يتام اشراء منهاء وشكرا

Levy Medina

hello...and have to say awsome!!!...I really enjoyed watching the video...my respects on your craftsmanship......I think I know what I want this year for Christmas!!!....


Ive used 3 different type of presses in my working life, I am in the Aerospace industry. telling this to bolster the use of the arbor press. Ive used two different type of 50 ton presses. Hand pump type and electric hydraulic. Then the arbor. For small applications such as making rings in this fashion the arbor press is best because you can feel your work! You can somewhat with a hydraulic type, but the arbor is the best for feel and control. Ive watched a bunch of different videos from different people and their methods and what has amazed me is you are the first I have seen of someone finally using a small arbor press..Good choice, its an excellent tool. Haven't made any rings myself yet. Gathering info. Yes I do have an Arbor press. Look around for them, I got mine off of Craigs list from a machine shop where a guy was retiring. Paid 40 bucks.

Luiz Dian

voce faz pra vender


Off topic here....What is that thing in front of the Swedish wrap kit on your bench? It looks like a railroad spike on one end. Beautiful work. Keep it up.

Edu fortes

Gostaria de comprar esse anel como faço ??????

Md Ullah


gurupramod r

Can you make 1pare of ring for me. I would like to present to my wife on our wedding anniversary.if so plz mail me on [email protected]gmail.com
I will be looking for ur positive reply.

Shau Hame

awesome work. it wonder if it work with gold coin.

حسين علي

اريد من عنده يمكنك ان ترسل

David Clinkenbeard

I'm retired. After watch the coin ring making videos, I bought some tools and am trying it myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

Dave 24v

Great work, .. Well explained, love this kind of video's, very educational ... Thanks.

This Here Channel

I tried contacting you via your website, not sure if it went through or if I sent multiple messages. If someone were to supply with the coin they wanted made into a ring, would you make it for them (obviously if they paid)?

Do you still offer classes/tours?

sorry if this was a duplicate message from one (or many) you received from my post on your page.

Enrique Diaz

El billete debajo de "I Love Jesus" es peruano wow!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you make coin rings/sell to pubic?

Brandon RideOrDie

Thanks for the tip I got a couple new eagles im Gunna try it with one and see how it turns out. ?

Franklin Montejo

Where did you get that 100 intis note from?

Pepe Bautista

You sale the ring my friend?

Morningstar Diaries

How to buy coin ring

Terry Foster

Fantastic video.

sergio raya

How much are they

Lino Santiago

Hi, Lino interested in having a ring made. I have seceral coins to choose from.
I would like some advice and prices.
[email protected]
Thank you



Juninho Jr

Hello, your job and fantastic would you order this ring? I live in Brazil and I'm working


how much do you charge to make one?

Tim Weaver

lord blessed you with a set skill. do u have a facebook I'd like to talk an maybe listen to some wisdom!

kolby howley

is this as easy as it looks or do you just make it look easy ? great job im gonna get some tools and try it out thanks for the videos ive watched all of them

Jonas Beausang

How many degrees were the inside hole of the die that you pushed the ring all the way through? It looked a lot less than 17 degrees to me.

Matthew Lawrence

@skyler- nice work! I notice you use a dry lube... What's the difference between dry and wet lube (other than the obvious)?

Henrik R

How do you antique the rings?

cirso alves conrado

How do I get these materials or machines to make alliances?

Gzim Aliu


Laura Cino

Nice rings


Okay, so I’m not a size 14 or 12or even close to an 8. I’m a woman’s size 5.5. So probably a quarter or a dime. What do you have for that?

Luciano Vieira Lima

how much ?

Nando Ribas

Olá, voce faz para vender? Encia para o Brasil? Qual o valor?


What size hole did you punch for this ring ? Thanks!

Juninho Jr

Hello, your job and fantastic would you order this ring? I live in Brazil and I'm working



Efrain M.

Great video. Thanks for posting!

Adilson Lucas

this coin is silver?

Lucky Larry

You can put an oring around the brass to center it up.

Greg Wood

Your videos are great !

Fernan Bañez

This is cool! I've been looking at various channels on how they're made and yours seem to be the best of the bunch. I especially like the care and detail you put in protecting the coin as you make the rings. Do you make them to order or do you have them pre-made? Thanks, FB


I always thought it was illegal to deface currency.

Theresa Tyler

Thank U 4 ur insight & informative Vids. to take Us through ur techniques and great workmanship! I'll be saving up to purchase one soon. Maybe the 'Walking Liberty'.
I hope I can reach you somehow with a few questions.


why destroy a valuable coin and make it into an ugly disfigured thing (ring) ? Just get some metal and do it !

Lucio Carrozzo

Hi, We dont have dollars in my country let alone a Morgan Dollar. Please can you make me one of those rings, if so how much will you charge me. Rgds Lucio

Max- USA

Amazing! I love it?

Debra McAbee


Eric Enamorado

Can you make me a 1979 Swedish wrap coin just like this one on the video ??

George Micheal

I love your I love Jesus sticker I love him to


When all was said and done with this size 8 ring in the video, what size did the cut side of the ring turn out to be? 8.5-8.75? It was larger then 8, right?

Keith Regan

This is totally unrelated to the "Swedish Wrap"! Do I recall that you had made an adapter, for your ring stretcher, that accommodated ring sizes larger than 15/16? I have been going thru videos trying to relocate that one. Again, not sure if it was you? If so, could you let me know which video that was. Thanks!

Shazzam!!! Eduardo Principe

I love those rings, i'm in venezuela, how much will cost to get one bro???


how much do you charge to make one?


Is there any reason why you sand after you anneal and quench? Why not sand before?

Dave Hubbell

How much for a 1922....size 8....it would mean a lot to me.

Ymad Chelikha

i want one

Beast Mode 14W

I love your work. I wanted to let you know, you probably already know but it's worth a mention... You don't have to necessarily buy MS Morgans you can get AU or even a bit lower in grade. Because you are destroying the MS which is the luster on the coin you don't have to use a Ms coin. Keep up the Great Work and I've subscribed so I get your videos now.

Also. I see comments about how it hurts to see you destroy Morgans, but they must not know how many there truly are out there.

john wilkins

What lube do you use?

Swedish coinage

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Sweden: How to live in the world's first cashless society

17 496 views | 26 Dec. 2019

Cashless societies offer

Cashless societies offer many advantages. In addition to the convenience that not having to carry money, coins, or banknotes around entails, these societies are more secure, help reduce bank robberies and help fight drug, counterfeiting, and weapons black markets.

As such, there are many reasons to go cashless. Sweden is the first society to take the plunge. The country is set to become the world's first cashless society by March 2023. What would that look like and how is the country preparing for this transition?

Learn more at https://bit.ly/3pXOXbu



so what happens to the homeless?

Prince of Sun

China is already a cashless country


Hahaha Ekrona... what a coincidence

Chel R

Hows everyone likely that "free stimulus money" now? I figured it was just a way to purge out Social Security but now I see it was a way to purge cash. Makes me wonder if theres more to the schools being closed also.

Saint Burnsy

Ooo Sweden lookin' real ripe for a cyberattack that wipes out everyone's funds

Magoo Gouzoo

Banks need deposits since it's their liabilities. Their assets will become toxics as the interest rates go negative. Their balance sheet will inverse, deposits interest will become the banks earnings and their assets (morgage, treasuries, bonds, stocks) will become an expense. The financial system will go upside down and we will subsidize corporations, governments and banks debt.

Helen Egan

Was a nightmare travelling trying to change currency.

Tom Family

Sweden is good on her cashless society.

Machella 123

No more small businesses or mom and pop shops. The mark of the beast and your vaccinations enforced

WRFU Please

OMG how dumb the government know every movement you do f that

Charley Nilsson

I just have on thing to say to the people in this comment section everything does not have to be a god damn conspiracy to take your freedom. I even live in Sweden and i love the system we have now it's convenient and i know it's a controversial thing to say these days but i trust our government and will most likely trust the next government aswell.


It's an ad.


We live in a society now that depends on what type of mobile phone you have

Barry Sorento

Now with the click of a mouse, someone can erase your entire life's work.

Gusten Grodslukare

Another way for Swedish authorities to control so that Swedish citizens behave.
Swedish authorities have an enormous need for control.
Everything must be reported right down to the toilet paper.
We have many older people who do not understand the new technology, but the authorities ignore it as long as they get even more control over the Swedes.
Many call Sweden a utopia, but it is rather a country built on control.

john douglass

what do tourist do


getting rid of cash would not be a good thing

Mesha H

So many dumb ass people in these comments it's ridiculous yall better wake up cause the end result won't be good

Carlos Oliva

Why is the move to cashless society is because cash is the most annoying way to pay and stupid

Perendez Brown

There goes the Dope Game

Rae Rae

Ekrona how coincidental. Electronic Corona in 2020 ?? sounds planned the viiiiirus that is


To update this topic. The swedish riksdag has passed a law which is in effect since 1 jan 2020, forcing some banks to accept cash. This is to secure access to cash as a useful tender as some users still wants to pay by cash. https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/arende/betankande/skyldighet-for-kreditinstitut-att-tillhandahalla_H701FiU29

Jimmy Chan

80% hahahah, appearantly China is a joke to you guys. They don't even use bank cards. They pay beggars by scanning QR codes.

Jennifer Shaughnessy

Yea this give governments way too much power.

john douglass

what about power outages

fjanfbbc bsbdyyyv

I'm glad this is happening in another country so we have time to see exactly how bad this will be.

Terrence Gilyard

Covid 19 is fake

Powder_ Days

I think it's bad. 3rd

Kervy GoodVibes Videos

Time Management Brad

Time Management Brad

Magoo Gouzoo

This is not a good thing to go cashless, it's a way to remove liberty from the people and make us pay for the debts that was taken on our behalf for the last century. Inflation will grow, our purchasing power will decrease along with the nominal value of our deposits. This is outrageous!!

Kristoffer Hellström

A survey made showed that 75% of the people in the survey used Swish rather than cash during the last month. 9% of payments in stores is made with cash.

Heather Clark

Funny they didnt have lockdown there

Bala Mani

Mankind is advancing towards moneyless society. Cashless society is the first step. With the establishment of ONE WORLD FEDERAL GOVERNMENT under UN, and ONE WORLD CONSTITUTION, the world will see EQUALITY and JUSTICE for the whole of humanity... leading to a more ALTRUISTIC society from a CAPITALISTIC society.

Nick Rumley

Does anyone get the feeling. So goes America; so goes the world. Is anyone taking this seriously in America?

Free World

In india brianless Prime minister banned bank note to make india cashless.. ??

White Ghost

say something bad about the government? whup there goes your life savings

Magoo Gouzoo

This is the only way for the negative interest rates to be passed on in the future. And this will be necessary for the world order and the debt based system to remain. IMF wrote about that.


Thngks for suporting


how privacy is ensured? are all transactions traceable? what happens in power outages, loss of phones, loss of cards? are all citizens condemned to need a bank account or there are alternatives? how secure are those transactions? electronics = higher risk of failure, what happens then?

TPMs New England World

So this is what they have a currency in Sweden. So it has like an expense or loan and even an account.

Shijie De zhongxin世界的中心

They are not embracing cards, they are obliged to do it

Leon Esperanza

There is a tech being developed called quantum computing. I dont understand the tech too much but this tech makes me scared of being a cashless society.

Eaden Xman

Crazy if someone wants this wt All the Fraud that's out there.. Don't buy in 2 this.. More control

Powder_ Days

Everyone will miss the day's when you find cash. In weird places too. I found $10 floating in the water at the beach the other day. ?

[email protected]

This is the dumbest concept ever...!!!! If you trust corporations with unprotected access to your accounts and full rights to change prices to services with monthly fees without your knowledge...!!!! I don’t trust ANY company with my financial information TF PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB THEY WILL ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE ROBBED IN EXCHANGE FOR CONVENIENCE... Being amongst you stupid humans is exhausting & embarrassing...!!!!???‍♂️

Ulfr Ulfhednar

Hahahahhaha never globalist shills swede here i will never have a chip in.my hand disgusting weak bankmafia


As a Swede I find our system so convenient! I haven't used cash in years and I've had a couple of coins in my wallet since I bought it like two years ago haha. Even my grandparents never use cash, only cards and Swish. I think it's great that the government can track monetary transactions so that it makes it harder for people to not pay tax and harder to deal drugs etc. They arrested a drug dealer in Stockholm a while ago and just checked his Swish to find his whole client list of different celebrities haha!

peter tancred

What happens if you lose your phone too many times or there's a power outage? Write a I.O.U. ? Hope your pen has enough ink...and there's enough paper???



Storm Trooper

F**k yeah Sweden ?? is DA BEST

Hilda Elson

The more backward, the more likely are they going to use cash. That’s why poor tourists still get pickpocketed in those countries. Cashless all the way please.

Francesca Zandara

Cash is freedom! Please understand it! Use Cash as often as possible


ok 100%. I thinks is 2 years ago i have cash on me last time!. Everything works 100% and is so esy and fast!. Even to pay to a friend/shop etc.. some money is ok via mobil tel, in a second!. Huge from Thomas in Sweden


So it’s now way harder to do private transactions. Also if the power goes out how are they going to use chip readers?
Seems like a pretty bad system.


Interesting how Sweden is currently the only country in the world not under Coronavirus lockdown.

Антон Петров

For thousands of years we’ve had no problem using physical forms of payment tender. Why all of a sudden now are they pushing cashless society? I think there is a hidden agenda to control the people more.


Kenya has been using MPesa for 20 years??????


It's not really contactless but i'm all for Digital Payments we've been doing it for the past 15+ years anyway buying lots of things online, Are they charging a Transaction Fee even for small purchases though? because if they are that shouldn't happen only for expenses over £10/$10 because it wouldn't be fair having a fee charged just for like buy a coffee of some lunch or something. How do people pay for stuff in other Countries now though? Is there Conversion Fees? i'm reading Countries with it have a Digital Wallet? or Is it just China? and Germany is just using a handful of different Payment Apps like PayPass and Apple Pay soo... if there are Conversion Fees... Would they just like pay a fee to convert whatever amount of Digital Money they need in a Digital Wallet to the one of the country they're going to visit?.


As a Swede I was surprised at how much people around Europe still used cash...it’s sooooo much easier to manage and save money when you have it all in your account and can see your amount every time you pay

Mimi Mimi

Contactless Chip.... hmmm this was 9 months ago, and they already were using the term that we hear as the new normal now...
(Contactless this and that... talk about preplanned)
Never let a good crisis go to waste...
Sounds like to me if people want life back to normal we will be paying a bigger price then some of us even realize .....

Swedish coinage

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The "Swedish Wrap Method" for Making a Small Morgan Dollar Coin Ring; FULL VIDEO

120 114 views | 20 Jun. 2016

This video shows from

This video shows from start to finish, how to take a Morgan Silver Dollar and turn it into a smaller-sized and straight-walled coin ring using the "Swedish Wrap Method".

* Pick up your Swedish Wrap Extrusion Die Set by clicking below:


The "Swedish Wrap Method" technique is done right AFTER the traditional folding process with the Folding Cones, and immediately PRIOR to expanding the thinner cut-side out on a Ring Sizer Machine to give your smaller-sized coin ring those straight walls that were basically impossible to achieve on the larger-sized coins prior to this method of coin ring-making coming to the forefront.

This method will revolutionize the way that the smaller-sized coin rings are made from the larger coins!

Stay tuned for some new coin ring-making tools coming soon that will further simplify the "Swedish Wrap Method" technique for folks, as well as being able to better preserve the coins' overall detail.

Visit my Shop Page at: http://www.CoinRingUSA.com for a current available list of the highest quality coin ring-making tools or message me if you'd like to be added to the Contact List for these new tools once they're rolled out.

You can also get the latest updates on coin ring-making tools and techniques at: http://www.CoinRingBlog.com

You can Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the latest video updates here:


Description: "The "Swedish Wrap Method" for Making a Small Morgan Dollar Coin Ring; FULL VIDEO "


Awesome video btw...


Well made video. Good lighting and great explanations. Do you know where I can obtain the resin cones and polymer pushrods? Thank you.

Andrew Moon

great video subscription

john fillius

where do I get the push rods you use?


Awesome video, your explanation of the process is easy to understand I be interested when the dies go on sale

Cory Canfield

great video awesome tools can't wait to get my hands on a set

Matt Whitehead

So you don't worry at all about that finale sizing as far as loosing detail? Nice job, BTW!

Luis alonso Orozco espinoza

Buenas tardes que medida es el último reductor que usas para que quede el anillo definido


what kind of Teflon tape are you using and how many wraps are you doing and where do you buy the tape from?

John Lear

Hey nice work!

Just one question, is that a 4 spline mandrel or a 6 spline on the ring stretcher and would a 4 spline be good enough or should you buy a 6 spline if someone where to buy one?

Kevin Thomas

Martin what is the Max size using the swedish wrap method.

Grumpy Old Man

This seems to take a long time. How is the total time invested different for the different methods?

ismundo campos

great job......what is the hole size for this coin ring?


i reallly want to get started with my own coin ring kit , one that i can get the swedish rap setup as well so any help would be greatly appreciated my man

Jesse Holcombe

just ordered my Swedish wrap dies from you.Waiting for the arrival


Another great video, Martin. I noticed you took even more care and detail in describing the process (maybe because the method is a bit new to you, too?) along the way, which is always helpful and appreciated. Gotta admit, I'd never seen pink teflon tape....is it somehow tied in to breast cancer awareness?? I notice you achieved about 75% of the folding using just the ring sizer. I know that in the past, you seemed to think that you preferred to use a 6 ton press when dealing with Morgan sized stuff. Would you say that, with sufficient annealing, you could pull off the entire folding process with JUST the ring sizer, as long as it was done with a sizer as durable as the Durston? Failing that, would you say a 1 or 2 ton arbor press at most would be all one would need? Thanks, and keep up the great work.


Your jewelry skill and dexterity is obvious, but i wanted to point out the quality in your video editing. Excellent lighting, focus, and a brisk pace of commentary that kept the information flowing efficiently. A+

Harlen's Coin Rings



Thanks for your help. after trying it a couple times then watching your vid again. i can understand more clearly what needs to be done to make the process run smoother. thanks again..


Not criticizing what you are doing, its great work and it takes patience to do. I just find it very difficult to destroy a Morgan dollar. I hope you do check the dates and are doing only high minted years? Or heavily worn coins. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Jacey Lataire

Absolutely amazing!!!

Herb Meland

well done-easy to follow for a beginner. Thanks


a work of art...

Elijah Turrentine

How are your coins so clean?

alejandro Graffiti

hello there,i would like to find the tool to make the rings with it ,can you help me with that please thanks...


Really impressive mate keep up the great work! ?

Herb Meland

My ring always has a slight cone shape-what am I not doing-I'm a new maker

Dennis Wall

Nice work thanks


Great work thanks for sharing.

Biggie Padilla

When are you going to have the Swedish dies set .

What's Papa doing now?

What size arbor press were you using in the video? If I want a narrower ring width would I simply use a larger center hole punch size?


Any idea when these new Dies will be available in your shop?


When will the swedish reduction dyes be up on the shop?

Lori Young

I love this! What is this press called????


nice and perfect job ...


I see that you are selling brass pushrods, but this video shows plastic. Why the change? Wouldn't the plastic ones have the advantage of not scoring the reeded side, ever?

David Weston

So the Swedish coin rap makes a longer ring because of the process. So can it then be fat tired a bit and still be longer then the other method but still the more rounded look and feel? Or does that make it the same?

Michael 732

Another great vid. Thanks

Helen Schreiber

I HAVE ALL YOUR dies and cones , could you make a similar video showing step by step the sequence of dies and cones for the 50 cent and quarter, or at the very least publish this information on the web site

John Kuba

What did you have between the coin and the expandable ring sizer?

John Coonradt

where did you bye the ring expander and press

Gene O'Brien

Martin, if the ring comes out of the final die at about 9 1/2 and is then straightened out to about a size 10, is that the largest size that can be made using the Swedish Wrap tools?

Shaun M.

Where can I buy the machine and dyes

Scott VanMeter

This is really cool!How Much is equipment and where can I buy it.


how do you get the reeded edge to come in just a little more,so it looks more totally straight .Beautiful ring btw....thx

Chip Woodin

What are the plates you are using on the press?
Thank you

Aldo Gutierrez

is this legal?

Paul Fortier

Hi Martin great video, just placed my order in with etsy can't wait to try it out. Awesome work man.


What machine that you use in 10:58?

Michael Guidry

Such well made videos and explanations to go along with them. I have ordered several of the tools and they are all top notch, well made and machined. Great teacher, thanks for the classes on how to do this interesting hobby.

Cory Canfield

What's the largest size your able to make with this method


Hi, Chris from Chandler AZ, do you have the brand of sealant tape you use? And do you sell those white plungers?

Harlen's Coin Rings

Cool Video, and Nice Work ?

Robert Mariner

What swedish wrap are you using? 7 Degrees or 5 Degrees swedish wrap die?

Paul Fortier

Hi Martin I received my Swedish wrap dies and cones awesome. Did a few trials, I noticed that you don't push the coin thru you only bottom out and changes to the next size, is that better than pushing right thru?

angela deschenes

Love your video! where can I get push rods like yours?


Excellent video...thanks.

Frankie Frankerson

does it work with any nations coinage?


When all was said and done with this size 10 you made here, what was the actual size of the cut side of the ring? 10.5 or so? Clearly it was larger then 10, right?

Phillip Sterling

Can you fat tire the swedish wrap after you are done ?

Trevski Young

Great video Martin can't wait to have a go, when will the dies etc be on sale?

Victor Guacho

saludos la maquina como se llama como la consigo

ron hughes