Short naked

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Uber underwriters employed 'naked short' to support the stock, sources say

3 281 views | 14 May. 2019

Uber underwriters were so

Uber underwriters were so concerned about the stock's IPO that they used a legal technique that would allow underwriters to sell more shares and allow them to buy more stock back in the market. CNBC's Leslie Picker reports.


Naked Short....... SCREWS The Investors That Own The Stock Shares Legally........
Should Advice the investors To BAIL OUT..... SELL ALL STOCKS!

Before The Company Tanks "Legally"

Adam Riekert

Question is, how is this still legal?

Kris Xavier

Only a fool would buy Uber/Lyft stocks. They exploit & rip off their drivers. They are operating like sweatshops! MANY PEOPLE I KNOW ARE BOYCOTTING THEM!!! ALL PEOPLE DESERVE FAIR WAGES!!!


Only an uneducated unintelligent person would buy these rideshare stocks. The drivers are continuously being ripped off & having unrealistic percentages taken away from their earnings by an algorithm instead of a set percentage. It's driving them away & making the system look bad to many riders globally as well. BOYCOTTED until they address & change these issues. We as consumers need to make these companies realize we are not all idiots.


Yikes. Not a good sign for UBER

Selangor Maju

Usa legalized bribery mentality, another evidence of Aipac's puppet politicians vs humanity


Who is she


Gamestop naked shorting counterfeit shares.

Joseph Estrada

I thought she was gonna be naked

Andi S

Short and Naked, interesting.

Short naked

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5 364 views | 18 Aug. 2016


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Naked short selling, or naked shorting, is the practice of short-selling a tradable asset of any kind without first borrowing the security or ensuring that the security can be borrowed, as is conventionally done in a short sale. When the seller does not obtain the shares within the required time frame, the result is known as a "failure to deliver". The transaction generally remains open until the shares are acquired by the seller, or the seller's broker settles the trade.

Short selling is used to anticipate a price fall, but exposes the seller to the risk of a price rise.

In 2008, the SEC banned what it called "abusive naked short selling" in the United States, as well as some other jurisdictions, as a method of driving down share prices. Failing to deliver shares is legal under certain circumstances, and naked short selling is not per se illegal. In the United States, naked short selling is covered by various SEC regulations which prohibit the practice.

Critics, including Overstock.com's Patrick M. Byrne, have advocated for stricter regulations against naked short selling. In 2005, "Regulation SHO" was enacted; requiring that broker-dealers have grounds to believe that shares will be available for a given stock transaction, and requiring that delivery take place within a limited time period. Short selling is considered morally wrong.

As part of its response to the crisis in the North American markets in 2008, the SEC issued a temporary order restricting short-selling in the shares of 19 financial firms deemed systemically important, by reinforcing the penalties for failing to deliver the shares in time. Effective September 18, 2008, amid claims that aggressive short selling had played a role in the failure of financial giant Lehman Brothers, the SEC extended and expanded the rules to remove exceptions and to cover all companies, including market makers.

A 2014 study by researchers at the University at Buffalo, published in the Journal of Financial Economics, found no evidence that failure to deliver stock "caused price distortions or the failure of financial firms during the 2008 financial crisis" and that "greater FTDs lead to higher liquidity and pricing efficiency, and their impact is similar to our estimate of delivered short sales."

Some commentators have contended that despite regulations, naked shorting is widespread and that the SEC regulations are poorly enforced. Its critics have contended that the practice is susceptible to abuse, can be damaging to targeted companies struggling to raise capital, and has led to numerous bankruptcies. However, other commentators have said that the naked shorting issue is a "devil theory", not a bona fide market issue and a waste of regulatory resources.

Sam Moore

Please remove annoying beeping at end of video.

Modern Finance

this was the shitest movie ever tried to be made. congratulations

Short naked

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Trade Checklist: Short Naked Call | Options Trading Concepts

11 700 views | 19 Sep. 2017

A short call is a

A short call is a bearish, premium selling strategy where we sell a call option. @tastytraderMike walks through his trade checklist that he goes through before placing the strategy!

New to options trading? Mike breaks down trading strategies and concepts in a visual way for beginner to intermediate investors.



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Wild Card

what happens if I’m assigned? Let’s say I bought a contract for $200 and sold it for $250 but I get assigned to buy 100 shares of that price. I just wanted the $50 profit but now I’m gonna be forced to buy 100 shares. What happens if I don’t got the funds? That’s the part I’m confused about. I don’t want to spend $200 and potentially owe thousands and thousands in the future if the stock in question is worth that much. Hope this clarifies it a bit more.. is this how it works?

John Burray

Great video! Surprised at the lack of comments. Thank you nonetheless!!

Juan Carlos Da Silva

Hi Mike, great video as always. I have been reading the book Options as an Strategic Investment of Lawrence McMillan, on the summary of chapter 5 about Naked Call Writing: he says: "In a majority of cases, naked call writing is applied as a deeply out-of-the-money strategy in which the investor uses the collateral value of his security holdings to participate in a strategy that offers a large probability of making a very limited profit. It is a poor strategy, because one loss may wipe out many profits. The trader who desires an alternative to a short sale may use the sale of an in-the-money naked call in order to attempt to make a quick profit on a smaller investment than the short seller would have to make. Both of these strategies could entail large risk if one does not have sufficient capital backing. Follow-up action is necessary in order to keep losses from growing beyond reasonable bounds. Generally, naked calls are bought back when the underlying stock rises above the break-even point. A new, better write can then be established in another stock or another series."

Jonny W

Hey Mike, for your checklist, you forgot one important aspect of call writing. Time to expiration. What do you consider the sweet spot?

Jj Sands

what if the stock price goes UP towards the OOM strike - can the broker close you if you do not meet the margin requirements anymore. for ie; stock is at 235 when you sold the weekly 255 calls (monday). and the stock goes up to 250 in a few days....can you be forced to close before?

Su Ma

Your statement about implied volatility (3:15) seems incorrect for naked short call where we want underlying stock price to be range bound and option prices to end up lower. Therefore high volatility environments may not helpful to short call position.

Wallstreet Beef