Miss q gemini

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Haley-Isabel a.k.a MissQGemini / thawteeTV / thedjinnnn caught cheating in CS:GO

109 305 views | 21 Sep. 2017


Fuckin clara!


Source/Info : https://dotesports.com/counter-strike/csgo-streamer-cheats-meme-clara-15187

MissQGemini :




https://twitter.com/thawteeTV (new)




IM A WOMEN do you ever get that uhm one uh glitch... ohh that Clara ????

and I just love her expressions during her defense she’s just like ? but she talking like ???


Cursing doesn’t make you look cool ?

Murray Hough

what is she doing at the end of the vid? Looks like she’s selling or getting rid of all her stuff..

Stefan Demerov

She was a female in Counter Strike and she WAS cheating. Females in CS cheat.

Khalid Aziz


Carlo Alfio Flores

Next step: make a Chaturb*te account.

stinky fucking fat miserable burger king bitch


Odynni Donger

Sigh.. Damn you Clara..


feel bad for claire for taking all the blame and not even existing


this is too much, this is so fucking cringy hahhaha


Cringe oh god ._.

0WO 69

its ironic


ohhh so she is the bitch who hacked !! where is clara... in the kitchen I guess

e X i l i u s

This is a body language gold mine

I eat Children

Ummm a glitch 100%

Ben Sadikin

She would grow up and became real estate scammer or just scams for anything.
If she could lie so casually behind the scene..... imagine how she act in real life.

Quoc Tran

They say people whos eyes never change no matter the facial expression overall are the worst types of liars. This girl is no exception.


She gets her cheat codes from fortune cookies. True story.

Chad Warden

This video is the reason why I'm an incel #IncelRebellion #IncelLivesMatter #IncelRights

Odynni Donger

Without a joke, how old was she back then? XD

Gune Peace

That's so sad. I can't watch this person. So fake personality

Amine El hajjab

shut up women

Polar Niko

Clara why


This girl is a sociopath and I’m not being sarcastic or funny, 100% she clearly suffers from sociopathy.

Deanna Bren

I’m don’t care what you do :[ I’m 14 .-. Oof and yea welp just don’t -~-

Hany Fumiko

she really the type to be talkin shit in game ? even with hacks she's bad... justbwatching this again to make me feel better lmaoo

Tactic Tense

Her new twitch and Instagram is @thawtee

Sam G.

Ah yes, the Clara defense.

Clark Meyer

her name is not Haley-Isabel. Its clara!

Juan Tamad

Funny that she still has the audacity to brag that she's a pro.


she single-handedly took down the entire female gaming community by claiming people think she is cheating because she a bitch not a dog

mapleklik S

Nah man we got it wrong. Clara is her alter ego

foxy block

she sucks the worst gamer ever

Coby animations

haley is lying

Blue Planet

I was so drunk last night and my friend told me i did embarrassing things. Now I'm here to feel better ???

Bing Bong

Every teenage does some stupid dumb shit when they're young...
but back in my days we didn't have "streaming" to show this dumbassness live to everyone in the world xD

I eat Children

Clara:wut did I do

Random floating quest board


Tactic Tense

Her new twitch is @thawtee

Xiao Simp

As a girl who likes to play games..... Why is she so cringe and so feminist...? Like... what?? And her voice... she's so loud and annoying....

faizalhakini gnp

Hahaha this bitch still cheat?


It's been 2 years since this happened, but as part of the Asian community we decided to Deport this Weird eyed woman and give this to our Friendly, Gentle Europeans.


Stop cursing

joshuamusang14 Musang

Wait this girls hacking im really true


hahah her new twitch is https://www.twitch.tv/thawtee
if u even mention csgo or clara in her chat she just banns you lmaoo

Jayden Redfield

Her face is so ugly

Joe DiGiovanni IV

Sorry teacher, Clara ate my homework


Ahh my daily dose of cringe


whats the appeal? shes bad at the game and painfully unfunny, how the fuck does anyone look at this and go yeah this is good ima follow her

FFB Legend

lol Clara opened the app and then setup configs while MissQ was live...ummmm yeah lol

Keola Kamaunu

Hahaha this will always be your biggest failure hahaha

Joren Reis


Mark Niles

This is one of the most hilarious moment when a streamer caught cheating, and pretending that is not the case, mate...LOL!!!


She was later baned in a different stream for trying to play a joke. She tried to put pp in their Coke...


Dud you are a cheater you deserved to lose

Adventures of PBJ and Raiden

typical loser, blame someone else for your own fuckup. seriously the biggest chick loser i have ever seen in my life.


Did she delete her channel and where she streams on?


The only right thing she did here was when she said, “omg im stupid”

Tactic Tense

Her new twitch is @thawtee


Maeby download aimbot aswell next time


You know what’s sad?? Sometimes because I’m female in counter strike people are like “you’re cheating”??

Alice The neko princess

She's a hacker

voiceless glottal fricative

she literally convinced herself that she wasn't cheating and it was all clara

Mr me

Where can I get this glitch?


this always makes me so mad


Stop cheating

Gyurcsány Ferenc

Anyone know the vid when she's transferring her items to other account?

Choiri Eko

Mempermalukan dirinya sendiri

Jan Juanillas

Guys c'mon! It is Clara's fault. She should take all the blame.

gilgathrash xxx

can i still talk shit to her ?

Agnus KasaH

What kind of bogus..haha..nk cheat tapi noob..bodooo sia..

Deanna Bren

You were hacking... ?


bro she swear cuz shes tryna act cool


I would love to see the live chat


Pros: she can see enemies in the wall
Cons: she got 0% aim

Shane Bennett

How’s clara

Alex Ezz21

Multiple accounts girl she needs to be down from the ethernet ASAP

Krystal Huston

She died as a hacker literally garbage....

james kim

“Dishonor! Dishonor to you, dishonor to your family, dishonor to your cow!”


you cheater

I Sluumped I

She’s using hacks and she’s still bad


Clara why the fuck did you give the hacks!?

Dion Burnett

Ya dude I came home and my roommate installed a Cronus max onto my PS4 controllers and I. Just. Had. No. CLUE.

Richard Zilver

Then she lied about dying from cancer



Solo Leveling

is her YT acoount still on? i would like to go to her account and watch the full video


Police: (Enters my house and finds drugs.)

Me: That's Claras


The second hand embarassment is too strong, especially when she makin those excuses lmaaooo


this seems like the perfect "curb your" meme

Solo Leveling

i feel bad for anyone who watched this video and her name was 'Çlara'


Rhino mating sound


Yo wtf is wrong with her eyes... I can’t look at them.. it’s soo disgusting

Clark Meyer

Anyone else think that clara isnt a fake name and she basically blamed a friend that she actually knows. She made up that name kinda quickly even though she took her time to think about the lie.

Dark Way

Who's Clare ?
Dumbest way to pretending that you are not cheating

Shanny and Kai-Ko

Fuck shes a teacher


I feel like everyone has seen this video. Ugh. I hope she’s well

Chunan Prajapati


Shaina Mohammad

Im here because of Mika Daime hahaha

Raymond Nacpil


Mauricio Ramos jr


Excuse.exe loading

Miss q gemini

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Greentea Peng - Downers | A COLORS SHOW

9 494 262 views | 17 Jun. 2019

Limited edition collab

Limited edition collab shirt with Greentea Peng out now on COLORS Shop: https://colors.lnk.to/gtpxcolors

London singer Greentea Peng comes through with a tantalising performance of previously unreleased single ‘Downers’.


▶ Stream: https://colors.lnk.to/greenteapeng

▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greenteasensi/

▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenteapeng/

Follow COLORS:

▶ On Socials: https://lnk.to/socials

▶ On Spotify: https://colors.lnk.to/Spotify

▶ On Apple Music: https://colors.lnk.to/applemusic

COLORSXSTUDIOS is a unique aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent from around the globe. COLORS focuses on the most distinctive new artists and original sounds in an increasingly fragmented and saturated scene. All COLORS shows seek to provide clear, minimalistic stage that shines a spotlight on the artists, giving them the opportunity to present their music without distraction.


nope noperino

This girl tries wayyyyyyyyyy to hard.



Clarence Beaver


teaa truth


Alitzel Perez

Happy New Year!!!! 2021

Celebrating Life

Yoooooooo I love this so much!

Boniswa Ntetha


welington moura

Q sonzera!

Jordan Reed

Can you smell the flowers?

Irakli K

საუკეთესოა ?

Marcus King

A whole vibe


This beat is dragginggggg me. SHEEESH! She's it!

LA TheArchitect

Thank you for this blessing??

• Uzii •

please god please

Brinelle Kaduda

I'm going crazy ? this mad heat



The Underground Music Therapy Center

I felt this so bad, the talent on this channel is unreal

Michael Orlovsky

I’m Chilling???


Yes love this

Fa2- Jane

The instrument at the beginning is the Cora from MALi and Gambia for sure

Bakhita Nzeribe

I need this fit ????

geoffrey bussiere

This voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️



Nova Ryan

She wearing The Bangladeshi Kameez and Lungi took me off guard. Lmao.I never thought someone could wear em like that. She looks Rad. And the Bengali Poems On her Kameez are Beautiful. Love her style and her music.

Boniswa Ntetha



Wow she looks like jurnee smollett !

tee x

just found this song and ?

Samuel Gobbos

1:52 whoo




Breaking Beattz & Sterium representaram no edit, vaai ??????

Dan vo

so beautiful

Janine Gervais

?? on repeat ??


I remember the days I was listening this with her. I miss her? What can I say...

Abdalla Mohamed

Bnbh xvcfhb dubvn nfivbuv❤️❤️

Joana Mestre


iman missinne

What an amazing performance, AND WHERE DID SHE GET THAT DRESS. Serious, does anybody Know where I can Find that dress/tunic.

Chris Fowler

Love at first sight


Limited edition collab shirt with Greentea Peng out now on our shop https://colors.lnk.to/gtpxcolors

Fl W

Who the fk is this person? I’m living some crazy experience rn, where this voice has been? I’ve been missing it without knowing, I’m so impressed damn


Damn this is amazing ?

Thais Zerezuella

Brasileiros que remixou essa musica! Merece meu repeito! Que voz e essa mulher!

Elif Cerni

Feature With Russ ?

Isaiah king Icky

the power this woman holds omg!

Mayu Desu

I'm iiiiin Loooooooooooove !!! ??????????????


what a sick tune, cant get it off my head!!

Lovely Brown

Im at awe of the dislikes

Maria Yajuar

May your soul always shine through the darkness, your shine cannot hide, you're beautiful, you're magic, girl you got it ✨?✨

soph ie

please can someone tell me what brand that top is she's wearing? like pls


Can anyone tell me the instrument used in the beginning?

Chase Gold

Collab with Sir please!

Puleng Hlalele


Rise With Ralph

My new favorite song ??

Emerald Emoji

Her look gives me Freda Khalo vibes :)


These are the tunes of a higher consciousness. And I love the notes vibing out from you!

Glitta Kitty

Whewww I'm in love ??. Every single word carries so much weight yet flows so effortlessly ✨. I got chills

Ryan Chris

velocity 1.25

• Uzii •

please god please

Christiana lyn


Boniswa Ntetha



She is absolutely one of those artists to watch out this year. She is about to release her debut album.
She has that kind of magic surrounding her that many artists nowadays don't have!


Me on Dec 21st....

Quoiyia Culpepper

new age Billie Holiday....

aimerej 133

I can't smell the flowers
Felt empty now for hours
Lost my powers
I can't smell the flowers
And I'm sick of all these towers
Done too many downers

Joshua Maina

Jus heard this and got hooked. Shout out to Greeeentea!


Alessia Longo e come ti piace


forgive me for discovering you so late, goddess

Name Name

No such thing as too many downers. X

Fios De Poage

Galiléo si tu passes par là...

The Realist

Actual vibe

Hot tea

She’s what the music world’s been waiting for ❤️

Gisele Santos

Agradecer a esposa do Djogador que colocou essa maravilha em um de seus stories no meio de 2020 e agora eu escuto todos os dias ! <3 <3 <3

Jay Carter

After listening to this for so long seeing it on colors just leaves me mesmerized

Filo polous

does anyone know where that dress is from?

Ian Santos

que musica boa

Kailani y.

does anyone have a spotify playlist with songs like this???

Pan Pan

How in the literal FUXK DOES THIS HAVE 8.7mil views but only 2.6k comments?????.......YOUTUBE STEP ?? IT ??THE ??FUXK ?? UP??

• Uzii •

please god please


Just a great song!! Bravo ?? ?? ?? ??


A hypnotizing and beautiful presentation of a very traumatic subject/theme. Is there no hope?
And the sweaters are sold out.
Need to hear her voice at least once per week, to keep feet on the ground and not lose contact with nature. ?

Neffati SeifEddine

Amy winhouse is that your voice?

Janine Gervais


Graça José

Wow, ela é demais!

Jamilette HR

Esos 1.5 k de dislike son por envidiosos o de quien babotas ?

Loaine Santos

Sou gadona dessa música vsfd boa dms

Triin Kingu

This speaks for so many, thank you bigtime!

Brinelle Kaduda

Gets Corona:

I can't smell the flowers
Felt empty now for hours
Lost my powers

Tierra Nicholee

The t-mobile 5g link is literally right under this video . The disrespect and irony ??

Zulay Riascos Zapata

Hermosa, quiero su outfit :O

Hella Laa

what style is is strings elements in the song? what is it? where can I find more like this?

meriem sabeg

This is amazing wow

Gabrielle Gamble

the end

Caris V

Macy Gray meets Bone Thugs and Harmony

Lun Hing

Let me get her number ?

Sommy Logic

"Hard to see the value in these half-hearted encounters
Can't deal with the truth so we just change the world around us"
that's deeeeeeeeeeeeep.One of my fave songs!

• Uzii •

please god plesr

KweenKye Gaming

Smoking a blunt, burning incense , vibing, yes ma’am ??✨

Manuel Grujard

Elle a le modjo , le flow, la technique,la concurrence en slip...

Robert A. Nilsen

Lost my powers

Sandra Trifković

what a poetry

Alyssa Paragh

Idc her vibe and her style is amazing ?

Miss q gemini

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5 Streamers Who Ruined Their Careers In Seconds!

1 717 548 views | 30 Jan. 2020

5 Streamers Who Ruined

5 Streamers Who Ruined Their Careers In Seconds!

In this WeFly video we are taking a look at some streamers who went live and made massive mistakes on stream and ended their careers!

#streamers #live #stream

Cool Videos:

ItsOwen - it took him 1 second to solve.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYmTMsVvBxc

SkyDiverge - guy spills coffee on lamborghini then this happens..


ItsOwen - she didn't survive this wave..


Trend Spot - he didn't survive this roller coaster..


If any of these clips are yours, and you would like them removed. Please email me at [email protected] and I will remove it ASAP! Thank you!

Hoppy857 H

How the fuck can you call being a lazy shit that can't be arsed to work and sit on your arse just doing YouTube videos a 'career'???? It's not even a job!

John Arredondo

Myth is still big.

Dutch Van der Linde

What game is that

wolf slayer

How about emily faking cancer

Steve Felten

Some people are just born ass hats.


As I can see in this Myth clip, he was thowen down with the ramp his enemy built on him. It's actually a "jumper" that bug, which consists in: If you build a floor + ramp turned to ur side like myth was positioned to, it will project you foward, throwing you away. That's why he fell, not because he's an idiot...

Cathy Perry


All'improvviso, le conclusioni tratte sulla base dell'analisi di Internet non sono altro che la quintessenza della vittoria del marketing sulla ragione e devono essere dichiarate violando le norme universali di etica e moralità. E non c'è dubbio che le nanotecnologie che cercano di soppiantare la produzione tradizionale sono ambigue e saranno funzionalmente suddivise in elementi indipendenti!!
A visao oposta implica que estados independentes sao listados como contendores para o papel de fatores-chave. Como mencionado muitas vezes, os diagramas mentais sao ambiguos e serao citados como candidatos ao papel de fatores-chave!
Um prototipo de alta qualidade de um projeto futuro nao nos da escolha a nao ser definir os requisitos de prioridade maxima. Assim como um nivel profundo de imersao fala das possibilidades de execucao oportuna da supertarefa.


respect the speech impediment ?

Jonathan Vachon

Like words like like word like word like like like word like


That one dude folded his keyboard like a piece of paper


#2 reminds me of an ugly stripper mad because she didn't get tipped.

christopher houlihan

I'm no YouTuber but I'm pretty sure without your channel is nothing without subscribers so to say that your better than them has got to be one of the most retarded statements to ever make and probably don't deserve to be a YouTuber try appreciating your fan base dumbass


What with gamers and breaking shit


Some streamers are just ridiculously big headed. I joined one and said that the streamer was beautiful. She said "I didn't ask for your compliments and don't need them". "I replied with "erm OK didn't mean any offence". Got blocked anyway lol cause she then replied with "you just had to reply back didn't you. Well if you're gonna be that guy have a nice life cya"

My Shiny Obsession

Calling what these people do with their time a career is laughable.


Oof, it's not myth's fault he fell off, someone placed a ramp and he got phased through it and pushed back. This was before waterfalling was a thing so he didn't know to catch himself by putting a wall and ramp

Red Hadoken

For myth it looks like when he jumped the staircase JUST made above him by his opponent pushed the character backwards and off the build. So unfortunate

Est Jiàn

The last one was a fair mistake.


Sweetie, if people have all that time to watch you, they don't have a job

loki puent

They deadass just play video games ?

Silent CG

Of course a leftist commie would be begging for money.

Brandon dawson

That’s not the clip that for dellor banned


There was another girl who has said something similar, but i don't see the logic of someone having hours to watch streams, meaning they should be able to pay money.
Less working = less money, right? I don't work, as i'm not capable of it, and i get less money.
I should talk to our government, i guess :P
Being toxic over not getting much money or no subs... maybe do better?
Imagine a person who's just cleaning a hallway every monday, then getting angry over doctors being paid much more XD

india aycox

That's stupid why would u get banned for breakingbur own shit in a rage we all have raged quit


The real question is: what are You doing with your life!

Fresca Insalata

I don't know who that streamer is, but the fact that DmBrandon is there too makes so much sense lol


I wish all hacking warzone streamers would receive legal action for their exploiting.


Well if you actually know abt Myth you'd realize that he didnt get himself killed he died to an edit bug in the game that forces you out of the way of certain objects and his channel was already losing views because he couldn't keep up w the building techniques and he took a break from fortnite, the game he was known for. His channel isn't dead nor is his career ending, he isn't getting as much views but ppl that actually like him enjoys the content he creates now. He still gets opportunities and sponsorships.

Fast Cyanide

Oh man im wasting my life

Amos Reginald Jr.

What game is that’


What game is this?

Mike Simmerman

Big streamers are thank you dollar holla they shout donation no matter the amount

John Tudor

And you're wondering why our world is doomed lmao. People suck

Chris Dale

This generation is just the worst asking for hand outs 99 % of the time like get a job a real job cry baby losers ???

Samuel Wright

Oh fuck me it’s that Warcraft guy with the worst fucking voice in the world. Christ.

SLE 297

I never understood why anyone would pay ANYONE on YouTube or whatever other bullshit platform.
They are already making money so giving them your money is just stupid!!!

John Stafford

Streamers aren't allowed to get mad? Emotions are normal.


It's sad that these people get a lot of money while people who work hard are underpaid.


Well...now she won't be getting any more subs or donations for 1 billion hours nevermind 1 hour lol

Caytlin Parker

Umm...there are people called ambulatory wheelchair users. I am one of them. Sometimes I can walk perfectly fine other times my legs won't move. It's from a Nuerological condition that means messages don't connect with my body properly. And I use it as a desk chair all the time one because I don't have a lot of space so it is good storage until I need it and 2 it is more comfortable for me


I wish female streamers that stream half naked were banned.


There’s no way your putting Myth losing in a game as higher than Badbunny’s entitled ass

Nabeel Abdul Qahar

Badbunny leftist panel explains it lmao.

JamesH 2801

The first one is deathly cringe


You must be broke if you are begging for a donation or a subscription hahah

H3llgates_ Nsfw

I was watching something... and saw this video... Had to click.


Poor little beggars. So sad

Electric. OV

3:08 if i have hours to watch you i probably don’t have a job therefore i don’t make money


3:18 “what are u doing with your life”
Me: Riggghhhhtttt says the one that is commanding money. Literally stop thinking that every person’s money is yours. I’m glad you lost your career


To live streamers that have this shit attitude,

You’re doing absolutely nothing that could ever be considered work. You are not contributing to society or the economy at all. You’re actually distorting the model for how an economy works in fact, as well as inspiring an entire generation to also be lazy and do nothing to contribute to the society in which they live, but yet expect the ones who do work hard to donate their hard earned money to you, so that you can embrace being mediocre for a living. If everyone earned their money that way the economy would crumble right quick.

The rest of the planet.


Twitch are for the losers who can't find a real job

Ozzy Kaa

He just wanted to play the early ground hearly..

Robinson Productions

Dellor: Breaks something


red mornings


Tomatoes Grow

A) How do you have so much time to watch me?
B)How do you not have 5 dollars?
C)What are you doing with your life?
That answer seems simple enough.

kodama dad

came cus the title, stay for that jumping on trucks gameplay

Jeevan Raj

bro you can't even rage in video games? that's literally content

Taylor Craft

How did Myth’s career end if he’s still streaming on twitch and making money?

Bima Sansaya

How i see peoples in the clips:
1. can't blame him for having such an arrogant mindset but i think he's should not spit that out, especially there
2. literally hate this kind of person who behave like cinderella's step sister which i never thought to exist in real world
3. No comment, i've seen too many people especially beggars that faking disability
4. the reason you should not play a competitive games
5. I can't see how people hate(?) this guy because that accident is a technical problem and not related to his attitude, idk might be wrong, cmiiw


When he said BadBunny i was like”huh,the rapper?!”


Dellor ban was retarded

Elijah Drake


Nic Nac

Is that DM Brandon in the first clip lololol

Neiljames Ayade

Here in Philippines some little streamer 2 1 dollar a month they not angry

Joshua Jones

Dude, this video made me cringe very hard.

gwillette 123

The myth one is dumb lol. Myth doesn’t make as much money anymore since he obviously isn’t the best and Fortnite is dying.

Control Yourself

I still don't get the concept of twitch. Why watch other people play a game ?

Andreas C.

Some of these people are turning into raging spoiled messed up brats. I wish they could have to go work 10 and 12 hour days with a real job and not tell people off for not giving them their money. I dont want anything to do with giving gamers money. Let's give that to organisations who can help do meaningful things. That's what I say. And that's what I do. Lord knows these brats don't deserve it.

J Butter

Imagine making a mistake in a video game and losing fans over it....

Masen Brown

Twitch is only getting more strict with their rules if you're not a girl that's making them a bunch of money, a lady showed her pussy full-blown on twitch yet did not get banned the only got suspended for a couple days


ngl if people actually stopped watching myth because of that then he really had some fake ass fans ? if anything he lost popularity because hes washed


that girl (badbunny?) just makes me sad i want simple times back

Seth Mykal

Tf? Any amount of money helps out, it's about what you do with it and how much you save not how much money you make. What pieces of shits, glad they ruined their careers. I bet they wish they had these "small" increments coming in now ??? The world's a trip.


Iv equated Bad bunny is a trash person just from the short clips. Gotta be a humble cat to get that scratch

Mahadeo S.

Lol, some of the people watching streamers are likely to be engineers, doctors, lawyers, and other highly trained individuals. So, don't think that fiddling your thumbs on a PC during a twitch livestream makes you better than anyone. You're literally doing nothing special... you need us, we don't need you.


This is why i prefer 2d

(not saying all 3d is bad)

Mason Dillon

the worst part about the guy getting up off the wheelchair is that he looked and probably was a nice guy and he had a beard and no one doesnt like pople with beards

rutherford the brave

What game is he playing in the background ?

renz papunas

""5 dollars a month""" - go and work b***ch

Mr. Reanu Keeves

Idk how people are stupid enough to give a single cent to these people ??‍♂️.

BeastMike 910

How are you going to control what people can do such as breaking a key board? a keyboard THAT HE BOUGHT. HE DIDNT EVEN CUSS HE DID THAT SHIT SILENTLY

Ben Johnston

I fink you need to back to school... for say free months and learn the ditherence between th and f!

Us lover

I do appreciate the good work of uriascode_ on iñstagràm the real man that got my account unban check him out guys


My son should be on this list lol


I have no words honestly...

Mike Ferrando

Wtf? Who the fuck is twitch to tell me if I can livestream breaking my keyboard or not?

Lt. Fox Vixen

Those streamers who say "How do you have time to watch me and don't give me money?" Are PURE CANCER! Because they DON'T WANT TO , Because they prefer to give 5$ to Netflix to actual watch some movies , get up from your f*cking chair & find a job!


I know a guy who's in a wheel chair, but he can still get up out of it to move around the house. Not everyone in a wheelchair is paraplegic.


Your voice is annoying fuck off


I mean the guy breaking his keyboard isnt really a shock. Why because most ppl who get really into a game and lose get p off and end up throwing sumin or breaking sumin. I mean ive seen my bro throw his controller ??


I got 56$ donation on trovo and she is bitchin about 5$ or sub,fr she doesnt have style


Dellor got his twitch back

Jorge A. Aguilar

BadBunny was actually UNKNOWN before the controversy. The entire thing gave her a huge viewerbase and she still streams today. I had to write an article about her and it made me so disappointed to know she benefited from all this.

Miguel Correia

OK why do you complain about not getting a donation in an hour people are lucky to get it one time a day


Banning the dude for killing his keyboard is unnecessary. People get mad. We are human.


I think the first guy tried to act off as one of those “I’m the best!” Which isn’t always bad and it went so wrong lolol

MegaBatMan MegaMan

Twitch bitches are overrated. Who the fuck watch people playing games? Losers
But on keyboard case Twitch is being a lil bitch.


These people are embarrassing. Get out of the house, learn some people skills. Your whole life behind the monitor is showing. You have no communication skills and are a joke to most online communities

Daniel Leyland

2:31 spoilt piece of crap

Us lover

I do appreciate the good work of uriascode_ on iñstagràm the real man that got my account unban check him out guys