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1 425 views | 18 Mar. 2018

Trisha McLean


Bailey Smith

This is the most iccconicccc shiiiiit everrrrr

Liz Dragon-Street

i don`t need plug my gitar is acoustic ... FIRE !!

True Omni Lord

Who just finding this in 2019

The Gospel of Jamz

nice rap! awesome!

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Token -Icon freestyle Reaction!!

613 views | 3 Apr. 2018

Can We get 50

Can We get 50 Likes?

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kin bal

Copy of Token BET Cypher 2017


react to zac flewids ric flair drip remixx

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EA Sports to send Free Bonus Icon Swap Token?

162 318 views | 23 Dec. 2020

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Duarte Mourão

Insta gang!!


Fifa myth: Sergio Aguero is the only card in Fifa history to have a special card that is lower rated than his base card

Active Squad

You really scamming your fans wow... fuckin sell out

William Barratt

Matt no offense but that app is complete shite


I don’t she the redeem a code icon on lootboy could u help me out also love the vids

matty lewer

hey matt i bought the 10 bundle on lootboy and didnt get the guarenteed fifa point pack can you help me ?

Fifazkilla 86

Why u wanna hit 9796 likes?


the reason for the change in chilwells card is because the a represents a group chat that he has with a couple other footballers and general friends. i guess ea didnt want to promote it. there was another footballer who did it as well and it was removed but ive forgotten their name.

Alex Vaughan

Adama traore preferred foot is right on his normal card and his freeze card his preferred foot Is his left


Record breaker Messi is 95 rated


Gambling for trash, dont do it

gaming Baller

Hi Matt I’ve done the 86 plus and I was wondering if u could open it for me ?

Rayan W2

Love the content matt

Cole M

Who else hopes Toty nominees don’t come out


“Link Down below”

Itay Meran

I can't get fifa points from Lootboy Because I'm not live in The UK, What can I do?

Boy Boy

I have untradeable lewandowski totw

TMT gaming

chilwell's inform card has also been changed

Joe Chapman

Matt i didn't get the guaranteed fifa point pack after opening 10?

Grove Soccer Cards

Hi Matt, you'll probably never see this but I was just wondering If I build a bunch of player picks now and save them until toty will i still be able to pack toty cards in them. Silly question but I want to know for sure before i build them. Hope u have a happy Christmas and stay safe. Keep up the great work bro.


Jesus Matt ya neck hair meets ya chest hair your literally half wolf haha all love tho mate love ya vids. Merry Xmas


Onana lost1 rating

shazam p

So the ad in the beginning is obviously a scam please don’t spend your money on it

Yousef Khouj

FIFA myth can you use a zidane manager and use icon zidane in it

Dante Diaz

Does Lootboy work in countries other than the UK?

Oliver Brompton

Merry Christmas Matt

Jack Brooks

I just bought a pack from that lootboy and its disappeared

2ZS Ghost

I did a 25x83+ pack and I got


Kittitian Productions

Myth: There has been no silver card in a totw starter.


Fucking hell Matt, the ad was like 1/3 of the video.

NightWhisper 35

FIFA Myth: Julian Brandt is extinct

Michael McMullen

Fifa Myth: there is no Brazil league players on ultimate team

Koshis Ghale

fifa myth: Eric Chopo Moting from Bayern Munich costs maximum 5k and not 10k

Butters Stotch

You look like your coming down from a weekend bender

Aryan Ganeriwal

Fifa myth:there is only one referee who is bugged.

Aaron Lund

grealish and chillwells images got changed because they’re celebrations were linked to their avengers group chat on what’s app


Check out the link to LootBoy and use the code lootdecember for 5 diamonds + 2000 LootCoins https://link-to.app/MattHDGamer


Everyday is special day

Joe Howitt


Jello Jnr

Chillwell and grealish both had their inform pics changed as the celebration was promoting their whatsapp group called "the avengers" and people thought the celebration was either for a brand deal or to a fan but it wasnt.


Matt wearing the same shirt as last year 7:17

Zak Johnston

Where do I put the code in for LootBoy I can’t find where I put it in

Joe Moma

My new coin method buy cheap informs then discard them for 10 k so 5 k profit every time :(


Fifa myth: nobody has scored in the first minute of fifa

Ow3N D4Vi3sX

would you guys say that the lootboy 99p fifa pack is worth getting a few of?

This is war

Please no one use lootboy such a waste of money never get any fifa points unless you spend loads of money, even then you’ll only get £5 worth

Harvey Cooke

Fifa myth: Reece James is 5’9” in real life and in fifa he is 6’0”

Jack Panetta

Fifa myth: Danny wellbeck is the only player to have 3 base cards that all have different ratings and different clubs (Fut 10) Preston 71 rated, Sunderland 74 rated and Man U 76 rated (futwiz)

Halima Atkins

I did the ultimate pack and the 83x25 pack and got son ,Kante ,oblak ter stegen mane and a lot of other fodder

Karim Reda

Fifa myth: when freeze adama came out he was right footed

Nicolas Sanchez

The reason chillwell dynamic image was changed.. I saw it online from someone that they said that the reason they were changed was cause they were sponsoring there WhatsApp group and FIFA didn’t like that.. idk if it’s true


Do not use loot boy it is a fraud


Myth : you can’t get the same player in the same player pic


Shave ffs. I dunno if that chest hair or neck beard

Yousef Atef

Summerville of leeds has a price range max of 5100

Ilias Riouch

I cant download the app.. ( i live in Belgium btw )

Typ hier naam

Matt please don’t promote gambling your audience is mostly children

Alexander Hamilton

A random snowflake probably got offended by Chilwell’s fingers so it had to get taken down. That is the explanation for any change in this day and age

Robert Yeats

Jeeehhhzzzz Messi got cakkkkee


Say CHRIS Hummels one more time....??

owen cropper

Fifa myth: Bruno Fernandes had the most special card in 2020

sami ._16

ngl experienced the weirdest glitch where I bought son for 59k then played a game in friendlies and somehow I had all my coins still plus son. Ended up with a cheeky extra 60k. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Where do you put in the code on LootBoy?

David Gall

You think Messi is better than Ronaldo.
Well Matt you just lost a subscriber

Luke son

can’t see messi happening because of PES rights

P. Norbi

FIFA Myth: In FIFA 17 Politano is a rare gold but you can sell him for 350

Always talk Wrestling

If grealishs picture also has been updated


Guys I know what's going on for the celebration. Jack Grealish and Chilwell both did the celebration " A " sign and their dynamic image were changed. Must be something to do with the celebration

Deetya Pai

Chillwell, Grealish, Madison and some other English players had a group chat about Avengers and that celebration was promoting their group.

DeSTiny 02

yeah but how many big records has Cr7 broken and he has had like 1 record breaker that remember like Bruno Fernandes broke the record for most goals in a season by a midfielder but didn't get a card but I D love to see that Messi


Please pronounce chiellini normal. It’s with a k not tj


Lootboy absolute crock of shit! Don’t waste you’re money guys you get fuck all fifa points


Adama Traoré´s strong foot has changed on his Freeze card

Yousef Khouj

FIFA myth can u use the zidane as your manager and use icon zidane in your starting 11

William Barratt

They also changed jack grealish’s dynamic image I assume the A celebration that grealish and chilwell did EA found innapropriate

Jeaden Flens

Why no Davies and neuer in the toty nominee prediction

XD Stefan Serban

Fifa myth: fifa 21 is actually liked on Google by 79% of its players


they removed grealish and chillwells celebration as they were doing the letter A to promote their group chat, the avengers.


how is there 18 icon swaps please answer

matthew 123

Fifa myth every player from Lichtenstein on fifa plays for the same club


bruh I got rulebreakers André. Is that a W?


I know why chillwell dynamic picture was changed because grealishs totw has the same celebration on his totw

XD Stefan Serban

Fifa myth: pope isn't the correct height


Where do you out the code in?

Bibhushan Rajthala

i sold my 2 informs for 30k

Zachary Schmackery

Ea changed Zakaria’s dynamic pic too

Nyall Tarman

Matt I spent 10 pound on the fifa points packed and I never got a set of fifa points, you said it was guaranteed? On loot boy

Sri Ramoz

World Myth: 2021 is gonna be better than 2020


I would love if alisson would be a TOTY considering im a liverpool fan

Theo Pro Killer

Ben chillwell and Jack grealish are in a group called avengers. The group contains other fottballers Who are friends with each other outside of football like mcginn and dele alli. Ea updated their dynamic images because by celebrating while making a capital A with their fingers they were promoting this group(A stands for Avengers)

Gabriel Bautista

Hey guys does anyone have the discord link?

Rafael Giroux-Martel

your thing is fake where is davies

billybob 10

Myth: Diogo Jota has never had two TOTS cards in the same game, with two different clubs and 2 different ratings

Will Myatt

@MattHDGamer the ben Chilwell image is because he is in a croup chat with Jack grealish, Ross barkley and some friends and the group chat is called "the avengers" and him and Jack grealish and promoting the group chat so they had to change their image.

The Iconics

totw fake tick was much higher


I got gosens freeze card from 81+ upgrade xD

Yousef Khouj

Ronaldo scored more goles then Messi

Anthony Absi

Who got the code ??
I didn't ?

Vladimir Putin

In fifa 20 Sony gave me 1000 fifa points or something because I had ps plus

PJ Labuschagne

Advertising lootboxes to make more money wow