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Associated Gas Pilot Could Lead to Huge Boon for Russian Bitcoin Miners

43 views | 16 Jan. 2021

Russian Bitcoin (BTC)

Russian Bitcoin (BTC) miners could be in for a massive, unexpected environmentally friendly windfall if a pilot leads the nation’s energy giants to embrace crypto mining en masse. Further details have been unveiled about a plant operated by the oil arm of Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, which late last year invited miners to set up shop at an oilfield in the Khanty-Mansi region. The miners have been at work with a month-long Bitcoin mining effort. Pumping oil from fields like these produces associate gas – not the intended target of the oil extraction. Typically, such gas is flared – essentially just burned up – releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. But associated gas can also be converted on-site into electrical energy. And given the fact that the Khanty-Mansi region is located conveniently (from a mining perspective) in Western Siberia, famous for its icy winters, cooling costs are also low in the region. The pilot, per Ugra-News, is seeing Gazprom Neft provide enough power to allow a setup of 150 Antminer ASIC S9 devices to mine a haul of BTC 1.8 (USD 64,000) in the space of a month, using power provided by 49,500 cubic meters of associate gas. The Gazprom subsidiary carried out the energy conversion process. The media outlet says that “preliminary estimates” from 2020 show that in 2020 about 34 billion cubic meters of associated gas were produced in the region last year. The miners at the oilfield paid “less than USD 0.04” per kW of energy. Businesses typically pay at least double that amount for electricity on average elsewhere in the country, according to Global Petrol Prices data. But the ramifications of the pilot could be even bigger, as the pilot is in its early stages and there are at least nine such oilfields in the region. The media outlet quotes Natalya Komarova, the long-serving Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, and a former MP, as stating,The pilot also has support in parliament from the likes of Pavel Zavalny the chairman of the parliamentary energy committee – a man who also happens to be the President of the Russian Gas Society. Zavalny was quoted as saying, albeit with several caveats about other potential uses of crypto and tokens’ legal status,Learn more: Bitcoin Mining in 2021: Growth, Consolidation, Renewables, and RegulationThis Is How Institutional Players Help Bitcoin Mining Industry GrowBitcoin Miners Are Using New Strategies to Hedge RisksBillionaire Turns to Bitcoin Mining To Help His Troubled BusinessPower-starved Abkhazians Face Internet Restrictions in Crypto Mining CrisisPolish Crypto Miner Prepares Its Services For South Korean GamersVenezuelan Army Engineers Start Mining BitcoinHenry Ford’s Energy Standard: A 100-Year Old Bitcoin Prediction

All data is taken from the source: http://cryptonews.com

Article Link: https://cryptonews.com/news/associated-gas-pilot-could-lead-to-huge-boon-for-russian-bit-8919.htm

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Russian mining coin

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Welcome to GOLD RUSSIA.

51 037 views | 30 Sep. 2018

In this video, I`d like to

In this video, I`d like to show you one of the rivers of Siberia, in wich you can find an incredible amount of pure gold. You can not even imagine how much gold you can get in Russia.

José luis Mendoza tellez

Yo creo que está persona trabaja para la minera que está trabajando por esos rumbos el anda viendo adónde está el oro por q no salen más personas y es el único q está por eso ríos.

Eliane Marques pedras preciosas

Que maravilha????

Allah Ditta

I'm coming your contre

Maria Seppanen

Some think this is Pyrite....its quite different in form and colour as I have seen and own....this does look like the real thing, a river of Goldnuggets...lovely <3

Irwin Tatyana

Hi may I join you!

medvedev la

Pyrite that is not gold

Kang Jamal

totally fake

mandeep sangha

Don't believe it ! I want to believe, but just not possible.

joão Araújo

I never saw a thing like this..Fantastic......

Daniel USA

He finds so much good but don’t even have money to buy a gold pan ,no gravity in Russia ?? I guess gold on top of the sand lol ? the laws of phi sick don’t let this fool lie to anyone.

yahya Ibrahim

That's true.... Russia has very enormous amounts of gold.


Fuck off.


That 'Gold ' prospector should be on stage wearing a top hat and tails or is it Professor Wolland ? !!!

Imex Trade Co.

This guy should be better off selling gold than getting money on YouTube. If this is true he should not need to upload videos to Youtube. If he goes out for finding gold every day, can he make the same property as Bill Gates has in a year?

Shaun Sim

Dream on fools! 1kg in 10 min? If that was the case they would be filming this on a 4K camera, Instead of a crap rissin $5 phone

Shamill Seker


evergreen prospectors

What the fuck ever

James Brooke

Hi familly gold :)
Exclusive rare gold paydirt from Thailand and France ! Top seller : https://www.ebay.fr/usr/gold*oro*native

Meloveu Longtime

They never hammer any nuggets flat against a stone. This is fake as fuck

xinz dense

I don't care that its fake lol i like the river sound and him playing with the mud lol

Alex Nikoo

You try to make your video by his video to get views. Sound so stupid. This guy is I. Kazakhstan.

James Clooney

Gold Gold every where no drops to drink........................!



Susanne Thorn

If that is real gold why are people then so poor?

Mark Larder

firstly....if this was real he would be a billionaire, secondly everyone one of those "nuggets" is FAKE......i actually go detecting for gold somewhere im not telling u about and i happen to know exactly what gold looks like......why do people do this....just for views, and fame....tell u what mate...go buy a REAL gold detector and actually find some REAL gold, make your life a lot better, just like im going to do tomorrow, hahahahaha wish u were me dont ya

Star Light

What part of Russia is this , it's time for a holiday :)

Victor Robinson

One week finding gold for me ? I can filed at least
50 pounds !

Daniel Rush

Russians have always been world renowned story tellers.

carl gruver



I like how it's called "WatchFacts" when it obviously gold-painted metal and rocks - still a nice fantasy for any prospector. Walk down by the river and just pluck big-ass nuggets everywhere! Yee Haw!

nautao47 nautao47

tien vang mai

Javier Hernández

Hello i am from Mexico and have 2 questions for you:

First why is so easy find gold for everywhere? and second if were easy find gold,why all the people do not search the gold?,i mean all the Russian will be wealthy,but by the other hand,the gold will be cheaper and the market is going down.

Joseph Mitchell

This is a fake video. don't believe it!


bullshit - all russian are fake!!!!

saverio spadone

bullshit, shame on you

bratko todor


Staniel P.

Complete bullshit :D

marco kuipers

Magadan region in kazachstan.

Rachel Malcolm

If you were in the USA you would have a lot of money right now

james dickson

If the rivers are so rich why is he telling every one ,what’s his angle you know tourists can’t get a long enough visa to get there for us to get a 6 months visa is very hard plus we have to buy a vehical get insured ect sell it when we leave not so easy for foreigners plus’s we don’t speak Russian many obstacles just to get there other wise I might come


like everything else !!!crap from Russia

Aleksandar Glumicic

Ma daj ajde ne seri lebati do sada bi mogao da kupis pola rusije kad bi tako nalazio zlato ☺

Nancy Jason

Haha we should all go russia be a millionaire in one day. Fucking bullshit

javier m

how come the discovery channel doesnt send todd over to russia??

Anton Clark

Very funny... heard of fools gold? Well this is a variation..... if you think this is gold then YOU are the fool lol

Shamill Seker

100% FAKE

David Vance

You would think they would be some black sand to


Americans pls don’t pass the border

Official King GMT

First of all, panning in Russia is illegal. There’s a law that prohibits solo mining. So this is utterly lies.


That's what I call gold panning .... That's how it was in California during the gold rush.......

Selva Bustos

Es el mismo plato que usa Máximov Ro

Victor Robinson

If I were there ? I would make jewelry and sell items Like rings and pendents and chains too sell ! That way I could keep all the profits too my self.

seonalan okainda

Russians are good at making whole river into gold. At this rate, you can collect 100 kg gold in a single day.


HAHAHA gold..


I Think that is fake this vídeo because if was true the person wouldnt show the video because of the government and would prejudice the own person os totally fake this vídeo

ernesto castro


nowera nowa era


Sleppy Joe

Fake Russian video

5Star Exo

Maximov got money and besides gold he finds silver, platinum, diamonds, titanium, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Opal, Peridot & etc on the daily. And he digs for majority of his finds and every find is an ideal location to retrieve gems and metals, dried or old riverbeds or creeks...he's an archeologist.Also he lives in Kazakhstan is said to have great precious metals and stones and is vastly unexplored due to low population.

daytonarick titanicrick

the Gold in Russia, I bet you have to sell it to them, before you leave, & at how much an ounch


Never seen anything like it! Absolutely Amazing,you must be very well off from all the gold..wow just wow. Congratulations matey,made my day!


pyrite for sure, there is no poor people in russia? if you find gold like a copper XD

BigAl'S Coins

100% fake gold does not sit on top of light sans the gold would be setting on bedrock.

Prataprao Mane

Maximo s another channel

Raimundo Nonato

Isso é armação é mentira

Roman Chomenko

Ha ha another fake gold panning the same as maxim rov do you know how he does it he extracting gold from electronic scrap and gold plates stones to look like nuggets he's been caught out a fraud .

Victor Robinson

Make video melting with propane torch if real on the site .

Shamill Seker

Feik Fak)))))))

James Clooney

Yes Gold fever ,i would like to test 1 of these shining rocks to see if its a real.If its real 24 karat this Man he should be a billionar.What about the other people who live in that area.

Mark Larder

8:45 rely bro,,,u is lyin telln a real big lie at that

odie Pro

nice bronze!



Master Technician

Yes, he may be correct, but what can he do with the metal? Article 90 of Criminal law of Russian Federation strictly prohibits Advertisement, procurement, sale or promotion of gold and gemstones by private individuals and the punishment is severe, so after taking video he may have to throw it back. This law comes from times of USSR and still is active.
Also, the pan in his hands belongs to Maksimov Roman, so ....

HAL 9000

1 kilo of gold = $48,000!!!!


those are spray painted rocks gold doesn't have a gritty texture.

A Elrayah

FAKE ,,, but we have real like this in country call SUDAN .

Татьяна Артова

This no Russia , this Kazakhstan.


with so much gold i can find a stupid on river side........


Gold is heavier than sand, some pieces sound tinny when put in pan and partially flattened on back

Victor Robinson

And what about the colored stones the emeralds the rubies even the clear quartz diamond Stone are they real do you know comment and send me a message back


just watch some real footage before u create fake like that. LOL No one ever seen gold nuggets in shape of melted aluminium hahahaha and painteg gold. I think, that most expensive of all was that gold paint haha. Yes this is russia, because russia is state of mind LOL. Rest of the worl is kinda smart, trust me lol

James Henderson

I don't believe it. Let's do business comrade. ?? and the Soviet Union. I know I know.

Sebastian Godinez

Some rivers of gold in russia are illegal to cross in.


Russian Bias Deluxe Limited Edition Season Multi Pass.

Max Cawa

...fake video...?‍?

Victor Robinson

Does goverment take a % of what you find ? Or does Goverment set the price ? I heard that the most company's pay is $ 640.00 per ounce when world rate is $1260.00 to 1300.00 per ounce ?

Leon G

One video reveals that a child collected same thing from a river with a magnet, so it should be something like pyrite, which is called fool's gold.

Irwin Tatyana

is it real ?if it is! invite me and I will have provement that you are not a fake this is my email [email protected]yahoo.com Tania I speak russian tel (206)522-4275

Hue Man

Can I come?

Thanh Thang

So fool a shit,there is no such gold laying around like that.fucking ferrytail

param sunam

This is 100% right????????

6BT_ Str86

Was gonna say, if it's got 400lbs along shoreline.. then there's nuggets the size of Putin's ego (train engine size ) at bottom

Gerg Nallam


Paul Campbell


Lars Rosing

Well, if he could just once show us the weight of that 'gold'?!

Mindaugas V.

If it would be true....he would mine it with excavator and would not let anyone to know. What does he get from this vodeo? Few pennies on advertising? Popularity? - with such treasures you could be a rock star even if you do not play music or sing, everything could be bought with the money.


scripted asf




I gold mine myself and I’ll tell you right now I believe Russia has the most gold in the world but this video is fake.. this is not how you find gold haha

Russian mining coin

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Russia Mining 20% of Bitcoin

1 552 views | 1 Nov. 2019

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Artium V11

Last week China, this week Russia.. ??

Chris Salley

These.governments are gonna embrace Bitcoin at some point and it will be all of a sudden. They know they can't stop it so they will join in. Don't listen to what they say. Watch what they do

Zubair Umar

Vastlinkshack com got me 2 btc through their mining tools i'm indeed grateful

Jazeapokergod A

Whew....that's a lot of mining rigs. Dunno if they can swing it.

Siphamandla Ponti

This is so amazing premiumtoolsaid,com got me the sum of 10,000 pounds worth of BTC

Miguel A. Rivera S.


Crypto Speculator

Good to have some news and commentary on these topics.

yuanyuan zeng

You're more of an analyst than trader I would say. That's not a bad thing.


Been crypto dope sick for months, thanks for the hopium?

This And That Facts

Diverse is best because who knows if our GOVT eventually makes it harder for bitcoin some kind of way,probably not but we never know

Steve Stockman

Interconnected web is exactly what the USA agencies wanted for BTC when they invented it. ✌️


All lights are green ??

Robert Moraws

By the time they get this facility up and running, the halving would have already happened. In order to make that much money the price would have to double