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Oracle Stock A BUY NOW? Oracle Partners With TikTok! Growth Stock To BUY NOW?

1 344 views | 15 Sep. 2020

Oracle Stock A BUY NOW?

Oracle Stock A BUY NOW? Oracle Partners With TikTok! Growth Stock To BUY NOW?

US Tech companies have been fighting for months to get a deal done to acquire TikTok's US operations. Oracle announced today a partnership with TikTok to be their US technology partner. This deal wasn't what investors were expecting and is still awaiting approval from the government. In this video, we take a look at Oracle and evaluate the company with or without this TikTok deal!

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Angelo Remsen Jr

Hey Winner! Been watching you for a while, would definitely love to have you on the show to talk Stocks on our page.

If interested PLEASE find our contacts in the about page of our channel. God Bless ??

Alex Roque

This surprised me!

Deanna Raguckas

didn't expect to see this!

Money Making HQ

Interesting deal!


I didn't see this news!

Sue Souvannavong

I am new to this channel. Genz Investor is on point. Oracle CEO threw a big fundraiser for Trump in February - that paid off.

Paul Vazquez JD

Will it stick? Many are skeptical about the TikTok deal. Oracle might be more into financial and not economic profits. I don't go nearly as in-dept on my vids. good work.

ANDI Michels

Loved hearing your thoughts man!

Brant Frans

Interesting news there.?

Oracle stock chart

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Is Oracle A Buy Now On TikTok Partnership Talks?

2 062 views | 15 Sep. 2020

? How To Take Control Of

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Is Oracle stock a buy now on the TikTok partnership talks in September 2020? ? Get all my investment strategies at the Premium Investing Group (PIG) https://learn.investdiva.com/hello

Would TikTok make Oracle more attractive, or was it already attractive but it wasn’t getting enough attention? What exactly does Oracle even do and who are its competitors? Am I planning to buy Oracle stock shares and if so, at what price?

Today I’m analyzing the Oracle stock from 5 points of my signature Invest Diva Diamond Analysis (IDDA) which analyzes any asset from 5 points: fundamentals, technicals, market sentiment, risk assessment, and overall how it can fit in your portfolio.

Oracle sells a wide range of enterprise IT solutions, including databases, middleware, applications, and hardware. Right now the company is undergoing a mix shift toward cloud-based subscriptions but they’ve been losing market share to competitors, namely Amazon Web Services. Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud which kinda explains why they went after TikTok and offered such a high bid to outbid Microsoft: perhaps to put themselves back on the map by becoming TikTok’s designated cloud infrastructure provider.


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Kiana Danial - Invest Diva

Will you buy Oracle if the TikTok deal goes through?

Chris Valens

Holding long call! Well see what happens tomorrow.


Oracle are a bunch of rip off merchants


Kiana do you feel we are in a housing bubble? People are not making house payments because of COVID layoffs as others not paying their rent? Will cause the economy to go into a spin? What is your opinion?

Brian S

Beauty and brains. Good job with this. Also, sometimes those things that don't work out are for the best. I'm still learning that in life.

The Icelandic Investor

Interesting video, Oracle's revenue has been slowing down and they need something to boost it.


For me Oracle is not a buy neither sell, hold. If you want to buy guys just wait till it goes down roughly 5% from where it is now.


Is Facebook and Qual Comm a good investment for the next 5 to 7 years.

Jeremiah Long

Intro was super long

Dandy Finance

I like to buy stocks on red days. But if the deal goes through, I think it will be too late. Thanks for the insights!


not sure if oracle is attractive.. but you are


❄️ Snowflake ❄️ = Cloud God

Oracle stock chart

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Oracle Financial Stock Review: One of the best long term investments money can buy: $ORCL

737 views | 16 Jan. 2021

Oracle Financial Stock

Oracle Financial Stock Review: One of the best long term investments money can buy: $ORCL //// Let me show you how to sift through Oracle’s income statement and statement of cash flows to understand their financials really well. We can run my discounted cash flow model together to see if the stock is a buy or a sell. We are also analyzing the financial ratios to see how they compare to their competitors. We will look at the debt of the company and equity. We will also calculate the WACC (weighted average cost of capital) so we can discount the future cash flows. Let's also look to see if the company is paying a dividend. If they are paying a dividend let's look at the historical dividend payments and try to figure out if they can maintain them in the future. Oracle's stock price may be hard to estimate but maybe can figure it out together. Oracle is an Software—Infrastructure company that may be a great addition to your portfolio.

0:00 Opening

0:27 High Level Company Detail

0:54 Financial Review

5:40 Capital Structure

6:04 Valuation Results

6:38 More info

8:21 Financial Ratios

10:05 Competitor Analysis

10:41 Closing


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Dye & Durham: https://youtu.be/6YaamF0SFYg

FireEye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwW6QlgRF0k

F5 Networks: https://youtu.be/l69MQTC2m0M

Fortinet: https://youtu.be/l69MQTC2m0M

Micro Focus: https://youtu.be/Ugt840xDWy8

Microsoft: https://youtu.be/OHsjHaYQcls

Oracle: https://youtu.be/lwAmf2mHBFQ

Palo Alto Networks: https://youtu.be/Yd-ffbZvfgs

Palantir Technologies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1_g2Px_6fw

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Wix.com: https://youtu.be/W_vy2OMwOpU


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Discounted cash flow (DCF) is a valuation method used to estimate the value of an investment based on its future cash flows. DCF analysis attempts to figure out the value of an investment today, based on projections of how much money it will generate in the future.

This video is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. I'm just a lowly mathematician!

Kayal Vizhi



I searched for the video yesterday on the channel.... great timing.
Would the competitor analysis be better or fair if it was against SAP ?

Martin Tsvetkov

Great content ?

kekdo la

Waste Connections, Amazon and Stanley Black and Decker are great buys for next week.

El Bazaar Azteca

Nice - could you do BorgWarner (BWA)?

Douglas H

Thanks Scott! The value that you provide with this channel is unbelievable! Is there any way I can donate?!

Victor Hernandez

Great video. Thank you

Elias Stern-Rodriguez

lets goooo

Diego Ruiz

How are you calculating your Risk Free Rate?