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Trading System Viewer: A Systematic Approach to What’s Working Now | VectorVest

3 393 views | 11 Jan. 2020

VectorVest subscribers

VectorVest subscribers are always interested to know what’s working now. VectorVest continues to ‘up our game’ with the new Trading System Viewer. Join Mr. Todd Shaffer for an introduction in this week’s Special Presentation titled, “Trading System Viewer.”

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Daniel Duffy

I'm logged into both the application and website but when I click Trading System Rules I do NOT see any of the stocks/details when I click on VST Rockets. Why is this? This says that NO Add-Ons are required. PLEASE tell me you aren't going to pitch me yet another thing I have to buy ON TOP OF paying you for VV already just to see this info. I'm a paying customer but your continual bait-and-switch tactics to offer people 'training' only to be SOLD something else is getting old. I JUST want to pay VV for a service and actually get it without CONTINUALLY being sold more, more, more.

John Joseph

Does this system apply to the UK?

AiKrono s

The price is sky ? too expensive for startups. Why I need pay ? $100-300 when any brokers provides Active Trades software for free?! Maybe this a little modern and convenient but I think is too expensive.

Trading viewer

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How to Identify the CORRECT End Of A Trend in Day Trading? (TRADING STRATEGIES LIVE)

9 858 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Day Trading Strategies

Day Trading Strategies and when to avoid making money using the trading indicators in Forex and Stock Market Trading and How to Identify the End Of A Trend in Day Trading

Official Trading Rush Website: https://tradingrush.net

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Watch More Videos:

Trading Rush All Uploads : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuBdu9GKAoP6nIjNTJGQgWEay_AeJlmeQ

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Trading Tips and Mistakes : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuBdu9GKAoP6lPl2txSXE8AlkhiwgWU2O

MACD Trading Strategy tested 100 times : https://youtu.be/nmffSjdZbWQ

Download Excel Sheet for Day Trading : https://youtu.be/fLKd7uKZOvA

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Do you want a high win rate in day trading? Strategies like the MACD trading strategy got very high win rates when we tested them 100 times. But if you want to really make money in trading, you should not take every MACD or any other entry signal, especially when the market looks similar to the one I'm about to show you. What do you see on this chart? Price is in an uptrend? If the price is going up, should you take a long position as a day trader? In this video, I'm going to show you how and why I went in the opposite direction of the MACD and VWAP indicator, and how price made a move exactly how I anticipated. If you don't know much about the VWAP trading strategy and MACD strategy that we tested 100 times, check out the MACD and VWAP videos on the Trading Rush Channel.

On this daily chart, price is in an uptrend. And for the last 4 days, the price has opened with a gap up, and closed higher. This means that there is a lot of buying pressure. But if you have been trading for a while, you already know that price does not make a big move every single day. Unless there is an event, the probability of price making a big move in one direction is really low. In a day, price moves a certain amount. On this chart, there was an event on this day, and a big candle was formed. But if you look at other daily candles, they move approximately 200 points up or down. In other words, price usually makes a move between 100 and 250 points approximately in a single day. Today, the price opened with a gap up. Furthermore, the distance of the gap was around 140 points. Also, on this chart, the 15000 mark was a resistance area. Yesterday, the opening price was around 14950, and the closing price was around 14924. And at one point, it touched the 15000 resistance mark. When the price made a move near the 15000 mark, the selling pressure was increased and the price made a move down. But today, the asset opened above the resistance level. If you have watched the How I got 70 percent win rate in Trading Video, you know that price breaking the resistance level can be a big deal. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out that video on the Trading Rush Channel.

After the gap open, price made a move up. It made an upward move of around 50 points. But you remember, earlier we saw that price opened with a gap of approximately 140 points, and in a day, price makes a move of around 200 points on average. So right now, there is a good chance that the price is near the top of this upward move. But taking trades blindly using this information is a stupid idea. In the last video, I said I have won 7 out of 10 days in the month of January. In this month, I have had another 3 green days, with 2 trades still running. Since I trade options mostly, while analysing the option chain data to adjust the two running trades, I noticed that the long positions have increased on the 15000 and 15100 level. In other words, many people are expecting the price to stay above the 15000 and 15100 level. After doing option chain analysis, I noticed that the 15150 was a resistance area. I'm going to explain how to find support and resistance levels, and how to analyse the price movement with the option chain in a future video. So maybe subscribe to the Trading Rush Channel and Ring the notification bell to see that. Since the price is already at the high of its average range, I was expecting for the price to reverse from around the 15150 mark, and close somewhere around 15100. Since the price was trading around the 15110 mark, I waited for the price to go near the 15150 resistance. If you watched the MACD trading strategy video, you will notice that MACD is already giving an entry signal. But like I said, since the 15100 price mark will act as a support, selling on the support is a bad idea...


GBR Kura

For day trading with MACD settings, it is recommended to use (48.109.9) together at 1 minute and 5 minutes.

Hanjo Paul

Please post option chain analysis video... Lots of love from india... ❤️❤️

Victor Amogu

I noticed you don't trade everyday. How can I as a trader who uses the MACD strategy only, choose days for trading and trending days so I can avoid 3- 4 red days in a row.

Tomáš Sebastian Králíček

Hi, I trade stock options but still cant find option price chart on tradingview like you. How you get it ? You use TradeStation and connect it to tradingview to get the option price chart? Or how you achieve this? Thanks for asnwer

Fendry Siregar

Confusingggg, it's better for you to explain how to define the key support and resistance level.. please..

otobo vona

Here for something new

Evs SSaaVVaa

Instant like from your sub!


So much strategies, I can't even make $1 in the market consistently ?


TY your vids got me interested in trading


What app has that screen where it shows your green and red days?

Ham Anuphap

This will come with experience and news base trading plan. I do still struggling with consolidation, solution gor me is to wait and see.


my boi rush rush just uploaded again, yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Thank you sir

Sumit Garg

How about a reversal of your worst indicator.. as an indicator?

Daniel Seeger

Which timeframe is that trade?
Thank you for your great Content!

One More Step Inspiring

William fractal+Bollinger band???

Jenil Patel

Today it was a hard day for day traders. You have done great job.

Pradeep Pant

Great content , But in actual MACD video you have taken EMA200 as helping indicator now you are using VWAP. Can you elaborate how you choose when you pick when?

Fred Romero

You should test out the TTM Squeeze indicator and strategy. I think it will add a lot of value to your community.


Make a video of macd and rsi combination


Very good info

Facts 4x

Please cover options trading with macd you have stock trader on your channel.

Myname Spartans

nice so early

Möbeln& Kloppen

already hyped for the option chain video! great! keep the good work up

Jay Patel

5th viewer

Sergio San

Exactly the video I was looking for. Thank you

roope roponen

Early notification squad


I don’t know if this was covered in another video but how do you know which stocks to be looking at for a possible set up for the macd strategy?

Conor Cruise

Could you test Eliot waves?

Hassan Al Mamun


Trading viewer

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when a viewer tells me to "CHECK TRADES" in Krunker.io

36 045 views | 29 Sep. 2020

when a viewer tells me to

when a viewer tells me to "CHECK TRADES"


►Come Join the Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/kashy

►Sign up to Krunker with my link: https://www.krunker.io/?ref=Kashy

►Twitter: https://twitter.com/KashyKans

►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kashykans/

►Discord: https://discord.gg/zRhmQvF

►Join the KG Trading Server: https://discord.gg/d5AQvUW


LLT Lonnie

littery no won Guest5: POR FAVOR CONTRA FREE


check trades sorry

Zayan Zulqarnain Khan

Pls check trades

Aka Braiz

How are my server?


I realized I was a jackass when I would send trades. Now I send real trades


scammers looking kinda sus

su system

this makes him look like even more of a greedy clown


0:20 Damn comical part xD Made me laugh so hard. Kashy's video is funny as always. Keep it up man. (Don't worry I won't ask you for a Contra)

ben morais


Kendell Crenshaw

what has the trade community come to?


KASHY CHECK UR TRADES loool (im just saying this)

ares 054

4:45 look at chat lmao. and the video is about trades

Not Ibrahim Ahmed

i love the song in the background whats it called?


Hi kashy very relatable vid! I rly need your help I wanna talk to you in discord bcoz if I talk here my acc will be hwcked pls help(and I luv ur dad he's great!!)

Anna V

My user: AFatRussian

Dylano Klepper

Check trades

Mae Ann Estrera

Why haven't you thought of not allowing "check trades" in ur twitch chat or asking free items bro..

Siyam Ibn Nur

Epic Lol

David Anaba

Kashy: I fear nothing but that thing



and this dude calls other people entitled lmao

robert blackwell

i hate those poeple and i stream so i get it kashy >3


krunker weirdo kids


his face is like a kapa aka a frog or a lizard

Phantomm19 Playz

thats not lag,,, i get 60fps and 20 ping and that is bad!


well i'm streaming but my only 1 viewer and it's my GF sooooo



EZ Prince

Sadly I got scammed

Someone said to trade him a contra to give me a unobtainable so I traded him in trade hangout server but then he won't place his unobtainable in the trade section then I said why won't you place it?
Then he said coz I lag. Then when I gave it to him he scammed me I lost my contra but in the next heroic chest I got a Pellucid just right after I got scammed

17Madla, Jayden

I remember trading a lot of epics for a jagdfast thinking it was a legendary

Brady Jones

Do you remember when you made cod clips when you were like 12


Me, who market flips for good skins, and doesn't send unnecessary trades

KIWI Scissors

Can you send me your settings so I can play on your fov and sniper aim in

Unedited Gamer

Its relatable tho, I dont really have anything good but I had this one viewer who came in and tried trading my entire inventory for a uncommon smg which I dont use smgs

Natalie Page

Can you do a settings video


I mean yeah it makes sense but I mean these people have to start somewhere and just don’t realize what these items are worth or just want to be greedy and not work for the items themselves, I run into the same problem this kid was saying “Yo plz gimme your Intervention for my 3 relics” worth like 3k in all


Lol now they'll just spam "Hey, hows your day going NOW GIVE ME THAT CONTRA!!"


gib contra PepeWideWeird

Giyuu Tomioka

Kashy:This the real world of Krunker
Also Kashy:WhAt Am I pLaYiNg?!


makes sense you have four lol

HARY - Brawl Stars

1v1 me if you win you will get
59k kr

Ahmed Taleb

Today this kid wanted my fadecrusher and my spec including 2 dyes and stremz and walpugris for hus godamn awful blues and uncommons

BlasTed T

I feel ya, I don't stream much, but when I do I get trade requests saying "Send me your spectralon and I'll give you a lime ar"


I don’t trade I just stack up a lot of kr and then buy the stuff I want
It takes time but at least it’s worth it



Titou.GaminG _dz

check trades xDDDDDDDD

Helena _ L

I know your feelings bro, thats y sending trades costs kr now, so those kids cant spam trades anymore

Some Guy

If i was asking for free stuff I would want like a rare ak skin lmao because I'm trash and don't have good skins



Kanna- Chan

Dude check trades

Thomas Paul

i tell them to check trades only when i give them free stuff

Rojo :/

Before Krunker added the setting where trades that had only your items in it turned red, there was a scam going around where people would say: “I’m going to send you a trade for my contra and you have to accept it within 5 seconds or I’ll remove the offer.” And they just sent a trade for YOUR contra.

Oddly enough people still do this scam today...

Matt Joseph R. Carandang

Hey how rear is the nova pump


i have so much respect for you that you can handel those kids

jokez0nU 779

Stweamr Chweck Twrades lmao

ReaperxGrinder studio

i have quiet same case, somethimes on trade server i met players who says that they are streamer and asks for free legendary from me, thats just scam.


I am streaming but i am just happy ppl actualy talk in my streams

TT01 Krunker Poggers

5:21 I get that all the time . When I tell them I don’t want to give them my contras for their purples they cuss me out like a 11 year old. It’s good twitch content tho


Who else finished the video and went back to see the biginning again. Good job kashy love the streams and your content so much I hope you have an amazing day. Use code kashy

Bastie Walker

I stream soooo

Read More


dat a lesson for the "strweamer Treck chade


Nice activate windows smh lol jk

Edward Ooi

Yes this is the real world, I haven't got a single contra or unorb. Screw em self entitled kids

Hertic FN

He sounded like highsky 2:41


Il sryy

fizal faisal

the kids that watch this be like : i never did that bro but can u give me contra its my bday

egginshellshock 2

just how he sees 3 leg for 3 contrs and how he smiles at the end

Antonio Cerra

im unsubbing because you stole miles vid idea smh

Ahmed Wasseem

lol it costs a lot of kr to send a market trade for like contras or unobs why dont people just buy cheap relics instead of sending usles trades like dont waste ur kr on usles things that make you look toxic just buy some dumass relic and try to trade for a contrad with fair trades


This is literally lvl 20 in twitch chats no cap LMAO


Yeah I do but when I stream I don't usually get people saying Check trades over and over but I get kids asking for KR

Spaghetti Lad

I dont even stream and i get the same trades kekw


ive only got 20 gollowers on twitch and i get the exact same bs they tell me to check trades and when i decline a trade that i loose out on by a lot they leave without even dropping a follow

The Diamond Trooper

welcome to my world kashy i play on browser


hey kashi 5:48 "Network lag detected" for browser player that's normal


ye, i agree with you when ppl try to make you feel bad for them by saying they got scammed and then they ask you for free stuff. like bro you getting scammed is "tragic" but thats not my problem

cris mckinney

hey kashy I love your videos and I would love to say thank you for making them sometimes when I'm sad ill watch your videos and ill feel better I would dm u on discord but I gotta have u added so thank you I'm subscribed and i won't stop loving your videos.

yanis zdhfl

your kashybeast

Estho The Grand

they do it cos they think youll make the same mistake like when you lost the frost. evil pppl

Uzi TheBoss

kashy do be looking like a 5 yr old at the start XD



True your words are for every streamer out there


imagine kashy has 3000 viewers and the chat keeps spamming check trades. looooool

Raaghav Tony

Same here man


Dude whenever i stream i always get ppl coming in and going like: bro! Can i pls have a super high values item (they dont even play the game and dont know what item it is and how much its worth lol)


can I get a pin I’m marcuseatsburritoes hehehehe


The fact that is that not just one person spamming check trades its like half the viewers

Hansel Wong

@kashy I have learnt my lesson. I was that kid last time. But now I am a yt and I understand how you feel. Every level 20 is asking for my baller smg



220 TowK

lol I sent you tons of free relics was that a bad trade?

ItzHypernova 10

What keyboard do you use ?

Ethan Holmberg

hey kashy ! ...

check trades

Uzi TheBoss

has any1 realised trades are just a waste of time so the streamer cant get a nuke....

The legendary yaman



I sent trade check it

Adrian Wong

Just asking, but if i gave you an uncommon for free would you accept


Lol that guy in your thumbnail is my homie just saw his msgs telling me that he's on YT...he trades for me


I love good ol days to death but im not gonna ask for it for free

أم امين بادي

That was me LOL in the thumbnail who sent the trades

Light PG3D

What is the name of the backround music

Pn Ziggy

Guilt tripping is the worst

Qenan Jonathan Sigar

somethimes at krunker trading server those kids always say please bro gimme one free legendary or relic or please bro please gimme one free item im doing youtube vids well hell no i rather donate my skins to Kashy or other streamers so im in their real vids than donating to stupid beggars saying they are youtubers >:[

Not Ibrahim Ahmed

frick people who give you bad trades