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Daily status update: NEM - Saturday the 18th of May

21 views | 18 May. 2019

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0:00:00 Hi Cryptocurrency Fans. Here are some quick daily insights in NEM for Today, Saturday the 18th of May

0:00:06 NEM has gained 5.34% over the past 24 hours.

And gained 57.56% value in the last 7 days.

0:00:14 1 XEM currently retails for $0.0888 which is 0.00001209 bitcoin.

0:00:22 Its marketcap is: $799,096,522 .

With a 24 hour volume of: $49,982,021

0:00:33 The 7-day technical analysis of NEM gives an average BUY signal.

0:00:37 2 indicators showing a SELL-Signal. 10 showing a NEUTRAL-signal and 14 showing a BUY-signal.

0:00:43 CoinCheckup's Algo scores NEM at 86.05% strength.

And it currently ranks number 12 on CoinCheckup.com, based on its Algo-Score.

0:00:52 The main news updates in the last 24 hours for NEM are:

0:00:55 - Up 55%: NEM (XEM) Defies Crypto Snooze as Week’s Biggest Gainer

0:00:60 - Crypto Market Wrap: Correction Cools Off But May Not Be Over Yet

0:01:04 - Investigation into NEM Hack, Potential Bitfinex Involvement? Blockchain Analysis Details Inside - Bitcoin Exchange Guide

0:01:10 - Motivos para não vender Bitcoin em corretoras

0:01:14 You'll find the full articles on our news page, linked in the description below.

0:01:18 Longer term analysis tells us that NEM's 30 day volatility has been 41.68%,

And it's 7 day volatility has been 20.14%.

0:01:27 NEM's price ranged between $0.042 and $0.085 in the last 3 months,

0:01:33 which means it had a compound monthly growth rate of 27.09%, and an extrapolated compound annual growth rate of 16.76% over this period.

0:01:43 Over the last 6 months, the price of NEM ranged between $0.093 and $0.085,

0:01:50 rendering a compound monthly growth rate of -1.42%, and an extrapolated compound annual growth rate of -0.16% in this last half year period.

0:01:59 NEM is currently

95.32% lower than its all time high of $1.8964

0:02:05 Thanks for watching this video.

0:02:07 This update is brought to you by "CoinCheckup News Updates" and is based on the latest data from CoinCheckup.com, The crypto research platform


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* Stats & NEM Data by: https://coincheckup.com | The crypto research platform.

* Created with: https://content2video.com technology | Creating videos out of your data.

Nem market cap

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NEM Introduction (Chinese and English subtitles)

2 081 views | 5 Jul. 2017


Steve Li在2017年6月于成都举办的区块链高峰论坛发表nem主题演讲 《技术驱动的新经济浪潮》

Steve Li from NEM speaking at the Chengdu Blockchain Conference in June 14th 2017.

Tal Rasha

Hi NEMofficial, I think you should use the classic sub button, even if you dont have a lot of subs guys :) Its just more serious. I hope I will hear from you more



Aziz JDI

great, and with the $300million Japanese investment recently, NEM/XEM will move from the top 6 to the top 3 in no time

Explore Crypto

Great! I was talking about lack of video material from China's conference and here it is! Good job NEM!

Music Reactor

Hello, please give me a link to the support of a specialist in the matter of my unsuccessful transaction in which there is no fault of mine. I specified all the requisites and message correctly, but the coins are lost, I did not find any specialist who can help me in this matter I am discouraged

The Mad Cow

The NEM team really need to post some youtube tutorials on how to create tokens within the platform so the people can utilise it and it gains adoption and traction.

Nem market cap

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NEM Up 30%, What’s Caused NEM to fly?

431 views | 13 Nov. 2018

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NEM Up 30%, What’s Caused NEM to fly?

With the markets looking very tame today, NEM has embarked on a solo bull run, rising as much as 30% from it’s recorded price over the weekend. NEM, overall, has remained quite still of late, therefore a price rise of this nature has been met by a number of very pleased investors. Whilst we don’t expect this bull run to last, this at least demonstrates that NEM has still got it and could one day fly back up it’s all time high of over $2.00.






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Gustavo N.

10001 xem may make you rich


10000 xem will make u rich

CryptoDaily Official

Do you think NEM will ever surpass its present all time high of just under $2.10?