Wwe returns 2017

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Greatest Survivor Series returns: WWE Top 10, Nov. 13, 2017

2 607 561 views | 13 Nov. 2017

No Superstar wants to miss

No Superstar wants to miss the action and excitement of Survivor Series, especially those coming back to the WWE Universe after a long absence. Here are the 10 greatest Superstars returns to take place at Survivor Series.

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Sai 'The Scientist' Multi Universe

Any one saw Indian Flag at 5 minute 10 seconds Proud to be an Indian is any Indian watching this video .MERA BHAARAT MAHAN


Why dose the king sound like a Muppet when he's wicked happy

José Gómez

Where Is Sting ¿?

Thalapathi Vijay Fan

Where is the returns of sting in this list ??


I am bigest fan of john cena in the world


Pls john cena come in wwe i miss you john cena

Aditya Tiwari

Sting return was too cool

Declan Cann

"Who says a raw and smack down superstar can't get along

Scott Steiner: I do!

Jatin Tyagi

4:46 when i drop brother's smartphone in front of him

Angana Dutta

where is sting's return??


Best of all time the undertaker -
U- unique
N- naughty
D- dadson
E- energetic
T- talented
A- affectionate

Deepanshu Kesharwani

Who has seen the indian flag ?

Ada Deh

Undertaker best meme

Mandeep gaming

Cena Goldberg r best than all of them

Andrew Spidle

Mr. Perfect not one of my greatest accomplishments

Wanda Veasey


Filmy Gyan

Where is Sting



Abdul Qudus

john cean

saad atif


YouTube User

“No it’s not the cops!”

Muhamamd Ikrama

Undertaker returned Awesome moment!


Mariano Asylum 89

4:05 can You believe this? EFIU!!

AJ Slick

My brain during everything in life 4:49?

Terrence Hill

Lord shut up Vickie ?


theres no way goldberg goes over taker

Hartz_Ghost 15

I thought goldberg deserved #1 that match was AWSOME

Cerebral Assasn

I find it funny that hulk hogan era wrestling had no crowd reaction.

Vipul Kalher

Ryback should return now

Jack Jerry

10. Scott Steiner 9. Mark Henry 8. Beth Phoenix 7. Mr. Perfect 6. The Rock 5. Edge 4. Bret Hart 3. John Cena 2. Undertaker 1. Goldberg

MCW Aizawl

Of course S.D.Mawia loves Chhan Chhani

Yeah Of course I loves Chhan Chhani.But how can you know that? It is my biggest secret!

I know everything.Because,I am the Principal.

King Surgaleo T

Shield debut is the best debut

saeed panwar

The Rock's return should be up on the list

Edward Flickinger

Honorable mention: Taker 1995 after being put out by Mabel. Once he got into the match he annihilated everyone

Tristan Sullivan

Gotta love taz on commentary

Ayoub Benmez v1zoughi


Damian Harden

I miss Layla


Where Scott steiner now?

Basil Jardaneh

You forgot stings return

Michael Walsh

Stings was godly

prima agung


Pablo Escobar

Who noticed the indian flag in the end


Soon to be CM Punk this year..

Venkat Raman

I love to see Brock Lesnar got screwed in the hands of Golberg

Jack Oh Chee Siong

Where are the lighting that strike the casket?


Steiner should be higher. Can't underestimate a WCW main-eventer getting that reception in Madison Square Garden

Atif Zaman

Any one remember when goldberg beats brock in 1 and a half minute sensational return after 12 years


Beth phoenix is a legendary women

Jithin Mohanan

5:13 Real or Fake ??

Asma Khan

Cena is the best

mohan kumar

Corona virus effect ..nowadays wwe running without live audience..

Sarmistha Padhi

I don't like that Undertaker(2005) and Goldberg(2016)

Farhan Ahmed


No They

No.10 most electrifying because of

JR and king

Satinder Singh Bhangoo

Goldberg’s best return

Jason Bonilla

It really sucks that goldberg didnt end after brock lesnar feud cause that would have been a great way to go out

Joshua Schwartz

What happen to sting

Ryan Prince

Who else saw the hey that was trying to hi five orton when takers music hit ?


WWE really needs to improve their thumbnails. Like how is Chris Jericho floating gonna attract viewers?

Hrixz Art

Mr perfect theme song is little bit same with the undertaker

Tei'Zhan McFall

Rest in ✌ Eddie Guerrero.

Rak Shal

Goldberg ne maar di Lesnar ki gaand ???

hemant Rao

someone sees the indian tiranga

King Oliver

I can watch videos like this all day mainly because they have WWE fans in the chairs

Martin Jones

I lie I cheat I steal

Kenneth Cuyoca


That's the meme right?


finally that meme at 4:47


Where is sting

Black Cat

#7 was absolutely perfect

Chris Danger

Two Times in the same damn row Goldberg defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20 and Goldberg defeat Brock Lesnar again at Survivor Series 2016

Sameer Kumar

5:26 Hit like.. If you see the Indian Flag

Kawindu Lakshitha

Where the hell sting's return

Pradeep Sachin

How many of you notice that 5.10 india flag was shown?

Dulu Gogoi.


Ilham Abdullah Alhossain

Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar what a match

Richy 85

4:46 the teacher’s face when the suspended kid comes back to class

Mahendra Vashishtha

I love Mr. Goldberg

Yash Sharma

5:11 Indian flag

Andrea Moscheni

SS 2008, prima fila. Maglia della nazionale italiana


John cena fan like is here


Omg where is sting

Vaishaliavijit Ramachandra

undertaker is one of the most powerful and dominant superstar in the wwe industry and he is a demon of the wwe

bhuvana భువన

Oh my God
Gold Burg destroyed
The Best.

Rohidas Rathod

Survivor series is Undertakers house

Wanda Veasey


Muhammad kukuh wiranto


Robert Shmurda

Matt striker is the worst commentator of all time

Ashish Kumar

Goldberg surely deserves to be on first.


Edge great return ❤

Muhammad Tristan Shah jahan

No 2 is a meme


I love that fans started standing up expecting someone to come out before Steiner's music even hit


5:09 it's Indian flag

azd at

That world strongest slam shudve been in the worst finishers of all time lol

Muhammad Shaique Ansari

Undertaker's return scene became meme template

Star_Spade XV

WWE really dropped the ball with Scott Steiner’s return run

Terence Carvalho

East or West John Cena is Undoubtedly the Best!!!

Sidhanta Mali

Who miss the shield


Goldberg's returns was very awesome

Wanda Veasey


Wwe returns 2017

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Finn Bálor returns to NXT and confronts Adam Cole: WWE NXT, Oct. 2, 2019

3 321 499 views | 3 Oct. 2019

Former NXT Champion Finn

Former NXT Champion Finn Bálor returns to NXT with a message for current NXT Champion Adam Cole.

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Tookie Knowz

This is too sweet right here

Harish manikandan

Who's here after watching Finn balor beat Adam cole for the NXT tittle

Ricky F

Moments like this make me miss the crowd so much, listen to that reaction, look at them reacting to his entrance it just hits different

Tribal Chief Highlights

And your new NXT Champion...

Cody Sanford

It would be cool if balor joined undisputed since adam has mad respect for finn after the battles they've had

Mahmudul Swad

And Now,2 time NXT Champion


When the neighborhood bully gets out of jail!

Raj Kashyap

Never gets old!


Welcome back


Bullet club

Lawrence Reichert

0:04 When a new AC game is about to come out.


And now he is the NXT Champion


Damn that was fast


Why the dislikes?

Dark titana

Aj styles should be debut in nxt. Aj styles vs fin valor vs adam cole for nxt championship and become a new leader of the club (bullet club)

Emmeline Weasley

Look at him 11 months ago, now look at him: 2 time NXT champion. Xx

Salman Ahmad

When You return to your school after you've passed your school education

Ved Dalvi

Anyone here after Finn won the NXT Championship?!

ernest hairston

I will never get tired of his entrance!


Who's here after he dethrone Cole to wins NXT CHAMPIONSHIP?


And he's the champ once again ! Finn 2 times baby !

akho freakin medoze

Finn balor is everytime cool?

Chris Rangel

Amazing how almost a year later he beat Cole for the title. Epic foreshadowing here.

BackPack Huncho



candice le rae good luck in your match today

Habib Khan

Who is after he won nxt title from adam cole at nxt super tuesday 2

mary turner

Daddy's Home

Snazzy Futuristic

What makes this so awesome is that he returned before fans weren’t aloud into arenas due to Covid.

Jason Tornez

Almost a year later the P R I N❌E is NXT champion once again ???

Titan thoas Titan

Finn is looking so handsome and charming ☺

Mark Roman

1:26 It's Erick Redbeard! It's Erick Redbeard!

Cian Noonan

May be the greatest return in NXT history & he also holds the greatest debut in NXT UK History. The GOAT

Jas -

Adam cole always have the funniest reaction lmao

Akash Shrivastav

Now they are going at the title.. Again


Balor is def my fav wrestler, glad to see him shine again !!! Damn I wanted a demon and fiend match

Madin Saziri

Welcome back young bro and it's had been hard without you in NXT

Aditya Sachdev

anyone watching after he beat Cole and became champion

nico mauzinho

wao..you look like your ready to win again...love you Fin


Nearly a Year later, he’s NXT Champion again, congrats Finn Balor

Jason Bryant

Bullet Club

Vishal Van de Berg

One performs with a gang is a gangster while one in solo is a monster?

LeShawn Barker

Prince Devitt Entrance is awesome every time I watch it!!!


Probably the biggest pop in Nxt

Josiah Williams



This was history in the making, because before Adam Cole was the longest reigning NXT champion, Finn Balor held the title for 292 days. This was awesome!

Felix Cruz Jr

Prince devitt you peasants!!!!

KCW Studios

Anyone here after he won the NXT championship again? PRIN❌E

Swayam Ranjan Padhy

I dont know why
But phin balor looks like paul walker ( of fast and furious )

Cz yong

0:25 awesome

Emperor ROB

Whoa man.. That entrance ???

Dreskki 2

don't watch wrestling but still appreciate these returns..

Lae-Ze Panda

The definitive meaning of hearing Boss music

Kiarash SJ

No Mauro and Nigel:((
NXT is unwatchable for me right now


Look at Smile & emotions on Finn's face .


Everybody Gangsta until the first Universal champion shows up at his home.

yaw barimah

Finn Balor Why

yaw barimah


Deufranco Tercero


George Washington

Who else is here in 2021

Worldof MUSIC

Still gives me goosebumps.


finn balor has so much presence its ridiculous

Alonso Lupercio

Here cause it’s now a year that Finn came back to NXT

William Fridmann

11 months later and I’ll still get goosebumps

ĐĘαđPøØĹ rÚαmęÍ

Wat r u gonna do when the balor club will fall in u


Finn Bálor returns to NXT
11 months later
Wins NXT Championship for the 2nd time in his career


Everyone a gansta till you realize it took 11 month tor Finn to win the nxt champion
But took him like couple of weeks to be a universal champion


One of the best shocking return, no one knew it,it would happen.

Android Games Hub

Who is best?
Finn balor - like
Adam Cole - comment

marcell marcell

Imagine if gallows and anderson where right next to him

jeff hardy bay bay

One of the last returns that was a suprise before social media told u everything that was going to happen


When Arsenal get relegated to the Championship and Brentford stare like?


After 11 months ,
the Prin❌️e got his crown back

Riyanc Th

Finn Balor ??????

Allgaming network

what a good move he made now the nxt champion

Rolando Quinteros

The og leader of the bullet club looking at the one members of the faction he started like bow down to me


This is the best thing that could happened to Finn Balor's career in WWE.

amruthesh m

Crowd reaction is pure gold ❤️

Rahul aravind

Finn balor's best entrance..

Saleh Azami

Man Really sad SmackDown didn't use him properly

adnan ayaz

I love finn balor

Ace Cashman

And next week, they face off for the championship again

Ralph Male

Adam Cole isn't jobbing the strap to Finn Lego Friendship Balor

Devnitha Dulsen

Finn balor is my favourite superstar

Jj Kk

Too sweet ?

Ethan Zerbib

Who is there after the 4 Way 60min Iron Man Match ?

Allen Jones Styles

Best commentators

Adsavage 12

I still get excited watching this again

Alonso Lupercio

We’re almost 1 year away from his NXT return

King Jae

2:38 sick shot

William Grantham

William Grantham Returns To NXT

Popplio HQ

Its like getting in College. and going back to Elementary School.

Ice StormGaming

Finn is also former intercontinental champion


And now he's NXT champion!

jungkook jk

Just imagine Dean ambrose music turned on someday ?❤

Hafiz Hafiz

I hope nakamura will back home to

MV 96

And As of now he's a 2 time nxt champion


Finn balór ?

Peyton O'Connor

One year ago and it makes me miss crowds ??

Minhazul Karim

that ash t-shirt girl at front was present when finn bálor brutalizes johnny gargano

TJ Hopkins

Used to be the developmental brand, now arguably the number one brand. I don’t blame the likes of Adam Cole staying at NXT cuz some Vince would waste him on the main roster

Wwe returns 2017

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Tag Team Debuts: WWE Top 10, Nov. 20, 2017

6 857 433 views | 20 Nov. 2017

Relive the explosive

Relive the explosive debuts of these 10 tandems in an all-new WWE Top 10.

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Oliver Hall

I love the usos

Sankar94 Subramani

Dx and evolutions and hardy boys missing

Dat Boy Carlitos

1 year later after 2020 mojo returns and helps matt riddle from being attacked by the usos and then forms a tag team with riddle and there name are the hype bros 2.0

KellBellPotter87 HP

Half these teams got fired

Luis Rangel

Are the Nexus not consider a tag team?

Victoria Bitong

Oh my Gods Roman in a turtle neck

Chris Freeland

Rest in Peace Jamal and Rosey.

Ben Fox

Worst top 10 ever. Only on belongs on here is dudley boys. So lame

Milla Engels

the bellas should be there

Alejandro .Iberri

Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team
I never regret working with they are very great p y p t o l m o n . x y z

අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

King Eagle

Am I the only one that knows dolph zigler is in the spirit squad?

The WhatMan

Hardy boyz ???


Where's the Hardy Boys? Edge and Christian? The New Day? How do you have a list like this without those teams?

Lucous Joseph

Shield was the most dominant of all of them

Conner vs Figs

Brett’s I agree

Aaron Prazak


Andrew Burgess-Linden

R.i.p Brodie Lee

Mr. Fabduck

Watching this in 2020 then i realized most of them are gone ???

Re-Bourne Official

What is your best tag team of all time

Me:The Hardy Boys


Wow the shield number 1

Chris Njugi


That theme hits different now.


And retribution ??

Vumile Mbunquka

Rip Luke harper ????

Roman Empire

1:55 ??? ???? ??????? ?? ?????


Corey’s Girlfriend: Will you marry me?
Corey: 2:27

최현 정

Many tag teams in wwe was made trash after putting in main roster

Rina Khatun

Shield is best tag team ever in wwe history


That Revival "debut", like NXT doesn't exist haha

Bibek Poudel

WWE then now forever

Negative Ives

....WWE needs to learn how to count.
Spirit Squad: 5
Usos and Tamina: 3
Shield: 3
Wyatt Family: 3

More than 2 a tag team is not.

Gurlal sandhu

More and big cash was best

Mahesh Mahesh

Believe in the sheild????

Paul Albert

If Jamal is still alive and Rosey wasn't retired, they would be a great addition to the Bloodline as Roman Reigns' enforcers..

Nepalese BadLiar

The Usos is the only team remaining...❤️?

Cedric Suarez

Dudley boys debut king: its the two from Extremely Crappy Wrestling


When they debut: BOOOO


Tshepang Masinge

I definitely felt that Samoan drop,, yikes

Jeffrey Schneider

Spirit squad ? Realy ?

heyy heyy


Parading Bull

"I'll put that lazy eye right back to work." GODDAMN

Uriel Acuña

RIP Luke Harper

Wicked King Wicker

A rooster and an ostrich in a tag team

Dylan Guerrero

God listen how quiet the crowd was when the Usos debuted.

Jacob Tolson

SHIELD REUNITE DAMNIT!!! To bad Dean, A.K.A. Jon Moxly, ain’t comin back

Asaf Guevara

0:32 if not wrong, shes Tamina n she wants to pin the another girl :v

Who's Nez


Niraj Chavan

Who the what the

Charlie Wigley 09

where new day and lucha dragons


how can u not put the hardy boyz or edge and christian in this smh


How the hell did those spirit squad get over the usos

Derek Blankenship

Why does WWE think that Somoans like too attack random white dudes?

Ernest Hoh

I came here to see Dolph...

Imran Alam

Most of them has been released from wwe


I miss the ascension.


I was just watching old wwe videos and Luke Harper pops up the day after he passed RIP?

Grant Davis WWE and Sports

Was that dolph ziggler on the spirt squad

Mihle Godlo

Number one had to be the shield


Rip Luke Harper ?

Brent Richard Francis

I miss the spirit squad


RIP new day I wish that they reunite

EviL IrisH

This just popped up in my feed, nice to see 3 years later WWE pissed away half the talent of their top 10 list ?


R.I.P Harper


That’s umaga in 2002


So, only one tag team debut from the Attitude Era? Stop sucking up to children and make WWF fun again!!!

thomas parkhouse

The wyatt family still one of the GREATEST ever factions that wwr shouldnt have broken up and stil had so much more in them

Roman Empire

??? ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????

Andrae Coleman

RIP Luke Harper/Brodie Lee!

Tobirama Senju

Where tf is brother of destruction

Ronald Howard

Y'all need to add tamina with roman and jey

Gabriele Caria

Who's here after brodie lee aka luke harper passed away? ? who saw this video after jon death click like. Rip condolances to his family

frank bonini

3 Minute Warning was a Good Team with a Crappy Name

KC Sniper

The top 3 should forever be 1. The Shield 2. Nexus 3. Wyatt Family

Emre Akkaya

i would have planned a shooting for the WWe studios if the shield wasnt number 1

criminal oldschool connection

Ascension ? Vaudvilians ?



_ Sebbo

No one of this list is still a team in wwe thars just that!

Ali Sha'bani

I really wanna see Cass again

Tyler Biniek

it is ziggler

Basharat Ahmad

Where are new days

Paul Turner

2:22 south can show my dad later will delete when shown but if get 2 likes won’t delete

JOHN Ukozami

2017: The Revival
2020: FTR

Dj Conner Boii

Where Kane and Undertaker

dimple baadhan

Shield on top ????

Jonetta Phillips

the usos

WaR_ F4cE 09

The wyatt Family ???

Xanlar İbadov

2:05 roman Reigns brother and umaga debut

Ron Edwards

michael cole always calling the
most boring lines in wwe

Aaronjohn Cherian

Should have put the hardy boyzz


Sheild deserves to be no 1

Error: Hellraiser

Spirit squad was elite

Thomas Dangelo

1:30 the guy that on the right carrying the guy that’s being held up,his face looks like dolph zigglers


Why did they edit the live commentary out on the shield reunion and replace it with the commentary from wwe 2k15's Cena vs Punk Showcase?

Sandy Eager

I have a agree

Lauren Wilson

1:36 dz was born


um Where’s cryme tyme

Faa'iz Fathurrahman

where is the brothers of destruction

Michael Slimmer

Tag Team debuts

Gabby Lopez

Usos and tamina are in anoi'a family


Nobody knew who the Uso’s were

Yashodeep Patil

The NEW DAY????