Which of the following would be a way to emphasize the highest sales month?

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Notion at Work: Sales Planning & Implementation in Notion

5 173 views | 13 Aug. 2020

We will explore how to

We will explore how to identify opportunities and put a plan in place to define and hit sales objectives. Any good sales process will emphasize capturing information along the way in order to learn and refine the approach — Notion is perfect for this.

Guest host August Bradley produces the “Notion Productivity” YouTube channel and coaches clients on performance enhancement with Notion systems.


Can you make Notion on phone tutorials/basics guide, please?

Umut Erhan

Great but what if you get hacked?


One request....
You should add End to End Encryption and
Make a linux app...
This well really help for people in infosec industry...
BTW great app

Black Orchid

Daily entries doesn't work for me. Please make a tutorial. I'm really frustrated.


hello my name is soon im a year 1 medical student, I just started downloading notion but i want to ask what happens if all my notes suddenly disappear ? has this happen before and is there any plan available for us to get our content back after this ?

Wawrzyniec E

Hello, thank you for such great system! I want to try it but I have only one concern: do you think that Notion is secure enough to entrust it with customer personal data? It's extremly important nowadays to keep it safe without any possibility of data breach. Take care guys!


wish the video in 1080p hd

Cynnie Ng

is there anyone also cannot access to the Notion website after downloading the app? in the U.S :( and it keeps being in the Offline mode even tho there is wifi.

Tomáš Rampas

This is awesome! Got to try this in my system.

Which of the following would be a way to emphasize the highest sales month?

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How to learn math for data science (the minimize effort maximize outcome way)

34 385 views | 11 Jan. 2021

In this video, I cover how

In this video, I cover how to learn math for data science - the minimize effort and maximize outcome way! You also get a look at my transcript c:


Links mentioned in video:

Linear Regression Statquest with Josh Starmer:



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How to choose between software engineering and data science:



Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2UXDak6o7rBm23k3Vv5dww/?sub_confirmation=1


Real SQL interview question walkthrough series:


Check out StrataScratch for SQL interview prep:




youtube: youtube comments are by far the best way to get a response from me!

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tinaw-h/ (second preferred but I might suck at responding)

email: [email protected]

*If you're reaching out through linkedin or email, please leave a youtube comment just letting me know that you reached out :)


*The StrataScratch affiliate program give me a small portion of the sales price at no cost to you. I'm currently not monetized and really appreciate your support in helping improve this channel! :)

#DataScience #MathforDataScience #TinaHuang

Khalid Fatni

I don't know why people hate Math, Math is interesting, All it takes is Practice , there is No Secrets …


Really love how you are so upfront and generous about sharing your background! A lot of others seem to say, "I was good at math", or "I loved math ever since", so it's kind of difficult for aspiring DS who don't have strong backgrounds in math, to relate. But I'm so glad you shared this! It is really inspiring amd motivating. Thank you ?

Kautsar Aqsa

is that blue yeti mic? i'm sorry but, is it just me or i think your mic could produce a better sound... btw awesome content as always ??


I like your videos and left a sub. There is only something in your audio that is a little off.


Minimised effort maximised outcome...

Vikram Tatke

You make really nice videos which inspire me while upscaling and searching for a job a year after completing my Master's in Data Analytics in a foreign country during Covid-19. You have a very calm and friendly way of educating others.
Yet, for some reason though I find it weird that the eq is y=b1x+b0 instead of y=mx+c. But that's just me...


Alexandra Gallon

I reached out to you on linkedin to connect! Great video :)


Math is about getting used to it, once you practice it daily it becomes a lot more doable.

Ryan Wenchester


Ahmed S

Thanks a lot Tina for the video.
Can you make us a video of how can we work remotely Full - time from home as Data Scientists ? and how much money can we make ?

World's Greatest Swordsman

b0 is not a coefficient

shahbaz ansari

I was good at Maths during my High School because that is the only thing I have ever loved and never get bored of solving that maths problem before programming.

Juneau A

thanks! thanks YouTube algorithme! You're channel is so motivating and makes a bit an order in this overwhelming space of ds.

Immersive Study and Living

Great one! Love the way you always emphasize on growth mindsets and project based learning.

Paulo Jansen

Congratulations for your channel. You look like my ex, as beautiful as her, but with much more content and intelligence. Best.

David L

I thought Linear Algebra was a prereq. for Master's program. How were you able to get through the program?


Damn why are you churning out so many videos at once with clickbait titles.


This is an incredible video! Thank you for sharing your experience, I can relate to the paralyzing fear/panic with math sooo hard hahaha
Math is so much about confidence I feel. I used to love it (still do honestly) when I was younger & was actually really good at it. But somewhere along the way I lost my confidence & self-doubt started creeping in after one too many sucky exams lol
BUT I still love math (even though I am not as good at it as I’d like) and am pursuing a stem major now - not giving up! ?

Rahul tech

Darling you made my goal clear ... !

Yuzhen Wang

关掉视频,打开教科书,使劲读 做练习 最有效

Ali_ A _Art

Im never gonna love math lm always lazy on it and dont like it when it goes to complicated level



sree G



Neat, we took MAT136 during the same semester. I wonder if we were in the same class. ?

Jeremy Stanley

The best way to learn datascience is keep doing personal projects, kaggle tournaments, and read lots interesting fun papers in ML/DL. Turn it into your hobby.

Tina Huang

How comfortable are you with math?

Mohammed Bouchcoucha

I'm so good with math, my greatest weakness is programming. Thanks too @kenjee I'm in the #66daysofdata community, it helps me a lot, and thank you too you helped me a lot with SQL, and i hope you do more projects for the future to see how you handle different tasks.

Epic Math Time

The reason why so many intelligent people struggle with math is that math education is broken. It focuses on teaching people how to use math instead of how to do math. They are taught the solutions to problems and then made to apply that already formed solution to the same problem with different details.

The result is that math education is completely divorced from the field, and students do not view themselves as mathematicians. They were not given the mental tools of logic to solve problems. They were given the solutions to problems. The quadratic formula is not a method to solve a problem, it is the answer to a problem. We give them the answer to questions. We don't teach them how to form solutions to new problems.

That's why so many kids, upon learning some formula for solving some absurdly specific problem, ask "when am I ever gonna need this?" And they're right.

David Dearlove

Great video, thanks for sharing

Dinesh Sharma

I recently heard professor Margot Gerritsen in a podcast, she was speaking about how girls are culturally demotivated in the field of mathematics. Subtleties of patriarchy can be seen in meetings in which women opinions are weighted less.
With you coming out, smashing this dogma that maths is difficult is making this academia more democratic.
I am enjoying data science as in this we can easily combine theory with practice. I wish female percentage in this subject grows from 15% to 50% and we could achieve gender equality practically! :)


Subscribed to your channel. In combination with my girlfriend's math teachings, I want to make big progress on my math skills this year

Billie Mage

thanks from India !

Kevin L

So inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

Data Professor

5 days ago: Watched Joma's why you NEED math
Today: Watched Tina's How to learn math
Great video Tina! Awesome breakdown of how to approach learning math for data science!

Peter Tao

The moment I saw the transcript I knew you were at UofT lol

Malcolm Ng

I’ve never seen math (yet I am actually quite good at math in school) come up in my 3yrs as a data analyst / scientist working for unicorn tech startups... is something seriously wrong?

Karim Hassan

I start grad school today in DS and my first two courses involve stats, wish me luck lol

Marcus Stoic

Thank you so much


I am in love with you, for no reason in particular..... I thought math hates me and I hate math and we may never be in a relationship with each other but I think I am gonna give it another chance and make it work ...thank you tina .

Fool's Gold

shes lying, all asians are good at math

Universe Davis

indian english

Sai Prakash Ssp

Finally u suggested my favourite - Double bam professor

Nicolò Campagnoli

hi Tina, nice video! do you use Phyton or R as Data Scientist?

Shubham S_K

Math is that subject where you must fill those missing gaps of your knowledge in that chain of mathematics....and after that math will just as easy it is...

Go Price Go

I am too dumb for your channel, but I really enjoy it. Thanks for the effort.

Hologram Tupac

I really like this learning approach of a relentless focus on projects. What frustrates me the most about learning is how I can never retain everything I learn. At the end of the day you mostly only retain what you put into practice, so why not do all your learning at the same time as putting it into practice on projects? It just makes sense really.


Least squares linear regression would not be useful when there isn’t direct proportion or linearity between the variables.


You inspire me. Thank you, really. I do this freaking out thing a lot!


The course averages at your school were brutal. That must have been stressful!


Wow this was very motivating


@Tina huang HMU w/ that fb referral >:[

Ritika Verma

Understand at high level first(abstract)
Then understand the concepts just enough to get the logic
For an algorithm- as assumptions, where it performs well, where it doesnt

Ιωσηφ Κυριακοπουλος

Yes believe it people you will learn math for data science from video

Harry Karanikas

Hello there, just leaving a note. I’m a big fan of your work. Thank you for doing what you do.

Eunice B

So smart <3

Jerry Luo

"nobody is going to ask you to solve calculus problems"

looks down on delta method calculation for standard error of estimator I wrote down

Muhammad Hashir

I reckon math is as like other subjects, but the thing is that it's not written in english, so our brain says that hey this is a unique thing + as it's not in english well that's hard then. I think that's the only reason why people don't really understand maths, otherwise maths is also easy as other subjects are or any other thing to learn. I also used to think that it's hard but once I thought that I should really give it a try and let's se how it works for me(at least 3 hours a day, even if becomes a hectic) and after 3 or 4 days of continues learning it, it turns out that yes It's easy and I can learn it pretty easily like any other subject.

Vishal Kumar Roy

Waiting for it.....:-)So Tina has some upgradation in her videos :p

Khai Xuan

I’m from Finance and Economics background and I am planning to step out my comfort zone to take MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics.
Hopefully I can graduate smoothly lol

Wayne Kerr

It's trivial if you have a masters in statistics like I do

Hens Schulz

The content on this channel is incredibly good. This has become one of my favorite channels. Your analytical attitude and your optimism is endearing. Keep up the great work!


I think the point is project guided learning, which can be used in various aspects, thank you, it changes my perspective.

Mohit Nagarkoti

This is how you learn maths :

" Be brave enough to be bad at something new "


Working as a data scientist for a while now, I can attest to every bit you said. Like you, I pursued my undergrad degree in one of the biological sciences (Pharmaceutics) but it turned out to be a 'no' for me and am glad I pivoted to this field.

In many instances either its the complexity of the math or the wish to jump directly to the fancy stuff that keeps people from delving deeper into the inner workings of the algorithm.
I cannot emphasize enough how vital it is to know at least something about how things work under the hood.

Sure it takes time, persistence and effort to have that kind of knowledge but its always good for both short and long run.

So just my two cents of unsolicited advice to budding analysts, data scientists, statisticians etc. - scare the math scare away and be willing to learn day in and day out and it will be for sure a much comfortable ride down the lane.

Btw great videos! Keep going.


good video! minor correction: normally least square is minimizing vertical distance, instead of perpendicular distance. i.e. the plot at 3:18 is perpendicular distance:)


Do you work remotely? If yes, Do you ever meet your remote team members in person.


can you put your hair together...they are annoying..

Mainak Halder

Linear algebra by Gilbert Strang is the best material available to study. At the beginning, I didn't have patience to complete it but in the end, I realized this is one of the finest Math people in our current world.

Puneet Singh

My motto: Math isn't intimidating, notation is.

humza wani

regression can be used when there is a correlation between input and output variables


A word of advice I think you should get a pop filter for your mic and then put it a bit closer because I can hear a lot of echoing and a bit of distortion and that's because you're cranking up the gain due to the fact that you're far away from the mic

Betty S

Same problem- Panic! Thank you for sharing this!

Andrew Mo

Math hats need to come back in a big way. Math MOOD

Katy Winton

Thanks for sharing !! :)


Coming from a business major, your videos are simple and easy to digest. It easily reinforces my interest in data science and motivates me to pursue it as a career :)

Sometimes I feel like my major fall short of the technical skill sets and it’s tough to compete with my peers from computer science background. Any advices for that?

Scipio Family

I look at this eyes and recognize, that i don't want learn math anymore.

Philip Phil

Ds is dead

Mbah Favour

I hate math

clemons nikita

Does anyone know Kook? It's an online study room with background music and streaming. I've been using it recently. sometimes there are a few people join me and study together. Although we don't talk to each other very much, I feel like I’m next to others so I should be on my best behavior but I also have full control over my privacy. I think it is worth to try,The only complaint is that it doesn't have an Android version yet, and many of my friends are Android phone users?


?Seems like u got laid and just started a video

Hitman HD

Woman looks like she just came straight outta The Grudge

Ibraheem El Ansari

Nice to see you again Tina

Bhawani Shankar

The thumbnail is more scarier than maths ?

Ken Jee

* panics in math


Lmao at the guy that got hit in the head

ravi tanwar

linear regression don't do well when :-
-relationship b/w independent and dependent is non linear.
- affected by outliers
- prone to overfitting
- prone to multicollinearity
- Inability to determine Feature importance

Lauhe Mahfus Labib

Great video!

xdx x

i am a math genius. I can add two single digit natural number ??

Roshan Patil

Mam I just graduated last year in the December... B.tech in computer science was my Major..
I want to be a data scientist.. what should I learn 1st R or python??
Pls suggest and also suggest me a good course or source where I can learn this..if you know any..
And one question I wanna ask u from along time are u a Chinese or vietnamese??

Connie Avant

You know I never thought about math that way?? I took Calculus and Linear Algebra in undergrad and graduate school. But now after hearing your explanations, I’m going to pull out those math books and rework some of those math problems, and keeping in mind what you have said. Thanks!

Which of the following would be a way to emphasize the highest sales month?

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Term Insurance Doesn't Have to be a Commodity

99 views | 9 Feb. 2021


#insurancefmo #insuranceagent #medicaretraining

In this episode of Selling Life and Annuities, Randy Pierson, Vice President of Life Sales, and Ray Parman, Regional Vice President of Life and Annuity discuss why an agent should differentiate themselves in the term market, how to have that conversation with the client, what carrier brings value in the term market.

Term insurance is a popular life insurance plan and commonly sold at the lowest price possible. However, there are opportunities to take these term sales opportunities to the next level. North American offers value add living benefits to their term products that a client can use. Also, they offer robust conversion privileges to their policy holders for future permanent life insurance needs.

If you are an agent who wants to differentiate yourself in the term market and set yourself up for future sales opportunities through conversions, contact Ray Parman for a further discussion on features and benefits of North American term products and how to have a conversation with a client about conversion to permanent life insurance.

Check out the previous episode of Selling Life & Annuities:


Jillian Crowder

Do riders like Critical Illness cost more to add to the policy?

Tim Luby

Great information Ray and Randy, I like the concept of setting the table for future changes.

Nancy Schmitt

Nice that some term is Value Rich.

Brady Doppler

awesome info guys! thanks for sharing!

Holly Fields

What an interesting video, thanks for the information!

Donna Swaim

Can there be more than one rider on a policy?

Cristina Garrity

Are all of the riders extra?

Ryan Clark

sounds too good to be true! must be alot more expensive.

Charles Fisher

Are any of the riders built in or do they all have extra charges?

Jennifer Morrison

Is there a way to get a list of the extra riders they offer and what is included?

Chelsea Johnson

what are the 6 activities of daily living?

Marci Busick

Do all of the riders have extra charges?