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Benefits of a Long Walk for Anxiety and Depression

57 993 views | 7 Feb. 2021

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Benefits of Walking Backwards: https://youtu.be/HLdGJaPrjZ8

There can be some amazing benefits of a long walk for anxiety, depression, and more. Check this out!


0:00 Long walks for your health

0:17 Benefits of long walks

1:45 Benefits of a long walk for stress

2:55 Bulletproof your immune system *free course!  

Today I’m going to cover the interesting benefits of a long walk, especially for anxiety and depression. 

Potential benefits of taking long walks on a regular basis:

• It can help improve circulation 

• It can help your heart to become more efficient 

• It provides more oxygen to your brain (which may improve cognitive function)

• It can promote weight loss

• It can give you energy 

• It can enhance sleep 

• It can improve your joints 

• It can improve endurance 

• It can help your blood sugars 

• It can help reduce stress

Every day, we go through massive amounts of stress. Long walks may be one of the best things you can do to undo mental stress. It can increase oxygen, but at the same time, it’s a low-stress exercise. It can decrease cortisol and support the parasympathetic nervous system. It can also help improve your mood. I find taking long walks, getting out into nature, and getting space to be very helpful in extracting mental stress that accumulates throughout the day. 

Taking a long walk for 30-60 minutes, or even longer, on a daily basis may help provide some of these incredible benefits. 

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:

Dr. Berg, age 55, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this enlightens you on the benefits of a long walk.

Anuj Kumar

Benefits of walking---
* You will find the so called/thought long distances are not so long in reality.
* Maximum pressure is always on axial, imagine where the axial of legs so benefits are also maximum in that region ( organs in lower abdomen, there are many organs in that particular region, yes including that special too?? ).
* Fast walking will improve lungs.
* As monkey uses tail while jumping, you will learn how to use hands for making stylish movement while walking ????. Become more human than fool.
* All those Dr Eric mentioned.
* If want to go for regular walking with out pain in legs avoid road or hard surfaces, grass is best then come sand( I said sand not water don't think running in the sea, this idea comes in mind, I knew).
* Long Walking is good exercise, never develop it as tool for spying, specially for female human creatures.
* Stop laughing Start walking.

Robert Poitras

Our body is made to move, we are set up for it, with out movement our oxygen are too low and all the rest follows. ?

Kerry Jean

What about breathing with the mouth shut? Nitric oxide is it? Needed for 1000's of the bodies processes?

Sarah Wadleigh

Walking is so helpful in these stressful times. We walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Thanks, Dr. Berg.


Yes it's really helpful and it's effective in reduce stress

Christa Belle

Oh my goodness, YES, I can attest to this ??? Im able to do away w anxiety & depression or any negative emotion that strings along thoughts, feelings that simply don't serve us! And it is SO simple that I don't know WHY I didn't start sooner. Anywho. So it goes like this; Im starting to feel nervous.. worry or stress begins to creep up, so I get myself to my bedroom to put my teneez on, I grab my earbuds, cell n keys, drink several sips of water before leaving & I walk out of my home. I feel my beautiful California sunshine caress my face & skin w/its warmth. Then that wonderful breeze we have, hugs me, & I am brand new! So renewed, feeling great. Occupied w how straight I want to stand for my posture, occupied w how Im walking for balancing as best I can for my body, delighting in my liberty to pick music for this grand moment of my walk.. My time w me, myself & I. By then, after being immersed in all this simple beauty (Ive always loved nature), I then allow my mind to manage my concerns, because once Im in my bliss, embracing all that surrounds me.. sun, breeze, liberty, blessings, flowers, lawns, plants, birds, cars, leaves, I mean just all out in nature, I quickly reach a bliss, & I can mentally address whatever I have at hand. It is w confidence & a peace that serves us, that I best manage my concerns. Im able to see order, etc. A simple walk becomes like magic. Before I was doing this, I was sitting on my couch, feeling frozen by the anxiety &/or depression that got hold of me & was wasting so much, my goodness. So stuck. Frozen from fears, worries, etc. So, YES; WALKS ARE SO VALUABLE IN FIGHTING OFF ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION. And my goodness how EASY TO DO! I walk an hour. Lately bc our weather has been so spectacular, Im taking up to 2 or 3 hrs, from stopping here n there, sittin on little walls along my walk, to take in that sunshine & enjoy great music on my cell via youTubes magic ? Music & all sortsa vids like these! So its TOTAL ME-TIME. Walks are helping Me a whole lot right now ☺️?????? Thank God ??✝️? ?

Donna Hamilton

Started walking in lockdown and never realised how much i love it ?

moses cordovero

once or twice a week when i was much younger, i used to walk almost three hours straight in some mountains very close to where i live. and then in one particular month, motivated to impress a certain Israeli woman, i did that walk every single day. by the end of it, i had not lost a single pound, and do you know why? because when I would get home from the walk, I would eat several bowls of granola cereal with milk. i cannot honestly blame ignorance for what I did, because i knew from the time i was a teenager, when I read William Dufty's classic book on the subject, Sugar Blues, that sugar was bad for me. plus, i had a psychology professor express the same idea but in even starker terms. she recommended eating no more than just five grams of carbohydrates on any given day. too bad I did not listen to her. her name was Eve Jones. i wonder whatever happened to her. i hope she is okay

Thomas Anderson

Lawn Service

Rahul Ramesh

Can I do long walks every day including high intensity intervel training on 3day/week?

This long walks daily disturb my recovery phase from HIIT?

Should I completely abstain from physical activity in my recovery phase from HIIT?

just having an enough quality sleep is fine ?

stella batt

I found even my legs changed for the better when I started walking 1 and a half hours almost daily!


I'm walking at least 10,000 steps a day, and feel obligated because of the tracker I'm wearing. I've never had an issue with stress. I learned at an early age to be aware of the things I can control, plus it's a sin to worry.?

Brian Littrell

Is it better if the long walk is at a fast pace or at a slow pace?

Does the speed at which you walk matter at all?


I find it's the best way to deal with trauma, grieving, and even stress

José Aquino

Walking is almost as good as jogging (being those 2 among the top best exercises available). It's just that walking have a couple of benefitial hormones less than jogging. I can't recall the test that I read it from a long time ago but I made sure to read that twice to clearly remember at least that (my memory was crap back then, too much sodas, ultraprocessed snacks and cookies, not to mention beer).

Jawad Ahmad Alvi

Walking is really good and beneficial for mindfulness. It gives you time to take out junk and feed productive ideas. Keep making useful vlogs like this one.

L Rose

I walk 3 miles five days a week in 35 degree at 7:30am. I’ve been doing this for two years. I have terrible anxiety so I exercise throughout the day.


I naturally have always gone for walks when I get stressed out. Now that I have two dogs, I have to walk everyday! Dogs and walks are the best therapy!!! I always get compliments that my dogs look so happy everywhere I go now. Adopt a dog or two ? and take them for a walk and you’ll both be happier! ?

Charlton Nu

Long walks are definitely my favourite pastime. I agree with all the benefits that go along with it.


Dr berg Theres also studies of pinene and other terpenes in the forests esp conifer forests..as also reducing stress And having many therapeutic effects ✌?

Carissa C

Literally was wondering this TODAY u always read my mind... Love u dr!

daniel stanwyck

how long is a long walk? a mile? 2? fast paced? slower? timing? it's my chief and most enjoyable activity. walking "long" or not. just walking is in and of itself a good thing to do, for more than one or 2 or 3 reasons. thanks


Dr berg can you explain what fascia is and what trigger points are? Thanks

Irene Bruaset flusund

Walking 1-1,5 hours almost every day . Helpfull for a lot of things ?

Zee Horvat

Do you get same benefits from running in the same outdoor environment?

Salma A

How long should the walk be per day to see the mentioned benefits please? Thanks

Betuel Teodosiu

You need to go on a walk and learn how to spell Beethoven

Derek Hall

And when you go, take your dog(s)...they will behave better, and also be happier. In time they will be trained to remind you to walk them. Or maybe they’re walking you? Either way, you’ll both win!

Jennifer Anthony

I walk at least 1 mile every day and 2 miles 3 days per week.I even walk 3 on weekends but I have stayed at 188 and I am 5’2....not good.

M Ball

Steve Jobs?
Isn't he dead?

blue green

With my dogs since 1995, I have been walking every single day. Dogs are great companions for healthy life style.

Martin Gimenez

Didn't work very much for Steve Jobs I guess. I walk like 15 miles every day since gyms are closed.

Sarah Nan

I feel great after walks !!!

Rob Labow

My doctor years ago told me that a quick burst of exercise lifts your mood by 20% and I believe it as it works. Years ago I walked for fairly long distances, however, I find it difficult to maintain the discipline.

Charlitta Starkey

I walk almost everyday for the last 3 years I half to for anxiety suffer from bad panic attacks but when I walk it calms my mind and makes me feel so much better

Jacob Debernardi

Check out long distance thru-hiking. That's the ultimate long walk


Why can't I find anyone to walk with?

Juan Calleja

I'm a stroke survivor, and I take long walks as my therapy for my affected leg. Now you mentioned taking long walks has other neurological benefits aside from the physical therapy aspect of it. Thank you for this video. I hope you'll make a video on stroke recovery soon.

Karl Sugden

I walk between 10"000 to 20"000 steps a day healthy mind healthy body happy healthy body .the best investment you will ever make in your life is your self mind and body one life one journey

Stevie P

I’m so glad I found your channel
Thank you


Dear Sir , what if we do reverse lunges to build the posterior muscles instead of walking backwards?

Anshuman Aich

I do hour of cycling in the evening. I'll mix it up from now on.


whats the tempo you recommand for the long walk??

Carol Nguyen

Walking is a forgotten health remedy because our culture is hyper focused on weight loss...but the truth is walking is better than running because running wears out your joints overtime and in my opinion less beneficial for mental health since you cannot fully appreciate the scenery. With walking you can gain physical and mental health benefits

Ed Jacobson

What about bicycling. It is easier on knees and back.


Electro Magnetic Ley Lines are what you are walking over! That's why it works anytime of the year and walking is adequate. Cross and follow Ley Lines.

Ann Burrage

Love em!saved my life ongoing!!

Connie Dobbin

Love long walks especially when the weather is snowy and also sunny and warm too.

Robin Richardson

Thank you for reminding me. I walked a lot when i was younger.

Blue Berry

walk and jogs are my therapy. in coming off of addictive drugs, dealing with debilitating symptoms of anxiety and depression, walks and gentle jogs are the ONLY thing that bring me absolute pure joy and peace. please try it my friends. it cant hurt.

Mighty Maynard

How about if you walk wholeday at work? is it beneficial than doing long walks?

Trish C

Since covid 19 and the lockdowns I have taken long walks progressing from 1-2 km to now Between 4-9 km and I love it, never really walked much before as I work and the job is physical and I stand a lot. But now I walk every day as long as it’s not raining or snowing.
It has built up my stamina my well being and I do takes walks in cold conditions making me feel invigorated.

Nelida Flores

I will begin today! Thank you ? my life is so stressful ? faith things will get better ?.


When I was doing grad studies my favourite thing to do on Saturday morning was grab my backpack and walk to the shopping centre a few suburbs over to do my grocery shopping. Always felt so good to be out in the sun and fresh air ? and then I'd get home, make a fresh meal and get a great nights rest.

Badmama Jamma

New rule. If you thumbs down a video, you have to give a reason why. Even if you don’t like Dr. Berg walking is good for you. Don’t be weird!

Dana Sky

How to stop facial bones loss that are related to aging process ?


When I was in New York, I would walk everywhere. Cabs are expensive and there just isn't the kind of scenery I'm looking for in the subway. It was not uncommon for me to walk 10 + miles a day. I earned that bagel and lox from Russ and Daughters! ?


Well I can testify to the benefits here. I've always loved going on walks about an hour after suppertime.
In the past three years I've been walking for an hour every evening (even in the 18 degree weather and rain) because we got a working dog breed who actually requires the exercise. So he's getting healthy and I definately benefit as well.
If anyone out there can't seem to get motivated just get a dog or two. Believe me you WILL be walking !!?


“Above all, do not lose your desire to walk. Everyday, I walk myself into a state of well-being & walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. But by sitting still, & the more one sits still, the closer one comes to feeling ill. Thus if one just keeps on walking, everything will be all right.”—Soren Kierkegard

Sabrina عبدي

Why do I get swollen after long walks? Can somebody please answer that I’ve been struggling with it post workout

Ed Chavez

I’ve been walking for years and it helps reduce my stress as always your a big help thanks

S Han

This is the only thing that definitely works for me! Rain, snow, wind, sunshine, I must walk every day, preferably in the park!

Andy O.

"Long walks" can be different: long walks in a forest Vs long walks along the highway

Alan Steele

Walking is great ...get some fresh air oxygen and blood to the brain and it's time out

Mei Lamson

How long is a long walk?

Ana Dos Santos

I think U R ? right ?

lil sahara

Sometimes I feel that I am the only one who wishes that the road does not end when I walk. Unfortunately, no one likes to walk like me, I love you Doctor Thank you


Thank you so much for amazing information. I started working much more because of coronovirus. I noticed how good a long walk especially in a green area. I can do 5 to 10 km per day . And I'm not young. Not old Only 73. Best regards from London ❤❤❤

John Possum

-21 F wind chill, I think I'll avoid the long walk today.

David Yates

I do long walks and jogging. I believe jogging is the best way to get rid of stress but doing that everyday would be bad for the body. I walk six days a week and jog about 5 days a week. Does long walks lower blood pressure?

tim mc

I use this to create fictional stories..you can see things that you normally wouldnt

Robert Matignas

Would using the threadmill give the same benefits with regards to anxiety and depression?


I love nature walks

Persephone Jones

I just got back from my first walk in a few weeks and wouldn’t you know it, I feel better. Ive been starting to get depressed and anxious and all I cut out was the walking because I started a new job and have been feeling exhausted. Feel like I have more energy now and so decided today would be the day to get back into it and I come home to this video. What a confirmation that I NEED to continue to walk every day. I love it, it’s stupid that I stopped going. Thanks Dr Berg!

timshel Leo

People should also take a bike ride (if it's safe) I did over 10 miles today near Albuquerque Felt so refreshed after...

Matt Daley

Thank you so much for your wonderful videos! I'm an American living in Hokkaido Japan, and have really improved my health from your information. By the way, nato is pronounced with a short a, as in apple. Like the end of Hey Jude by the Beatles, Na, na, nato


morning ..i have mdds and i walk everyday after breakfast for two hours and then after tea in the afternoon another two hours . I walk moderatly fast and use a stick for balance ..i have lost alot of weight and seem underweight if you check on the calculators online ..is it too much walking ? Mdds naturally creates abundant stress and walk as a way to meditate and to feel capable ..but is 4 hours too much ?

sasa kelly

I have gone for a walk every day for nearly 45 years. Not everyone can form such a huge habit. But if I fail to take care of my health I fail in everything else in my life . My health is my wealth .

Hasa diga Ebowai

I force myself to exercise daily over the past few years but it has done absolutely nothing for my anxiety.

Susan Gifford

Love them. Definitely a mood changer.

Jes Ham

As soon as I heard the mention of walking in reverse, I knew he's well aware of what he's talking about here. Great topic!

ISTP 196

"Walking is a man's best medicine" --- Hippocrates.


thank you dr. Berg. Walking long walks helps me feeling better and when i am stressed out when i just leave my house i feel better even if its a small walk.

Stacy B

I've been walking an hour a day,, six days a week for about 3 years. Well, the last 2 weeks I've been fighting COVID, and haven't had any strength to walk. My depression has SKYROCKETED. I had no idea how much walking was helping me mentally until I stopped doing it. Getting back in the game on Monday and I cannot wait.

Jason Patio

Walking in Canada today. Winter snow.

Aamal Khan

I do long walk 3 hours a day

Cecy E

Love walking in nature. Hiking especially ☺️☺️

ADHD Patrick - Live With ADHD & Conquer Anxiety

I love walking, always loved it especially during summer❤️?

Andrew M.

Dr. Berg just fyi, I use the Brave browser which will let you participate in the BAT token rewards if you verify your account. I see you are not verified. So it rewards based on Youtube videos I watch during the month and it's broken down by % of time watched to total. BAT tokens can be exchanged via a wallet with bitcoin, and other coins. Just fyi.

Mythily Chari

Walking is meditation.

Thomas Anderson

I'm 68 now, and I have a law service the doctors gave me 6 mouths to live 30 years ago. And told me to not work and give up on life. Hear that once ! My walking my Lawns has kept me alive!

James Bowie

I walk 5 miles or more every day, I’m 71, one of the best things in my life right now?

john holme

Like yourself I walk every day, it manages my anxiety and depression issues with the added benefit of improving Brain function. IE I find I can think better after walking. Also I must emphasise the benefits of anaerobic exercise as well, especially when your over 50.


what i want to know is how "long" is a long walk? is 2hrs fine every morning 6 days a week?

Oyinkansola Wewe

Walking 30 to 40 mins a day before resuming at my office improved my memory and mood. I have stopped will resume again


I have started going for long walk. I have started loosing my belly fat. I am having a sound sleep. I eat all and its all digested. I workout at home with dumbless for 10 min after a long walk at home so i am not loosing out on my muscles also.


My buddies are RAVING about Lion's Mane for depression, also some good videos here on youtube! Any ppl have feedback or exp? I'm gonna order some soon, just gonna find a good brand here in Sweden! Cheers Dr Berg, much love as always! would be cool with a lion's mane and turkey tail (for immunity!!) video or so Eric!

Carbage Man

I'd be going out of my mind if I didn't get long walks.

Almaz Wube

Thank you Dr

José Aquino

One of the biggest drags of my life has been not to be able to walk to the bus stop from work for 30 minutes everyday across one of the most beatiful and biggest parks in my city to go back home due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Been working from home since then but even though I save on public transportation and I'm able to log in later more times than usual without being told anything ?, I really miss doing that. It's just not the same doing this near home at all. I don't even miss the social life there because it's the kind of job that you spend talking to people over the phone than having time to socialize.

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Hector Noli

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Rebecca Reaville

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Tom Peters

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2002 -

my perents told me to get a terrible job because thats all i can do that im useless

Unorthodox Savings

I’m a new channel that interviews different jobs/careers so people can know what the job is actually like, I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions on who to interview next

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TheDarkLord Satanas

Now I want to die


I'm not a college drop out. I'm a junior. I just think college is so expensive.

KK Tam

May I ask which jobs are the easiest high-paid please?

Temitope Osomo

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brandy m

I dont know what to do with my life help.

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What's your dream job?

Usama Malik

0:40 I don't need anymore my work because of, g r e a t e a s y p a y .c o m


This is where you will find every college student who is finally fed up with their alarm going of at 8am every morning!

Yemcy Gomez

Truck drivers don't get paid ENOUGH for what they do


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Michael James



Entrepreneur is not a job

loren summer

This video dumb


If you're fine with 80k a year, come work at a cement plant sweating and working your ass off for 110+ hours every 2 weeks?. If you truly want the money, WORK FOR IT.


Like 50 % of the jobs you mentioned requeres studiing for years


You need to stop spreading this myth about people becoming entrepreneurs. I don't care how great your idea is or how well you have developed it, you need people with money to take it to market. If you don't have backers, it just remains a great idea! All of those men you used in this video were in a network of capital!

komaravalli nissi nikitha

1:38 I have no more stress with the help of, g r e a t e a s y p a y .c o m

Matthew Theobald

3D artist

Random Dude v2

I’m pretty sure you need subs to get big on YouTube

Loushanti Anthony

I get college for free but I'm just ready to get into the real world, get experience and start making money but college doesn't teach me that.


Work smart not hard

Danial Hisbani

#11 pornster/pornhub porn movies Jobs highest paying job without a degree ????????


Only need a starting capital??? Easy enough if you aren't a Trust Fund Baby!!!

Cline Ramos

well said .....With the second wave of Covid - 19 I already started thinking of the best sit at home jobs I remember trying many I got on YouTube but not ever happened I met with an old friend some weeks back who told me about her sit-at home with the oil companies and how this contractor helped her make it happen so I went straight for an email to [email protected] net... as directed it was like a joke tho but this is my second pay check from working with them in 2 weeks just send an email to him I promised him more referrals so this is me doing that thanks..

Steve Walker

So to become a billionaire, you must be a fraqing LIBERAL!???

Drax Gaming

The computer programmers one is bs, you need at least 4 years of computer science and programming classes,


3:22 yes, you need collage to do that. If you can find company that needs programmer without collage, you are lucky. People who finished collage can't find job

Elder Rusty

jobs that don't require a degree, number ten: Entrepreneur.

you know, the thing that is a seriously major risk and usually requires you to already have some cash to invest into this. Because the bank won't give you a loan without good credit, god forbid for something that only has a chance at working out.

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Entrepreneur this isn't a good idea, if you live in a family that doesn't have much money don't even try this, you need money to even start or build up a company.

vincent walter

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im probably gonna end up killing myself. i cant afford to live in this world.

Davian Perez

being an Entrepreneur is not a job

Kin Edwin

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Cade 2020

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Nite Lite

Don't air traffic controllers have crazy work schedules? I heard they're stressed a lot too. Is this true?


So this is my plan C


No degree idiot. Fuck me

Zachary Reynolds

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very good content

Jonathan Hoestar

Is it just me or he’s talking so fast

Madduri Mahesh Vardhan

does entrepreneurs have salary or profit? No offence just a doubt :<

Danonino Diarrhea

Entrepreneur is not even a job... Entrepreneurs hire for jobs ?. Also I do not know anybody who got rich working at a job. Mostly entrepreneurs get rich.

YouTube is more like a business, not a job.

Loki Triggered

You forgot about the stock market

Monchichi Power

Plumbing is very hard work
Come home very tired . I did it for money too . I don’t do it anymore

Leo Bosses

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watchdogs Thebeast

Do plumbers in ny get paid well?

Fred Betts

Literally asked for careers with NO DEGREE NEEDED then you show me an air traffic controller which needs an Associates Degree ???

Arop Anguik

Who else just isn’t motivated and is done with studying cause highschool drained them out.

Grodey -_-

You talk so fast man what is this ahhh
It’s like the worlds fastest talker but a little less faster

Kent Lopez

I’m a car enthusiast an I still don’t know a well paying job or career can someone help me ?


Whos watching this while doing online school and saying fuck it


A lot of these jobs don't seem very interesting.



Romeo Romeo

My dream job is to become like Taylor Swift....but my dad died and to become a singer you need cash to produce it ...so I don't know if I will go for a normal job or focus on my dream....plzz suggest

Sydney Parker

1. Entrepreneurs 2. YouTube creator 3. Transportation manager 4. Computer programmer 5. Realtor 6. Air traffic controller 7. Elevator mechanic 8. Plumber 9. Radiation therapist 10. Nuclear reactor Operator


The first 2 aren't really jobs let's be honest it's mainly skill and talent

Will West

Lmfao number1 good luck every one


Degrees require 2 or more years of college, this video is talking about certification or license which requires 18 months or less. High school diploma is still required.

Simon Patience

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Zalan Gueth

Be a drug-dealer XD


But you cant make money unless it is baby friendly

Haruth The Internet Guy

WARNING: The Youtube creator job is the worst job in its current state

Random Guy

What's that model's channel?


Yea right. Computer programming has at least 100+ other applicants to compete with each job you apply to...

Anthony Mancuso

i just got a bank transfer of $25,000 from fabuloushackers, com i am so happy,.,

Brandon Willabus

Who found this video from Simon

Danny Dumont

I really want to go to school... I was in university about a year ago, but I slacked off because my program didn't interest me and I didn't know any better. I was really a disappointing student to have because I didn't try. now a year later and I learned my lesson. im trying to go back to school, but im afraid that my grades post high school won't let me (I was a good student in high school). its 4 am and im supposed to get an answer from the school I applied to a mere couple of hours from now... Im super anxious wish luck.

Pilot Kev

You tuber/Pewdiepie


Every single of the listed jobs require: HARD WORK, SELF-DISCIPLINE, COMMON SENSE, ORGANIZATION, MUSCLE POWER and no LONG VACATIONS....remember that! ?

Liberal Studies Materials

What are the easiest job with high-paid please?

Jack Lan

I have the GI Bill but even I don't want to go to college.

MacamTV Plus

I want to become a full time Youtuber

Musical Anime

I want one that’s fun but not hard

Joshua Ryan


Mo Mag

50 % of these jobs mentioned need some type of qualification or degree so this title is misleading.

Josefina Agnes

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Sina Ngag

what about introverts??


This proves that the public school system is useless! LOL:D

Desmond Martin

What about a bank robber?

The Lady Olenna Tyrell

Just exactly how many red bulls did you prior to creating this video? Yada, yada, yada, yada...wow!

Liberal Studies Materials

What are the ways to eradicate relative poverty please?

G June36

10) Homer Simpsons

Mark Banuelos

#1 Onlyfans account


Hi, I am 13 years old and in the future I want to start my own business. I don't want a regular 9-5 and be stuck making $8 an hour.

Rodrigo Santellano

I just want a dodge demon

Jenny maria Mendonca

Jobs that has to do with streaming

whoa- there1995

#1 is dumb AF being a Entrepreneur is a lifestyle not a career/job & there is also no salary cap.

cute trash

i don’t need a college degree to be a chicken nugget

Monday through friday jobs that pay well

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David Muise

Another awesome video well done always a pleasure and a big merry Christmas to you and yours and a very happy new year love you all


Hi?. Is Cowboy destined for the dinner table someday or being a breeding bull??
Nice looking calf.
Merry Christmas to y'all.

Kim !


Nathan Sparrow

Did you re home your tractor buddy kitty ?

flyover news

Im afraid you’re gonna wear that road out between your house and the cow pasture.... :)

D Dillon

Cowboy ?❤❤❤

Joseph Sep

Love the new baby hes so frisky , I was expecting to see a “Hankdeer” l

Kim !

LOL...Hank is a bug