The london look meme

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Get the London look tiktok compilation ???

8 510 views | 3 May. 2020


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Jennifer Savell


Gibson Family

We all get gaps but we should love how we are ?????

Esther Ong

I have the london look gap in real life


I have the London look but not permanent bottom teeth

Adore Delano’s dirty tights :D

I have the London look. And I love it because I can squirt drinks out of my mouth and I can do a lot with it. But this trend is just kinda rude.

M̲ X̲ I̲ L̲ K̲ Y̲ T̲ E̲ A̲

Get the man behind the slaughter look Man behind the slaughter music in the background
London look has never looked so better :)

Caleb Domain

Second ?✋

Matt Cotton

Bullying much , bunch of sheep

Rdzawe Serce

I have the London look...

And I hate it.


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Prinxess. Editsss

I have the London look

And I love it

momii blade

I hate this trned i have terth like that and laughing about it is just mean :(()

Sarah O.t

Familia diamond were in the vid

Sana Mohammed

mE LikE wHy ThE HeCK i hAvE ThE LoNdEn LooK AnD I HaTe iT

Isabel Herrera


Peppermint Latte-

Get the London look?


Honeycomb Bang

This is funny but quite rude cuz I have “the London look” but I realized that I’m just watching people put marker and eyeliner on their teeth ? lol???

Hilda Morales

I hope they use Sharpe and that it stays permanent, because they are pretty much making fun of people with gaps ,I don't have one yet I feel I bit offended ( AND NO I AM NOT A FRICKING KAREN )

The london look meme

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Get the London Look TikTok Compilation

72 763 views | 1 May. 2020



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#tiktok #tiktokUS #tiktokUK


I have the London look

Honeycomb Bang

Ok idk If it’s just me but that’s kind of rude like wth


London look Tik tokers: be putting marker and eyeliner on their teeth ? lol wonder ur gonna get out of that one ????


I had it for a while but its gone now

Maricruz Ceniceros

Why did I watch this whole thing?

unknown user

Most of this video is ads

rabid gurly

i dont need a marker


I thought they separate their front teeth but wow they just use some edible marker to draw a line.

c r y b a b y

Those gaps are too small colour your two front teeth

xxcami lovexx

Bro I have gaps between my teeth and I feel so self conscious


Yo why the boy with the red hair tong move like that!?

《Auntie Sardonyx》

Bro this makes me feel depressed about my teeth this is not a Joke.
This people is just ignorant.

Emily Sanseverino

This is more of get the madonna look

Kaden Morton

When I saw this commercial for the first time as a kid I felt beautiful like a model. During school I got called names like “buck toothed beaver”. Then this commercial was a joke as soon as it came out. And I felt way worse, even worse that for a second I liked my gap. But then Tyra banks has her models get a gap sawed into their teeth so ?‍♂️

Ikram ikram

I've got it naturally, i like it , you should guys love the way you are, no need to change yourself to pleasure other's opinion

alice kijala

I have the gap between my teeth

Sophie Films


Maevy Rinehart

Get the London look was sponsored by gap


Wow this is extremely rude to me and everyone else with gapped teeth it isn't funny or cute stop

I need a bad bleep Uhhh addison rae

The fact that they are making fun of people that have gap teeth is not ok y’all this is not funny and all the drama that is happening I’m 2020 is insane like no joke

Adore Delano’s dirty tights :D

I have the London look lol

Val Nat

I have a london look

blanche devereaux

0:29 its the ariana shirt for me

Mason Chapman

i all ready have it hun

Nevaeh Bassett

2:08 this one thooo

Corey Torres

The London look is stupid

Harley Hershey

I was born with the London look and some of us cant afford braces so keep putting bat shit on your teeth ??

Alisa Sublette

did anyone notice that they were not moving the mouth just there tung




I actually find this offending. Lmao.

Lainey Mathews

I actually have the london look!!!! I havn't got braces yet

moon tears

The gap between the teeth become sign of beauty ????so funny???


whats the point of this

The pro musiker

I see everbody in the commnets and im happy i dont have the " LoNdOn loOk"

Chontel M

I got the London look


I already look like a London girl because I have a gap between my teeth

The Yandere Kid

I already have the London Look ???

XxToxicBrixX Tb

Is anybody going to talk about how they are putting EYELINER on their teeth or?-

Lauren the clown

?ℍ?? ?? ℂℝ?ℤ? ? ??? ?ℍ? ??ℕ??ℕ ???? ???ℍ ??? ?ℍ? ???ℂ?ℝ??!?!

Riya Sparkles

I already have the lindon look T-T

Drinking expired milk at 3 am

2:08 literally sid from ice age

Candy Best

I have London look


Actually I like my London look

Nobody Gacha2

I already have a gap and I am not from London but from Morroco (Arab,please don't hate me for being Muslim/Arab because it hurts when we don't do a single bad thing.. Please don't send any bad comments..)

Emma Peters

what is even funnier is when people do it with straight faces (:

Mrs. Sakamaki

I kinda have a gap between my two front teeth so I have the London look ?

Tae bunny bunny

I'm lucky cause i already have the London Look without having to paint my teeth??

Wee Blade

1:45 the sassy shake tho lol

Treesha Dough


Jupiter’s Hangout

Omg so rude!

Also I have the London look?

S A M M Y :P

Not what I searched for and I find it kinda offensive because I naturally have “the London look”

Just Ashton

This is so gross and eww

Ellie Mitchell

lol i have the london look

Kendall Marie

This is very rude and stereotypical. You were wrong to upload this. One, for cultural appropriation, and two, for encouraging people to put the dangerous chemicals of ink, paint, etc. in their mouths. This is encouraging others the poison themselves. This video should be taken down immediately.

*• Im Aqsa •*

I have the london look

isabella b

I find the trend funny, but in reality her gap isn't that big lmao

c r y b a b y

? I was born with the London look ÙwÚ

Kiara Johnson

i used to lol but it closes

Emma Oakes

Whats the other tiktok song ppl do with this tooth gap??


I have that

dark knight

I have london look ?️??️?️??️

Ranzee k

Is it me.. or they all actually look good after tooth-gap... there's something sexy about london look ?

Xochil Araiza

1:48 oh no sharpie ?

JJ Rodriguez

i whached the commercial

Life with me Abby

These Tiktoks are sooooo boring . Like why do your thoughts u wanna sit through this whole video . Tiktok should get BANNED

Zainab Imad

that so called “gap” between your teeth is bigger then your future, making fun of people, ignorant and selfish.

c r y b a b y

Her:*notices she has the London look*
Her mind:shit I embarrassed myself
Me:u dumb baboon u have the London look

Dead._. Walk

I have a gap between my teeth am I a London girl

Zainab Imad

People: Why are models so perfect, all people have flaws

Also people: Making fun of people with flaws who are just trying to embrace their natural self
Not my comment, recommented cause I thought it was a nice comment and needed to be said AGAIN

Charlie The Simp

I want the London look, I have crowding

{ iipxstella }

I already have the london look :/

* . ʚ Pastel Cherry ßlossom ɞ . *

The people that use sharpie-

Shoyo Hinata

0:45 cleo is very famous Polish singer

Loredan Bădica

I tried

Çætāńö Šâńtöß

too bad i already have the london look


2:44 Kate Moss ?

Mr Mushroom

I like the part where they say "gEt tHe lOndOn lOoK

Linda fille dela promesse

Everyone is doing it wtf?????????????????????

Donnita Williams

You need to stop using your mom's eyeliner and your sharpies from school to make a gap In your teeth

Thandolwethu Nawe

The is MAD disrespectful, for a black hun who has a gap I feel disrespected and lowkey feels like you making fun of people w gaps

Mike drawing

0:47 WTF why cleo

Bianca Paulo da Silveira

All of you: omg, why all the models have to be so perfect? Real people have flaws
Also you: see a model with a flaw and make fun of her


Cleo !Polish women ! ? cleo tu jest( Cleo is here)

čłøůđý wřīxłė


Bratz Lip Logical

Barbie shirt 1:39

Sophia Soy

I actually have the London look this is making me feel insecure.But, if you want to do this it’s fine

Althea sotto

Bruhhh daniel seavey be like
✌??? ?

Couples Channel

OMGzzzzzzzzzz ?


4th because everyone is doing it

fenrir nie sraj

Jezu cleo

Brianna Watkins

some of these people look hella cute with the london look thoo??? ????

Queen Bree

Why do they call teeth gap as 'the London look'?


I was born with the London look

Zane M

Teeth were sponsored by gap

Camry Wood

What wrong with gap teeth no body ask for it

Charlie Jamie

I actually have the London look and that’s why I don’t smile in pictures. I have no smile confidence at all ?

The Yandere Kid

This is so trendy

Sammy Dunne.

This is just generally offence like smh

DEvilz Lil HearT

Rip I already have the London look but worse-

Nazrana Bibi

2:05 he is Billie eilish ? next upcoming get the London look boyfriend ????


2:36 she got a big forehead

The london look meme

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Chaotic parish council zoom meeting goes viral

1 543 769 views | 5 Feb. 2021

A town council meeting

A town council meeting which descended into chaos - with councillors trading insults and ultimately getting booted off the Zoom call has become an internet sensation and a metaphor for the UK’s woes under lockdown.

Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► http://bit.ly/guardianwiressub

Insults and expletives turn parish council Zoom meeting into internet sensation ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/feb/05/handforth-insults-and-expletives-turn-parish-council-meeting-into-internet-sensation

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Kayla Morrow

That old dude laughing is such a mood. I'm crying actual tears from laughing so hard at this

Josh Smith

When Karen’s enter a zoom call

Holy freakin' Shit Ballz!

Now this is Internet GOLD

Equality for All Races

This is like Nigel Farage telling the EU.....they they dont have any authority over England...but EU cant kick Nigel out....

Neo Anderson

I take charge


Can we confirm; is there or isn’t there parking on the upper field?


Jackie Weaver would make for such a great discord mod

Sailing followtheboat

Little Britain

Adam Edoo

Wow, this only up the road from me! Lol!!!!


Feel like only British people can understand what’s going on

Santiago Swain

Just shows that people arguing can be found everywhere

graeme Orr

You cut that down to look a certain way ,trying just telling the news instead of only the bits you agree with

lila Mayoral

Gotta love old people

Ruth Gibbons

That dramatic entrance from roger small ?

Joe Friedman

And we thought that parish council meetings at the sitcom “the vicar of Dibley” were just a farce. This is sadly how Brexit was negotiated. Same level of arrogance and incompetence.


Covid has a lot more to answer for Zoom ?

Just a Zebra that does minecraft totorials

i wAs tHrOwN oUt tHe MeEtINg!


Aled turning into Gollum still makes me laugh every time. His blood pressure must be twice as high as normal!

Mikey McKinnon

Was waiting on Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin to join. Disappointed.

Alan Bathurst

bunch of amateurs.... who votes for these people?

huttio srreu

Britney Spears aka Jackie Weaver when she kicks someone out: "Oops, I did it again"

John Miscellaneous

This simply a psy-op to soften you all to the fact that orders will be made against an election in the future whereas a falsely "moralising" authority will self-declare itself out of this whole coronavirus mess.


John smith - what a tool

Ur T0aster

typical Discord voice chat....


What a lot of silly old fools......and to think I live down the road from this lot......

Katie Rose

You just KNOW if this was all in an actual room they’d refuse to leave.


1:57 All of us when we read about this council squabble news

Guardian News

Insults and expletives turn parish council Zoom meeting into internet sensation ► https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/feb/05/handforth-insults-and-expletives-turn-parish-council-meeting-into-internet-sensation


This is now typical of the nasty small minded nation we have become. Nasty bullies. We admire the women and the man in this video who tried to remain civilised in the face of it.


This is hysterical. "You have no authority whatsoever!" person with no authority deletes him


I have no idea what is going on here.

Charming nowhere to hide

Do they ever get anything done. Non stop fighting. All council meetings should be streamed live. Forget Netflix.


I just heard 13 year olds having the same argument on discord.


"Jackie Weaver has no authority here.'
"No no no no no no no no no. Yes she does."

soinu foig

‘You have no power here, Jackie the grey’! promptly finds out she’s Jackie the white ?

Jack Fitzsimons

Roger Small was supposed to enter the "master of entrances" meet


Love how this has happened before 'shes kicked me out before' anyone got the previous zoom call?

Victory Mansions

Is nobody talking about there was a bloke actually called 'John Smith'?

wigglynoodles rombus

Run you fools!

Anthony Read

There can be only one!!

Keele Davis

Read the standing orders... READ EM AND UNDERSTAND EM!!!!!!

L Vowles

I think this bunch need to lay off The Daily Mail for a while and go outside their bungalows to sit in their Honda Jazz to cool off. Bell-ends.


I will take the ring to Mordor! I take charge!

Jonathan Lynch

Commisar Jackie Weaver

Conciderable Creativity


Blair Murray

Boomers gone wild!


Is this a parody?

Major Tom

Why does my local parish do this? lol

bofooit gojo

Britney Spears aka Jackie Weaver when she kicks someone out: "Oops, I did it again"

Archangel Tyrael

Jackie Weaver is so annoying.

Master Yoda

Isn't this private? Why is the media allowed to show this?


This is pretty pogchamp

slender man

Weaver for PM

Archie Peffers

So much happens in the space of three minutes


Jackie Weaver has meme potential

squire haggard

....and now we now why the British colonized a quarter of the globe: they were all trying to get as far away from one another as possible.


John is the underrated character in this mess


...Their combined age is 723!


In a way she is in the wrong


No wonder uk councils are doing so well

David Scott

I am 90% sure one of these people is being played by Mark Gatiss.


im sooooo confused hahahaha

Andy Ceaser

Look at me, I'm the captain now ?

noodle dick mcginty

Jackie weaver is carol baskin

Andy Wright

Read the standing orders!!

james F

0:11 F bomb

union jack

Is this Saltfleet in Lincolnshire?

Buck Tarbrush

0:10 Is that what I think he said?!!!!!!!!


the gasp at 1:27 kills me ?

Ninja Dog

wait what exactly happened


Jackie got the golden hammer on MSN chat and the power went to her head

username_Sn1ped ➊

Gets kicked out

Daeva Path

They look like they are deciding the entire fate of an intergalactic race.


'wheres the chairman? Hes been kickd out' lol

Lara Young

The guy on the left in the “Aled” video has such a nasty attitude.


The parish council clerk is correct. The chairman is absolutely arrogant


Jackie Weaver the absolute rebel

Joshua Castillo

“You have no authority here Jackie Weaver” in adorable Mickey Mouse voice

It’s just me Megan

I’m watching this because my drama teacher wrote a the lines down so we can act it out and I was the chairman

Yani Stancheva

This is like something taken out of Fawlty Towers.

hardy 1989

We all think we'll get in to heaven, until we see jackie weaver on the gate.

Dark Woods

Town councils are places OAP's go once they have nothing else to do with what's left of their lives and need to feel important. It's either this or they start doing community speed watches to do the police dirty work. All the while making life difficult for people who are actually going to work and doing useful things.


the council deciding your fate like


who tf was filming thus

Jackson Norris

Brian Tolver: You underestimate my power!
Jackie Weaver: Don’t try it...

Trust Moe

She actually abused her power though

Tom Niborson

Where can we sign a petition to make this into a mockumentary sitcom?

Kakyoin Donuts TM

this is like a discord mod

Alasdair McColl

Jackie Weaver the Lifeboat in a Sea of Insanity ?

Simon Ross

Would love to watch the sequel


Jackie Weaver-“I am the senate”

Kiraz Gülen


Simon Collis

Aren't these meetings confidential. Zoom just isn't safe or encrypted enough. Windows teams people.


as a non brit. can someone pls explain what the fight was about? the old man just called himself the boss or was he voted earlier? ?

Tim King

Jackie Weaver is my hero


The town I live in is run by youngsters like this.

ZiggyLu 2022

Everyone knows that frustration of a large narcissistic woman wanting power and control and dominance so I don’t blame the people for getting upset. Narcissists can seem subtle towards their targets and others may not see it. All people see are the reactions of those they frustrate and in error the bi-standard sticks up for the narcissist.

Npc I'm knot

The people destroying the world and critizes the young

Charlotte Dardenne

.......I dont know what to say about this..

Kino Music

.....and the environs.