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NEW 2020 Airforce Airguns TalonP Sound Loc Kit

8 812 views | 11 Jun. 2020

NEW 2020 Airforce Airguns

NEW 2020 Airforce Airguns TalonP Sound Loc Kit


The next evolution of one of our most popular air rifles! The TalonP Carbine in .25 packs a whole lot of punch as well as innovative features into a very small package. Every TalonP Carbine includes a buttstock as well as a newly designed modular moderator system that was derived from the same moderator used on AirForces popular LSS model big bore air rifles. In testing, this moderator system has proven to be extremely effective at mitigating the sound of the powerful TalonP air gun. Being that this is the first AirForce small-bore to feature a removable moderator, the TalonP Carbine provides the shooter with a powerful, quiet, and lightweight hunting air rifle that can easily be broken down to fit into a pack or day bag so shooters can take it anywhere.

Sound-Loc Kit:


TalonP Spec's Rundown Video Link:


To get daily updates on the Wingman115 Channel follow along on my social media pages.

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#soundlockit #airforceairgunstalonp #airforceairguns

Eric Hargarten Sr.

Thanks for the review, always looking forward to the videos.


I just got a .25 condor need help finding a regulator ???

Bigtexas 8131

Whats the biggest critter you would feel comfortable taking with this can it take care of a coyote at 25 yards


I just re subbed to you channel. Nice content really like the air gun content.


Nice review. Glad I found the Channel when Bryan from Survival on Purpose did a review of one of your knives

Yamaha Rider

The moderator and the compact size/weight make it an excellent hunter. Airgun Depot has a nice bundle with a red dot, and 4500psi carbon buddy bottle. Could hunt all weekend with it. After viewing the shot string velocities, I'd air it to 2700psi,and take 8shots. Hand pumping would be doable as the tank is small. Nice review! ??

Chumlise Sangtam

Wat s da price... Indian rupee


How does this moderator compare to the DonnyFL Ronin from your other review? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndNdMsVf63s&list=UL-NPh9iYQ2s0&index=616&ab_channel=Wingman115


That's the UK spec gunpower stealth but our tank/stock is twice as big and has a power adjuster. Had mine over ten years now it's an awesome gun.

Nick Meinert

Great a video we need to get out and do some ground squirrel hunting with airguns


Good video but I’m to lazy to be putting the bullets every single shot!

Loc stock

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Line Output Converters - What Are They - How Do You Install One?

455 212 views | 22 Jul. 2017

We are finally going to

We are finally going to take you through Line Output Converters (LOC). Learn what they are, what they do, whether or not you need one and how to install and wire them!


0:15 What is a Line Output Converter

0:58 LOC Wiring Diagram

2:00 How Do Line Output Converters Work?

2:30 Do You Need a Line Output Converter

3:25 Why Choose an External LOC over an Internal LOC?

4:30 What Wires Do You Tap? Full Range Output Explained

5:40 Potential Pitfalls With Multi-Channel Factory Systems

6:30 How Do You Wire A Line Output Converter

7:48 Installation of Line Output Converter in James' Car

9:00 Why Does The LP7-2 Have More Than Just Speaker Wire Inputs?

Common LOC's

PAC LP7-2 - 2-Channel High Power Line Output Converter


PAC LP5-4 - 4-Channel High Power Line Output Converter


View More! http://www.qualitymobilevideo.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=0&limit=45&q=line+output+converter?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=Line-Output-Converters

Visit www.QualityMobileVideo.com for all of your car audio and video needs!

Music by Wake The Wild: www.WakeTheWild.com

Instagram: @qualitymobilevideo

Twitter: @qualitymobilevi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qualitymobilevideocom-292229920826823

Abhilash Rastogi

I want to install a 4ch amp and a Mono amp to a factory head unit. Could you please help me on how to install the LOCs for the same..

Keith Hathorn

Do you only need to use 1 speaker when tapping in to them? Or do you need to use 2 speakers? I have mine set up running off of my right front door speaker. But it’s seems that I am only getting single, or power, or very week response out of one of my subwoofers. Thanks in advance for any help!

Owen McColl

Holy f*ck. I just want ideas on where to run the power from

Kapitain Downing

This helped a lot! I got a used 2016 buick regal pre wired for a amp and sub and got lost when I saw the loc. I thought I was doing something wrong.

Ralph Murray

(full range out-put) (my problem 4:50 video) just solved weeks of frustration and pain. I am thank full to you for this video. Be blessed and thanks again

Pedro Rubio

Can I connect this LOC to a factory subwoofer so that I can get signal to an aftermarket subwoofer ?


Please need help ? What if you have stock sub do I tap into the wires from sub I have factory Mark Levinson system all I'm looking for little bumb by the way its a lexus ls460 if that helps


Best LOC video I've found, extremely informative. Only one question remains for me: Is there a limit to the length of wire ran on either side of the LOC? Should the speaker level side be short and very close to the head unit, or should the low level side be short with the LOC closer to the amplifier? Is there a medium, or is it not important? I see how yours are setup and I'll mirror that for now. Thank you very much.

Dave Mackinder

Is it possible to add a sub box and amp to the mercedes mbux system on the w177 a class. ???
Help plz

Lucas Mwaura

Greetings from Nairobi Kenya.i have a sony dz 350 home theater.i want to buy this so that I can connect to the front left and right speakers of my home theater for more car amplifier bass.will it work please

Imran Usmani


Pedro Rubio

Thanks man , I have a question. I tapped in to my factory subwoofer but my PAC LP7-2 won’t play a beat. I’m guessing it doesn’t pick up those frequencies right? Should I upgrade to a LC2-I

Young Chubby

I thought this shop was trying to get more money out of me but i see I actually need it for my factory radio . Appreciate you clearing it up


Do you recommende LP7-2 over LP7-4? My question is if I want to keep the balance of my stock stereo with an Amp but with additional Amp to a Subwoofer.

steve s

how you set the gain??


ok so i need to run a sub can i just tap on to my exciting 6x9's with this and then run to the sub amp.?
will it changes any thing or take away from the 6x9's i'm running now?


I'm looking for a wire harness for a 2012 Infiniti QX56. I'm trying to run the RCA from the front of the truck. It's to add the complete system, crossover, amps for mid/high and a bass amp. I have search all over for the wire harness and can't find one. Any ideas on where I can find this in Florida?

Eternal rewind2

I had mine working for years but the cables came undone on the amp and I forgot how I put them before.. so I put the yellow constant wire into the power wire running to the amp a d the black into the ground. It worked again but now my battery is getting drained??? Why? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong

David Joshua Malantic

When you install an LOC, will you still able to control the volume from the stock speaker volume control? Or you can only control it on the Amps directly?

Christopher Smith

Does anybody make a video for people who need videos? Everybody skips the only part of the instruction I actually need.


can't hear anything because of the loud background music...

Dennis Aertsen

I have the speaker wires in my Amp but do i need to run 2 cables for left and right ?
It is just connected with thé left rear speaker, do i also have to connect it with the right speaker ?

Imran Usmani

Car music

Rafael Casero

U have several questions and cannot find a utube that is specific to it...

1 - Do I have to use the Power Yellow and the Remote Blue cable if my Amp already has it ? Meaning all I will need to connect is the Speaker wire.
2 - I have the PAC LP7-4 L.O.C. PRO Series 4-Channel device, I'm only going to tap in the rear speakers, so I will use 2 channel on the PAC, can I just twist the other two channels together ? Meaning I will use the White and Gray for the 2 channels, can I just twist the Green to the White and the Purple to the Gray for all 4 channels and then go all 4 channels to my amp RCA ?
3 - The the Gain on the PAC will only have the adjustment on one side which is the Right and Left Rear Or Front ? or would I need to adjust both Gains to the same ?


Why is this dude saying " line out bconverter"

Donald Duarte

I hace a 07 bmw 650i i just installed a sub a amp wit pac audio lp-7 2 and i dont get no sound from sub just popin front speakers do u know what i could of done wrong i tap into subs underseats


You forgot the adjustment knob


Can i just go off the passenger rear speaker on my 14 dodge ram. Used the loc2. Just not sure if im not getting full range by not going on driver side as well

Dewayne Jay

Sir what can I do to increase my radio volume level after having a aftermarket system installed in my 06 Audi A6

Fredy Pineda

Why do some loc units have a ground cable?

sami vähäniitty

Can i get the +12 from the car radio power line?

Shane Rivet

Can you still use the PAC LP7-2 if you are tapping stock amplified 2ohm leads? replacing the 2ohm full range speakers with the LP7-2? Will this great an issue with the existing untouched existing 8 speakers.?

Peter Robledo

I just bought a alpine pdx-v9 5 channel
Will the 4 channel Pac model work ?

Matt Peplinski

I have a 2011 murano with the factory bose amp and sub. Can I tap into the amp to hook up the loc? All I'm looking to do is add another amp and 12 inch sub. I would run separate power from the battery. Looking for some ideas thanks


So you hooked up both rear speakers to the LOC?? I had mine installed "Profesionally" and they only hooked up the 1 side should I redo it to have both for better sound and quality? I have aftermarket rear speakers as well and a amp and sub, amp is only for the sub. TIA

Samantha Smith

excelente muy interesante ese dispositivo me necanta ese video, esta muy bien explicado, le sugiero colocar un fondo musical mas bajo..para oir mejor,


You are the best man, thank you. I have learnt a lot.

Waik ryder

I've watched vids where they cut the wire right next to the factory stereo and then others that did your way. Can I connect the LOC directly from each speaker rather than cutting the factory harness? And do I have to connect all the speakers to the LOC?

Kevin david

How do you adjust the LOC?

Greg Barber

Im having a boooom if i cut off my radio do i need to ground the 2 brown wires on my PAC SNI-35 ADJUSTABLE 2 CHANNEL LINE OUT CONVERTER SPEAKER WIRE HI LOW RCA SNI35 ?

Cesar Hernandez

Why I don't get signal?

Mohammed Belal

I have a request. Can you make a vedio for a 2000 Lexus ES300 model. I really want to upgrade all my speaker systems. But I want to keep my stock radio cassette player. It would be a great help for me as I am very much interested and like your work. It's so neat. Please make a vedio on this vehicle model.


Alguien me puede explicar la parte donde conecto la corriente y la tierra y remoto del convertidor

Unboxing Bastard

Hey guys, I have a 2016 Impala and I have a Axxess MLO720 I have the wires and the LOC install by a local stero installer and I went to adjust the balance and I only have bass on the right side! I took a look and it appears that I have 1 wire positive and negitive from the factory touchscreen unit. It is then spiced for both side on the LOC? Weird Im not sure if there could be on wire or the audio installer was lazy and hooked up one side. Any ideas?


Hey question. I recently installed a line out converter but i can only use 1 rca plug if i plug in the second rca my subs wont work. I installed on a 2014 chevrolet impala without bose the the wiring for the two rear door speakers


What do You recommend for 2016 Mazda 3 hatchback I wanna power all speakers and subs from the amps? And how would I go about wringing it up ? Do I run all
Speaker wires to the back or can I use some type of splitter from the stock deck so I don’t have to run wire the internal speakers? I was looking at a lc7i but confused on how to wire it up to the speakers so the amp powers them.


Does it matter what size speaker wire is used to tap into the speakers from the line output converter?

Chill Phil

Does an amp for subs needs to by wired up with both speakers?


You are the real MVP for this video I tapped my Bose base speaker and all I get it base in my mids I'm gonna try the lci2

Marcelo Velarde

But my amp has high input speakers, so this is useless with my amp isn’t? Is A kac7252 kenwood.

Rajbir Singh

Which line output converter is good for 2000 watts amplifier?

Austine J

Cool video, my head unit have 2 rca, but I need 4 rca to connect to 4 channel amplifier. What do I do?

Cyril Schoenacker

What should I do if I want to add 2 amps to my head unit ?
My car doesn't have a stock sub, so I can't use audio control LC6 or LC7.

Can I use a 4 channel LOC or 2 2 channels LOC to power 2 different amps ? 2 2 channels are better to adjust voltage right ?

Vaping Fanatic

So this skips the need for a remote wire???

Neelchand Sewpersad

You not a car audio installer seriously??? There are factory headunits that have RCA inputs!!!! You need a LOC in your head lol, I'm an accountant by profession but I can definitely wipe the floor with you in any kind of install... Your work is messy and you often paint yourself in corners... Note Tessa tape doesn't make you a goof installer, it makes wires sticky lol, in your head it's used to make wires look factory.... My ford is a 92 model and has a factory amp the is definitely not hi end... Uhhhh it's there to PROTECT the wire and add another layer to add life to the wire!!! I dare you to accept my challenge!!!

Akhil Saini

Please answer my dumb question?
I was using RF-HLC4 LOC and the front left speaker was cutting in and out sometimes on low volume. Then i replaces the loc with PAC LP3-2 prod and the sound is too low.
Gain settings in the amplifier is same but the sound is very low. Can the volume level be different by using different LOC?
I am using sd400/4v2 amplifies.


awesome overview!

Brandon Bustillos

This helped more than any other video out there. Dope


Thanks for the video. Very informative. I have a 2013 Cadillac XTS, in which I'm trying to hook up two 12 inch subs to the Cadillac's CUE infotainment factory head unit.

Ali-Sleiman CHEHADE

What I’m looking for is the opposite! ?‍♂️ i have RCA out pout from my kenwood (3 pairs) and I want to connect them to my speakers without an amp! There will be just 1 mono amp for the subwoofer so I want to connect the front and rear speakers to the head unit with an RCA so I can enable the X’ over from my Kenwood Excelon DDX9906XR! Please advise ?

Rishit Khakhar

i had a doubt wiring a powered sub in a jvc 2 din head uNit.. Should i use the RCA cables for signal / sound or is the high to low audio converter a better option. my stereo supports RCA output. but the installiation fellow told me that using speaker wires through a high to low audio converter will give better results. Pls guide me..


I have the opposite problem. I have an aftermarket head unit with RCAs out and I would like to use a stock stereo I have sitting around because it fits the area. How do I do that?

Christian Delgado

I have a six speaker system, two tweeters in dash on 2015 Volkswagen Passat, do I need the fancy Lin out due to tweeters possibly being high level? Where do I go about finding this out?

Real N

I have subs installed to my stock radio but now I have a aftermarket head unit was wondering how I use a universal bass knob without having any rcas going to the head unit since I still have my line output converter

Michael Ellis

So I know attach the remote wire from the LOC to the amp. What about the remote wire from the dash?

Skye Fuego

Can I use it to bypass a factory subwoofer

Tony Pacheco

I bought the lc5-2 since it doesn't have a remote does that mean I need to run the remote to a power source so it turns on


I have had bad experiences with line converters. I get the alternator whine..I tried grounding at a common point and using power line filters but to no avail.
i am using a Massive 7 eq the takes high level input but through RCA jacks. I am afraid to take the high level speaker leads from the head unit and use them with the RCA input jacks for fear of grounding the head unit speaker outputs. Has anyone tried this before?

El Negrito Panameño

Great video, if I were wiring my LOC behind the radio where would I get my power from?(yellow cable)


If my aftermarket radio has a front rca output and a rear/SW output, would it be a good idea to use Y rca cables to split the signal so I can connect both the sub amp and the front and rear amp? Or should I convert the high level outputs to Low level RCA and use that as my outputs

skrotkalle skrotkalle

very poor quality speakers in the back of the car! Are you the ones who put in those speakers? Or are the factory speakers that came with the car?

good speakers have 1 inch soft dome treble with the option of treble filter on treble!

Michael S. Oh

Can a line output converter like audio control with all the adjustments and 10 V out sound better than a good aftermarket head unit?

Rob Monty248

So, ive never had to use these before. Possible newbie question. My deck can run 4 speakers, no RCA outs. Can we jumper signals from the deck to the amp and also keep those same lines hooked to the speakers so that the signal goes into the amp, the amp can then power 4 more speakers? As I want to add two 6x9 and a dual speaker box, but still power the stock speakers from the deck. Make any sense? So i do not want to run the radios speaker wires to the amp, leaving those stock speakers to be then powered only by the new amp install. Is this ok, or not really good? I have option to replace the deck, but its a scion dvd stock radio which is nice and it runs two screens in the rear, having issues finding a deck that will work with the rear dvd's and not turn off when the car is out of park. Thanks for the help [email protected]!

S Maz

What is the advantages of a loc with 12 v power input over the one without any power input?


It's too confusing


Hey guys I need help badly this has been driving me crazy... I installed a LOC in order to use my factory radio with my subs and amp. I'm getting an issue where the amp is going into protect mode and will not run. It worked randomly and the subs sounded great but I shut the car off and tried again and it went protect again. I have perfect ground and power measuring about 13 volts at the amp terminals.. I ran the remote wire to the positive 12v on the amp temporarily just to test before wrapping everything up. As far as I know any 12v will do for the remote wire so that shouldn't cause it, constant just wont shut off. I'm lost here... help PLEASE.

This is a 2005 Ford Taurus, stock radio, LOC, Crunch 1000w amp, 2x Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 D4.


I purchased the speaker wire harness for my car but I'm not sure how to make the T harness

Shawn Streeter

Can u hook this up to a stock factory sub? In rear window

Nestor Lugo

I have a 04 Toyota with the non digital JBL system and My Metra harness has the RCA's that supposed to go into the back of the hu but the Sony aftermarket hu doesn't have pre amp outputs ! What should I do?

Reprezent Nation

Hooked up a sub and amp to my factory dodge Dakota. Not using a LOC! I just spliced into my rear speakers on the door with speaker wire and converted the ends to RCA plugins. Seems to work fine. The bass hits. But when I turn up the volume quick it cuts out and loses bass. I then have to turn down bass on the radio for the sub bass to kick on again. Why is this happening? Thanks.

Frankzero tOhero738

Are the high level inputs generally quieter than the loc

Ethan Donald '20


Agent 47

Couldn't i just wire it w my rear factory 6x9s? The battery and fuse box are already in the trunk on 07 chargers.

Pedro Rubio

Hey man great video . I have a question regarding a install I did myself on my 4Runner . I tried connecting this lp7-2 to my factory subwoofer but I’m guessing the voltage is too high for it to work . I just have it working with my amps built in high to low but the sound quality sucks and it’s very odd beat . Should I connect this behind the lp7-2 behind the stereo or should I just tap into the front kick speakers since those are always playing bass ??

John Adams

If you send a balanced signal into a PAC LP7 will the low level signal coming out be unbalanced?


I have a popping sound and static. Would this help with that issue?? I installed a aftermarket Pioneer AVX 1500. With a 4 channel amp. And a 2 Chanel amp for a 12 kicker L7S sub.


As a Formally Trained Audio Engineer and a guy who cut his teeth doing car stereos I thought that was actually a pretty good breakdown for folks that don't have an electronics background or a lot of inclination to get deep on how all this audio stuff works. I employed one of these adapters in a Bar where the Owner asked if I could run the output of his Jukebox (which only had a Left and Right External Speaker Output) into the speakers He had in the ceiling (or more correctly to the amp that powered those speakers) and it worked beautifully - also it's great because it mirrors the volume of its source relatively speaking. Not sure why this got so many thumbs down - I thought it was fairly spot on. Also for the record this doesn't replace the speakers in the circuit - it sits in parallel with the speakers (a "tap" so to speak) which keep the Ohm load correct to the amp - You'll have much more success than trying to completely use this device by itself without those speakers. - MM in Denver CO


Mono block amp? Is there an advantage to wire 2 rear speakers to the LOC or can i wire just 1 speaker output to both +and- of the LOC if just used for a Subwoofer amp?


Can i plug the blue remote wire to the amp remote screw, or i have to find and connect it to a 12v cable?

Jordan Cerace

So this might be a dumb question...but if i hook up an LOC to my rear speaker wires, to run a mono amp and 1 sub, do i still connect my rear speakers? Or do i lose them?

Anthony Frank

So, I cut the right front speaker wires from the factory unit.. now I connect the wires to the LOC and then use the other side of the speaker wires and run it to the amp?

John Law

Damn, what happened to Jim? He aged overnight, lol ?...

Dan B

So you don't need a 2-channel speaker wire adapter if you have an LC7i?


I need your help asap!! Please hollar at me!!

Randolph Cirilo

What if you had a stock amp?!

Hammo Hamm Bbyblksheep

Hey folks I have a question I just purchased A MTX terminator two 12s in 1 boxand the amp is 1200 Watts also terminator.
I have it in my 2003 Pontiac grand am.
I feel like it's not beating to it's full potential so I went back over my wiring and the h-l-i cord is not hooked up.
Am I supposed to run new wire from back of radio to the hli piece or how do I hook up that part? Please help ASAP.

Robert bennett

is there a LOC the can turn my factory radio two channel into 4 channel? or should I just get a 4 channel loc and t the wires together


i have a 2016 chrysler 300s that has beats audio all around and a beats sub in the back...could i just tap into that sub for the signal?


Does the power wire on LOC have to be connected


can you not just connect left and right input to the same speaker if only using for a sub

Loc stock

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Thinkorswim Order Types Explained - Thinkorswim Tutorial

90 983 views | 18 Oct. 2018

?Squeeze Pro Discount:

?Squeeze Pro Discount: http://bit.ly/SqueezePro

If you don't have a trading strategy check out this free training! https://www.rileycolemantrading.com/TradingRoadMap

My Website: https://www.rileycolemantrading.com/


The Intelligent Investor: http://bit.ly/IntelligentInvestorr

Swing Trading: http://bit.ly/SwingTradingJC

Successful Mindset: https://amzn.to/2TVLnPf

Charts/Trading platform I use: TOS from TDAmeritrade: https://www.tdameritrade.com/

Basic Stock Market Terminology: http://bit.ly/2Mw08Zr

Contact Me:

Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only. Trade based on what you know and understand not what someone else says.

#Stockmarket #Thinkorswim #Rileycoleman

About This Video: In this video Riley goes over how to use the basic order types in thinkorswim. Understanding how these orders is crucial when beginning to trade.

Aloha Parsons

you are one of the best teachers out there. You are not rushing to explain things. Thank you.

Devankur Mitra

What about trailing stop and stop loss?

Maxsuel Docarmo

can i buy refraction share?and how

Erin Thor

You need to explain limit orders better! I hear what you mean and it is why I misunderstood them at first!

Munkhdulguun Munkhbat

Ure the man.


what if my ORDER ENTRY field never has anything in it? like i have the Order Entry Tools open and there are working and filled orders but never does it let me edit my order type at the bottom in the order entry section. i dont have Join Bid and Join Ask in my active trader window but sometimes thoese never fill even when the stock hits those prive as they are limit orders so how do i make it so it will definitively sell the SECOND it hits the price at which i have specified. im currently trading in the sim aka paper trading but ive not been able to get the prices at which im executing my orders.


How do you sell a stock on thinkorswim with a Mac.

kennygee Kennygee

Just found Riley's channel. I really like it. He is calm, slow talking (in a good way) and very easy to follow. Excellent delivery. I just subscribed and will be watching his other video. I'm new to trading and just opened an account with Firstrade. I've not picked up any stocks yet.


7:18 This part got a little confusing with the drawing and what was being talked about.


Hi Riley so I’m new to trading and I’m still practicing w TD Ameritrade paper money. When trading there is an option to trade w a margin or ira. Can you explain what that means?? Thanks !

Amrit Singh

Why I don’t see anything in my order entry?

Ziggy Lewis

You make everything so simple and with live example I wish I had found your channel months ago thanks again

Gary Hancock

I was trying to have my think or swim open and follow this chart along with the video with a stock I picked. I am now in TD Ameritrade and Think or Swim. How about letting us know about the use of the charts there or do we have to ask TD Ameritrade.


On think or swim, would you happen to know why my limit order get filled at the lower price versus the actual price or better? Which is my understanding on how its supposed to work, I've been struggling with this and its be driving me crazy.

Eric G

Can u have a limit order and a stop order active at the same time?

Mauro Altamira

Riley, excellent video the way you explained order types are very helpful. Thanks for your tutorial.


I am new at thinkorswim bought 2 stocks yesterday and one today went to check my stocks and the two I bought yesterday are gone. Can't find them anywhere. Can only find trade history for today. Help

Jerry Dinzes

Loving your videos. Top-notch stuff. Thanks for making these!

Kevin Foley

1.25 speed

Patrick Lamb

Thank you! I'm new to the platform very helpful!

Kane Davis

Thank you === I've been looking for a simple clear explanation for this using TOS.

Eddie Mack

how did you set up the trading area at the bottom of your chart screen at the very beginning of your video?


So with quantity how do you see how much quantity you can purchase if it doesn’t show you how much money your putting in? Let’s say I buy 200 quantity at whatever price the stock is at and I submit my order BUT it doesn’t work because I didn’t have enough money for 200 quantity? Makes sense?


Do i need to open the tab order entry tools to always place orders or i can do everything with the active trader tab?

fdsafdsa fdsafdsafdsa

this should be 3 minutes mcfly

Maple the Goldendoodle

Can you tell me what “MOC” means and can anyone use this...meaning do you need margin?


i am having trouble distinguishing between stop and limit orders. could you explain it little bit further for me please

Robert M.

If you place an order at 100 with a sell stop order of 99 and the order gets executed and now the sell stop order is out there. If the stock rises to 105 and you want to sell, do you modify the sell stop order or can you place a second sell order. thanks


Hi Riley, thanks for the great videos. I am having one issue in simulated trading. For example, if a stock is trading at 100 and I want to buy it when it hits 110, i enter a stop limit order for +110. When I do that another under line it appears with -110 and a STP price with the same price or lower. What is that line for? Does it automatically set stop loss?

TreeHugger Joe

WTF ! Control the volume of your intro, it freaking deafening. I would give 5 thumbs down if I could just for that.

Asadullah Malik

You are a great teacher, with exceptional talent. I mean it from core of my heart.


Riley, recently I came across your channel. How fortunate as I am in need of TOS skills and trading techniques/strategies. Ask and you shall receive! I shall keep watching and taking notes as you have a trove of skills/knowledge. Also, you are a most likeable teacher. And, your methodology builds a strong learning foundation that your students can build upon.


I like how you talk to us slow as if we are dumb. Probably the only way I actually learn lol Thank You!

Mohamad Osama

Thank you for the beautiful video

Stephen McNeese

Good morning, Riley. I have thought of another potential topic. How do you like to determine your stop loss value and how do your enter your stop loss order in TOS when you are trading options? Thanks, Steve.


What is the difference between STD and MARK for stop orders?


So theres Buy AND sell limit orders, right?

Alan Goldberg

How can I enter a stop market GTC order? Thanks


this was a great video riley but how does this all apply to after hours trading? i use TOS on my iphone so if i make a order and change it too GTC_EXT, no matter which order i put through/request, will it be accepted? or does my TOS account have to be approved for post trading hours?

Apostle Marvin Omede

Hey Riley..you are a MASTER in this thinkorswim platform. Pls I just came on board. Your videos are a plus. I will keep you posted. I just started training today. Best Regards @Marvin

Derek Borel

Great video! On the TOS app or desktop platform, can you put in both a buy order to say buy at market on opening for a specific stock (tif=day), and a trailstop loss order to sell the same stock at say -0.50 before the market opens? Meaning that when the market opens the stock will be purchased at market, and then if it drops -0.50 from where it was purchased it would then be sold. If so, how do you do this, must it be done with two separate orders, both a buy and a sell?

Culture Channel

Great info, thank you!

Elissa Jones

Also, is there a way to place a market order and also have a stop attached to it? TIA

robin vermillion

it still doent make any sense.

Cheetah PSG

WELL done. I've had difficulty with the stop order types on thinkorswim. . . Most videos are not as clear and concise or do not show it in real time. I get errors when I try to use a STOP order to BUY a BELOW the market price at when I place the order and at a price that is ABOVE the market price when I place the order. Am I correct in assuming this? For example if I try to buy a stock that is listed at 10.00 and want to set a stop for 9.00 and maybe a limit for 8.50 it will not let me. HOWEVER if I want to BUY the same 10.00 stock at 11.00 I can set it for any price ABOVE the current market price I choose and set the LIMIT on it ABOVE the STOP (Activation price) I want or any place below it I want that is NOT BELOW the current market price. Similarly, am I to understand that a trailing stop is just a SELL market order moves with the market and then gets activated at the STOP price, but not EXECUTED until the STOP dips BELOW the current market price by a certain percentage or dollar amount. Don't know if you could use a STOP % or STOP $ to buy below the current market value like say that same 10.00 stock I want to buy at 8.50 with a stop at 9.00 or sell that same 10 dollar stock at 11.00 with by using a stop of 15.50 with a limit of 12.00 . . . I think too much. Have to try on my penny stocks to see how this works.

Gerardo Resendez Rivera

Thanks! Just what I was looking for. Great video quality!

Johnny Vu

Even tho you are explaining the diff types of orders and going at a great vocal tempo you should actively show on ToS.

For instance 6:10 - 6:40 you explain how traders can use stop loss to cut loss quickly yet how does it look visually on the the ToS screen.

Mark Healy

thinkorswim or ninjatrader?


Great Videos Riley, Good presentation, info and knowledge.
I have learned a lot from you

Debra Kita

Thank you for your clarity. It is appreciated. How does one place a pre market order to buy or sell, without calling


What order type do you normally buy and sell? Limit orders??

Nate Manning

you make this 500 times more confusing. and you dont show how to actually execute a buy or sell. i would rather get in at 279.95 than 280.


can you do a stop sell for above market to use as a target

Sourabh Shakya

Not good.

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Your channel is an absolute gold mine Riley. Saved me so many years and thousands in mistakes thank you so much for all this incredible content ?


Great job explaining the orders brother, keep up the great work! Love your channel.

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I've been watching many penny stock videos and so far you give the most clear and concise explanation on the topic . Thank you and please keep up the excellent work.

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you dont even show how to di it ????????????????????// get off the internet

Roger F.

Thank you for breaking it down so easily! You were extremely easy to understand. I subscribed!


What about market on close?


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Riley ...I want to say a big thank you for taking time to present your very educative videos. I am really learning and enjoying every bit. Keep them coming. Thanks again.


forest pic is dope

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really easy to understand. made me feel like i make pro moves ... thanks bud


Can you setup order to sell when you're buying?

S S Prajapat

Hi bro, What is STD under order type Stop?


Can you explain what is a Pair order. Is there a way to short different legs of an option strategy individually rather than as a straddle?


I have problems to get in if I don't use market order. When I do use market order I got cheated 30 cents on a option order. Such as AAPL it was $2.16 to 2.2 my order got filled at 2.5, sold at 2.8, high went to 3.5


Hi Riley!! Thank you for taking the time! Simple question, is a GTC Limit only good until the bell closes? Or is that until it sells period? So let's say I do a GTC Limit, and then 6 weeks later it hits, will it close out? Or every day I have to redo the order?

Elissa Jones

Not sure if you made a video about this already- but I'm having a hard time finding an answer to this question, so maybe you can address it? What happens if your order does not get fulfilled? Ex: I place an order to buy 1000 shares at 1.00 but only 500 get filled. What happens to the remaining 500? Will they ever get filled? If you could let me know how this works in TOS that would be great!!

A Hawk

This is the only video that actually explained it well. Thank you!!!

Roberto Berti

Thank you for this video. I have a question. I'm using Thinkorswim for penny stocks scalping. The brackets are set as "buy stop" then "+1 sell limit" and "-1 sell stop". I don't understand why is not set up at "Buy limit" to prevent to buy at higher price and not set at "+1 sell stop" and "-1 sell stop". I know, I might not understood why but the second choice is not better? Thank you.

david lee child of God

From 6.20 to 7.05
Is the part iam so confused on no matter how meny videos I watch someone please explne how I..can put a stop loss above my entry price ...and then a buy stop below I dont understand how that works


Thank you for the video. Please make a video for going long, on how to place order to buy a limit price +0.05, and sell a limit price -0.05. Thank you in advance.

Mbuyu Art

great info. i love the music in the background. who's the artist?

Dj1minbeat playmix

Thanks for the video please, can you make a video on how to close order in TOS. Presently, I'm doing swing trading on the demo platform but when I try to close the trade it doesnt stop also in I place a trade and put my computer off the trade no longer appear on the chart. Is it so on the live account too?

Liran Gaston

stop the music on the background

Gideon Yang

On a stop loss, what's the difference between STD and MARK order type?

Tom Jones

Good job.


Thanks bro intro.

Bob Bobson

i tried market order, it NEVER fills at the price i push the button for, it always fills higher.


How do you close all open positions at once in TOS?

Kyle Joseph Buckley

Great video, could you explain the difference between STD, BID and MARK? Also, just to be clear, the stop in the stop limit orders is not actually executing a purchase or sell, its just trigger a limit buy or sell which will actually execute the purchase or sell? lol thanks hopefully this isnt too confusing of a question.

Mr. D

what is the difference between BUY LIMIT and BUY ORDER ?? the ideea is that you want to buy if a certain price is printed on the tape, right ? So what's the difference between these two orders??

Sir Vestor

Perfect man, great content, keep up the good work!! Just what I needed today when sorting out how TOS works.

van man

I'm struggling to create a market on close order with TOS, trying to automate the exit of a position at the end of the day closest to the market closing price. Supposedly TOS has this order type, but i can't find it on TOS.
--Thanks, Van

Erika Sanchez

I tried the Buy limit above the market, because it did not make sense to me. Would be nice feature if that worked but it did not, instead, it made a purchase at current market price. Did I miss something? I have used other platforms and it is the same, it will purchase at current market price. Please inform, this TOS is more complicated then it should be :(

Faiz Hashmi

Shit!!! They all look the same at a "Limit" buy or sell.. Not clear.


Riley, Are you charged if you keep adjusting your limit orders before they are filled? Or if you cancel an order?


Best explain ..thx man.

andrew h

this is really really helpful so thank you

Myling Revenant

Came here to see you do a trailing stop order. oh well.


I got lost after the first three. Once stop loss limits and whatever else and that came in, I couldn't keep track of what it all meant. Guess I'm just dumb lol.

Joaquin Malolos

Good video mate.

Is it possible to set-up your Take profit / Stop loss order strategy in percentage terms? I know you can set it in numerical value, but say the trade price is 100 and I want my TP to be 5%, and SL at 2%, can you do this?


Luke Wilcox

I'm still confused when to use a limit order vs stop limit order? They both are limit orders in the end, which means you can run the risk of the market blowing past it, thus not having your order filled.

Always Outdoors

Thanks for making this video! Very helpful. I've had a problem with orders not getting filled or execution times being awful while using a TD Ameritrade paper trading account and it has kind of scarred me away from using real money. I've been trading with Robinhood and I've had a fair amount of success, I've made close to $900 this week, but I want to be able to use a more advanced system for my day trading. I want to trade momentum stocks so it is extremely important to me that execution times are as fast as possible. If I put an order in on my RH account and my paper trading account at the same time my RH will fill 5x faster than my TD account. My question is, have you experienced problems with a live account? Are my issues just do to the fact that it's a paper trading account? Any response would be much appreciated!

Trading Ape

Thanks for the video. Definitely need more subs!

Elissa Jones

Have you posted a video on advanced orders yet? I can't find it.. I'd also like to know what the difference is between a "Buy Market" and "Buy Ask" order. Are they not the same thing?

Jeffrey Heaney

Is there a way to do an OCO order but on the stop loss sell all shares purchased and on the on the top limit order sell only partial. for example i buy 100 shares and want to sell 100 if it hits the stop loss. but if it goes up I only want to sell 50 shares and continue to hold the other 50 for a higher price target. Thanks!

James Maguire

Thank you Riley this was a fantastic easy to understand video! Really appreciate it!