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More Disney Pins & Pin Bags + Accessories from Kraken Trade

3 253 views | 26 Aug. 2020

Kraken Trade has come out

Kraken Trade has come out with a number of new exclusive, officially licensed Disney pins with Loungefly! They kindly sent a whole bunch of their pin bag and pin accessory products to check out and review! Kraken Trade has updated some of their existing products and have come out with new items. Hopefully this video will be helpful in giving a closer look at the type of pin products out there!

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Giveaway will remain open until 9/2, 4 winners randomly drawn. US only, must have parent's permission if under 18. Not affiliated with anyone.

Kraken Trade | https://itskrakentrade.com

Exclusive Loungefly Pins* | https://itskrakentrade.com/collections/kraken-exclusives?ref=MagicallyEmily

ClamShell* | https://itskrakentrade.com/collections/clamshell?ref=MagicallyEmily

Little Mako* | https://itskrakentrade.com/products/little-mako-bag?variant=31210201907298&ref=MagicallyEmily

Hydra* | https://itskrakentrade.com/collections/hydra?ref=MagicallyEmily

Dividers* | https://itskrakentrade.com/collections/dividers?ref=MagicallyEmily

Inserts* | https://itskrakentrade.com/collections/inserts?ref=MagicallyEmily

*Affiliate links

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Aiden Gideon

I am a really big pin collected I love Disney pins they are amazing

Sasha Khan

Do a standard set of ears fit in the clamshell bag? I’m trying to find a bag for my trip in November that fits my ears for the more intense rides ?

Luke Antunes

Love Kraken. They have WAAAY upped their game!! ?????? thanks for sharing!

kiara perry

I love seeing all the products because I like to know and see everything before I get something. Thanks for the great video.


Omg looove the Ariel’s!!!

Rie Nailo

Love the Hydra! <3

That Girl

Those pins were absolutely gorgeous WHAT THE !

Jackie Campos

Little mako or clamshell? I can’t decide ?

Aiden Gideon

Also I love your vids they are the best I love watching videos about your Disney pins and the pin bag holder and things:) your the best

Karin Woodbury

looks lovely!

Magic Wishing Starr

Those pins are pretty! I like all the Kraken bags and boards. Such high quality!


I love the Mako, might buy me that for Christmas thank you Emily. ?

Laura B

I just bought myself a pinfolio show, so I won't be picking one of these up any time soon, but that clam shell bag is so beautiful!


Love the clam shell! Glad they added the handle on top. Might actually purchase one now! Thx

Raechel Sykes

Hi Emily

Spaghett Ikat

That Mulan pin is gorgeous!!!


Did you know that Kraken Trade was in a legal dispute with Pinfolio? They harassed the little girl who started Pinfolio (they even went to court) because of inputting themselves on r*pe accusations. Pinfolio called them out on their instagram page and posted court papers. I really like the bag styles but I can't support Kraken for calling them a sl*t and many other things because they are they competitors in their pin bag "business".


I'm not even a pin collector but I'm always so impressed by the quality and the design of Kraken products. They really think about their consumers.

Caroline Jaffar

Amazing pins!! Super cute!❤️

Tanya Massey

How are you feeling?


Nice bags, it's as if Kraken has been watching all of your videos! Also your channel received a shoutout from Rob on this week's TTA Podcast today. Episode 204. ?

Magically Emily

Be sure to follow the link in the description if you’d like to enter the giveaway! Hopefully this is helpful to see a closer look at some of the Kraken Trade products and see what type of pin accessories work for you!


I've been waiting for them to restock the Meg Hunny Pot Yellow and the seafoam green for a long time.. :( guess I'm not getting a Kraken Trade Meg binder


I love the Mulan and Scar, Ariel, but Mulan and I appreciate your hard work in getting this information to us. Thank you.

Ninja Vaulter

Those 1920s ears are ADORABLE ?

Maria Zawacki

What are you wearing on your head? Dad.

Chela Noe

I really like the pin bags. Very cool. The new colors are really nice. Thank you for your videos.

Christine R

I really like all those bags. I've been wanting a Kraken bag for a while, and with their new styles, I'm glad I waited. These look better than their originals. I only wish the insert in the big backpack matched the size of the pocket it's in. Since the insert is considerable smaller, it looks as if it would slide around a bit during transit.

Marla Lovell

I love the Megs, and I've been placing orders since August of last year... but, sadly...I've been waiting that long, to fulfill my order. :(

I GET 1 OR 2 THINGS, EVERY 6 MONTHS, then I see all the Pin Community making videos, about getting things I know I ordered.

Starting to lose my patience, and my pinfolio pro did not last one good weekend trading trip, without falling apart.


Estephania Gonzalez

I was just watching a bunch of your videos yesterday that included the Kraken products!! This one was super cool too, and great ears!

Meris Averilla

How durable are their foam inserts? I've been debating to buy their products, but I dont know if their foam material is durable and will withstand the constant adding/removal of pins. thanks! your videos are always so thorough!

Niki The Snake Lady

Love the little circle bag and the Ariel pins!


Hi Emily! The pins from Kraken Trade seem to be of good quality, which is needed as the pins from the parks have seem to gone down in quality standards. I bought the Shark Tank and I've been really happy with the quality of the foam. I haven't been able to use it in the parks, but I feel like it will be a great case to use for my trader pins. It does seem like they come up with newer and better enhancements to their products. Thanks for previewing the new products.

Sullie Willett

Awesome products! I love the bags where you can display pins as well as keep them safe. With the big board you could probably take something like a heavy duty hole punch and punch both corners and string some ribbon, fabric, or string of some kind to hang it from. It would be super cute with Halloween fabric as the handle. Joanns tends to have cute Disney Halloween fabric and it was on sale last time I looked. ?❤

Hemphilly Ever After

There’s clam shell bags are amazing! I’ve never seen those before.

Kristen Swanson

The pins are all so pretty! I've always loved the Kraken Trade bags, but they look so much better with the handles lol I'll have to check them out! Thank you for another great vid :)



Nicole Mongelluzzo


Stacey and Travis

Love the Ariel pins! So beautiful. The Kraken bags look amazing! The Hydra backpack looks really awesome! Kraken seems to have really good quality when it comes to their bags and pin holders. Love the plastic divider with the clasp button on the top. Often I have to push the pin through the plastic sleeve and attach it that which stinks because you have punctures the original plastic. But at least the pin is secure and won't fall out. Great job on the video Emily!

Kraken trade

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Kraken Trade Review | Disney Pins and Pin Bags

205 views | 29 Aug. 2020

Welcome back

Welcome back friends!

Today we are looking at some products from Kraken Trade! We have a fanny pack/hip bag called the Turtle Snap, as well as some exclusive, officially licensed Disney pins!

Kraken is a leader in pin bags and have been distributing pins from smaller companies like Loungefly, TOYNK, MONDO, and Fig Pin for a while. They recently created some exclusive pins through Loungefly that we will review today!

Stick around to see final thoughts!

ADDED 9/1:

So the Kraken team was so excited about the review that after posting, they offered me an affiliate code! If you plan on getting some gear or pins, using my link will help support the channel and let them know I sent you!! Also, I should have some more inside scoop with upcoming products and gear, so check back for updates!




Kraken Trade::


IG: https://www.instagram.com/krakentrade/

Savage Disney Pins:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/savagedisneypins/

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzr1PbnehwHp4XmlRLXRaQ

Disney Pin FB Groups:




Do you like Disney pin trading? Do you like Disney magic in general? Then subscribe for more Disney videos!


Very jealous of the jersey! Is it a hype? Love Winnie the Pooh!


Got a side scar collection and I love that pin. Awesome video and have a magical day :D

Cassie from Hawks Lane

Super cool bag indeed!


I love the Ariel pins! They look so pretty. I agree about faces too, sometimes princesses look a little scary... ???
I think I’m going to pick up one of the fanny packs, they look awesome!
And so cool you got some extra pins. That was so nice!!

Geeking out with MellyMel

Hey Luke!! Loving the fanny pack!! It makes it easier to carry traders while still being functional for other items like a cell phone and things like that... I’ll def have to look into it! It was so nice of them to Zap you! Their pins are awesome and a decent size!! :)

Singer Family Adventures

I've ordered from Kraken trade a few times... but then got bummed because I bought pins for $10 each from them and then saw them the NEXT day at hot topic for $8 each

The Jody & Lora Life

After I heard you talk about their pins on Melissa’s live I had to watch this video. I had NO IDEA they did pins!!! I have a few Pinfolios and I was considering Kraken and now you made me a believer!! That was so nice of the company to gift you some pins!! Always great watching you Luke!! Lora ?

whatsPOPpin craze

I’m a huge Lion King collector and have been debating about that Scar pin. I might grab it after seeing the video. :) always enjoying that shake on the check for quality of holding the pins lol.


Everything is So Cool Have a Magical Saturday

Kevin Nosworthy

Brandon & Heidi at It’s Always Sunny said I should come check you out and I’m so glad I did. Loved the way you critiqued the products, it felt very genuine. Thank you for the insight and keep up the great work! ?


You have officially become my pin guru!!! I have learned so much from watching your videos.... not just about the pins, but about miscellaneous pin products as well! Thanks for sharing your knowledge my friend!!

Stacey and Travis

The hip bag look pretty sweet Luke! I know the Kraken pin books are Mac daddy so I would expect the same from this! I want to get the Meg one day. The Scar pin is sweet and I ❤️ the Ariel pins, might have to get those! The Mulan looks almost like the DEC employee pin, very similar but pretty pin! Love the Spirit Jersey my man! Great job on the video! - Travis


Everything is So Cool Have a Magical Saturday


Squeeze test ? on a thicc board ? another fun video. love those kraken loungefly LEs! my first kraken presale, i cancelled cus i was impatient, then i bought it second hand and my life changed forever. i have 5 megs with the new colors on the way ? and a clamshell that i’m waiting to use at the parts. sigh, those guys are my fave. thanks for sharing!


Hey Luke! New subbies here! Thanks for your insight on the pins! We are new to pins and starting to build our own collection. It’s nice to hear what you think and see what you look for while reviewing pins and other pin items. Look forward to watching more! -Ashlyn✨

Seth Lavender

I had a mini heart attack when you were shaking the foam.


Really liking that pin fanny pack...these are pretty nice pins! Scar looking super devious! I really love when they get Ariels hair right on pins when she’s in movement. Like when they had to redo Ariel on her ride in Cali Adventure ? very nice pins buddy!

Lisette Pedraza

Loveeee the fashion show!!!!!!?

Ohana Adventures

I'm not a pin person... but I love learning about them from you (and Mel with Geeking out with Mellymel!!)
Thanks got sharing! -Ali ??

Kraken trade

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Reviewing & Filling my Kraken Trade Clamshell | Prepping my Disney Pin Bag |#DisneyPins #KrakenTrade

311 views | 5 Sep. 2020

Hello friends! Today,

Hello friends! Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Kraken Trade Clamshell bag/backpack AND filling them with pins as I prep for my spontaneous trip to Downtown Disney this weekend! I also briefly go over a Kraken Trade Meg pin book. This video is a longer than normal, but I hope you

If you’re interested in exploring Kraken Trade products & pins, visit their website / Instagrams below:

Website: https://itskrakentrade.com/

US Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krakentrade/

CANADA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krakenupnorth/

UK Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krakentradeuk/

NZ/AUS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itskrakendownunder/

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Until next time, have a frantastic day! ✨



IG @frantasticpins_ | https://www.instagram.com/frantasticpins_



Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDWO9aJl_envFC5HFvLwwHw

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctZF17QKZ6s&t=28s&ab_channel=DisneyPinsBlog

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGRa20LdVt4&ab_channel=DisneyPinsBlog

Luke Antunes

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3if8vI63tI2z_h_Yj3zM8Q

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQuxtfoVx9Y&t=63s&ab_channel=LukeAntunes

Magically Emily

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=magically+emily

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cBAzNVa-1E&ab_channel=MagicallyEmily

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iUb-zNkll8&ab_channel=MagicallyEmily

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xQpaBQ7-zY&t=674s&ab_channel=MagicallyEmily


? Music Credit: “Lounge” by HoobeZa

YouTube Link - https://youtu.be/L_T0zQbfeWA


These are amazing bags. Really like the clam shell bag. And woohoo Long Beach crew!!! Great Coco pins. Thanks for sharing and have a magical day friend. Best of luck at DTD!

valery gomez

Yesss baddie!! Hope you have a great weekend at DTD and I love your coco collection!! So many grails ???


Great Info! Thanks for the review! I loved all those Coco pins though! We love Coco! Have fun on your trip! -Ashlyn

Collections Never Complete

Fantastic review, these bags are a really cute idea! Your pin collection is so beautiful! And I love those Coco pins ?❤️?? glad it passed the shake test ?

Singer Family Adventures

You have such great pins. I preorded a Meg bag from Kraken like two months ago and still waiting for it.

Luke Antunes

Yessss!!! Love it!! ?????????? I dig your coco setup for sure! Very detailed review! The clamshell is so well made ??? lol the fresh Kraken foam smell ?? thanks for the shout and thanks for sharing! ?????

Vernell Anthony Davis

There’s a whole community I knew NOTHING about before today. Whaaaaaat? Pins?

Derek Murakami

I grew up in Torrance! <3