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Warframe - Quick Look At: Pennant (5 Forma)

45 293 views | 29 Dec. 2019

Want my glyph

Want my glyph ?


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ratchet qwark

oo this could be nice wep :D RIP gram prime for monster status build dmg lol


How does the build perform?
Guaranteed Bleed on Heavy attack, so Killing Blow and Corrupt Charge and the rest are flex slots.


I’m sorry what? Wise razor was always bad...

animal tramposo


jordannew thomas

Can't wait to get this once railjack stops being so damned glitchy and bugging out.


2:25 is the spicyest thing I have seen.... What DAFAQ


I accidentally got two blueprints without meaning to...


Where can we find Grineer Galleons?


Welp, I pray it doesn’t get nerfed now. Been using this since a few days after launch and it’s 22k slash procs are the best.

joe smoe

That damage is legit. yeah... I dont miss the old slide attack meta at all after this. this is insane

Alif Kurnia

How could you get Red Crit? :/ I cant get it.

RTX 0069

meme strike meta vs pennant heavy attack meta

same same, but different

but still same


Space Kettle

Looking at this and the Reaper Prime's stats, and I can't see the reason why this would perform better than the Reaper Prime. Reaper P has primarily slash damage, and its stance also has guaranteed 600% slash proc on heavy attack. Is it simply because of the passive?

Kylze polaczkowaty

also the more kills you get with one swing the faster it will get


Where is the griner galleons


I just want to put my standard "Corrupt Charge and spam isn't the only Heavy Attack build" disclaimer here: replace Corrupt Charge with Focus Energy and either Reflex Coil or Inner Might from the Zenurik Focus School (which is easy enough to do on this weapon due to the open slot) for a build that sacrifices a relatively small amount of up-front damage (particularly if you replace Dispatch Overdrive with a damage mod to supplement Focus Energy) to make regularly using high-combo Heavy Attacks much easier. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it here because Wise Razor is indeed kind of a mess at the moment, but I think it needs to be repeated more often that Corrupt Charge isn't the only, or even the best, option for Heavy Attack builds.

Benjamin Horváth

2 umbra mod,Killing blow ,amalgam organ shatter,primed reach,gladiator might,corrupt charge and rending strike.Rending 2 big %,killing and amalgam fast heavy attack + dmg

I like music


Ran Torres

The era od elemental mods and boring meta mods is over! Behold!!!

Voro !

I wish they could just make full melee mode (hold F to enter) have M1 to do regular attack and M2 for charged attacks, and keep autoblock on. Having to use an alt fire button or hold E just feels awkward.

SpiderPig6577 _

Finally, someone covered a heavy attack build for this weapon



Camille Cirrus

Eh. Im gonna pass on this thing.

If i want to spam heavy attacks for whatever reason, then i have Redeemer Prime. This? It seems pretty damn boring.

If it at least was a heavy blade, which based off its looks - it should be, then i'd get it, but odachi's in this game already felt bad and are even worse with Melee 3.0 somehow.

That, and i already lost TWO blueprints for this thing due to idiots that rushed galleon captains before they were fixed, and after farming Quellor im DEFINITELY not putting myself through this bullshit grind again.

Lain inVerse

Grind Hard Squad made a mixed combo/heavy build with it which works quite good and provides both powerful quick attacks with almost instant 12x combo and heavy attacks which use this combo (and keep it, btw). So, if you don't like going full heavy (which is kinda boring and repetitive to be honest) you may try to give it a go.


Wow I want this. It looks cool AND deals good damage? What else can you hope for?


Holy forma


I went for a sort of hybrid build, with 90% combo efficiency using Focus Energy and the Zenurik passive so I can build combo and use heavy attacks regularly. It works great...except that Wise Razor has some really, REALLY annoying and clunky animations during the basic attacks that are miserably slow before you get the speed buff from either Berserker or heavy attack kills. I may have to switch up to this heavy attack build to avoid this.

Florian Holdt

Is the bp shared like the ressources?

Jason Vorhees

Using the pennant with gauss makes me feel so good.

Astral Baal

We've gone back to the heavy attack meta from 1.0.

Ernest Gil

How much are the rivens for this?


looks like a sword from Nier Automata


Pull my devil trigger!


well i mean u could also use a combo based light attack build and hit a heavy once in a while for the speed buff

Mike Shaman

Being realistic - mods like dispatch overdrive are nice,but in reality - Veil RJ enemies are HARDER, you need more dmg, thats why u need to use huge boost with corrosive type attack in build. This will raise dmg very good,imho o.o

Jake Whitworth

Lol DE seems to be afraid of making slash based melee weapons now. Why does this giant sword do mostly puncture?

delu knight

just got my railjack built working on guns soon chase after that

Summanus Pax

This setup makes me want to take up drinking tbh.

Danny Vardy

Pretty sure range mods like primed reach don't affect heavy attack range though.


Kind of a shame you didn look at its power without heavy attack even if you dont like it
Cause i actually do so would have liked to know how good that is


But but but "MeLeE iS dEaD". /s

Carbon Wolffe

I have a question: Would a build similar to this be viable on Glaive Prime?

Juan Pablo Cano

Quick look and 5 forma doesn't go together in my dictionary XD


Are Quellor and Penant Tenno weapons?

Ethan B

Gonna run this on gauss so I can drop berserker for some other mod and I probably won’t use dispatch overdrive either because I’m already fast, perhaps some status mods for extra damage (ie viral or corrosive) or perhaps gladiator might for extra crit damage and slightly higher crit as well as some other damage mod perhaps even spoiled strike.

Syed Tauhidul

Why the hell I'm watching this build? I play on switch -_-


"companion that can reliably proc viral"
Panzer Vulpaphyla joined the chat

AMV Eclipse


K San

meme'ing strike 2.0


i have a friend called pegasusverde in wf,he is obsessed with one shot everything XD,so... i'll send him this video XD

Listof play

its in railjack content well il just forget about it then


the amount of people forgot that you can roll out of animation lock is too damn high

Wilson Aurelius

I don't know i using blood rush and primed pressure point to exchange sacrificial pressurre and dispatch overdrive it hit like a truck even for high lvl enemies (can hit 200K)

John Bovee

Pennant's Blueprint can also be bought from the Market... Last Time I checked anyway.The Heavy Attack Mechanic ramps up speed depending on your Combo Counter as well...
Just so y'all know

Guyname 87

My build is incomplete and it already deals up to 40,000 slash


Honestly I love the heavy attack playstyle


I don't know why but it feels like they slowed down wise razor's animations for no reason at all


Lol looks fun


Should I use primed pressure, or sacrificial pressure? Primed gets higher damage multiplier when fully maxed.
edit: nvm sacrificial is better after set bonus

Just a scythe with an internet connection

Honestly DE should just give up and Gives us a Warframe workshop where we can do what ever the hell we want.


Switch dispatch overdrive to life strike and now youre an immortal god


Have you tried Twirling Spire after the update?

Knight Slayer

I thought heavy attacks weren’t boosted by regular attack speeds (including berserker).


DE: We shall nerf slide attacks for balance
Also DE: Allow us to introduce you the new heavy attack that can one shot anything


Wait what, no cosmetics showcase at the end?

frank skaletz

High MC,where can I find the Stance Mod please .


Mods of attack speed such as berserk does not affect the heavy attack speed of the weapon, you could change that mod for another option

Chaos Sabre

I was looking forward to trying this but ever since I saw it was a heavy attack weapon basically I just got it to 30 and let it collect dust.


My heavy attack is different if I get a Riven I might hit consistent millions per heavy

Dominik Buchar

lets dont forget to thank our today sponsor: raid SHADOW LEGENDS


Honestly it's kind of a crime that they put the blueprint behind a mission you aren't guaranteed to get. They ought to have just made each POI tied to a single node and that's that.


btw is crit damage still doo doo compared to status or is it more even now

Rage Hearts

Im pretty new to the game and i like using melee more, so which warframe should i go (preferably dps) that goes well with using melee?

Sritin Ghosh

Oh I was going for a hybrid on this and going for heavy attacks only at 12x to maximise the buff. Seems like a full heavy attack build might be more fun. Will check it out.


A friend gifted the weapon to me for Tennobaum and I'm sad to say: I hate it. Moving with it (or rather stopping every second step) just feels atrocious. I'd rather 'copter around, than use any of it's combos. I guess this goes for the whole weapon class. Still no fan of heavy attacks, either.

White Void

Charged attack meta is back :V


You need 1 less forma if you swap out dispatch overdrive with life strike


At 1:18 it says 4,000 heavy damage, but on my game it says I do 14,000 and I'm barely killing level 80s, can you explain?

Vladislav Gilyov

BTW, can you then remake the Tatsu rewiew and build, just to compare?


They definitely did gut wise razor, but I think it was unintentional/a bug, since the neutral combo which normally has that insane multihit for some reason only hits 1 time now, even though the animation looks like it hits 3-4 times, it only hits the very first hit of the spin.

Derek Burge

I love the heavy attack mechanic... Makes me nostalgic for Gram with a Reflex Coil.

The Pope Of Awesomeness

The MIGHTY SEER is the best melee weapon

sebastian cook

Your voice sounds like originalwickedfun and tactical potato had a child that trying to do a English accent rather badly


the heavy attack is 360'
you pretty much hit everything around you including the one at your back.
you can extend the range even further with Spring-Loaded Blade
(it proc from slash status effect from the heavy attack) so you will have 8 meter range at max

Peculiar Canine

* looks at forma *
Well, there's one more reason


oh look new spin to win

Aleksa Maravic



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Warframe: New 2 Handed Nikana - Old War Pennant

153 487 views | 14 Dec. 2019

Please watch: "Beware

Please watch: "Beware Angry Mario - This Game Is Amazing - DRG With Shy, DK & Frozenballz"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OltWIjnoB4 --~--

Pennant Our New 2 Handed Nikana One of the 2 New weapons added with Update 27.

? TheChelseagamer: https://bit.ly/2UDhi7n

☘️ Social Links ☘️

? Patreon: https://goo.gl/vPtxuI

? Twitch: https://goo.gl/UsZX8e

? Twitter: https://goo.gl/2ABwtW

Play Warframe


I record & Stream with OBS: https://goo.gl/QiQouC


Thanks to my current Patreons you know who you are! Love you all!


? Music ?:

? ES_Divergent - Ooyy



Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

No copyright infringement intended. The video will be removed if requested by the copyright owner.


Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world.

#warframe #Empyrean #Railjack


honestly if its not a Prime weapon I real don't care for it I love prime weapons cause I know DE not goin 2 make a other variant of it so that means of course I dont waste my fuckin time reforming it so it fits all the mods that I want on it ? real talk tennos ??

whatthe _

this blade looks like the Virtuous Treaty from Nier Automata

Josh Bird

I’ve got no problem with items being locked behind game modes but my only probably with rail jack is that I’m playing on PS4 at the moment the player base is just so small IMO to the other platforms that I don’t really do as much content with other people unless it’s randoms.
I don’t know if you can queue for it with randoms because at the moment the clan I’ve joined hasn’t made it yet, and my option is go shopping for another more active clan or starting one from scratch myself to get the reduced costs to build it to even begin doing something with the game mode.
If you can’t queue and I do all that I’m probably just not going to be able to play the game mode at all


weeb stick? you mean the wand of degeneracy.

Joe Gleason

Its retarded dint work with khora or any other forced play bs they need to stop with this bs

Feral Kuja

I honestly want a Primed Two-Handed Nikana that is a unique/Original Primed Weapon that is the Two-Handed Nikana counterpart to Gram Prime.

Imagine, 32% crit and status chance, slash-based, moderately low speed, average reach for its weapon class, and versatile for just about any build or situation you'd want to use it for.

Tatsu sacrifices its physical damage to get Radiation damage, which is okay enough. Pennant is Puncture-based, so I think the next two-handed Nikana should come with slash damage and maybe another stance to play around with.

Captain Dark

I just started over from ps4 to pc. This shit is gonna take me 4ever 2 get smh

The Divider

Skiajati has more dmg
Didn't expect that, in fact it can be stronger than a sepfahn

ya hoo

big feckin weeb stick

legendi chan

Weeb swords

Micheal Barnes

Weeb stick ??


Broken War any good now?

Anti Simp Trooper

I just can't get over that skin you have... D.E plz hurry

Mr. Red Panda

Tf is that reach?

Derrick O'Neal

how could i not get this? definitely getting it.

Ham Sandwich

Can somebody tell me how he was gaining combo after he heavy attacks, like the combo just racked up after he lost it all

Tatakai no Kami

0:44 I hereby request that the Fat Ninja aka Grendel be referred to as the Chris Farley Ninja from now on.


But doesn´t ATK Speed NOT affect heavy attacks? I tried it in simulacrum and saw no difference

White Forest

Legendary Excalibur prime, hidden by the skin


Wtf, I could've just waited for this. Why did I work so hard to get the Tatsu?


Got it on my first try, I'm lucky.


I mean you can try a hybrid build
All you need is a focus energy and inner might (zenurik)

Quang Tuan Tran

Katana? Nodachi? We all know nikana = anakin.

Lunar_ Lotus

I WILL be Grinding for this Beautiful blade, and the others. Also, Love the new logo you have. :) I always enjoy watching your videos for advice and entrancement- they're quite relaxing to listen too.

VPZ njoytheL

got one from tc for 10p lol cba to play rj

Chris Bennick

ALL this CRAP!!!!! with weapon and frame LOCK behind content has mad my favorite game worthless id rather play pong or tick tac toe over playing warframe now. I refuse to spend a single penny on plat now even if they gave me a 99.99% discount on plat i still would not play warframe anymore i HATE content locking DE has ruined the game for me since plains of edilon


Is that a sniper's scope above the hilt? lol

Beloved Grandson

Sir, you're channel is very good and your videos are more helpful than the warframe wiki. thanks a lot for this.

Kevin Bell

Lmao my friend gave me pennant and quellors bp i didn't even know they were in the game until yesterday

Rick Regina

I guess the crossbreeding program between the excalibur and nikana has finally succeeded.

Aukion Makiro

Can't wait to use the infested ninkana nighwave skin on this new weap- oh right its exclusive to the tatsu..... good fucking job de

Alex Ghost

Wait is that the Excalibur’s new deluxe skin!?
When did it come out?
Is it on ps4?


Sure will do it once DE actually adds a solo mode. So never


Didn’t no u played destiny bro awesome u should post some vids

Kaushik Reddy

fragor prime comes to mind when i think of a heavy attack build weapon, nothing else compares. kinda disappointing that they have to wall off this weapon behind content that not many will like to do


Tp is there a chance you can do an updated glaive prime build?


scarf ninja

SmallManJeff 1

Yes, it's the "The Big Space Ninja Weeb Stick"

Banana Jesus

What element is on your blade to make it look like that?

Casual Viewer

How does this weapon compare to the Gram Prime with a heavy attack build?

Magnolia Èclair

Now we wait for pennat prime with railjack prime.

Combat Slaya

Of course PC gets the new weapon first all about favortism. DE says they want to get PC and Console the same and yet they release in game content 2 weeks to a month before console

Apocolo toth

Does that sword have a Tactical SCOPE?!?


Big ass blade but its puncture based??

Lord Buckethead

It looks like the Virtuous Treaty from Nier : Automata. Therefore, I’m getting it immediately.


could be good if the droprate isnt shit

Kevin Vu

Ok seriously why are there no youtubers showing where these gallons are

Ryan Griffiths

Do a build on scindo prime

Meade Helios

i think they actual term for one is a nodachi.


Tenno vs guardians

Facts Over Emotions

I don't want to do what it takes to get this weapon, I'm whipping out the old credit cardo for this problem LOL.



DE: We're nerfing meme strike because we feel there shouldn't be one type of action in melee that is superior to others.
Community: anime gasp with an excited voice Does this mean we'll have interactive melee?
DE: Bitch you thought-

Jim Bob

Weapon build gotten from Xandypants or where?


Braton/Lato Vandal, Khora are all locked behind a specific game mode, have been for a while. Now Grendel, Gauss, Acceltra, Akarius are locked up similarly.


Looks like it has a Scope ha


Does it drop out of a box on the ship or does it drop out of enemies you kill on the ship???????

forgotten knight

No feet ninja, undead lord ninja, bird ninja, thing that kill everithing with poison ninja, ninja cowboy, zaria ninja, sneeky bow thing ninja...


Is the 18 % more in crit chance worth the difference in damage percent using saccrifisal pressure in stead of prime pressure point ?


This playtyle sux so much. no mobility at all

eadan pritz

What mission even as the ship that has this weapon I can’t find the ship

Raziel Shadow

The wise razor change sucks

A Nieuwenhuizen

The weapon only drops from the boss on the railjack mission(saturn- kassios rest) goodluck farming

Andrew Lawrence

Why does this nikana have a scope attachment.


Warframes are not just space ninjas. They embody the many forms of space-fu


Kinda looks like the virtuous treaty from nier automata to me

red crits

Is the pennant not out on Console servers yet?


уee hahaa \ blouuud rush \ yyyeee haha nouo bloouuuttt ruuooosh

Mr. Cuttystabby

I can't help but feel like they dropped the ball with the new excal deluxe. Doesn't look nearly as good as the concept art

Daniel McCann

I agree it makes no sense at all for it to be a puncture weapon, if it was more like a rapier I could understand it. wonder if someone was drunk putting in the stats

Azzan Ali

Excalibur prime?!

Alex Ghost

“Nikana katana no dachi adachi”

Nightstep Gaming


Dairy X3

Pennant is just a straight downgrade of tatsu lmao

Roy Buhrle

I want ut

James Nowell

Oh shit


fyi, nothing on the ships in the first 2 worlds drop the bp, from what i heard you have to get a random "kill the commander" optional to have a chance at it...(literally not a listed drop on any of the codex entries, i have all of saturn, and earths mobs scanned)

Gilded Drake

well puncture is way better than slash since sc is 10% and puncture is the best IPS against ferrite. not that it matters, you're using the heavy guaranteed slash proc anyway.

Listof play

DE stomping on solos heads right now

bromgar 1

He said excalibur prime. Pls someone call him bald


Fat ninja...you mean...

Jonathan H.

big feckin weeb stick

Chad Schwartz

(Laughs in 10 forma gram prime)

On a serious note, im excited for this.

Konstantin Vasovic


De De

Makes no sense? Do you see the rail jack looking tech on the back afixed just above the handle. The railjack can shoot a frame through the ship. Hmmm thats puncture. Bars


It's not a weeb-stick...it's a bloody forma sponge! That being said, I still love the look and "feel" of this thing.
SADLY. it is nearly fekkin' useless in the Proxima Veil levels (@ only one forma)... thus; the grind is real to get it up to Tatsu level hacky-slashy.
8-outa-10, but nice to have in the arsenal.

W.A. 178


Messy Mike

I dont mind working to get stuff. I know people dont like working for anything IN A LOOTER lol


Yes I'm going to grind railjack for it... need that MR.




What frame is that?

JJ Floris

This would have had me excited... had they not messed up the Wise Razor stance combo's. It feels so crappy now. Not really a fan (yet) of spamming heavy.

Allan Siciliano

Although I'm feeling exca prime is really outdated, I'm willing to try it on him, as I miss so much exalted build before umbra.


This is basically the closet we can get to Virtuous Treaty in warframe. Gave it a black and white color tone immediately.

frank skaletz

Hi, where can I find the Stance Mod please

ShadowWolf 35

What Warframe are you using and how did you get that skin? I feel like it's Excalibur and I really want that skin.

King Sumo

So which is better Tatsu or this new sword?


Chicken ninja, leg warmer ninja, european gentleman ninja, goat ninja, body builder ninja..... wow.....

First Name Last Name

Going to be decent, I would think. The majority puncture makes it nearly garbage, but it could make for a decent anti-grineer with that crit chance and a combo build. The forced slash on Wise Razor is helpful, but puncture is almost worse than impact. At least impact can immobilize crowds. Looks like it'll be mastery fodder, but a few fanatics will enjoy it

Fenris Wolf

0:10 That's what she said

Fuzz 'n' Fish Games

Imagine getting this when your mastery 7