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Unboxing a Mystery Case from Smallerlots.com

1 425 views | 5 Sep. 2020

Watch me unbox my first

Watch me unbox my first mystery case from Smallerlots.com. Main question - can I make any money? My husband is helping me this time. Will he bring good luck?

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale liquidation cases or pallets, please consider subscribing to my channel. I am trying out different companies and taking you on the journey with me. See what you I get in my cases before you buy your own.

Drop me a note at [email protected]

Here are the links to my eBay store and Poshmark closet: https://linktr.ee/Bargainswithlove

Camera used for recording the video: https://amzn.to/2Zbh4su

Microphones we used in this video: https://amzn.to/2QW8ARp

Thank you for visiting!

Nickolas Huffington

Thanks for the fantastic video. Have you sold them all and made a profit on this case?

Theresa Trompke

Nice video. I love supporting resellers and you tubers like you two. I uploaded some unboxings from some wholesale companies as well and I love learning about different sources. Wholesale ninja is my favorite currently but I am always looking for other items to sell. Keep up your hustle and best wishes


Fun video. Great to see your husband helping out. You two are so cute together!

Adam BizZGuY

I keep hearing about smaller lots dot com. I'm gonna have to check them out.


Love your videos you give slot of information. Thanks for sharing... I am new to this and am trying to figure out where to order from still!

Carli McCauley

Do you live in Tennessee? Is that why you didn't have to pay for shipping?

Real-Life Unboxing

This is a really cool box! I've unboxed 7 manifested boxes from smallerlots.com and have 5 mystery boxes on the way. I've been pretty impressed with everything so far so I'm sure the mystery boxes will not disappoint. Very nice and helpful video! I'm looking forward to my boxes even more now?

Robert Lora

Excellent video a loyal follower of your videos a question have you bought these pallets? They're worth it? Pallet of Assorted General Merchandise estimated retail -MSRP $7,999

Maxine F

This was not a good mystery box. Hopefully you guys made your money back plus profit.


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Smaller Lots Unboxing Unexpected Returns $168 What did we get?

806 views | 16 Jul. 2020

Watch us unbox our first

Watch us unbox our first box from smallerlots.com.

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Karen LaCosse

Nice box for sure. Thanks for unboxing.

KPM Flips

Cool!!!! I just bought my first box from Smaller Lots just day. Thanks for sharing your video.

shelley pender

lol....what did the shorts smell like, lol

Real-Life Unboxing

Wow you guys got lots of great products. I've unboxed 15 smallerlots.com boxes and this one is pretty nice! I love keeping what I don't sell. Another perk of buying wholesale and reselling.

Tonya L

Thats a good box. Ive heard real human hair sometimes sells for good $. Worth looking into ?

Regina Michelle

Wow human hair! Many sales to you all..

Bonnie Coakley

Heard of this group, but haven’t ventured out to buy one yet.

Walt n Sarah

"Lilly!!" ?? sounds like our house... lol. Not a bad box !!

Sylvia Butler

Those items sell great on mercari

Sylvia Butler

We buy from them all the time

Jennifer Levesque

I liked this box.


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Unboxing Smallerlots.com Mystery Box!!

4 903 views | 24 Jun. 2020

Today we are going to be

Today we are going to be trying a new pallet liquidation source! We got this mystery box from smallerlots.com which is part of Mid Tenn Wholesale. Let us know if you like these smaller lots!!

Source: https://smallerlots.com/

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Mike & Terri's Resale

Excellent video. We were actually looking at smallerlots.com today. Great to see some real unboxing of their lots

General Glitch

was looking to buy a pallet from them but i didnt see what the shippwas going to be? you know where to find that?


The link doesn’t open for me.

Phillip Timmons

Found out this wholesale place is 20 minutes from my place. Ordered my first box today. Thanks for the info


Great video. Thank you for sharing.

Maxine F

Where did you guys get your website from? Is that from Shopify?

LaShaun Odom-Williams

First time watcher. Will definitely be back??

Jenny Messinis

Hello, new subscriber here :). You guys make me laugh. Thank you :)


Love your videos. Could you do a video on how you juggle a F/T job and the business? Also, do you see going F/T in the near future??

fat man picker

How much was this mystery box

Val Scott

And no discount coupon when they sent the order.

The Family Flips

I may have to try out smartlots. Thanks for the video!


Hey how do I enter the giveaway?

easy to love resells

You Both are Sooo Cute & Fun to watch!!
Your videos are Great!! I ALWAYS learn something helpful in reselling, & the best part is, I am guaranteed to laugh a few times too!!???? Thanks for taking your time to teach us❣❣You are VERY Appreciated!!??

Luis Rodriguez

Perfect, I was looking for a place like this! Thanks Guys


Thanks for sharing! We are buying from them soon.

Val Scott

Last month I bought a smaller lots box.no manifest in the box. It contained a mildew odored sump pump. A unidentifiable, unlabeled, unnumbered, unboxed. 10+ pound machinery part. A set of non working nice quality but not working outdoor patio lights. The other 7 or so items 2 items were new. The others were either obviously used or too dirty or the box damaged. Not sure I'd order from them again. I'll make my money back but ill need to trash the sump pump and unidentified machinery part. The dirty item clean up work will not be worth my time for the amount I can sell the items for. I won't likely purchase from them again or recommend them.

Tichina M

Yall Chemistry is great. #family???


Awesome thanks guys !

Michelle Wisham

Great video guys!! I'm liking Smaller Lots thus far.


Cute accent, where are you from

Shakira Smith

Appreciate the info, great channel!

Phillip Timmons

Love your videos

Kaylin Carter

Yall videos stay on point!! Thx!!

Yolanda Rouser

My first time watching you guys and you are hilarious. New subbie.

JD 318

Just subscribed loving the vids! Greetings from Memphis

Sylvia Butler

We buy from them all the time!! Never disappointed!

Roga Taylor

Oh my gosh you guys are so adorable! I want to get a box soon I will order from your website — thank you so much for the content!

Nigel's Guy Doth Try!

Never heard of smallerlots thank you, how was shipping from them? Thanks for the video

Xtremefire01 Newtimes045

Brand new . Even better. I negotiate all. Hustle at the swap meet. Wherever you can from the trunk of your car. Don't just put and waste time online. You need to hustle. All day everyday.

Alma Smith-Mand

In my opinion in my opinion only you need to have your camera just a little bit closer for me it was difficult to see the items.

Real-Life Unboxing

Thats awesome you guys are into smallerlots.com ? I recently found them and have done 15 unboxings (7 manifested lots and 8 mystery boxes) You guys got hooked up like I do! Alot of people think its too good to be true...Its true! I subbed! Great content?

Stewart Purvis

Heeeeeeeeeey you guys

Megan & Steve Frost

I don't know if i will buy from small lots but you are a wonderful couple too watch. So refreshing during these trying times God Bless.