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Stellaris Plantoids Species Pack • Release Trailer • PC

14 views | 6 Aug. 2016

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The Age of Plantoids | Barbara Mazzolai | TEDxMilano

2 265 views | 10 Nov. 2017

Barbara Mazzolai is the

Barbara Mazzolai is the coordinator for the Center of Micro-BioRobotics at the Genoa-based Italian Institute of Technology, and the vice director of IIT’s Network Centers. After graduating in Biological Sciences from the University of Pisa, she obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Control and Management, became a research assistant at the Center for Research in Microengineering at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and, in 2009, a team leader at the Center for Micro-BioRobotics. A year later she went on to win the “Marisa Bellisario” award for her scientific work and for having managed the “DustBot” project, and, in 2013 she won the Italian Republic’s Senate Medal. She is now a visiting scholar at the Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College London’s Aeronautics Department. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

Alexandro Azzano

Proprio figo

Anna Paola Puliga

Great Job! Beautiful minds!


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Stellaris: Console Edition - Plantoids DLC Trailer | Available now!

23 482 views | 26 Mar. 2019


Available in all regions today at midnight in local timezones.

Plantoids Species Pack introduces a new phenotype for players with original art and animations. As the title implies, Plantoids will give Stellaris fans access to a plant-like species that has gained sentience and begun to spread its tendrils across the galaxy, planting the roots of new civilizations on new planets.

Fifteen new species portraits (cosmetic)

New templates for plantoid civilian and military ships

New cityscape art

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Cloud Sin

Still hoping for aquatic races to be released


GROOT will live!

Yono khanman

I really like the species portraits of this DLC, but I like the ships of the Humanoid DLC a little better. (But don't tell Poison Ivy!)

Darius Tiapula

Where's the flamethrowers?. No talking plants on my watch.

Epic Old Gamer

Would like to see an Android race if possible?

Logical Phallusy

Now the Console peasants get to experience the pain of Paradox's overpriced micro-DLCs that PC gamers have known for years.

Beau -

Hoi4 for console

J.T Porach

Please add mods

LC Playz games

Games take like 2 days for me even on 3 speed


Still waiting for the Planetoid race.

Special Nobody

I mean cool, new portraits/vehicle skins but Leviathan and Utopia are the actual content that I paid the deluxe for. Sucks that we gotta wait for Leviathans another month

L'histoire c'est Epic

Please release it on Nintendo Switch

Green Soldier Productions

I know everyone asks this but when will multiplayer arrive ??

Matthew West



Paradox I cant download this on ps4. Even though i bought the deluxe version it says it cannot access store to download

President John1

I wonder if we're getting all the DLCs for this game like you will see the PC has all of them I hope it happens.

Pugnus Populi

Finally I get to play as my favourite kind of pretty flower

Comrade Dan

Not featured in the footage; Plantoid Cityscapes are gold and green, with broad curving lines and several tall flat platforms ringed with solar panels. You can use the ship designs, the plantoid portraits, and the cities independently from each other. Taken separately, they add great flavor to your ecologist or pacifist empire!

British Thought

This is a problem now, only PC players fall for the DLC policy, don't know about xbox players


Stellaris: Console Edition
Who plays Strategy on Consoles !?


Fix the damn laggy game before releasing new DLC

LC Playz games

Will cheat codes ever come to console addition?


While i personally have paid for every DLC put out for stellaris, i think console players should get all dlc up to utopia free with base game. Stellaris has been out a while now and charging console players 8$ CAD for the dlc seems too much like double dipping on profits.

Crimson Shadow

Humanoid dlc?

Samden Robinson-Lama

wow one of the best dlc known to stellaris finally added to console I sure hope humanoids is next rather than the fun ones

Julius Moe-nstar

Prepare yourself.... I am groot memes are coming

Ivan Иван

paradox soviet rework pls for hoi4!!


Looks great!

Sean McCarter

Is this not available on UK ps store yet?

Daniel Dionne

Are you guys hemorrhaging money over at Paradox? This is getting ridiculous, first you release the game with no features or updated content. Now you expect people to pay another $8 for a couple of drawings of plants on the screen? SHAME!!!

solid snake

10.99 for some skins and no new content is just criminal, I still got it though cause I actually really enjoy the game but I am willing to bet not a lot of people are going to waste 10 bucks on some skins.


I like their ships...

Punk 5hits

made android version please...

Long Fang

Already made my groot tree race from Guardians of the Galaxy lol


The worst most pointless DLC.... must be an easy port


Geopolitical Simulator Pls!!!!!


When is the multiplayer ?


Cosmetic that was designed for the computer version should be part of the base Console Edition and not a paid expansion.


Man, console players are lucky, they still have the planet tiles rather than the broken planet system in place now.

베르킨 게토릭스

Nice Plantoids DLC. Thank you paradox. I am Groot!!!!!!

Khryys S'iz


Inka Ricketts

I'm so glad this game has come to consoles I really don't mind paying for the dlcs. Hopefully we see more strategy games on console


what kind of pleb is playing a 4x/grand strat on a console? what a waste of time and resources just to try and break into a market that doesn't play these genres. could have put the effort into working on the legit game

Jeff Ya boi

Hurry up with console multiplayer!!!!

The Wild Colonial Boy

Greenpeace approves.


Ok cool and all but...UTOPIA WHEN?!?


When will console players get updated game version of the game? PC version has fixes that have been in place for over a year yet we are stuck on an old version.


But why is it not spelled plan e toids?
Plant-oid sounds like a harmless vegetable.

rebelknight b

I want all the dlcs to come to ps4

John Albers

I play Plantoids more than almost any other type LOL