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XYO Show — Episode 21 — Win $1MM XYO and a Nintendo Switch!

1 035 views | 27 Dec. 2020


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Purple Royal Seat Cushion: https://amzn.to/3aLrw0o

Free Stocks

WeBull (Up to 4 free stocks with a deposit of $100 or more!!!): http://bit.ly/2Y7u8PW

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M2 Pro Review: https://youtu.be/qO6VI9CkhWo

Download the COIN App here: http://bit.ly/2NEFO7q

Free Sentinel: http://bit.ly/2YsuZaQ

Kucoin (XYO exchange): http://bit.ly/2YI6vKY

How to Enter the $1MM XYO Token and/or Nintendo Switch Bundle Sweepstakes:

- Claim entries via the COIN App (Every entry is 10 COIN), or enter for free via mail-in postacard

- Click COIN Balance...

- Click "Sweepstakes"

- Enter whichever one you would like!

New Features:

- Rewarded Tasks: Surveys, Scans, Visits, Installs, and Verifications

- Surveys give ~1000 COIN for a 12-15 minute survey

- Scans give 25 COIN per item scanned

- Visits give 20 COIN per check-in


- Still a down-trend, but at a potential support level for long-term bull run

- My Plan: HODL and Continue mining for free!

Get $10 FREE for starting with Coinbase: http://bit.ly/2Jj4WNl

How to Use Coinbase Learn: https://youtu.be/VbKNK2cR9aI

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Coinmine One Review: https://youtu.be/JDEk5vBLnhM

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How I Make Videos:

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Apple Watch Series 4: https://amzn.to/2EPwIQ4

DJI Mavic Air 2: https://click.dji.com/APpejLZw0sbAOIMvR9ggBg?pm=link


- Some of the links I use are affiliate links, this means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

- Additionally, none of the videos on Committed3d Tech should be taken as professional advice. Please seek licensed financial advisors before making any investments, especially before listening to a guy making videos for entertainment on YouTube. :D

Free Stock footage for this video is by www.videezy.com


Who cares i am from the UK and its only for the usa i might aswell stop using the app!

Tom Clay Cotter

On the free plan do you recommend the BLE device or NFC card if the money doesn't matter and the goal is to max coins and the phone will stay at home most of the time? Thanks for the great content!

Jeff Muhlbach

Only time I upgraded to a paid plan was on a cross country road trip. Pretty much broke even. When the price climbs then it will be worth it.


Between helium and Google all the things xyo is trying to do has been done. I have a million xyo and they are still worthless after holding for over 2 years. I hate to say it but xyo got left behind and is now worthless. Were in the biggest bullrun of all time and xyo value isn't budging

Emeterio Cruz

Sad to say xyo is really really low hopefully it rises

Andres Agredo

What is your input or update for today

Shawn Harden

Good basic update. Have you changed how many devices you are using for mining COIN? Also any updates on your other older crypto mining devices?

Currency Enthusiast

My sentinel batteries died and replacement CR 3032 batteries are hard to find. Where do you buy new CR 3032 batteries? I tried Amazon but they were dead upon arrival and didn’t work.


Where can you buy Xyo tokens

amine nas hadhoum

Best token best app

Ken Lii

I really glad the Coin App keeps improving Im non US residents but I have faith all these updates will eventually reach here just like the IOS / Android updates eventually finds its way globally

Privi-Pearls Cadeaxe

I’ve got pro... I mined 10k in 3 days

Stephen Thomas

Ordered the MatchX using your referral code (thanx!) but still waiting to hear back from the company regarding shipping. Any idea when they will ship units to the USA?

кот базилио

Joke. My mom bet me - who will get more in the crypt. She cheated: she found a group of professional player Walter CoinCoin in the Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel. He shows how to automatically copy his actions using the service. As a result, I woeked hard, and my mother used this service, did not sit in front of the computer at all and won me over. The end

Gaming Ballz

XYO is pretty dead

Ken Ken

Who f**king cares I'm from Hong Kong

Daryl McCaslin

I'm curious to see your analysis on the paid plans. I did the pro plan and according to my "math of values" I 3-4x what I spend.

James R. Glass

Is it better to get a Sentinel or the subscription

Gaming Ballz

1mm? Lmao

Privi-Pearls Cadeaxe

I’m gonna continue to support XYO. Hopefully they get there...

Xyo coin

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XYO Coin App Loophole Confirmed

3 886 views | 7 Mar. 2020

This is a confirmation of

This is a confirmation of the earlier video I posted. Right after ending the video I was hitting some 50 to 56 coin tiles so I guess in the long run it would be 12x mining speed and coin rewards. This is showing how anyone can get the master account status or the lite account with the xyo coin app. These account premium statuses are usually not available to the every day user. But this is how you can simply start maximizing your mining earnings today.

If you do not already have the XYO Coin App

You can use this referral link below to get 1000 Geomining Coin for free.


The app is free to use but this glitch/loophole shows you how to upgrade your account to statuses that are not publicly offered without an email invite from the XYO team.

Levent Mustafa

100$ per month... how much you earn?

Gaming Ballz

Fyi since you can mine for less then 1 coin you won’t get at least 12x ....what a noob


How much do you make in a single day with the pro account?


I just upgraded to master account from pro account, running with a sentinel.

Pro account I was pulling in around 8k per day when I was driving.

On the master level I've been pulling in around 19-20k per day so far.

I do drive a semi truck for a living so I'm driving 11 hours a day while I'm working and that's what the above numbers are for.

I drive 5 days a week so I should be pulling in close to 100k per week. This is my first week running it so we'll see what happens

Jakob Baxter

Online is talks about master accounts being able to geoclaim anywhere. Are you able to claim in areas that you aren’t in/ haven’t been?


How much did you make regular as basic with a sentinel?

Gaming Ballz

It’s been available to everyone long before this video ijs


$APLP is now listed on #MXC_Exchange today the price surged much 3300% on its listing thats was crazy profit return!$APLP is now listed on #MXC_Exchange today the price surged much 3300% on its listing thats was crazy profit return!

Popescu Radu

Why are u getting twice the amount of coins, i mean u get another bonus for every title mined?

TD Slinker

How much bonus do you get from having the lite subscription

Coby Pickett

Please make more content on coin app. Can you show geo claiming anywhere?

jmo _00

Why are mining without a sentinel?

Next Door Darts

It’s 12x because u mine 12x faster than the other subs, not necessarily 12x per mine..

Bhaskar Dahikar

Wow so special speed giominig wonderful & emerging mining so naice.

Xyo coin

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XYO World AMA with Arie Trouw

3 174 views | 10 Sep. 2020

To learn more about XYO

To learn more about XYO World, visit https://world.xyo.network/

To learn more about XYO, visit http://bit.ly/XYO-YT

Want to tweet Arie Trouw directly? Reach him at: https://twitter.com/arietrouw

Join the conversation!

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialXYO/

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialXYO

- Instagram: https://instagram.com/officialxyo

- Reddit: http://bit.ly/XYOreddit

- Medium: http://bit.ly/2SxzIUX