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Webull Day Trading Live (Shorting Into Resistance & Buying Back At Support) | EP 072

2 147 views | 8 Jun. 2020

In episode 72 of Webull

In episode 72 of Webull Day Trading live, I manage to capture quick profits on a breakdown of $BA (Boeing Stock). Using Support at resistance levels to determine when I should enter and exit the trade

I will walk you through my thought process on how I determined to go long at this particular time of the trade.


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DISCLOSURE: I am not a professional investment advisor, nor do I claim to be. All my videos are for entertainment and educational purposes only.

Cody Burson

I'm not buying expensive stocks over say like 30 bucks cause I cant buy alot of shares only have 500 in my account. Does it make sense to only profit off lower cost trades at the moment so I can buy more shares?


This was a fun watch!

Fx Technical Signal

Great Technical analyse channel broo thumbs up?

Papa Joe-Gopro

Question: Do you utilize the SELL button to short or the SHORT button? I can't find any supporting information to which button to use. Your input would be appreciated ?

Susanita VanGood

How did you learn to read charts? Do you have any recommendations for a newbie? TY.


Do you have a video where you show step by step where you click? I got confused where at the end you bought shares in shorting?? I’m new to this

Figuring Out Money

Took a few days off, 6:00am has been getting to me haha.

Webull help

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4 476 views | 10 Nov. 2020

Indicators can be helpful

Indicators can be helpful for day trading if used in conjunction with price action and volume. Here's how to get them on your charts in Webull!

Eric Keith

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.


Wow Thanks This is Great Info Will be watching for more !!?


Indicators ALWAYS lag behind price action but can be helpful to quickly identify trends.


I'm using webull app on my tablet. However, don't see the option of changing "MA" setting.

Michael McClister Sr

A new version of Webull released after this video... it's kind of the same, but no saving or adding indicators anymore, and it uses whatever setup you have across all charts.

Paolo Kwan Soriano

Is there a chandelier stop indicator on webull? If it does not, what do you use instead? Thank you