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MVC Microcities Voxel Event - StarVox Microcity Build

58 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This is a recording of

This is a recording of StarVox's first build stream for the MVC Microcities event.

We like to host art events and challenges in the MVC, we've done many different themes so far. They give artists in the community the opportunity to join a large collaborative project while still being able to express their own creativity. This time our theme is Microcities, tiny 40x40x40 voxel models of city structure.

Hopefully this will help some participants get started with ideas for the event. Make sure to visit the MagicaVoxel Community Discord server if you're not already a member and join us for events in the future!


IG: https://www.instagram.com/star.vox

TW: https://twitter.com/StarVox4

MagicaVoxel Community Discord Server




Nice! I love that it's not sped up so we can see what going on! #kruunu

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VoxEdit Beta Tutorial - Template Animations To Model Pre-Animated Characters

303 views | 15 Jan. 2021


VoxEdit (https://www.sandbox.game/en/create/vox-edit/) is the first software that allows you to create your own voxel models, rig them, and animate them in no time. In this tutorial, we look at the Animated Templates included with VoxEdit. Perfect for people who enjoy character modeling but don't feel ready to animate them yet. More tutorials with advanced modeling techniques will be added to this playlist, so don't forget to subscribe to see when those are added.

VoxEdit Features:

* Modeler - Make the most of your creativity! From beginners to experts, anyone can make amazing creations thanks to our robust set of tools and our user-friendly interface.

* Animator - A game changer in the voxel creation world. With our Skeleton System, VoxEdit allows you to rig and animate anything that you want using the timeline via an easy-to-use keyframing mode.

* Block Editor - Section to create the fundamental building blocks of the SandBox 3! Each block measures 32 voxels, there are Solid or Liquid blocks with inner properties.


Introducing the $2 Million Creator Fund


APPLY NOW - https://fund.sandbox.game

* Free prime exposure for your creations in The Sandbox, one of the most anticipated online PC games of 2021

* Create, share and sell your voxel creations to game developers and players

* Keep full ownership and copyright of your creations

* Maintain creative freedom with art direction under your own control

* Learn how to create and sell NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain

* Be part of our creator community building a new gaming future


The Sandbox (https://www.sandbox.game) is a user generated content platform where creators monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. It features three main components: our VOXEDIT 3D voxel art animation software and builder for assembling game assets, a MARKETPLACE for buying and selling NFT assets, and the GAME MAKER tool for creating gaming experiences in The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandbox franchise began with The Sandbox Mobile (2012), followed by The Sandbox Evolution (2016), which combined for 40+ million downloads to date! Now, with the support of millions of creators around the world, our goal is to make The Sandbox the new standard in world building games, with millions of user created 3D voxel assets and games available as ownable items on the blockchain.

The project's ever-growing list of premier partnerships include: Animoca Brands, Atari, Square Enix, Klaytn, ThunderCore, Hashed, Helix, Everest Ventures, WAX, B Cryptos, Blue Block, DCAP, True Global Ventures 4 PLus, Token Pocket, Planetarium, Reality Clash, Matic, Blockchain Cuties Universe, Solidified, Maker, Opera, MetaMask, Blockchain Game Alliance, CryptoKitties, Sword & Magic Crypto, Stryking Entertainment, Light Trail Rush, Ember Sword, PlayDapp, Chainbreakers, Cryptokaiju, Dapp.com, DappReview, Neon District, Gitcoin, Infura, KnownOrigin, League of Kingdoms, SkyPeople, Sandbox Network, Polyient Games, Horizon Games, Metafactory, Status, Paladin Studios, Multis, and more!



* YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/thesandboxgame (Subscribe to our channel now!)

* Website - https://www.sandbox.game

* Medium - https://medium.com/sandbox-game

* Discord - https://discord.gg/vAe4zvY

* Twitter - https://twitter.com/thesandboxgame

* Telegram - https://t.me/sandboxgame

* Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/thesandboxgame

* Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheSandboxGame/



Join The Sandbox metaverse to play and create games where you can share and earn!

Download now for FREE - https://gamemaker.sandbox.game/



VoxEdit is the first all-in-one tool to create, rig, and animate 3D voxel art models.

Download VoxEdit for FREE and start creating NFTs - the hottest items in the blockchain/crypto space - https://www.sandbox.game/en/create/



Register now for your free The Sandbox account and connect your crypto wallet

No funds required to start using any of The Sandbox tools - https://www.sandbox.game/login/

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gabriel richter

awesome :)

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3D-Coat - Voxel VoxFollow

550 views | 11 Jun. 2009

For the launch of 3D-Coat

For the launch of 3D-Coat v3 I was tasked with recording a video manual covering all of the voxel sculpting tools and general settings for voxel sculpting.

This video covers the vox follow tool.