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THE TESLA 5-1 STOCK SPLIT (Buy or Sell?)

88 929 views | 12 Aug. 2020

In this video, we are

In this video, we are going over the newly announced 5-1 Tesla stock split and its effects on pricing! As you may have heard, Elon Musk announced a 5 to 1 Tesla stock split today that goes into effect later this month. This video will cover all the details, what it means for you as an investor, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

We'll also cover some current statistics and trends for TSLA and my thoughts on the split.

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Note - I have an interest in Tesla. My recommendations are just a suggestion to do further research- I encourage you to do your own research about the company and make a decision for yourself, whether or not you want to invest. This video should not be considered financial advice.

Also - if you want a more technical analysis, there are other channels that will dive deep into the numbers :) I like to talk about the news and where the company lies in the industry.

Happy stock buying! Please be careful as another round of the current situation could cause further price drops. Short term investing is always more dangerous, and it is entirely possible that prices fall in the short term. But in the long term, I am a believer in Tesla.

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iunleash !

So if u get lets say a 1500 strike call for January. It will turn to 5 300 strike calls?

Rodney Greenway

Now can they make their cars worth 5x less? Lol

Aaron Dawe

If i buy Stocks of Tesla on August 24th? What price do I buy the stock at?

Fernando Moctezuma

I am confused if someone can clarify after the 5:1 split you will have 5 shares of tesla at a new price. These 4 additional dividends are they added to that total giving you a total of 9 shares of tesla?

mikeasy DaCheezy

August 31

Jawad Malik

What will they be worth after stock split

Ugur Özdemir

Trading 212 is the biggest bullshit, they just sold my apple and tesla stocks over the Weekend due to the split.

Marc John Dulay

Sorry. I know this is a dumb question, but since I don’t own a share of Tesla, I can buy it for less when the split begins, right?

Sunday Santiago

So if it climbs will each share from the split increase individually example I own one share which turned into 5 shares worth 400 and change if it goes up to 800 a share will I get that per share will it count as one share


LOL outdated in just one week. 2000$ right now.

Haras Saeed

What happens with the shares bought between 22. - 27 August?

Things Around USA

Is it better to buy now at $1500 per share or wait after its split? Actually the stock value will going to be as same as it is now. Now = $1500 .............after 1/5 split.....5 shares at $300

Mina Jahan

Hi, what website/app do you use to see the 1-5 rating like the one you show at 3:02?

Thanks for the vid!

aRtoo _

That stain on your mac is annoying I thought its a dirt on my screen. Please clean your laptop. Anyway good video. Thanks.

SorianoWilliams Ink.

Battery Day?July 31


Buddy.. when you give people the impression that investing now or later makes no difference doesnt make any sense. Historically premium stocks that have announced splits have GONE UP. So the worst case scenario is it doesnt boost the stock.. and best case, and the MORE LIKELY CASE.. is that it makes incredible gains... i do quite a bit of trading and as soon as the stock split.. sent out a BUY ALERT so they could all take advantage... now many of them are up by THOUSANDS and in some cases 5 digit profits by buying tesla CALLS..
I get that being pragmatic is the safe play, but when the down side is minimal.. why not be more bullish?

Armber Rose Jane

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Stock Market Recap

I just made a video on the Tesla stock split on my channel! I think that stock splits are such a great oppurtunity!


i spend 2100euros before the split and now i made 40k because of the split like WTF


Whats going to happen with the fractional shares?


So once it splits, it stays at that split price forever...? It doesn't go back to the original "un-split" price share?

Sorry, still learning. Just started last week and been messing around with it

Mahmood Khan

Which site you use to get good analysis for stocks???????

Eyes of the World

Great vid ?

Marciepuddle Natividad

Meanwhile Nio had an amazing quarter and yet price went down by 10% !!what gives?

Khalid Selia

Quick question, i was wondering what would happen to our average cost after the split ? Because i bought tesla at 400 . Sorry im a newbie when it comes to stock split. Thank you :)

Ilmārs Leidums

Go back to jungels

Xue Vang

What happens if you buy Tesla shares after the 21st of august? Would you still be eligible for the split?

kishor singh

Funding secured!

M Vasquez

When the bottom drops out of the EV market going to be one hell of a drop.

Walter Gaimaro

I have 1 share..now 1 means 5 but is the same amount of money..if the share go up what about my profit..will i make more money becouse i have 5 shares or is going to be the same like before witn one..???

Zedds Dead Baby

Tesla is not going anywhere, this will be a great time to buy. It will continue to climb.

Henry H

The more negative on Tesla. The better it is and the stock keep going up. I think people are moving on now to different investment that why Tesla stock going side way?

Tsz Ho Ng

How about investors using apps like Robinhood which trades in fractional shares?

No name.

I'm not investing in tesla, I'm investing in Elon musk. This guy just sent a spaceship to the international space station....

Joe Chu Joechu8899

Please adv if some one holding say 0.75 shares now ,
what would it be after this split ?

Boo Marlee

I bought 100.00 worth while Tesla was $ 779 i doubled my money. I wonder if i dont take profit by time the split i could lose my frac share?

Dat Dude

I am just getting into investing and have almost enough to buy one share of Tesla. I will add more money over time. I just started in July. So...do you think I should invest in a whole share before the split? Also, will this make it's overall value increase faster since it will be split?

Patrick Law

Excellent Video, This is indeed very understandable, As a beginner, I’ve come to realize that experience beats hard work, I made weak profit investing on my own, but for the past 3 weeks of investing with Mr Derrick Payne, i have made huge profits. His strategies are outstanding

Paradigm Shift

What about if you own fractional shares? How will this split affect us?
I currently own 0.42 shares at market value of 613.67 and a avg cost of 1,187.13. Will this transfer over? Or should sell then buy after the split? Thanks

Tony Endaz

I'm new to trading and my question is if you are able to use a scalping strategy for options trading? Thank you.


TSLA to the moon

Dashawn Thompson

I'm just learning stocks and learnt a lot. You do a awesome job!!

Pam Music

please help, i bought at $2000 per shares, and then when the Tesla stock split let say at 2000$ 1:5 it will be 400$ right? and then how about my open order? am i supposed to keep buying at $2000?


This is the easiest money you can get! Millions of people will be millionaires by investing in Tesla. Invest all your money in Tesla right now! If you can ask for credit, just do it and invest more in Tesla!Or you will regret it for the rest of your life! Most probably Tesla will hit 100,000!!! Bullish!!! What a such an opportunity to become millionaire

Angel Moreta

damn im going to have 25 shares then

David Saithloth

Stocks are good but I swapped and invested in forex, Bitcoin and Crypto I've been earning much from it ?


Since Tesla might hit 2,000$ before the split, will we get more than a 5:1 or just higher price per share?


What if I buy Tesla stock in between August 24-28 . Would I get a split?

Roy Reyes

beautiful swan dive... post split $250 looks good entry

Mirth Cards

Quite obvious with the amount of fiat printed into the system Tsla will rise through the roof in order to be a true reflection of its market status

Jason Eddy

Too much hype, not buying

D. Sutton

Hello Charlie, thank you for providing a training well detail layout about TESLA. Great Job.

Big R92

What website did you say you use to check the strong buy - sell rating? I didn’t quite catch the name. @3:00

Dariela Padilla

so buy now or not¿


If you have $2000, which is better at this time Tesla or Apple...

Jacob Stergiou

I have 6 shares currently, should I buy more before or after the split? What is everyone opinion

Fanny Pack Doctor

hopped on the train and got 3 shares this morning ?

Steve Stewart

Your camera is mad good bro. What are you using?

Tech shiw

should we buy now or after split? can anyone who has experienced this share their thoughts on this matter?

Satin Singh

dnt buy it will suck your money wait till oct .it will go down

ikie mackinlay


K Wooo

Hey Charlie, Hey Everyone, Apple did something similar...seems like with the split if I buy at split price the return on investment at split rate would be extremely minimal... would it be better to buy more stock (in quantity) at split rate???

Mike Mai

Is it better to buy now at $1500 per share or wait after its split? Actually the stock value will going to be as same as it is now. Now = $1500 .............after 1/5 split.....5 shares at $300

Phoenix RC Crawler

I was really fortunate when I bought my Tesla stock at $255 a share. Best investment I’ve made in my very short and very ignorant investing time.

Jaybyrd Cybertruck

When you make a profit during a pandemic and yourmain factory was shut down for almost 7 weeks, then how good will they do when they are not closed and ramping higher!?
Every other automaker is down 30% to 50% for that same quarter, while Tesla grew! DURING A PANDEMIC!

What auto co. will power your car from home? Tesla or Ford? Which one will power your home? your neighborhood? your state? your country?.... This is where Tesla is heading.

edward botheras

"5 times less". What does that mean?

Win LifeGAME

I am coming here because a weird change in my portfolio.. and i found out it was split

Ross James

I see bitcoin at above 15k which is a very good move. For now we all should try and learn how to trade and invest in bitcoin. Expert William Tom helps me trade and my results has been amazing.

Natalia Villa - Amazon FBA Accelerator

Great video! Thanks to my online business, I am able to invest in great companies like Tesla and build long term wealth ?

D&D Finance

Buy now

Tom S

good content charlie! you think buying in before or after the split is smarter?

David Poulson

I made plenty last round with Tesla, I could careless what he is about..But one thing is for sure gas will be a thing of the past in 20 or 30 years maybe even sooner...


Tesla said it's reason is "to make stock ownership more accessible to employees and investors." But why now?
I think both Apple and Tesla are splitting their stocks at this time (same dates) for the same reason. Not only to make stock ownership more accessible to employees, but also to young investors and small investors.
I think both Apple and Tesla are saying (as Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily said that it's "a clear indication of confidence ." But the more important message is that I think both companies looking forward see steady 25-35% share value growth (or better) year over year going forward. Apple's averaged an annual 35%/year over the past decade. And both companies see similar - or better- growth in the future. Why just let Wall Street (the SOBs who've been trying to short f Tesla for the past few years), institutions and wizened codgers like me make all the money? One thing I did with my Apple earnings, I bought Apple computers and iPhones. My recent Tesla winnings (is there a technical term for what's been happening? stock-gasm?) is going to buy me a Model Y.
If I could say one thing about my 10+ year investment in Apple, is that it was completely obvious (still is); and it was always obvious. I think Apple and now Tesla understand the new situation. A technology company sufficiently ahead of everybody else is not only going to stay ahead, they're going to accelerate. Tesla hit a triple with Model S, a three run homer with Model 3 - when it didn't have to. And even more superfluous to its success the Model Y, which is just supposed to be a Model 3 with more air in it. (Want a bigger balloon kid? Here.) But they didn't just make a variant on the Model Y they re-engineered a lot of it. Sandy Munro's videos are a lot of fun, he's really enjoying dismantling cars made by really smart engineers. Munro said, "With the Model 3 Tesla was five years ahead of everyone else. With the Model Y, we don't know yet but it's even further ahead." The first EVs that will be competitive with the Model S are almost ready to hit the streets - 8 years after the Model S. So Apple knows and Tesla knows that they are way out in front. Their stock values have gone to the moon in the past year (I don't even try to keep track anymore. Tesla was below $200 last year today it closed 8x higher. That's 800% and it's still going. I just think these companies want to spread the wealth around -- which will also sell more computers, iPhones and Teslas.
I think Apple has at least another five years of these market beating gains, maybe more. Tesla? Tesla seems even more obvious. I think Tesla will have at least another ten incredible years. (I switched the bulk of my investment over to Tesla. If I told you when you'd be impressed, or jealous, I can't claim any special understanding, but I get to keep the money. )
And no one's mentioned yet that instead of "something we will talk over in September" (Musk) Tesla made this split now. Why now? Is that because Musk wants to let employees, and young and small investors in before Battery Day? Might this be an indication that Battery Day is going to at least as huge as the past two days and permanent? (Meaning the share price is going to leap up again and stay at those levels. Will we see Tesla $2000 this year? (This last point I have zero qualifications to predict. My other points, I think I am qualified to at least ask the questions.) I read about and learned from Warren Buffett, but when I invested in Apple I had no idea how to determine the value of a company, to see if it was a bargain. I knew Apple, believed in Apple so I invested, knowing there were key things I did not know or understand. About 8 years later, after a bust with IBM, Buffett jumped on board with me investing in Apple. He finally figured out what I knew all the time, and I finally figured out I was doing something different from what he had done. Except in one critical area: buy and hold. The way I see Tesla is that in 4-5 years it will definitely be worth $4000 or more per share, so 4 years at 30% = $4000? So $1600 today, $4000 in four years? That's +25% per year. If Tesla goes up 25% a year than today's price is cheap. (What're are the best gains of the whole market? I don't think they're 25% four years in a row) If it goes up more, then today's price is a bargain. I meant to make this short.


If I have a fractional share (.52%) will i get two shares instead? I am confused plz help lol

Raed Hanoon

I think the majority of Tesla stock holders are going in with a long term motive rather than short term gain.... causing the price to continually rise. However, incidents like the pandemic or a large economical crash can unexpectedly turn over people’s expectations

Nekole’ s Perspective

Thanks, very informative!

santiago villa

it was not surprising at all...

Judy Higgins

I thought trading bitcoins was a fantasy until I came across James Carlson, I explained to him that I was a beginner and he accepted to help me with trading with bitcoin, I traded 5,000 USD with his guidance and strategy I made up to 24,200 USD in a period of ten days. He is a God sent. The best part is this trade for only this few days, i have invest more coin to trade and earn more profits. i wish i have this knowledge way back.
James can be reached on Whatspp: +447476717980 and Telegram @ JamesC51 for inquiries into profitable trading system.

Arnold Patopaten

A company operating at a loss since 2004 yet it's stock price go up? Stock market is really a rig.

Felix Felsmann

You guys realize only Tesla‘s value isnt gonna change. There will just be more shares at a lower price, but the market cap and intrinsic value will remain the same


i thought tessla didn't pay dividends

Mahmud Hussain

I have 0.9 shares in Tesla. What does this mean for me? Will it multiply my shares as it would with a full share or will it make no difference to me? Please could someone explain. Do I sell or...? Many thanks.

Ben O.Y

I had a lot going on after I got my inheritance from my grand father and it was to much for me considering my age and what I I had to do in mind. I got introduced fxcascade thru Instegrm. He introduced me to trading and with he's assistance im able to multiply my inheritance and now I'm big in the investment game!!!


TSLA is not worth the amount per share it charges. Look at their P/E. Their costs are extremely high...this euphoria will fizzle. Why didn't you guys think TSLA was hot when it was $200, so many sat on the sidelines....nothing changed...aside from the media pumping it up right now. Musk is making a buck simply delivering what he already got money for. TSLA will drop, below what everyone is paying average in a 5:1 split, otherwise he and Apple wouldn't be doing these. They need new cash flow and more investors knowing that end of the year sucks in the stock market so don't pay more than you will if you wait until we correct. The stock market is due for a correction either on C or wave 2 or wave 4 depending on your counts. FOMO is tough to ignore but pumping to be dumped doesn't feel great either. Sure they might go way up beyond this point in the future, but not until we correct and with the elections in place we will most likely revist the lows first.

Rodney Greenway

Elon Musk will take over the world. I just hope he isnt an evil genius. 15 years from now, only Tesla's will be seen on the road, with tesla roofs on houses.

Eric White

I invested in both stocks and Cryptocurrency but currently Crypto is doing More better ??

ikie mackinlay

Wrong Myers av mate 10k of 500

Ethan H

This will have no effect long term with fractional shares being available at every major broker. If you buy a whole share at $300 you are buying 1/5th of an original share. It's legitimately the same thing. Your equity is equal. No reason to pay more for less. This will be a short pump and dumb back to Teslas normal line.


It’s a new attempt to keep the hype going. Lately it was dying down. I wouldn’t recommend buying this now. It will take Tesla years to create the actual value that is priced in at the moment. Maybe they won’t even get there ever.


Awesome move ??? TSLA going to the moon just like SpaceX?

Samantha Do

if the shares will be $300, and the stock price now is 1800$ What happens to the 300$ left? will i get an extra stock for that?

Lukai Zheng

Always on top of your game here Charlie!


Imagine if you would've bought 5 shares at the end of march ... I was sleep.


damn, TSLA shares are now $2,100 per share and up over 40% since he made this video...this stock market is irrational and at this point it could explode even higher

Joseph Hodgson

Now I can trade with full confident, this is really incredible I just can't believe I really got my first payout and made a successful withdrawal of $10,000. binary option trade have been a blessing to me and my family it was not easy when I lost my job but I am so lucky i have Mr Nicholas Myron who made me to be happy again I will advise you to stay connected and invest safe with him i am now financially building up again. you can start today like I do if you wish to give a try your testimony can be better than mine, Connect with him on Instagram Nicholas__fxtrade

Thao Tran

I have a dummy question. Assuming that Tesla stock was $1500 now and after the split, If had 1 share so after the split I would have 5. if I decide to sell one out of 5, I made only $300?

Emily Hudson

The Stocks/Forex trading market changes constantly and every successful trader wants to improve, update, enhance and make better. Even Experts with many years of experience and large profits in their bank accounts still work hard to analyze and improve on how they trade. This applies more importantly to new traders and those with minimal experience. Mr.jason rodriguez offers great assistance here. An analysis and improvement strategy gives you a structured way of maximizing your potential while also capitalizing on the good part of your trading and money management strategies. This helps you become more productive and profitable on a long run and creates a paradigm shift to the ever-changing market structures/conditions. Feel free to reach out to him via whatsapp+13605494304 this is the best time to invest in stocks

Ebon Hawk Armory

What about my partial shares? Will they also split? I own only 1.3 shares, but im just curious.

Crypto Daily

The Stock market has proved to be profitable overtime but it all depends on your choice of Investments.Investing wrongly might have you ending up with losses and no one wants that

Andrew 002

Will they split fractional shares too or pay them out?

Stock split chart

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[TSLA stock split] By what date should you buy to get split shares? ?

36 566 views | 19 Aug. 2020

TSLA stock split

TSLA stock split explained: Since my last two TSLA stock split videos I've received a ton of questions about the TSLA stock split and the the TSLA day of record. By what date do you need to buy TSLA and AAPL stocks to receive the stock split shares? If you buy after August 21 (the stock split day of record) will you still receive the split shares? I will answer this for you exactly in this video. Should you buy tsla stock now? When do you need to buy Tesla stock to get the split shares?

TSLA stock also jumped from $1400 to $1900 the day after the stock split announcement. That's an increase of 36%! Watch this video for a TSLA stock update and a TSLA technical analysis chart.

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Interested in 1 on 1 technical analysis training? https://www.patreon.com/thetravelingcrypto

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Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/aUG5Zx2


Buy a Ledger Nano S: https://www.ledger.com?r=fbb79b2fbef3



#TSLA #TSLAstock #TSLAstocksplit

Indiana Rebel

Thank you for the clarification. I had planned on holding TSLA all the way through but had to take profit when it jumped over 2100. Now I can relax and wait for a good dip to buy back in. I'm still holding AAPL though as it has not been as volatile through the process.


Thank you!

richard whaley

Just purchased Apple @ Tesla


I'm amazed at the amount of people here who can't grasp this simple concept......even after watching this video...lol
Yall should not be trading if you cant understand this....haha!

mark marcinik

Typically goes down after a split.


There is no negatives from buying after the 21st for Tesla and 24th for Apple. Just keep trading as normal

Vitaliy Gorokhovskiy

Got Tesla and apple on the 19th. Through Tesla not from another trader. Once the split happens all we can do is hope it goes back up because if so then $$$$$$$$$


I bought and doubled my shares today, if the price does a drop after the split, I will buy more. I believe this company in the long term will allow me to retire comfortably in the near future. Great explanation, I am a new sub.

ChocolateC B

I have a question. I don't own Tesla stock, so is it possible that once it splits on or after August 31, can I still buy it?

Hamza Yasin

hey thanks for the video! also if we buy it today on august 21 will it still be from the company or from the actual person? and also im planning on buying a fractional share is there any advice or tips that could help? thanks

TiiME Design

Also your video was helpful not like some other channels who talk for 20 minutes and dont teach you a thing i just subscribed

John Newsom

how does the the price effecte your decision to buy or sell, if you bought stock before 21st at(example) 204 shares at 1500 and the stock on the 21st went to 2091, should you either
(A) sell the stocks to hold the profit $591 per share and pile in on 31st if you think the stock value will go up, or
(B)hold and wait for 31st at the new stock price with 5:1 shares from the split?
If you do (B) and the stock falls from 2091 to 1600 then do you lose value, yes you have more stocks but you lose value and if you did (A) you would have more money to buy more stocks that could be greater than what you would have from the split?
That is(was) the problem i had on the 21st, guess what i did

Mike Moore

Ok gents.... I own Apple and Tesla currently. I want buy more before Aug 30th. Do I buy more apple or Tesla? Thanks for the help.


If you look at how insane the stock price rises I get the feeling some buyers think they get 4 stocks for free. I wonder if they understand 1 Tesla stock will just split into 5 and so will their value on the 31st.

Cristhian Osorio

I’m a new investor , bought a couple shares at around $1900. I like the idea of selling them now and make a couple hundred bucks off of flipping them. And I would be able to buy back in post split and be able to get a lot more shares. But I been seeing and reading that long term ,Tesla is a great investment . Any tips from anyone ? Taking into consideration tax and your personal experiences.

samuel cook

Great video definitely getting at least 1 share after split something is better then nothing at all.

João Matos Graça

On what video/medium should we use to get your comments for next week in tesla? Do you think it will be crazier or less crazy than this week?

steve herdnerfer

Best explanation I've seen so far. Thanks.


Awesome explanation and clarification - You have put my anxiety at ease now. Keep up the Great Vidoes!

Karen Wallace

Very helpful! I was trying to find the answer to this question last week and found it here My curiosity gets to me so I'm glad it's finally satisfied Thank you!

SiPho B11nchean

Thanks for your explanation of the stock splits of AAPL and TSAL! Appreciated very much and subscribed!


New feature coming...Snake jazz and Polynesian elevator music = s&p inclusion coming soon

Desert Rivers

Robinhood is the reason I start investing.

Antrod Campbell

What a shot at robinhood traders

Shane Mershon

What about if I had Tesla the morning on Aug 21st and didn't realize and sold at noon when it peaked? Even though I sold, think I will still have been on record?

Kimberly Griffin

Bought on 8/20/2020 @10:24 am hooray ?

Mullican Designs


Jason S

Bought tesla.... then it stops going up

Wild Bill Arizona

Anyone know if Robinhood with x5 the fractional shares or will they be cashed out?

Emory Polley

I've been all over Google about buying after the 21st, im already a share owner of a few shares as i only have so much I can invest but wanted to know what would happen had I bought 1 more share after the 21st


Wonder if someone can help me.. I've subbed to the Patreon diamon level.. but I dont see the private channel (on discord). My query for help has gone un-answered.. how do i see that channel?

Gábor Fentősi

And I sold few month ago at 780 because I thought wayyyy to high... hahahaha


thanks for this video. Your the only person that has given a clear explanation of the date of record

Sam M

Thanks for this. Do you happen to know when the value of Apple would be now if it hadn’t had 5 stock splits?

I make Headstones

Does this apply to fractions of a share too? I've only got half a share.

Kentrel Hayes

I want to read that article you’re citing but it’s not in the description ?

Oscar Trevino

Really good information.

Mark Height

If I buy now the previous owner will receive the 4 stock split shares and they will be transferred to me, right? So even if I buy right now, I get the 1:5 shares at the end of the day?

Elvis M

My plan is to buy after, because I’m assuming they want to allow buyers at a decent price

Rena Kwong

Thank You very much for the explaination.
Many Thanks from Singapore?

The Traveling Trader

✅?⚡?Get access to the trade alerts and/or 1 on 1 training here: https://www.TTTsignals.com ?⚡?✅

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Raymond Carson

Thanks so much, nobody mentioned that but you, good looking out. Now I got time to grab that apple on a hopeful dip before the the 31st

Julie nguyen

Thank you for the video. It was very helpul!!

Tadas Gustas

guys, what do you think, should I buy some stocks right after the split or wait and then buy? I presume, after the split it will be the lowest possible price, no?


If I bought post Tesla date of record and you’re saying my stock will still split, why didn’t i get an email from Robinhood explaining the split like everyone else?

John K

Gotcha, I was wondering about that. Personally I’m hedging my bets. Half pre split, and half after.


I own both and holding both as well.

Marlon Brown

Ok. I'm up $138.00 on a 1/3rd share of Tesla my investment is $500 so my 1/3rd share is valued at $638.00. what happens when the 5-1 split occurs? Will my 1/3rd share multiply to 5 times its 1/3rd of a share? I use Stash.

Claudio Saleta

Great material, thanks. I have 90 shares and holding. Believe, like at the end of market today, 21st, just happened a retracement down to $2050, it will continue somewhat next week on monday or/and Tuesday, so I will buy more then.
Just after the split the 31st in the morning there will be rally, ppl will want to buy the "cheap" $400ish share price. So it will rally then, until it gets tired and selloff again, few days into September (retracement after). Then it will rally again buying the rumour for the Battery Investors Day, then rally for the end of the quarter Tesla sales numbers (buy the rumor), starting October. Then all the way to end of the year (earnings call, and news on gigafactories and new models).

Jay Jay

Wow and here I thought I needed to buy today in order for me to get the 5 shares. Thank you!

Hayden Barlow

Thanks for this video. The day of record vs the day of split really hasn’t been covered on YouTube.

NY Professional

Great job! Are you going to do a video on the split impact on APPL / TSLA options?

Petite Trader

You can buy until August 30th or 31st?

Ray Vlogs The Goat

Thanks for a very informative video. As a long term investor should I buy shares now or after the split, also is it wise to buy it on Margin?

Rusty Shackelferd

So i noticed almost no one read the actual text. (like a confession.) the actual words matter. TSLA will split and as of the recording date (21st) will receive a DIVIDEND split. If you buy TSLA after the 21St they get a cash stock split. If you buy after you will get a Split shares plus 1. Check out the actual words in the TSLA legality of the split. Qualified dividens held for 2 months are taxed differently. IF at all. under 40k. as a trader. This TAX matters as to the split. Check it out.


Just bought 2 Apple shares today and wanted to make sure I didn’t lose out at all.

James Harris

The best time to buy shares of Tesla was back in 2010 at the IPO when the price was $19.50 / share.

Anthony Smith

Thanks for this explanation- you're the first I've heard explain it properly. Tesla should really have clarified that in their statement


got 6 shares at $1400 im holding long term

John Jackson

The way it was explained to me by a fidelity advisor was, the 21st is the shareholder record date. If you own shares on the 21st, you will be eligible for the stock split on the 31st. If you buy in after the 21st you won't be eligible. It's like getting a dividend, if you own that dividend on a certain date, you get the dividend on the payout date. If you buy that dividend after the date you don't get the dividend. So, don't depend on Jill.

macarony don

Thank you for the clarification. Crystal clear

Samantha Do

Will tesla cost $300 per share on the 31st? Or only if you own Tesla stocks, the stock will split for you?

Collin Horn

Thanks for the clarification!


Wouldn't it be bad for investors who has been investing for a long period of time if theey keep doing the split?

Bryan Nugent

Is Jill an example of E*TRADE and entities like that?

christian tinoco


Dan Mac

4:38 I'm confused. August 22 is Saturday, markets closed.

Melissa H

Fantastic explanation, and even better illustrations! Thank you :)

Morten Rye Olsen

Thank you for breaking it down reel reel good ? It can be tough hanging in there, when People are trying explain something to you, when you are nervous in situations like these. But you did me a solid here. Thanks!

Max Pham

Great information... thx for taking the time


Im still confused. There are some videos saying that people wont be eligible for the split if you buy after the record date

Stanley Sam

Thank you that made more sense than 25 other videos I saw for that question !


How many tsla shares everyone got and what % of your portfolio. I have 300 shares making 66% of my pf. Wish I was like Steven from Solving the money problem, with 99.7% in tsla.


It really doesn't matter if you buy now or after the split.. price now is 2000 a share... after split it will be 500 a share... video makes it sound like your getting free shares, the truth is the share gets split to four ways with the price

jason x

Whats up billy joel


@traveling trader you should do a analyst video on how the months were after appl, googl split with price. Different companies from Tesla but would def help the ppl out to understand maybe when to get in.


Thank you for this short and sweet explanation ??

Michael Lee

Thank you for the video! Very clear and nicely explained.

Clint Young

I bought 5 TSLA stocks before split, and thanks for breakdown of what happens next.

Naturlighet Simba

That is explanatory man! not that much information about this from the web. You definite help me a lot! :)


So, if you bought a now I still get 5 for 1 split?


Great video!!! I just liked and subscribed. I own 250 shares of AAPL & 40 shares of TSLA in my IRA. I bought them prior to the record dates just to make sure there were no concerns on the day of the split. Thanks for your thorough explanation.


So if I bought .47 of a share for 1,000 dollars on August 26, on the 31st I will own 2.3 shares which will make me more money in the long run?

João Matos Graça

Thanks a lot!

troubleless one

Got Tesla and Apple before their date or records. I was wondering about what happens after and this helped quite a bit. I imagine those getting their shares from the companies directly will be ahead of the rest of the market and possibly earn more on shares they might sell afterwards; while those buying after the date of record may lose value after the split settles to it's real value....

thank you for this info.. sub'd and liked.

Natalia Taylor

What are your thoughts on NIO?


I come a teen from Hong Kong and I have not seen any stock split before . This video provides me a clear explanation. So much better than many online articles on google. Appreciated

Dontae M

Omg I wish I could give you 100 likes lol.. I’ve been attempting to figure this out for almost 2 weeks now ?

Trey Brown

QUESTION: if I have .5 shares in Tesla will my stock still split??


Thank you for the info!

Frank Kwok

I was a bit worried earlier till I saw this video. (Bought Tesla stock on august 24th) This video helped to clarify my confusion.????

Chris Chester

I was looking for this answer all over Twitter, couldn't find it. Thanks very much for clearing this up!

SouL FooD

what if you are holding a position on Forex? sell before split? i can’t imagine it’ll hold the same value in Forex.

Tony Redemann

I went ahead and bought 4 now. Im in it for the long run so not really too worried about buying before or after. I'm just glad they decided to do split now considering where they could be in 5-10years. I'd much rather buy Tesla now and get extra shares right before the start of potentially massive growth rather than just have 4 shares. Very excited to see where Tesla is 5-10 years from now!

TiiME Design

Hey man quick question so right now I own 2 shares for tesla worth around $4k will I still have the $4k or will I lose the money? *I am a beginner trader

Ekeba Slay

Veri nice man, simple and informative ?

Pawel Piotr Pyc

Second Tesla stock split after exceeding $ 1000? Price rocket up? :-)

What do you think Guys?
I read that the first split was planned at $ 800.

But before it happened, the price jumped..

JONNY_Z__ 370z NA

You hold Tesla until Sept 22nd where the $400 split share will go up to $550




I sold my Tesla shares today then bought them again. On the 21st I had those shares. Where will my shares come from on the 31st?

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brian B

Great videos keep it active. Your information is really helpful, do you have anything on antero resources?

Shelia Moore

If u could see my face when your example was "TOP SHIPS" ?

Jose Sanchez

I liked the hat lol
good info


Can you make a video on INOVIO, why did it crash so badly ? Is the company a scam, or is it cuz Roth downgraded the stock? I’m so confused with this stock . There’s soooo much good news about it but it keeps tanking . So many questions

Zlatan Stevic

So, I've bought 3000 shares of a company which had its peak in 2007 trading at $235 per share. Currently trading at $3.06 and had a 1:50 reverse split in 2013.

However, explain me why a reverse split cannot be positive in a way, should company re-position itsself. For example, the company currently has 50 times less outstanding shares, meaning the future value can be divided among less shareholders. Isn't that positive? By the way, the company I'm speaking about currently has 110m shares outstanding. That's basically not a lot.

Could you work me trough this?

Wendell Norris

what are small oil company that got a hard hit that we could see into maybe risking some money jnto? I do t you say you do t advice no one to do anything but let's say which ones would you put money kn? ?

Mb Locations

Awesome share Louie! I'm a freaking novice investor, more of a gambler (so don't heed my thoughts on oil co's), but u asked for a comment to ur question... I think the oil sector will come back - the world (countries, states, provinces, counties) won't all reopen at the same time, but the agriculture communities live & die by their planting/ growing & harvesting season (their season isn't when a government dictates) - they HAVE to purchase fuels in order to succeed. Grain farming is about to start up where I am and fuel prices are beginning to jump (was 67.9¢/ litre 2 days ago & today is at 79.9¢/ litre) - they seem to get hammered by the rise in fuel costs every year, maybe this is a different time, I don't know... just throwing in my 2 cents out of respect to your question. Great vid man! ?✌️

Leta Patrick

Thank you for this. Can you go into more detail on how that will effect ACHV stock prices tomorrow when they do a 1-20 Reverse stock split

Joey Garcia

Big Louie love this intel cuz I'm new at trading...so that's what it means...much appreciated for the know how or what....
Also, good vibes on the vids, keep up the energy...like always stay FRESH AND ENERGIZED...
Donno, not sure how one can survive except ride them low them get rid of them high..but not stay for awhile unless they have history of earnings...that's my take chief...

Tuck t

Chfs voted down r/s. Why does sp increase if voted down ?

Michael Anderson



Hey brother it’s me again hope you sold inovio when you had the chance again like I said I’ve shorted it once again and have made 15k this trade. Good luck ??

Tony Steel

Groupon did a reverse this week, and my Vanguard portfolio is showing a short term gain of around $26,000. Is that accurate?! I thought these splits were to generate a loss of value to the holders.

Drey Gates

This just literally happened again. I could not figure out how the 52 week high changed from $13 to $242. That's so deceptive. How do they come up with the new number?

peter sisco

That's good to know about that website .
As I've said right now other than ETFs I am dealing with mostly penny stocks since I'm literally using coffee money to build up my experience and learn . AMC is obviously one I keep talking about and though it dipped today over all I'm doing ok with it . My overall return average on my cash app ( about 7 weeks or so ) is just over 5 percent , but I got mixed up in that USO Debacle , the Lindsay Lohan of my portfolio ?, but on Robinhood I'm averaging 20 percent over almost 8 or 9 days since starting on it . TTI is one I bought for 27 cents . I bought 40 shares and have gained 94.5% ? even on some that have dipped I'm still well in the black . The nice thing about buying stock for under a dollar, especially now while learning is something's I can just let ride to learn how to read the trends and warning signs of what is coming .

Quila Bug Rochelle Green

Thanks for the game. I had 80k shares in a pharmacy company that changed to a split share this morning. I'm new so it messed my head up to wake up to 3k shares. 1 to 30 split. Hope something good comes from it. I gotta give this one to God. They trying to play me?.


I’ve been following Whiting petroleum and have around 650 shares in them. I think they can survive but if it gets to around $1.50 I will probably take my money and keep my eye on the stock. Any one else have thoughts on Whiting ?

Jack Black

not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 FKNG INTROS!!!!!!!! WTF is this bullcrap?


If you try to find the next Amazon.. you will find my stock ?

David Allegro

I believe the oil companies will be fine it's just there's an extra two or three month supply don't get me wrong everybody got smacked hard across the whole entire world


so what do the higher older prices actually mean lol

David Cooper

Checked out the stocksplit.com website think my new 6 are OK..
B2gold.. Mcewen inc..Ballard.. plug power ..kosmos oil and aphria. Very new to this so apphreciate your videos boston louie

Wendell Norris

Some of them definitely will. I wouldn't say all of them but some of them for sure. Now it is for us to sort of try to make educated guesses about which one could?

Vlad Kogan-Ahmadyarov