Tokia ico review

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TOKIA ICO Review Mobile Exchange opportunity 2017/2018!!!

2 821 views | 22 Dec. 2017

Tokia ico Mobile

Tokia ico Mobile exchange

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News! TOKIA partnership with IUNGO ICO still 15% discount

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New Tokia video:


New Zclassic & BTC Fork Bitcoin Private video:


Sphere ico video:


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johnny 7

hello fella, I bought some yesterday can you hold them on to them on tokia or do you have to send out...cheers


Just did the research...Love the ico Tokia..and certainly will invest...good luck in building your Chanel!


What do you think to Ethos?

p84rash03 ?

I bought 5000 tokia token does that mean I get 50x bonus


Why don't they work in the United States? Do they work in Canada?

Tokia ico review

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Tokia ICO Free Crypto Exchange? BEWARE! Part 2

3 868 views | 4 Jan. 2018

Part 2...

You may

Part 2...

You may have heard of Tokia ICO if you are watching this video. I stumbled upon it and began researching it and I am sharing what I have found. Is it a revolutionary completely free crypto coin exchange or is it a exit scam or well crafted scheme? Find out in this video! Before you buy in, check it out here!

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Saheed Oyetunde

Thanks for the review. Everything you said make perfect sense!!! Looks so fishy to me!!!



Saheed Oyetunde

What do you think of titanium...? and Crypterium if you dont mind?

Ciber Dog

You need to have more due diligence there Not listed as a scam . look for your self. http://badbitcoin.org/index.htm

Ashfaq Saleemi

Quite a good info man. Thank you!

3분미드영어 MD

it's very good info thank you so much

Texas Mann

Scam update:
This "scam" released the Alpha version of its trading platform last week the beta version will be available in the coming weeks, some of their partners include Bitcoinus, Dorado and Miner One.
TKA opened today for trading on hitbtc, for about double early ico price. Still holding... another exchange expected next week (not counting idex)



I like how you do your research on coins and companies. :D Very well investigated. Have you looked at LIFE token? From Lifelabs.io ? They are scheduled to launch their marketing campaign and debit card beta test in early Feb. You could be the first crypto analyst to get out there and research it to possibly recommend it before it hits the TRISTANA phase ("League of Legends" inside joke 'Rocket Jump'). Right now its a VERY buyable coin at 2/10 ths of a penny each.

Bruno Fehr

They accept Credit Card so the bank can be tracked and you can chargeback if no product is delivered.


Ankorus is NOT in the same market as Tokia. Ankorus is more similar to Polymath. Ankorus integrates the securities exchanges. Tokia will be a crypto exchange. Advisors usually do get paid. They don't work for free..

Ciber Dog

I received the tokes instantly this morning after a small lite coin investment . http://wallet.tokia.io/Referal/de122efb-3493-4a79-9feb-e832e8d0021d

Jayton M

good info thank you


Agreed. I got into this ico too early, stupid Facebook ads. Now I don't know where this ico is headed, they still don't have a CTO or a developer team. The recent video by Anna was a joke, she just stitched a few words together and said blockchain. One fine day they can easily just pull the plug and make a nice clean get away.


scam for sure! they are vanished :)

Tokia ico review

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TOKIA ICO Review | 6/10 | Enhancement in Traditional Crypto Wallet (Hindi / Urdu)

1 985 views | 18 Jan. 2018

Safe TOKIA ICO Link -

Safe TOKIA ICO Link - https://goo.gl/Pu3njH

my rating - 6/10

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OM Pal Rathour

यह एक्सचेंजर कौन से कंट्री का है

Funny Re

Bhai Bitconnect(BCC) ke regarding kuch batao Wo ek dam se itna down kio hua plz

Gabe Gabriel

I think this ICO will be the one of the best for the game industry. Have a look on it https://refereum.com/?refid=oxn6huybuv . Also, you can win a lot of prizes in tokens. That's really cool!!

Trailer Of Movies

Hi Bro Gurmeet here... kya Cardano ko binance say buy kar sakta hu or ye safe hai abhi kyu ki, binance main "Network Busy, withdrawal suspend" bataa raha hai ?

Desi Crypto

Safe TOKIA ICO Link - https://goo.gl/Pu3njH

Atul Ray

Our registered users are entitled to free LEGITCARD for ATM cash withdrawal of Legitcoin or any cryptocurrency worldwide.
Receive your 5 (LEGIT) Legitcoin tokens ($10) when you signup today.
1 LEGIT is predicted to reach $70 by March 2018.

Desi Crypto

Try To use Myetherwallet or you can read details in their website . If you want to participate in this ICO .

Vikas Kaushik

koinex pr kal apne BTC sell kiye they aur uske badle INR receive bhi ho gaye. Par ab mai jab bhi koi coin buy karta hu to LOW BALANCE error aa rahi hai. Maine kai baar mail, SMS, Ticket sbmit kar diya pr koi solution nahi mila. Support team is in Silent mode...
Solution Kaise milega???


I searched about the tokia leaders on net but i didnt get any information

Gurpal Singh

Great bro

Trailer Of Movies

Ek or question hai brother...maine ECC coin liya hai CryptoBridge main but ab mujhe ECC ke badle ECA lena hai... kyu ki ECC ki na to koi website chal rahi hai or na he social updates hai,
ab main ECC say ECA ko kese lu?

abhishek ashish

Titanium blocchain ke bare me kuch information de do bhai