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LinkedIn Live: Security Considerations for Containerization and Kubernetes

21 views | 22 Jan. 2021

Warehousing applications

Warehousing applications in containers doesn’t automatically make them secure. In this LinkedIn Live session, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Victor Aranda, and Chase Christensen discuss the three phases of containerization security and how, when deployed properly, containerized environments with Kubernetes can allow organizations to achieve agility and scale while mitigating the security risks.

Today, Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) is optimally positioned within a portfolio of solutions. We enthusiastically look toward the future. What will business and IT be able to accomplish? What will emerge as new possibilities? We will continue to navigate the opportunities, design thoughtful strategies, and deliver optimal outcomes, just as we always have. Join us for the journey to come.

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Linkedin market cap

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New CCIV and Lucid Motors Merger Evidence! CCIV LUCID MOTORS MERGER UPDATE

6 631 views | 9 Feb. 2021

New CCIV and Lucid Motors

New CCIV and Lucid Motors Merger Evidence! CCIV LUCID MOTORS MERGER UPDATE

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ATI Markets

Old news and my video talked about the sec rule last week already thanks



Anna Wei

Compelling info, wonder why it’s taking so long to announce merger. ??☺️

Minh Nguyen

Good to know, sounds like they are prepping to go public. How we dont know still.


Dude, you are milking this now... Everything you showed in this video we have had for weeks bro.

D. Lipp

Lucid is not listed and dont have to follow those rules, CCIV have to tho... but they are in talks so I dont know if its misleading. Klien should just come out and confirm the negotiations

Bindair Dundat

How about just focus on putting out quality videos instead of putting out 10 garbage videos a day. How are you going to get subscribers doing that?

Gavin Graves

If this merger takes place does anyone have an estimate as to what the stock price may be ? And will there be stipulations for current CCIV share holders ?

Drew Perks

Why try to apply a document that only applies to publicly traded companies to a non publicly traded company? More importantly Lucid and or CCIV can't say anything about a merger until they've filled with the SEC, they can only deny or say no comment before that time. So essentially you're trying to create false hype for a video where there is none.

the real J.A.K.E

These rules apply to CCIV not Lucid since it's CCIV stock. CCIV put out a neutral statement in January when the stock price hit 17.

Kevin Lay

I saw that doc last week. I’m bullish. Peter, Michael, Andrew and Yasir are all business friends. They will merge I believe.

Xinsheng Huang

Does the "docs" say anything about cciv? Could be ddiv.


Thank you for your info,

Rick Ramirez

For newbies can you add context, like how often is there this much evidence, how often do they end up not happening or going with a different spac etc I haven’t heard anyone mention how unique all this evidence is or not

H. D. Smith

I think there are only two ways this could end. The first is they merge with CCIV; the other is the CEO of Lucid simply walks away with nothing which is highly unlikely.
My reasoning is the Saudi‘s own 69% of Lucid. As a result Lucid and CCIV are negotiating over 30%. That’s why this is taking so long. They won’t IPO or use another spec because investors are all in on CCIV. If they decide to go public, no investment group would touch them. The stock would get crushed. The last option is private. The P in Saudi’s PIF stands for Public not private. It would literally take billions to build Gigafactories around the world to compete with Tesla. Going private would not be able to generate the required capital.

Keyvan Makki

is this new information for you? came out last week

Sung Kim

Lucid is not public so not bound to NYSE rules. Also Lucid original plan is to a Direct Listing. Hence the job postings.

Simranpal Singh

What do YOU think about this?

Naughty Goat Farm

Isn't cciv a public company?

Iván Chocrón

Hey! Do you mind doing research on Klein’s new spac? This spac went into the stock market only a week ago. It’s CCV (Churchill Capital five instead of CCIV which is four). I’m suspecting it is possible for lucid to go with another Klein’s SPAC so the price wouldn’t be as inflated already. I think that could make them raise more money. What do you think? I got nervous when I saw their new spac. What says it’ll be CCIV instead of CCV?

enzo gabriele

Dude people are getting frastreted and losing there patince with CCIV, so what the heck are waiting for, are they waiting for the stock to plunge again ???????

Ryan S

Good video. Keep the merger info coming as you find it!

Martin Woods

Even Wikipedia says Lucid is going to merge with CCIV in February:
"Lucid was founded in 2007 under the name Atieva and originally focused on building electric vehicle batteries and powertrains for other vehicle manufacturers.[5]

Some of Lucid's 500 employees as of 2016 had previously worked at other car companies such as Tesla and Mazda, including Peter Rawlinson, the former VP of Engineering at Tesla,[3] and Derek Jenkins, the former Head of Design at Mazda North America Operations.[6] The company has seen investments from Tsing Capital, Mitsui, Venrock, JAFCO, and others,[6][7] providing an estimated US$131 million by 2016.[8] Venrock, Mitsui, and JAFCO are still current investors in the company.[9]

The company rebranded to Lucid Motors in October 2016 and officially announced its intent to develop an all-electric, high-performance luxury vehicle.[5]

On November 29, 2016, state and company officials announced the planned construction of Lucid's US$700 million manufacturing plant in Casa Grande, Arizona, which was projected to employ up to 2,000 workers by the mid-2020s,[10][11][12] initially building 20,000 cars and expanding up to 130,000 cars per year. The factory was then to be designed to support a maximum capacity of 380,000 cars per year.[13] As of November 2016, the company had planned to break ground in 2017, and have cars in production by early 2019.[14]

On September 17, 2018, Lucid Motors announced that they were in talks with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia for a funding valued at over $1 billion.[15][16] The investment was completed in April 2019.[17] The investment will fund: the final engineering and testing of the Lucid Air model; the first-phase construction of its manufacturing plant in Casa Grande, Arizona;[16] the commercial production of the Lucid Air; and Lucid's worldwide retail strategy, beginning in North America.[15][16][18] Construction of the plant began in late 2019. In 2021, Lucid Motors plans to merge with Churchill Capital and its SPAC CCIV. Details of the merger will be announced in February. [19]"

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Top 10 Companies by Market Cap

17 541 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Which are the Top 10

Which are the Top 10 companies by Market Capitalization as of December 2020? The CAGR performance of these 10 companies over the last 10 years is compared here. Bajaj Finance is the clear outlier among the top 10 stocks in terms of CAGR returns

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#InvestYadnya #YIA

saurabh renke

Please make video on Heidelberg cement

Amit Tiwari

sir, in case you don't have any issue, can you tell me which software you use for recording?

Prateek Johri

Simply brilliant ?

Aniket Raje

I own 9/10 stocks for a decade and feel good keeping them and holding on to them for the next decade


Why are banking and PSU Debt funds falling since 10 Jan. Interest rates are same as before.

yerragunta ashok

Nice presentation


This channel deserves more subscribers


which of this companies where in the top 10, ten years back ?

Ashok kr Sah

Great sir

Dinesh Mehra

Very good parimal sir esa video banate raho knowladge badhta he kaha long term investment kare ...vo pata chal sake

ramya sri

Very good data points




Sir, please give us information about ETF

Saurabh g

It is always good learning from you and your analysis. If you can share analysis on some companies like Dixon Technologies.

Naman Jain - Editing Photos Videos

Just look at Bajaj 120 times return.
Yes it will not repeat it's history.
But it make a opportunity for many new company that move from small cap to top 10 large cap

Mohit Sinha

Should we invest in index funds with around 1% expense ratio when we all know which stocks are there in NIFTY50? Can’t we simply imitate it in our portfolio?


Sir please provide same with mid caps

Rajan Chauhan

Thanks a lot ?

Anurag Ojha

Please sir, video on Tata power

Abhijit Dhar

Parimal sir I am having 6 companies out of 10 and my portfolio growing with 25% average and after seeing this Video my confidence level is high that I am in right track

Aniket Raje

Please give the link of that Mutual Fund comparison ?

Sandeep Kakde

Make a video on best NBFC for fixed deposit.

Deepak Chheda

Yaar, aap har baar dil jeet le te ho...big fan of yours...great analysis ?

jai pandya

Excellent video Parimal ji ?.... Wating for next Video ?

Anmol Shete

I m holding Hul from last 1 years and returns I get only 9 percent ?

Samina Hasan

Nice to get such information, thnx ☺

Naresh Bhati

First Viewer sirji

Husain Modiwala


prashanth choudhary

Sir make a video on power sector

charvi chandwani

Can you please give us a fair idea of what ratios are important for different sectors. There is no video on that seperately.

Arush Mehara

Nice video sir


???? sir ji you are chankya of stock market you are doing well jai hind ??????

Vinod Mehta

kya bat hai sir. very good company for Long term. Thank you again


Tell Some penny stocks...

Uday Joshi

Very good information.

Rahul Bhamre

Sir coforge share ke video banavo please ans

Yadnya Investment Academy

Download the Complimentary Report on Indian Stock Market 2010-2020 from here -

Sonal Paul

Make a video on top 10 mid/small cap which can grow in coming years

Ajneet Bhosale

Good video

Laxmisha K M

Sir plz analyse the textile sector in your next video.. I have asked about this many a times before..

Hilpesh Vyas

I want to avail portfolio management service of something like that.. please guide

charan singh chouhan

Good series

Naman Jain - Editing Photos Videos

Next decade.
I am looking at ITC , Tata consumer in FMCG

in finance looking at murthoor finance, IDFC first and even Bandhan to some extent.

In automobile it could happen mother-son sumi could come in large cap and Tata motors could become the market leader with help of Tata chemical and Tata Power.

A space company will come with ipo and everyone will laugh for 2-3 years and then it will show its real potential.

Dmart will come in biggest company of India list and could become walmart of india and will have pan India vision be successful.
And there would be 2-3 company like Bajaj finance and eicher motors that people will regret to not invest and no one if guessing it's name.

Palash Bhanwal

Rajesh export and itc analysis

BE20IT050_Lakshya Bhanot

Top 10 companies
1-Reliance Industries CAGR-15%
3-HDFC Bank
6-HDFC ltd
7--Kotak Mahindra Bank
8-ICICI Bank
9-Bajaj Finance
10-Bharti Airtel

afroz jamal

Bonus given to Companies may also matters for shares like Infosys...

Governor Swaraj

It is always a treat to listen to you.

abhijit bhatt

Love your research sir.

Hilpesh Vyas

Please send direct link to avail

Kunal Goel

No Asian paint in top 10 ???

Ajeet Singh Patel

video on what happened to top 10 stocks ( market cap)of 2010, of 10 year ago

Bikash Paikaray

SBI kahin nahi hein

Ajit Mane

Great information ??

mahesh shah

Where is ITC??


? thanks sir??

Hilpesh Vyas

Where how to avail Research product sir?

Ansh Grover

Always wanted to know this kind of data, could you tell me how to research all this?


Salute Sir

Krish Raghuwanshi

Aegis logistics video analysis

K O Yash Want

Hi sir

Mohit Popat

Holding 6 out of this 10