Today's corn prices

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June 2020: Updated Supply/Demand/Price Prospects for Corn and Soybeans

736 views | 1 Jul. 2020

Webinar that reviewed

Webinar that reviewed USDA’s June 30 Grain Stocks and Acreage reports. Todd Hubbs and Scott Irwin considered balance sheets and price implications for both old and new crop corn and soybeans. The USDA’s estimate of June 1 stocks of corn and soybeans provided a clearer picture of total 2019-20 marketing year consumption, ending stocks, and price prospects.

Today's corn prices

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Corn Price Forecast Dec 2019: I hope You Will Be Able to Afford Your Food (836)

46 457 views | 5 Jun. 2019

With the worst planting

With the worst planting figures ever recorded in the USA and China struggling to get planted I wanted to use historical charts and figures from the USDA to forecast to Dec 2019 prices so that you can see where we are heading with food prices. It doesn't look pretty unless you are corn call long. THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE ONLY A GLIMPSE THROUGH HISTORY TO THINK ABOUT WHERE GLOBAL PRICES ARE MOVING.

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•2021 the world wakes up to the fact that the Grand Solar Minimum is here

•UK fake Warmest Easter ever report

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•Massive influx of dark energies as people begin to fear the GSM

•Newfoundland Canada abandons agriculture as it is becoming too difficult to farm any longer

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Corn Price Strength Grows on Supply Issues https://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2019/05/corn-price-strength-grows-on-supply-issues.html


Satellite images of flooding https://krolowasuperstarblog.wordpress.com/2019/05/31/powodzie-w-stanach-zjednoczonych-widziane-okiem-satelity/

Planting Issues: How to Get Out of Futures Contracts You May Not Fill https://www.agweb.com/article/planting-issues-how-to-get-out-of-futures-contracts-you-may-not-fill/

Crunch Time: 31 Million Corn Acres Unplanted https://www.agweb.com/article/crunch-time-31-million-corn-acres-uplanted-naa-anna-lisa-laca/


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Darren McFeaters

Good thing Jersey corn isnt affected. My favorite.


"The end is coming, buy this shit" LOL!

deborah pritchard

cant people understand this is GODS will there is no climate change it is a lie revelations


Boy, sure am glad we are taking in all these Immigrants/Refugees, aren't you!? We will have enough trouble feeding OUR Nation's People!! Nevermind these fuks!!

Glenn Zlotowski

Bible says days wages for a loaf of bread , we shall see

Shaun Zmann

Makes me think," gods cleaning off that GMO ASS CORN, so we all are able to eat, without cancer causing additives in our foods


Great video, great content thank you very much

jean skilling

People that can grow at least some of their own food are lucky. It's not to late to start .

junior third

Corn is bad for you anyway. The natives fed corn to their livestock they never ate it themselves.

Coach Men

Well turning off ethanol production could free up a lot of corn

president elect neo Bailey

"Rain on the scarecrow...... blood on the plow " famine is coming, prepare accordingly

Nancy mertens

This is called a world famine! We aren't alone - we have you! This is prophesied in the WORD of our Bible~~~~~~~earthquakes, famine + pestilence!????⚓️??, Nancy, NYS

You're right, stock up now! In Aldi's I got some yeast and sugar and GF Four to make our own bread! Praise JESUS!!


Hopefully the u.s. will not export


Wheat price in UK are 40% lower than last year. Why is yours higher.

Wayne Lander

Hidden blessing:
Goodbye high fructose corn syrup!! ???

Wayne Lander

Can you pass along your best research on seed saving??

john harker

Sorghum is generally what farmers plant when corn fails. I'd sell any futures in it

Danny Morrisseau

Just snow in Canada Bobby. Make you you add it to your up date lol https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/barrie/2019/6/3/1_4449750.html


Supposed To SNOW Montana to Dakotas tomorrow 9 JUNE then send cooler dryer air across to the East

Corn Pop

Good time to go on a diet fatties


$7.5M on the corn contract :-)

Camel Tanker

If the sky is falling, time to buy some futures contracts.

Rose White

Jesus said in This Tribulation that there would be crazy weather.
Read Matthew 24 in a good KJV Study Bible.

Mrod Jeepers

Field corn is not human food at all. Only good for cattle feed and mainly ethanol.


Some people in the global warming side are preparing for the blue ocean event. Other people on the mini ice age side are preparing for grand solar minimum.

cher Acker

Thank you! This is so amazing. I can't believe what you know. I will support you for sure.

Breki Solo

Not to mention the extremely high probability of an early winter this year. First freeze could come in early Sept. Very interesting. I live in the PNW, and we have had summer conditions since March. Looking at the snowfall down under I think our winter is going to be early and harsher than last year. Good thing we got the victory garden going, even with the drought-like conditions here in the rainy city.

An-T M

Can hemp help the small gardner?

Enchanted Forest Homestead

I keep getting kicked out of your channel. You tube keeps "redirecting" me to other junk?

No more War

No more corn for ethanol - but they’ll just pay out the corporate farms billions to compensate them for not growing - and the small farmer will be lucky to get anything.


Notice on the corn usage chart that Yapper Crapper's take up 8% of the supplies in the US, that's obscene. I see tons of people walking around 2-3 or 4 of these constantly....this goofy mania will end in the GSM. The only ones left will be the working dog- ranch, farm, hunting, security.


"Control oil, and you will control the world; control food, and you control people!!"
Henry Kissinger

Steven Johnson

Back in 2011 when the Missouri flooded it took up to 5 years to be able to raise a good crop and MAKE a profit due to all the contamination in the river water.

hoopla lala

Do u sell organic tho

Michele La Monica

It's a blessing ... 90-95% of commercially grown corn is GMO ... So who gives a rats *!$ ... Until they do the right thing by the consumer EVERYTHING they touch will turn to disaster ... "YOUR HARVEST IS BASED ON THE SEEDS THAT YOU SOW" ... BELIEVE IT ...


Gonna have to feed animals too instead of using it for ethanol

Paradise for the Hellbound Author/Designer

I do appreciate the info if its true. But Why is it that the commentator sounds so cheery and happy about incoming doom?....He has almost with an "I told you so" tone to his report of possibly mass starvation? Just wondering... I am new to this chanel still need verification of this information first, the inappropriate tone is either bad acting (as many youtube channels are fiction productions) or some hidden agenda. Please don't block me just want to know whats going on?

Bruce MacKinnon

This flows on to the feedlots for cattle and the piggeries. Food supply crash.

Joker Ace

One day I saw chemtrail galore in the sky. Then floods downwind for the next several weeks.


Anybody notice the sun is in the wrong place? Excessive Tilt? or orbit problem?

Mike McGarrity

Expanding my City Boulevard Garden to add Corn and Peas. I"m stocking up on Canning Jars. 60 Quarts of meals is my goal before Winter. I'm having Fun with it.

craig harness

Look at grain prices they are still half the price of 2010. The global supply is still 15 months of storage.


Let's get Industrial HEMP Farmer's Back Up and Growing in the USA.
Solve a lot of this shit tomorrow.


Just wait. This is only the beginning...

Adam Lowe

I have so many pictures of the inland seas covering the corn belt in indiana... I pictures of the vast fields where farmers are just flat out giving up. This last week I have finally started to see crops being planted but we are getting hit hard with storms this weekend. Point is the solar minimum is here!

reffoelcnu alouncelal

Don’t worry about food, Monsanto is working on a floating corn seed .

jean skilling

They said we waste half the food in this country. Time to stop that!

Tebayane Rose

Corn is for animals, not humans.

999silvero tt

You were totally wrong!! It went down and down after your video. Never ever listen to "experts"


People don't give farmers enough appreciation! They have been working with little sleep to try to catch up and make sure we are fed.

vin russo

Climate alamist are ignorant. But dude your panicing over the crops too much. US farmers usually grow way over surplus every year. Stick to debunking the warming narrative, Co2 is at highest levels now? Yet it's been the coldest, wettest Dec-June since 1893. The SE US is about 10% of the US, yet they finally had "normal" summer temps and it made news. 90% of the US has been breaking cold, snow and rain records since Dec.

td li

And we still have a government mandated 10% ethanol added to our gasoline instead of using that land to grow food for us to eat.

Mindy Bouman

Please do put the links to where to buy corn futures, etc. I have asked some financial advisors in my area and none of them are talking!


Well, we have had bad years before due to bad weather, and we didn't go hungry as a result. But Trump's tariffs have made things worse, and yes he bailed out SOME farmers with 28 billion dollars of our tax money, but hey, we have to eat right? Ahhh, but with so many people out of work, and their meager unemployment due to run out, no one will have enough money to buy what the farmers are growing anyway. It's the family farms that will suffer, but not Con-Agra etc. who now control agriculture in America. No, they will continue to get billions of our tax money in crop subsidies for their companies. Meanwhile other countries will sell their crops to China instead of us. You know, some people actually predicted this would happen!


Rule#1, never use a food crop as a motor fuel. Very poor planning. Now we'll get an increase in fuel prices AND corn as a table food. I suggest raising the tax on gasoline. NOT. Your taxes must increase to pay the hurting farmers. A bill passed by Trump. Yesterday, they announced a 6.7 million barrel surplus of oil. Do we need corn in our gasoline. We are now exporting oil/gasoline.

Michelle D

Fantastic information.

Tim Henry

June 5th was the day.

Rose White

Here in UK the corn is looking set for bumper crops as early warm wet weather followed by nice balance of wet and warm has given super fertility rates.
So long as no catastrophic viruses pop up then UK may be self-sufficient in corn aka wheat/barleys.

Cregg Lund

You realize that when food prices triple they will start early releasing prisoners because its too expensive to feed them.

Bonnie Parker

I have no land etc in the UK it's small , Americans should get real and realize the world is not just them.

Kamloops Fitness Coaching

I would like to grow sweet potatoes indoors without making a mess, any ideas?


The Corn Market is almost in full backwardation....very strange.


Am I missing something?

31,000,000 acres of unplanted corn.
15,148,038,000 acres available for corn production.

The acres of unplanted corn are less than 0.21% of all available acres for corn.

Justin Case

Corn is already being imported from Brazil because it is cheaper. Smithfield for pig feed in the Carolinas


I predict ethanol for gas might have to be lowered or eliminated if yields end up being so low

Lin Mal

Great analysis on corn and food price rises! I think they will double and then double again. I disagree with you on a mini ice age any time soon though. As the climate warms the atmosphere can hold more moisture producing more extreme flooding which is a contributing factor too this recent flooding and future food price rises. Unfortunately this is where we are heading or worse with our climate - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleocene%E2%80%93Eocene_Thermal_Maximum

Survival Living

Great video, really appreciate the information you provided. Keep those prepps up. ?

douglas eddy

Do as I've heard they do in Venezuela, barter with fellow producers, farmer or whatever, gas, etc.to get what you need, no money needed.

Holly DW

do you have a bitchute account?


Dang dude. Lots of numbers here. Thanks for taking the time to alert those that bother to know.


YOU ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!! buaahhhhhaaa. danger danger danger. RUN---RUN FAST

Will Tricks

At the heart of all things is maths or math, depending on your accent. Cheers

Colin Brodhead

In 2001, EXPORTS of corn from the United States came to over 1.9 billion bushels. In 2018, about 2.4 billion bushels of corn were exported from the United States. This is not necessarily a disaster for the U.S. per se, but for nations that cannot grow enough of their own. Most of the farmland under water here is really just proxy agricultural land dedicated to servicing overseas consumers.

Len Mash

Other's is 4 k above last year and makes up for all losses!


It's biblical


although it will be priced higher, American will have enough food but the rest of the world will not due to lower exports of grain...one reason to legalize marijuana in all the states is to keep the minions happy and numb to what is coming...ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Gordon Jenkins

UAH Global Temps for May is now out +0,32 C Diamond's right, she's dropping like a stone.


I do have one container of the foods that r basically mre..but on fixed budget.. so what I've been doing is each month buying cases of canned goods. Trust me. Exp dates just mean date mnf guarantee the nutrients and taste etc. It DOESNT mean it's bad. If cans not dented bulged etc most canned foods can last several years. Tomatoes or citrus cans not as long. But folks u better prep. It won't JUST be prices rising. Cuba is already rationing foods cuz they r controlling preppers.

Black Swans9999Fine

SE Kansas here, crops decimated by floods also. Only positive is some farmers are gona get nice cuts of hay.


I had a dream a couple weeks ago where enormous waves were beginning to crash on the US coast. Don't know which one but it was a intense, colorful dream. One that scares the crap out of a person. Don't know if it was prophetic or not but with all that's happening with the weather, the Sun, the shortages of food, the crime, the world environment......

Mike Leflar

Really great research. Very thankful for this info. Brilliant. Knowledge is power.

Rob Davis

Damn it I may have to expand past tomatos and peppers lol. At least im putting up a large greenhouse. People dont realize its not just food thats made from corn it feeds animals. Of course, if we just worry about feeding our own we'd be ok but cant have that as rulers of the world.


What a coincidence that RUSSIA is gonna help CHINA with food.
It’s been planned to take us down folks

Edwin Rodriguez

We were warned long ago. If only we could wake up every1 to the real changes?


Nice ? job


What? No mention of the FACT of no US GRAIN RESERVES and I've yet to hear of any curtailment in corn ethanol production! It's only going to get worse!

Vicki Takacs

You are forgetting that this corn and soy is gmo and not fit for human consumption and it is cattle feed which is mostly exported. They need to stop growing this poisonous crap.

Mary Miller

Looking forward to your interview with Michael, Evolutionary Energy Arts.

Tebayane Rose

I can't afford it now!!



Craig Carmichael

Thanks David, this has been predicted for a decade and it's going to get worse. The prepared will fare better than the unprepared. But hearing it in stats and seeing the devastation in videos... wow! Well, You're driving the message home, for sure!

Tim Henry

Corn prices can go to 10 bucks, but it won't matter if you don't have any planted. Ugh

Elle Seamster

Who wants to eat that GMO horse shit


Curious...Why did you skip over Minnesota?? Because the reduction in planting corn isn't as low as the rest? I live there...I see first hand what's going on. I love your channel, but charts are still charts! You don''t think they could be skewed do you?? I "think" they could be accurate, but unless you actually travel and take measurements state to state, the data might not be entirely true...I agree with you on everything else though :) There is no question that there is another reset coming...it's just a matter of "whos" prediction is right within the next 100 years [MAX]...Going to be an interesting next 5 years though when over 75-80 of the world population wakes up and sees everything differently!! Good Luck to all in the future, this has happened before...we've all been a part of it since the beginning...


The National Park Service has removed the sign at Glacier National Park stating that the glaciers will be gone by 2020

see the article here https://dailycaller.com/2019/06/07/national-park-glacier-warnings/

plane iron



Definitely not time to short the corn market.

Miss Molly

Everybody start a garden and learn to can.

Todays corn prices

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Today corn rates of different grain markets of Pakistan -feed material prices

85 views | 24 Jul. 2020

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