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Looking forward to a Coinigy Market Scanner

16 705 views | 14 Jul. 2017

please visit

please visit https://steemit.com/@quickfingersluc

New State Journal

Thanks Luc!

James Reeves

coin-niggy might bother some sensitive people, lol

Pinellas Paver Sealing Travertine Brick Marble

Keep the videos coming man! I made my first profitable trade on Ethereum the other day, bought at 135 and rode it up to 165. Fell asleep and didnt hold until 175 though hahah. I agree, a scanner would be awesome, It takes forever for me to setup all of the alerts.

Jie Pan

Thank you so much! It's my best lucky to meet your strategy!


We have a private built market scanner running already. It runs every 15 seconds across all coins for Poloniex. If anyone is interested in seeing this scale up and commercialise let us know. It picks up spikes and can very easily be converted to an app with push notifications.

Romney Cola

do they have the market scanner up yet?

Clean With Pristine

You are the man! Thank you so much for taking the time to make all these videos.

Gear Gem

Hey Luc, are you still thinking of doing the Telegram and send out a message when you are in a trade? I think a lot of us would benefit greatly from it. Thanks for all that you do!

Benjamin Reyes

hi how you doing , my email is [email protected]gmail.com could you sendme the name of the market scanner that commented in the video??


Appreciate your work, Luc. Wouldn't have the confidence to try trading without your safe-trading strategy.

Roberts Ozolins

Coinigy made a market scanner. Have you moved to cryptos full time now?


It should be spelled coinogy.....to mean "the study of coin".... Just like Biology is the study of life. eh ..who cares lol


If you want to see this feature go to https://www.coinigy.com/main/featurereq search for "market scanner" and click the "thumb up" button

OHM Hand Drums

You f$&@in rock man


Hey Luc ... we definitely need a chart scanner.

Henry jeroh

You are just tooooooo much


Hi Luc, really great vids, I've started using yuor technique with a lot of success. I have a question: do you ever set limit sells? I never see any on your charts, this helps me sleep at night but I'd love to know about you!

David Doten

did coinigy finally come out with a scanner?

Tyler Harney

Did you ever hear back from Coinigy on that Market scanner?


Tradingview has some extra alerts they charge extra $49, $79, etc. per month to enable.  Let us know if you use any of them effectively or can now recommend a scanner.

Wayne Filkins

DUDE I used to watch you back in like...May/June I think...I stopped trading cryptos man I made a HUGE mistake lmao. I'm back in now trying to climb...you must be LOADED now. I remember you were pretty good at trading and you had a lot of various coins...you gotta be rollin in millions by now! I wish I had stayed in lmao went broke and had to sell all mine. Looks like there's still a lot of potential though so I don't think i'm too late!

Alex Schamenek

You guys are going to love me.
Trading View has an incredible scanner for cryptocurrency. It's more than just, "show me coins that went up in the past 10 minutes." You can create powerful filters that include things like volume, volatility, RSI, Stochastics, and a ton of other indicators. Create your own trading system and test it. And it has a loud alarm.


If you want to thank me with ETH or an ERC20 token, I won't say no. ;)

John Pen

1:54 accidentally draws a penis haha

Brad Bernier

That percentage tip was awesome! Thanks Luc!


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This new tool could help you profit on 99% of your trades

80 703 views | 12 Jan. 2018

Here is a link to the new

Here is a link to the new tool discussed in the video: https://qft.hodloo.com/

Linda Harmer

Awesome content, thank you. The scanner is great...


what trading platform are you using there sir?

Hurly D'souza

Guys if you want to contribute to arkblock u can use my referral and get 2% extra coins! I singed up without a referal because i didn't know.
This is imo a very promising ICO

andres haljand

hi, am new to crypto trading can u help ls

Gabriel M

Wow, Pete is amazing. Very cool tool. And thank you for making this tutorial on using hodloo!

Crypto Fairy

Thanks so much both of you ... this is such a brilliant tool Pete!! Really enjoying your videos Luc.

John G

Hello Luc, Your videos are very easy to understand and have been watching as many as I can. I know you get snowed over with questions from everyone but I think this is an important question. Which currency do you keep your money in when you're not in a trade? Given the nature of how volatile cryptos are.


Awesome thank you

Antoine Bartholome

I am grateful for these informations, thank you for that. Looks amazing for my compound interest trading


Question for Luc: im a big fan of yours and watched many videos. im almost feeling brave enough to try trading but everytime i do i feel like waiting and waiting and waiting just incase etc. The problem with crypto is they trade all day and night and find myself awake at 4am waiting to sell or buy etc.
1. How do you manage trading and keeping it to a certain time frame 9-5pm etc?
2. Do you get out of your trades overnight or stay in and wake up to alarms all night?


Hello Luc and Everyone, Does anyone know if Luc has every talked about what times of day does he trade ?? When are the cryptocurrencies most active ? I live on the east coast and work full time like most people, I wonder if I can trade his style after work.
I have watched lots of his videos about how he draws bases and waits for a crack.. I like his style of trading.


Looks like a great tool. Unfortunately is doesnt seem to work properly right now. The charts havent been updated since 1/17/18. Today is 1/19/18. Am I missing something? EDIT: Should have finished the video first: Charts do not represent the latest live data. yet


Too bad Luc only works with steem for cummunicating. I wanted to sign up for it, but it doesn't work. It gives me  a blank screen.

Furthermore, does anyone know whether Luc has information on his Pennystock trading techniques somewhere?

Chile Chiludo

Can you teach me to scalp??

Lenire Maya

im sorry i cant figure out how to get this tool? im new . do you use this with any exchange? how do you get on all the exchanges like you seem to be on?

The Science & Mystery of Love - Documentary Series

Have you got a referral for a good autotrading AI bot for crypto?


great tool well done, quick question how to change the chart to display currency usd instead?

Irfan Chaudhry

Its a mutual beneficial product, great work...

Thunder Bolt

CRYPTO CAMANCHO is the creator and needs to be thanked ... :)


Does this work in a bear market?

Fabio Queiroz

Hi, everybody! Luc doesn't generally answer questions here. He generally prefers Steemit.
If you ask something he already taught or answered in previous videos and posts you will not probably have an answer.
Avoid questions like "what do you think about this coin?" "do you think will rise?" etc.
Instead of asking such questions, study his videos and take your own risks. Luc is not in any way responsible for your failures and successes. He is so kind to share his method with us. Share your charts showing that you understood and applied successfully his method. This is much more interesting for everybody than asking for predictions.
Go to his blog in Steemit: https://steemit.com/@quickfingersluc and if you are grateful, upvote ALL his posts and comments.

D. Alexander P.

Dear Quickfinger Luc,thanks.

Mark Brosius

Wow! That is awesome, not to mention a lot of work Pete! Thank you sooo much! And thanks for sharing Luc

Adi Yung

Invite for Slack ? Where are the telegram scanners that work now?

Ken Johnston

It's odd you didn't put a link to Petes website with this tool. Nor mention again the tools name or where to find it toward the end of this nice video. Please add link and name.... maybe I skipped over it, but I still don't find the name or site of too. Many thanks! - Ken in Hawaii

Mike Battens

Great feature but there is already an existing tool I use with live base breaking alerts and multiple exchanges. It is called cryptobasescanner. It is available for android and iOS but also webbased! The URL is cryptobasescanner.com

Mukti Bha

Found you over the weekend, watched about 10 hours of your videos, started trading and have done about 15 trades so far, increasing my portfolio over 50% in 5 days. Words can't describe how grateful I am for your videos and free teachings.THANK YOU LUC!


Is it me or is that tool 24 hours behind in Europe ?

andres haljand

hi, am new to crypto trading can u help pls

Trevor B

... can you do a video selling real crypto and not piggy backing ETH/BTC the fact people sell ETH is a joke they dont get what they do to the market

Estop Eshop

Hey thank you so much for the help and info you put out here. I don't have an account from bittrex because it's currently closed for new registration and was wondering if you could do may be one or two videos on how to trade and see the same exact thing on GDAX. Thanks as always!

Gintas Ruzgys

shit video 30 min video taking about what nice spike and all's this guys videos are same.no info man

paul swinnen

Thank you , that tool is amazing!


Ok...How much money do we need to pay Pete to use his tools?

Kofi Adofo

Wow!! Ok!


The tool is a couple days behind. Otherwise it has good insights in it.


Thanks Luc and Pete. Learning loads from your videos. Keep it up the good work!

Estop Eshop

Hey do you mind making a video where you are actually trading? May be like a live video,doing it?

Ab Zer0

Which exchange are these prices on?

Asif Afzal

Hi Luc. Love your videos mate! I was excited to try this new tool, however it doesn't display up to the current day/time. Its like one day behind?

Zach Dems

how do you pick which coins your going to trade?

Matt Quaile

Hey how do we copy this charge to use it on the exchange we trade on?

Ash Ash

what's the best qfl drawdown settings

Timothy Kim

Thank you and Pete for the knowledge and wisdom. Stay winning ?

Matt O'Connor

Does anybody know anything about a new Crypto Trading Platform that does arbitrage daily called Crypto Suite? Here is the link https://jvz1.com/c/543459/294890 as I am interested in promoting it but wanted to see any suggestions as I am new to Crypto but like Arbitrage. Thanks!

Moe Qyu

Some of the charts look messed up, ex. BNB-USTD. Is this project abandoned?


I'm so glad I found your channel! Awesome work! I will donate for sure! I'm glad that I have a Bittrex account. Hopefully Binance option will be available in the near future. I'm still amateur trader (stock/crypto) and familiar with some of the fundamentals, but the computer finding the base is EXTREMELY helpful. In time, being able to quickly recognize bases at a glance will come. I clicked the "new tool link" you posted, but it is a few days behind. How do I get access to using the new charting tool? How does one join your community?

Ray L

The tool looks good and usefull, hope there will be soon an update for the other platforms like Crytopia and more... Keep up the good work! (Its also very handy to learn about the baselines)

Crypto Drag

I dont get it.

Sinj p

Amazing product! I can't donate right now, but soon we'll be helping each other

John McLane

Thank you so much for what you do! Is this tool available yet? Can you do a tutorial video with a step by step on how to use this tool? How to install it? Use it?

Jeff W

Perhaps a tutorial on how to use the tool would benefit everyone. More donations for the tool, more subscribers for your channel, more followers if tool got upgrades and there was a pay model etc.

I'm Flying



Great video thanks! Any hints to what algorithm/indicator is calculating the bases?


On behalf of everyone.... thank-you Luc. You're an inspiration buddy, and a refreshing breath of honesty in a market full of shills and snake oil merchants.


Great tool, Thank you Pete!!!

Ken Nairne

So you've told us a lot about this great tool but how do we get hold of it?


How long does it take for the tool to update to current market price?

Jonathan van Rij

Great informative video, thanks :)

Andrew Brown

How do we get the new tool?


Wait for double bottoms to set your bases. I also use Stochastic Momentum for determining bottoms and bounces off bottoms. 20, 50, 100, 200 day MA lines help too.

Dave Evans

Hey guys- Just finished going through all Luc's videos in a day and a half at 2x speed. I took detailed notes and have a few thoughts that I feel may be valuable to others. First thank you Luc. You have put a tremendous amount of effort into building a community without asking anything in return. Much appreciated.
Secondly, I think it may be helpful to highlight a discussion you had at roughly the 6:30 minute mark of your video entitled "Two questions I get when Bitcoin is breaking new highs". I feel this segment really highlights the crux of your method. That is 1) you MUST layer your buys and 2) you MUST participate in every bounce back following your bids. This is what allows you to make money even in a bear market.
What I would like is for those of you who have implemented Luc's approach to leave an honest comment on your results. Both positive and negative.
My two reservations about this method are:
1) Since it is position trading and not day trading you can get stuck in a trade for days and the longer you are in a market the more vulnerable/exposed you become.
2) This method encourages the proverbial "catching" of the falling knife.

I would love to hear others' experience with this method and Luc if you have any thoughts on these potential drawbacks. Thanks again for your great work man! I will be implementing your strategy and sending you my results in the future! Good luck everyone!

S Aya

Thanks for this video. V. Helpful. I'm actually new to crypto's. Is there a similar free tool to show the base lines for "Bitcoin" to USD or EUR? Thanks in advance


Thanks Pete

Colin Urwin

How many extra candles are needed beyond where the base is plotted? i.e. whats the lag time?

Micky Talbz

kucoin! plz pete


Hi, could you in some way reveal Pete's identity? Or could you give him my messenger-ID for a PM?
regards Jesper


WOW! Like if you recently enjoyed this video like me in 2020!!


How can we download this for an Mt4 platform?

Anthony Dos Santos

Do not trade using this method it doesn’t work

Let’s Go

Thanks for the vid. This looks interesting. In his trading example however it seems he is making trades prior to the formation of a base on the way down. Can you explain why? Perhaps it is based on previous base data we cannot see? Thanks.


That looks absolutely great! Good work Pete and thanks for all the information Luc, kind regards from the Netherlands

Robert Jozsef Osz

hey, very nice tool. came across your strategy and I like it, this psychology based trading ( I'm a pscychology student). Keep up the good work and let the new vids flowin'

Jonathan Andreoli

Would it be accurate to use this tool if we're using exchanges other then Bittrex? Since they havent been accepting new registrations since December 15th.

Daniel Probert

Hi Luc, just shot you message on your other channel. Would you be open to doing a skype training session? If so, I'd love to be a student.


Keep up the good work mate! Thank you for this AMAZING Tool :)

ditidb d

I'm a big fan! A friend turned me on to your vidoes. I have been trading with a very small wallet less than $500 but I really want to get bigger with this and you are giving so much knowlege. I'm currently going through all of your past videos and look forward to what you put out in the future.

Crypto Wizards

Luc, been trying to reach you on so many platforms. You inspired me to create the world's best crypto market scanner which have now achieved - at least to a degree. It has arbitrage, exchange and CMC movement tracking. Dying to get in touch man as have watched ALL your videos and firstly wanted to thank you, secondly wanted to find out how I might be able to build tools etc that you find useful and provide this to the market place. So excited about the new scanner, but equally to let you know the inspiration came from watching your videos.

Crypto Overthrow

So, i'm new to crypto, exchanges and fumbling my way through all this but realized I needed a tool to text my phone when the market reaches a certain low price or a certain high price to get my game face on and get active that i'm not glued to my monitor 24/7. not necessarily purchase anything but give me a heads up to get into the game. Is this desirable? is there anything out there that does this? example: on Gdax litecoin is trading at a certain price against bitcoin. ETC...

Bucks nStuff

QFL, Hey man.. what is alerting you to these low volume spikey coins / account builders? how are you finding them?

Bleedheart Inflection

Most indicators and TA is just noise you dont need. This guy is the real deal. Trading is gambling...no one knows where the top is or the bottom is...if someone is certain hes a liar. You want the gambling odds to be in your favor and this strategy increases those odds enormously. Use this strategy and youll be a casino yourself.

paul swinnen

Thanks Pete !!

P wildin

Hey- im getting into this now..... i saw you use bittrex but i am not only based in Vietnam but more to the point you cannot sign up to bittrex for new users any more?

Gayle Madeira

Thank you SO MUCH, that tool is amazing! You are so helpful, thank you!!!

Simply Human

Stop bragging.

Aaron Ngawaka

WoWzaThis is incredible i'm a complete newbie never made a trade dont know how just doing my due diligence trying to find info to educate myself on how to trade crypto currencies found my way here Thank you Quickfingers Luc you da man been watching your video series for the last 3 days i can finally say because of your videos i now have the confidence to do my first trade even so i will open a demo account and put into practice learning how to identify bases setting alerts to know the best positions to buy and sell you have yourself a fan bro Thank you for sharing Thankyou for your desire to help others learn the trade feeling blessed :)

lynch Kenna

Deeply happy I come across this trustworthy vendor been a second time of getting CC from her smithjuli
On telegram much love I have for you ?

Ajay xxx

jesus you just keep talking!!


Hello, I really like your videos. Is it intended that the charts in the tool are 1 day behind?

Many thanks

Ed Rakel

Great video. How do you keep track of all of your trades for a profit/loss statement for the IRS. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Guys... you are really awesome! Thank you very much for your effort and for sharing your knowledge with the world!

Ivan Bondar

Guys, is this tool working at the moment? Seems like it is not getting updates - all charts are showing me information lagging 2 days behind! Like now it's 19th and the QFT shows me information for 17th...


I tried using the tool. Is there are reason that the pairs don't include USD? Is there a good reason not to use USD as a reference? I'm trading the currencies against each other I know. I was also wondering about reversing the currency pairs. Coinigy is also limited with how currency pairs are ordered. I'm pretty sure that I'm not grasping a concept. I'm guessing that I'm missing something crucial. I've been having better luck using TradingView directly.

Krypto Spion

1:45 Haha

Hammer Joe

What does the red and green arrows in the graph represent?


Can an alert be added when the bases appear? Believe that would help preventing us from constantly looking for the bases.


Finally you can register on binance again https://www.binance.com/?ref=10995712

Vinson Smith

By far one of the best youtubers creating videos . You explanations are fantastic . You points are direct and your examples are on point too. Hope there are more to come.


Sure I will donate some to him and to you as well for the great video.

Johnny Stevens

QFT charts havent updated in hours


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Using our 1st market scanner to find trades

65 162 views | 26 Jul. 2017


Here are the links to the Telegram channels:

cryptomarketscanner -- https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEQVwc8GvryTpgLL8w

anouncements and news -- https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEQUPCCuu3snF_F8EQ

@nervisrek can be reached at [email protected]

Olivier van Breugel

But who would sell you the coins at .002 in the ETH/EOS (LIQUI) example? Why would someone sell it for so low?

Brian Sinclair

Looks like the scanner is not sending signals anymore! Last signal I see for Luqui is on 11/26/2017

Mario R

The scanner is no longer active. Looks like I'm late to the party:(

Chris G

do you need to have telegram to use the scanner? I don't have a cell phone and it says i need one to sign up


Big thank you for this Luc and the Programmer. :)

William Boothroyd

I've just started using your market scanner and found DENT on HITBTC. Any ideas what is happening with that chart? Looks a little fishy...


Register your account in Telegram app and join. It worked.

@Luc I am following all your videos. You are awesome. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge!

Can we ask developers to put % hike in last 10 mins? We can monitor those too..

Howard Wallace

We have studied and conducted a research on binary options apps to sort out the best among them. From the result, we have found this app >>> https://plus.google.com/u/1/102135744004462700008/posts/MNEnKJ5kLh1 is impressive. It fulfils all other basic parameters to be listed as the best performing binary options app.

Jeramie Ingram

Awesome! Looking forward to using this scanner!


wonderful stuff. I was wondering if there are any obvious risks that you can think of that also should be discussed? Secondly, would it be possible to make this into a closed loop fix, ie through the exchange's api, link a purchase/sell order to this?

This is definitely an interesting addition to the "toolbox". Another tool could be cloud mining, and the update I have is that after 5 days genesis mining have resumed the payouts. Service and feedback has been great during this outage, which honestly seems to have been a hacker attack that they reacted to very well. Just in case anyone is interested... my 3% off code is in my video, I won't spam it here.

BestValue Global Enterprises Ltd

The scanner has november 29 date only. Why is that

Isaac Lewis

hi quickfingers you do have some great videos. thanks Are the new scanners you mention ready

J Kane

Just found out about it and it varies from crypto ping, which seems to get bot activated a lot. Thanks for this

Nigel Davies

Thanks for your Educational Videos Luc!!! The Market scanner is very interesting.


Is there any scanner that scan Binance? I have account only on that one. Many others don't accept new registrations anymore.

Roelf Daling

Hi, thanks for all your insanely good videos, without you I would have been in the dark for weeks! The telegram channel seems to be down :(

Mister Fister

I try to contact luke to join a group but i never get an answer i like the trading with bases so i create a telegram group for all to work together with luke's method to find faster Bases join here please https://t.me/joinchat/FFU5WRIKjciY1URDzTX9lA


I love u. It's my sexiest dream ever. I tried to write something like this on python. THX. P.S. From Russia with love ))


Not working for me...Or maybe the commands are just not that obvious.

Isaac Lewis

how can i get the market scanner

homse001 homse1

Hello luc, i just created this group dedicated to people who are trading rapidly based on Rapid Alerts(telegram market scanner).
We consist mainly of developers that code a large vari<ety of languages.

I saw this video and i noticed that most scanners doesnt really do what i want to do by applying your methods of trading to a much quicker timespan (1 minute charts)

It has been working surprisingly well utilizing depth as our main tool to see if panic is going to occur, so we trade both panics and regular drops above 3%. So far we've been pulling easy 5-15% a day, depending on how volatile the market is.
I've made hundreds of trades to test this out and about 9/10 trades are positive. Anyways what i wanted to say is that i shared the scanner for free on telegram.

Our scanner will alert on dips that might result in a profitable quick-trade directly in the channel.
We are a helpful community that helps each other with vital information to accomplish great trades towards a common goal.

We're also developing a trailing profit desktop application that will assist most of us in making quick trades easier to manage. Preview: https://youtu.be/CB_qRREjcrc

To learn more about strategies, tools or further development feel free to visit us at:

Crypto Suf

hey luc, do we need to have ETH on liqui??? what if I have it on KRKN? i dont get why different exchanges show different prices for a coin? i thought they are supposed to be universal. arent they?
if BTC is 2,500 per coin, wont every exchange that holds BTC have it at the same price??
As well as every other coin.. am i missing something?
KRKN has EOS/ETH and the price right now is the same as EOS/ETH on LIQUI.... BUT on KRKN I dont see the dips like it shows on liqui... this is very confusing to me.
Can someone please explain?

Jeremiah lizarraga

Hey, im like you a day trader in the stock markets and barely getting into the crypto scene. My question is. Is there enough volitity trading the alt coins to get in and out fast enough from say EOS to USD? Im tired of doing 2-3 day position trading. Too slow for me

Mike Kleinsteuber

Ofcourse to take advantage you have to have a great deal of money tied up in a large number of exchanges and currencies....

Pinellas Paver Sealing Travertine Brick Marble

WONDERFUL. One thing, in Coinigy, its saying trading is not enabled for HITB yet, any suggestions guys? I just made a general hitb account yesterday, Thank you


man thanks for real crypto proft makeing info you beat all those amiture call guys hands down


I got those ANT drops without the scanner Luc haha. I had the Exchange open and saw. I mande positions on the ETH and BTC charts.
Anyway, the scanner looks awesome, I'll donate to the project as soon as my 1st few trades comes in. Thanks for your vids man.

Endorfin Fishing

take a look at Dash/btc did something similar to the runner 50% pull back recently

Frank Tsaur

The scanner is currently still a bit spotty, for example the last alert stated

"WINGS/BTC on LIQUI has DROPPED -27.78% within the last 5 MINS.
From : 0.00019000 To : 0.00013721
Last Vol : 0.00970775 BTC
24hr Vol : 15.37539952 BTC"

However, actual drop within those past 5 minutes dropped only around 1.6% and when I checked it almost instantly, it was already back up to resistance!

Alex Schamenek

You guys are going to love me.
Trading View has an incredible scanner for cryptocurrency. It's more than just, "show me coins that went up in the past 10 minutes." You can create powerful filters that include things like volume, volatility, RSI, Stochastics, and a ton of other indicators. Create your own trading system and test it. And it has a loud alarm.


If you want to thank me with ETH or an ERC20 token, I won't say no. ;)

Fenrir Frost

Hello, guys!
My account on Steemit is waiting for approval and I don't want to distract Luc with my question. So I'm asking here.
I don't have any experience in trading. Actually, I even haven't known what the volume is until I watched Luc's videos. Should I read all of his blog first or knowledge from these videos will be enough for me to start on trading?


there are apis to read realtime data?

Chris O'Leary

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, and I'm sure a lot of the experienced guys are aware, but for all the newbies out there!
The scanner is picking up a lot of price drops that are dropping from pump and dump groups! Be very careful of these because after a pump and dump group has pumped up a low volume coin 50-100% (you will notice its just one huge green candle coming out of nowhere!) The scanner will notify us after it drops down a bit. The thing is if this is from a pump and dump group, that price is not going back up. The only reason it went up is because a group of people got together and bought the price way up and are waiting for people to buy in so they can dump the price right back down onto the unsuspecting people not in the group. a lot of the time they are actually dumping the price on people inside their own group who are trying to get in late as well.
just keep this in mind when using the scanner!
Happy Trading.

Hallam Hope

I really like your videos although some of it will take time to digest over time. I sent a tweet. Not sure if this is the best means of communicating with a suggestion. I am very serious about growing a small investment group and your approach seems ideal for what I want to do. Invest small and grow. As a marketing and communications professional I recognise value has a cost and am willing to contribute some of any earnings. Kindly read my tweet and respond. Hallam in always sunny Barbados. @caritel

Hans Mast

In order to check across exchanges to see if issue is liquidity or whether it's news that's causing panic, you don't need to remember which other exchange has it. Just uncheck your star in top left, and then use the little search box to the right of the star in the Filter box. Type PTOY for instance and it will show all the exchanges that have PTOY and all the pairs that PTOY has.

Glenn Jones

does Coinigy have a scanner?


this scanner still work? I down loaded telegram and added them as contacts...should I be expecting alerts or is there another step I missed?


Love it luc, this is looking like the basis for the concepts people are using to code bots. They ultimately need an algorithm for scanning aka monitoring opportunities for trades just like this scanner does. Then they add in the buy and sell functions to make everything automatic. I am a professional software architect been doing it for 18 years and recently got into crypto trading. I am definitely interested in learning the algorithms used to spot different moments to buy and sell. Also looking to develop the software like a bot or even a service to the public that can help capatilize on opportunities that most people just wouldn't be fast enough to spot especially if they have full time jobs and can't sit in front of the computer all day long.

James Reeves

Much appreciated

Flip Your Cash

Get help from a professional account manager, If you are looking to make the most from Forex/Binary options trading, we teach you to trade for yourself on our award winning trading platforms, tight spreads, quality executions, powerful trading tools and more. [email protected]gmail.com

Mike De Llano

not working


Ironic that it's called the "Liqui" exchange with such a thin bid!

Manuel Cefali

Can't open on IMAC? any word on that? or just error on my end? Have the scanner just not how you have it set up. Let me know, thanks

Chris Steevens

Hello Luc, how do i get this scanner? And do you have members for learning over time... please more info... thanks...

Faycal Kilali

Uh where can I get this market scanner, is it only in telegram?

Gowd Cat

telegram scanner not working?

Modern Speculator

The Link for the Scanner is Not Working. Please check.

Liam Ward

Sounds like you're massively down on EOS?!

Bryn Gloor

Hey all
The scanner seems to be down at the moment. Anyone know when this will be back up and running? Thanks

7th floor is no more Q

where do i find that chart? on my bittrex i have not seen this

Johnathon Pak

I notice a lot of pump n dumps are popping up on the scanners.
Do we just look at those and ignore?

Mike Schiffelers

This scanner has been quite since late November, any updates on it??

Charlene Allison Rountree

Thanks for the advice, say hi to your wife for us!

David DeMarta

Just made a trade using the scanner for the first time. after a spike one the first pull back. I'll keep you posted..

RC Ricci

Thx! Do you have in the 2 other scanners?


thanks dude

tom Peach

Whats the software you're using there please?

VIRGO Mobile

Thank you so much awesome!!!

Robert Sanford

is this scanner still operational??

Cheap Grey Plastic

As far as the pumps- the artificial increases- Really hoping Luc covers it in a video. But, it's pretty obvious once you know what to look for. Organic growth will come up in a curve usually, esp on a 30 and sometimes on a 60 min chart- you'll see more than one bar of rise. Volume will do the same. If all you see is one big fat green bar, and the price is dropping like a rock just as fast, I would stay away. I saw a weird one today that spooked me a little- parabolic curve, looked good (SIB on bittrx), but then someone with big size dropped everything they had all at once and pushed the price all the way back down. It scared me away. But, it was a real rise after all. That one was interesting.

Brian F

I like the tool, however, all the charts are 24 hours old. Many things on these alt coins change in 24 hours as far a base lines etc... Am I missing something? Am I reading these wrong?


Sub'd. Love the knowledge bombs ur dropping. Would be good to add popular exchanges to the scanner like Poliniex and Bitfinex.

Troy Bravenboer

You're the man!


hi, are you on facebook or anywhere else where we can contact you directly? I am trying steemit but it won't allow me to join for some unknown reason!