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BEAUTIFUL ? Dollar Origami Heart? ???"USING REAL MONEY"?

277 views | 7 Feb. 2021



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Real dollar

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A Dollar Figure for Labor; Stacey Abrams Receives Nobel Peace Prize Nomination!

15 397 views | 6 Feb. 2021

Eva Longoria and Amy

Eva Longoria and Amy Schumer are adding their voices to the push to get money for hardworking moms, asking the Biden administration to pay mothers a stipend of $2,400 for their work during the pandemic. Plus, we celebrate Stacey Abrams’ Nobel Peace Prize nomination for her organization’s commitment to increasing Black voter turnout in Georgia this election cycle.


I don't think that a stipend like that should be thrown away. If it's requested by #GirlsWhoCode then maybe they can target the stipend to mothers who changed their careers from a different profession to coding or something else in the tech field. Just a thought.

The Real Daytime

Should there be a dollar figure for labor?

justin castillo

If enough people learned civics, Donald wouldn't be President. P.S. I wonder if April still has increased security since 2016.

denise v

i love the real

Lady Scorpio

Adrienne, has a lot of nerves looking up the debt of America? Single Black Women and White Men run the American Economy???? ? ???????

Christopher Rodriguez



What Country is this?

Kat A.

No, mothers should not receive a stipend for being forced to take care of their own children... who tf comes up with this stuff?

Myronn Coleman

First of all Ms.April is looking GOOOOD!!! Giving us good skin and curls!!! She definitely deserved that nomination when it comes to the way she handles conversations especially as it pertains to the way the previous administration handled not only the last four years but Covid as well...

ro ♡

Jeannie looks amazing ?

Nique L

Luv u ladies and April Ryan is truly one of my favorite guest she has such a beautiful personality !!!!!!


I would buy all of Loni’s head wrap collection.

Myronn Coleman

As much as I would like for there to be attention giving to single mothers... the reality is they aren’t the only ones struggling in the midst of the pandemic.... not only mothers , but we have single fathers... hell there are even two parent households , unemployed people , and struggling college students trying to make ends meet... we have these companies distributing vaccines fast asl and all this craziness that the last administration carelessly did to move this economy and get it back and booming... but the reality is if we don’t have organization & communication we will forever be stuck trying to undo what the last admin did

Gianfranco Calabretta

F4WP ?

BritBrit Nicole

Loni this look tho? Yasss!

Brandon Robinson

Adrienne looks fantastic.

Lady Scorpio

I wonder if Adrienne and Jeannie realize that the average Single Mother works the job of three people and makes an average of 15 dollars an hour or less! How much do they make? Bring those jobs from China home! ???

denise v


angie Wize


Brooke Hammel

It was disheartening seeing how quickly Adrienne and Jeanie were jumping on the bandwagon of no stimulus checks. "people shouldn't feel entitled"? That is OUR money we all pay taxes, how is that we can give the same amount to the top 1% of millionaires and billionaires but the average American that actually pays our fair share (unlike Amazon) is told to sit down, shut up and don't get your hopes up, it isn't happening.

I get being discouraged but don't give in without a fight. Working class Americans have to fight EVERY DAY, you two seem out of touch on this one...

MnS Vlogs

The girls are glowing these days⭐️

Kaly Nguyen

Great job April Ryan for Guest Co Hosting

Rita Duah

There is so much mess the other administration left behind. Please too much on Biden. He is just been there for a day. Yes, they are trying their best. I think people have just to support and as he told you all realistically, it is not going to be easy and besides remember there are still the Trump people and GOP in the Senate who will and are making sure he does not succeed. Ease on my man Biden and lady Kamala. Support by getting to your legislators.

Rita Duah

Stacey Abrahms has to be given an Honorary Award


This show was good good! Loved it!!! Black history month is starting off right.????

Myronn Coleman

Listen Stacey deserves a Nobel Peace Prize and more for the work she did .... to see a black woman in the world of politics giving back tot he community and letting us know... our vote counts as long as we make it count by going to those polls despite the obstacles they try to put in our way to push us away from voting in the first place!!! So if anything I’m just glad to see her work was not done in vain and true change was made this election!!!


Why would Stacey Abrams be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. That award was originally intended for someone that stops a war. Brings peace to a region of conflict.


Loni needs to make headscarves her signature look. She looks amazing!

Ene Obande

These ladies need a break.

Madridista Hansolo

Women don’t know nothing of hard labor lol

Neke Wash

Love this segment and I absolutely love April Ryan! Let’s do more of this ladies...


Don’t let them distract you from the fact Abrams, Harris, Biden, Warnock, Ossoff promised Georgians that if they voted Ossoff and Warnock for Senate they would get $2000 immediately. As of now we are getting a means tested $1,400 that people won’t see till March. The Real should stop fawning over Stacey and use their platform to make sure the Dems keep their promise or all the work Stacey has done will go to waste. People don’t like being lied to and people also don’t forget.

Agent JR Ewing

April is amazing— keep press on!

'Ammarah May

Why don’t these rich celebrities don’t come together raise money and help people in struggling neighbour

Geo Rivera

Adrienne stop with the Botox , you’re naturally beautiful

Kelly Craddock

Hey I'm a big fan

Real dollar

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