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Chainlink review 2019 - Connecting Blockchain to real world industries

17 663 views | 15 Mar. 2019

Chainlink review 2019 -

Chainlink review 2019 - Connecting Blockchain with real world industries. In this weeks review we do a chainlink review 2019 and look at the chainlink decentralized oracles. We look how Chainlink will be connecting Blockchain with real world industries. Chainlink use their decentralised oracles to pull APIs from external data feeds and implement that data onto a blockchain. They do this by connecting smart contracts with APIs and connecting to Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin and Chainlink nodes



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Can i earn even if i scrape data from somewhere else and use it to provide a feed through chinalink? In other words, will we see data theft? from open sources of information?

Ryan Nilsson

Awesome Vid Max! LUV IT! VERY INFORMATIVE. Although been trading Crypto since 2011, I’m new to CHAINLINK, began Trading CHAINLINK 2018. Crypto’s advancing BEAUTIFULLY NOWADAYS! LUV UR VID! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! CHEERS!! :0 : )

Dan H

I just found out about this recently and jumped in. Looking great so far and it's a brilliant idea.


Great work. This is the third or fourth chain-link video I've watched and it was by far the best. I'm finally starting to get it now. Very good explanation of decentralized oracles.

Faraaz Khan

how to verify decentralized oracle data , whether its correct or not ?

Crypto Newbie

sounds like lots of bs

Chris Hidayat

But does this will raise the price of the token? It looked like working on chain link oracle doesnt have anything to do with the token it self


Great video!


Have you ever heard of ILP?

doc retrofuturo

i can see how the chainlink solves a problem, but i can't see how the coin is an integral part of the solution, it doesn't have any utility other than paying to be trustworthy? that's not decentralized or independent

Andrew Gonka

As good of a project there is with so many potential uses. Possibly close to mainnet and actual imminent operation, which is generally elusive to so many of these projects!

BSV DRAGON Original BitCoin

All this is solved by bsv


So in the simplest of simple terms: It's a database that is positively true, 100% of the time, and anyone accessing the information can make real-time/split decisions without having to verify, process, review or moderate. Is that correct? So the moment your plane is cancelled due to bad weather, your insurance is basically paid 2 seconds after you get the SMS notification about the cancelled flight. Is that right?

hamsa hussain

Bitassist: simply the best.
Lovin the vids Max.


Chainlink events where CEO Sergey is Speaking (partly about Hashgraph partnership)
May 9 Fluidity Conference
May 10-11 Ethereal Summit
May 13-15 Consensus
May 15 Chainlink NYC meetup
May 17-19 EthNYC

Mo Seghir

Hoonk hoonk


great video!


Very informative thank you!!

Safeth Platinum by Safeth

you should check out what my ouija said about chainlink come over to my channel and see https://youtu.be/V4tBABpT2-Y

Tom Quinn

What sets ChainLink apart from Cardano?

UI Video

Nicely done, thank you.


Buy as much Chainlink as possible.........(if your reading this in 2022-2030 you can leave a comment about how right I am)


Found this vedio after pump to 4.40$ ???

un know

is google into a partnership with chainlink_?


Imagine spending $100 on some obscure shitcoin in 2020, just to remember your CoinBase password in 2029 and get your $740,000 from mooning Link.

Kevin Osterling

Chain Link is the same service that a Qubic Assembly needs to do to nurture the IOTA Tangle,,,, but Qubics are fléxible,, no mining, they can be free if the business model permits it...

Besen Besen

I am a Muslim man but the thought of a pregnant Sergey makes me aroused.

Cu Meater

Israel has no right to exist


Never understood. Chainlink, just bought because of the memes.

Nat Colch



**CHAINLINK is a Bridge between old an new

Kyle Blyth

Great video bud. Have you done any research on competitors/other oracle approaches? Personally believe the oracle problem is an extremely valuable problem to be solved ?

Pure Light Global

I was wondering if you think Chainlink will ever be used for medical dogma. For example, medical masks prevent COVID-19 from spreading. If the mainstream media, CDC, WHO...etc say this enough, it will be taken as fact if it is said enough. What protections do we have against that? Or will it never be used that way.

Swift chainlink

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Episode 143: ChainLink & Swift vs Ripple? Who Will The Banks Choose?

178 views | 6 Aug. 2020

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Both are good in my book!? XRPNATION! ??

DC Funhouse

Link wins

Swift chainlink

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SWIFT gpi explained

17 008 views | 3 Dec. 2018