Santander payments

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2 184 views | 25 Dec. 2020



Santander must pay $4.75 million to settle credit reporting violations on individuals credit reports.

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Christy Marshall

Where is my settlement check at tho

Marybeth Medeiros

Santander mysteriously disappeared on my credit report

The Muzz

Thanks for the info - going to check my credit report

Tracy simmons

Am I to late they did me dirty I just don’t know what to do. Thank you God Bless you and family. Extra prayer for your wife

Tracy simmons

I am contacting you first of month to help me, get my card info

Star Jay

Would this be the same if there reporting repossession when your making monthly payments and are still in possession of vehicle?

M Pdaugherty

Some car lenders do know about Santanders so there giving car loans so Fuck Santander . I will rise above ! Trust me

BmoreHemi 392

My car charged off in June2018. They’ve been reporting C/O every month since. I hate them.

Teresa Vaccarino Perez

Does my situation qualify? I had my car impounded because of domestic volience destroyed my car and I reported it to them. They said they would take the sale amount and do a salvage for it so I will not be responsible for the rest of it. And when they got the money for the car after they put it on my credit report still currently for full price for loan as me not paying. Yet this was not what they discussed. So, my credit score is bad due to debt of over$7 k for over 3 years now.

Marnell Peacock

This is what happen to me they lie on me put it on my credit report I left them they put my vehicle in collection I bought a different car but they put a 9000 balance on my report crazy Im having my credit collection worked out by getting my credit repaired

Jackie Howerton

Santander is Satan!!! A word from the wise don’t ever finance a vehicle with them!!! They are so NASTY!!!! God said that vengeance is His and I’m 100% with Him because I trust&believe Him!!! I’m just waiting!!!

M Pdaugherty

In my final opinion anything should be taken off who dealt w/ Santanders bc they’ve ruined that persons credit and life in some way. Should be shut down!

Star Mocha

I paid my loan off early with them in 2012. I didn't choose them, the dealership said they came up.

John Stallard

This is exactly what happened to me. My car went to Repo, we picked it up for a fee at impound and Santander told me I could make up the back payments and charges and keep the vehicle.
Well stupid me, I kept paying and did not know until 2 yrs later no payment history on my credit report. Shows Charge off to this day with a balance due of 4699.
I went late about 1.5 yrs ago so they picked up the vehivle at my job, took it and sold it. I guess the 4699 is a defiency due. Im not paying them anything.
I live in Texas, so Im screwed under the multi state lawsuit.
It is due to drop in July 2021, but I think the account should be deleted at once off my credit report.

Dumptruck Woo

They took car 4am got it back 9am they reported repo

The Credit Repair Shop

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Jennifer Myers

Mine is listed as a charge-off and I still have my vehicle. They told me it would stay as a charge-off even if I paid for it.

Courtney Roland

I need help

Patricia Ann Burkett

We the People are the True Creditors of the United States of America?This is very well documented; particularly nowadays. So, everyone out here should be requiring VERIFICATION of all contracts executed of which are actually fraudulent contracts. Why? Because we pay for every single thing before we ever have access to the commodity or the fiduciary keys to Your Vessel?
And, that is you; your body, your soul, your essence as a living breathing Man /Woman. We are children of God and not of the earth. We have been lied to forever... at least since Babylon right? God Bless Us Everyone!

Santander payments

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Santander Court Document to Use to Get Santander Charge Offs Removed!

3 771 views | 21 Jun. 2020


Facebook Group: Learn to remove items off your credit report.

[email protected]

Instagram: advance loan credit

Court Documents


Master Credit Dispute Removal Package (50.00)


Leslie Brewington

Im impressed with your info & service...I'm going to follow your advice regarding Santander. Ive been watching many credit repair service videos & I like what I see from you so far.

Lynette Colter

I understand about the letter to have information removed from your credit report. What about the late fee's on the actual account. Can a letter be written to Santander to remove late fees? Thank you for your time

Steven Marriott

We are one of the States in the settlement...we have several (shows 20) late payments on the car i currently have financed through Santander..we have sent in our own letter requesting all inquiries, late payments to be removed from credit..i have stopped payment due to predatory nature of the loan..have we done tge right thing??

Aysha Cimone

Mr. Larry you've been the biggest blessing thus far. Thank you for these videos ??

Warren F. Fort

Larry, it worked!! I followed your direction and language for disputing my Santander account listed on my Experian and Transunion credit reports. Unfortunately, my loan defaulted and I had a "redeemed repossession" listed on both credit reports. After seeing this video, I downloaded and read the court case you've linked, only included and highlighted certain portions of the court case (i highlighted parts of paragraph 11, 12, 14, & 16), used your "deficiency waiver" language to construct my dispute, and sent my letters certified. I expected to hear a response in 30 days, but I actually received a response in ONLY 2 WEEKS. The credit agencies didn't delete the account, but they updated the account to show positive on-time payment history throughout the entire loan. My scores jumped 33 points on each report. Thank you for this video and your help!!!

Linda Farmer

I believe ARKANSAS is getting 2.4 million‼️26.8 million in debt forgiveness ‼️

The family inside And outside

Trans Union have deleted my account with Santander just by me Disputing with the Illinois judgment court documents

Tasha Thomas

Will this help me with another collection company. I had a loan from Santander in 2017 n car got repossessed in 2019..now they have sold my account to another collection company who is demanding payment..will this help me to resolve this debt with the new collection agency.

Tracy simmons

I’m in Nc we are in it

Angela Lloyd

I think this should also include those that still have their vehicles but, have a very high interest rate. It sounds like what you are saying is it only applies to those that lost their cars. I happen to one of those that still has their car although it was my decision to sign the contract with a very high interest rate etc... they still did the same thing to me although I have managed to keep my car.


Bought the car in Alabama, I live in Mississippi. Im screwed.

Rachel Anderson

If we use paragraph 16, but still have the car, is it possible to get the title? I was financed a car at 18, with a 22% interest rate, and my proof of income was written down on a sheet of paper with numbers the salesman told me to write down. It's listed as a charge off on my credit even though I paid to have my contract reinstated.Thanks again for the info. It truly helps.

Roslyn Williams

Thanks so much for the information you are providing us.

Jay Cas

I read the messages below and went to Credit Karma and disputed this item. It was removed within 10 minutes and my credit score went up by 61 points immediately.

Mz SaintSquare

Questions if you paid each month. Not past 30 day, should they still report 30 days late

Tracy simmons

I just found out what do I do they relied my car twice I got back 3 rd time couldn’t. Taking card of my mom cancer rides, I was disabled. I can’t afford a lawyer. I emailed attorney Genral twice. No return. God bless you hun

Nicole 1212

Thank you so much! I don't have Facebook but I'm interested in the group that you were talking about, I do have an email address will that do?

Suzy L.

What if you missed the date


Texas might not be getting in it because they’re a state that has the no garnishment law ?

Sunshine M.

Yes, Mr Larry, I live in Greenville, N.C. and do you know the website that I can go to concerning my car getting paid off ?


I'm in South Carolina what can I do?

Carissa Davis

Thank you for this. I have a $0 chargeoff from santander as well as an $11k chagroff from deville asset management after it was bought. I'm planning to use your advice to dispute both negatives and see what happens.

J Chavez

Who has gotten theirs removed already?

kevia gant

I can't find court documents..when class would to be in

Santander payments

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Breaking News: DETAILED Instructions on How to Remove Santander Charge Off and disputing techniques

1 937 views | 23 Oct. 2020


Santander Settlement Website: https://santandermultistateagsettlement.com/Home/portalid/0

File complaints against companies that have predatory loan practices: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/

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What if they sold your balanced account to a collection company?

ShaSha -Ness

Thanks just came across this video. Got my car in 2010 I believe

Star Jay

Should I also send letter to Santander or just deal with bureaus


Updated Equifax fax #: 888-826-0598.
Worked for collector of Santander on Equifax in 13 days using affidavit with letter. Waiting for the original Santander listing to come off though. Also waiting for transunion and Experian results.

Maestro Loveworld

If you haven’t contacted aeon_llc on Instagram then you must be a joke, I had a successful credit boost through them,dealt us Au/prime tradelines and they cleared negatives and hard inquiries for me and my family contact today. 347-580-7087

mikayla manigault

Hello . The pandemic is whooping my butt . Can hardly find work . Got evicted and about to lose my car with Santander . I honestly can’t afford it . They called me today about repossession . Any advice ? Thanks


Mine was definitely predatory, but the car was involved in an accident and totaled out. I was left with a balance of 9k. It was c/o. I can’t get it removed.

raven young

Could someone tell me exactly what to say to the credit bureaus.

Larry Hale

They removed 17 hard inquiries, 7 delinquent accounts, and deleted all negative items weighing down my credit score which boosted my credit from 534 to 805 in just two weeks and they added AU tradelines on mt credit profile which posted on my credit just under 48hrs after score has gone up. Thanks to versatile credit patchup(search them on google). I really appreciate this, I promise to keep recommending (versatilecreditpatchup)dotcom to people in need of similar help regarding credit repair and tradelines etc THEY ARE THE SAVIOR!

Neicey The Makeup Fairy

So if I haven't received a letter i need to call my creditors? I was told also to call the settlement administrator


Wow...You Look Gorgeous. Are You Single?


How much will the settlement checks be ?

Mitch Alexander

Hey great video very informative I was wondering if you can help me with my Santander repo I neeed it off my credit to buy a loan lmk if you can help thank you and god bless! ?

Antoine Douglass

This was an excellent video! I can finally buy my Condo in California thanks to you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season ?

Neicey The Makeup Fairy

Hello! What can I do if Transunion took it off mt my credit report but not equifax or experian? I want to re dispute it.

Corneilus Of Earl

This is timely info. I will look into this. We once had a Santander account as well. Did not know about the coalition lawsuit against this company. Good work Winnie once again.


Hello, Are You Single?

Tracy Netter

I will make my video this weekend. Keep up the awesome work/ministry!!!

Corletta Madison

Where do we file these complaints?!!!

Shae Love

What should I do if I reported it to TransUnion but they won’t take it off

johnson phillip

I used versatile credit patch up credit repair program after I was introduced to them by my colleague and they never disappointed. Happy 800 golden score to me and all my debts and negatives have been taken off as well all within a very short while. They are just the best, just let them know i referred you and they would respond as soon as possible. Email them directly at (wwwdotversatilecreditpatchupdotcom)

Kristin Charles

Ever grateful towards those that endorsed Mr Mac, helps in any money related issues be it debt or bank account money generation anything strictly for US AND CANADA citizens contact them on whatsapp +1 (419)-862-5267 or email at [email protected] com legitimate. No upfront charges required just to be honest.

John Stallard

Im in Texas, but the same situation. Car was a repo/charge off. BUT, they let me pay the repo fees and get the car. I continued to make payments, and thought building credit. Wrong. The credit reports showed charge off. I went late in Feb 2019 and Santander picked up the car and sold it. They have a defiency balance on my crdeit report of $4699.
They should delete this account at the very least, before I turn them in to the CFPB! What do you think?