Nexus 2016 price

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Google Nexus 5X Review!

2 185 373 views | 6 Nov. 2015

LG Nexus 5X: The little

LG Nexus 5X: The little brother Android 6.0 flagship for Google!

Nexus 5X: http://amzn.to/1YkHpMi

Nexus 6P Review: https://youtu.be/Xc5fFvp8le4

Camera photo samples: http://goo.gl/thGeZZ

Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20








i hated this shit phone with its bootlopps


nice video


I want that shirt


3:15 Some thrash to the Nexus 6P showed up here

Louie R

I'd love to watch this video on my Nexus 5X that is just over 15 months old, however it's succumbed to the infamous bootloop problem and now I've gotta pay for LG to repair it. It's gonna be expensive. Although it is a good phone, the motherboard is crap and will fail. Don't buy this phone.

Ram Guruprasad

Is it Nexuses or Nexi? ?


Watching this on my Nexus 5X ?

Cнarloттe Gʀɑcɛ

I really miss my nexus 5x ??


This phone and the Xiaomi Mi A1 are likely the Best Buy for a little over $200.

Arjun Sen

Watching this on my Nexus 5X in 2018!!!!

Tycho van Steeg

i am watching on a white Nexus 5x


I'm watching this on my 4 year old Nexus 5X and I'm looking to buy a new phone.
Any suggestions?

Habib Ali

I have a 5X, best phone I had, one day I was playing a game and it just froze and the screen went black and it wouldn't turn on and still won't till this day and I figured out its called boot loop that's a problem with the LG Google Nexus 5X

Cyril Sebastian

ha've an extre nexus

sanka samarasinghe

Still rocking this in 2018 ❤️?

Jovie Brett Bardoles

This was the first Nexus phone I've ever had, a really great phone if it wasn't because of the bootloop issue.


Phone had no longevity. Two devices, one lasted 14 months the other lasted 10 months before bootloop death

Adam E

I had this and the original nexus 5. Both got bootlooped and stopped working. Never again.
4 year nexus user switched to an s7 edge

Nikola Petrovic

what about sound,and speakers??

Ali Jaan

Is it dual sim


I've had 2 and they both bootlooped would not recommend.


Is this phone worth it in 2017 ?


can't believe you had 4K already in '15!
great job Marques


The 5X is one of the worst phones I've ever owned. The lag was just unbearable at times, and the screen was total garbage. It also has a loud, awful vibration motor.

Ashwin Prasad

I find it easier to just use the volume buttons instead of the actual camera button as it saves time


3.20 JerryRigEverything's snapping a Nexus 6P's picture ?

John Jesto

I miss the Nexus 5x. I love LG as a brand but their phone branch is awful. LG G3/G4, Nexus 5x, bootloops. And the pixel 2XL blue shift panel. Google needs to get htc or Samsung again. Or source pixel themselves.

Do not get any LG phones.

Aqeel kamaldeen

I send papered the back and sides of my Nexus 5X it feel so much better now.

Stefan Labuschagne

about a year on the nexus after years of iPhone... just wanted to explore google phones and how they work...the picture quality is the best thing about this phone - software is shit. but Man I can't wait for the iPhone 8 !! plus my macbook pro yearns for one

Farrell Schambow

No it is not the same software technically



Ray Malik

2018 still using nexus 5x


I wanted this phone so bad. Couldnt get one.

Abdallah Daher

Will it feel like I have the same phone if I get a Nexus 5X after having a Nexus 5?

Rage 9one

Still a great phone, and it's so fast with oreo.

Adnane Azami

Guys i'm 14 and ..should i buy this phone or the s5?


Is it still worth it today?

Alex Kaikkis

Nexus 5x wants 87.5 min to charge

Abdul Manan

My current mobile phone

Kevin Williams ll Vlogs

I still have this phone.

Luscious Luchs

A friend gave me his Nexus 5X for my birthday. He upgraded to a Blackberry Key2. I was jealous at first but I really like my new phone. I guess I would coming from a Galaxy S5 with Samsung's shitty flavor of Android.

Asfand Kayani

2020 anybody??!!

clash with kushal

Lineage os spotted on google nexus phone ????

Niels Van Steen

My guestion would the battery last 5hours in a plane while watching a downloaded TV serie ?
EDIT: notice the phone would have airplane mode enabled and thus consume less power

Christopher Miller

Does this have expandable memory


Nice review. After many thoughts, you convinced me to buy one. Thank you. You are awesome!

Zenzo Oka

Even til this day these Nexus phones still look beautiful!


I had this phone, but, it died.

So I am getting a 6P.

Anirudh Rajashekar

loved this phone. still miss it

Vishal Perera

para para huththo

Ituze Christian

Ever heard of the word bootloop? it's a a nightmare that strikes nexus 5X phones once you keep upgrading. My phone litteraly shut down and I was on a call. and this was after upgrading to the new android O.

Rejay BOT

Man... I wish I can do everything I want

My dad doesn't let me to buy this Phone! ?


Picked one up for 70 bucks new.

kasun Ruwanpathirana

pls dont buy nexes 5x..

Kanak Sharma

plz upload camera compare bw nexus 5x vs moto g5 plus


I use a lot of utility apps 2GB of ram is definitely not enough. Even 3GB of ram gives me lag.


Too bad it bootlooped...

The Glass Arrow

bought one in 2019, can't say I'm disappointed with it. Grabbed it as a back up for less than 70


It's 2020 and i am watching this ❤️.. loved nexus.. hope google stops pixel and moves back to it

Joan Ardon

I want a Nexus 5 with glass and metal, QHD+ bezel less display, and 2018 specs

Priyanka Gaonkar

Mark ass brownie

Muhitul Khan

if it had 3 GB ram it would have been better

Aaron ___

mine bricked after a few months. and so did a friends.

Denzel Dickenson

Feels so old


2020 anyone? This phone looks delicious.


Return of the Nexus in the Pixel 3a

MrNotSoCreative • 8 years ago

Is it worth it in 2018 in $100 ?

Joseph Pardilla

Got an Apple ad lol

Dr. N. A. Faravi

oneplus 3? or nexus 5? which will be the fastest phone even after using one year bro? @Marques Brownlee

Sherif Sameh

so this happened yesterday, My second Nexus Phone just died, got stuck into a bootloop, then refused to turn on, then shut-off completely after exactly 1 Year and 2 months (14 months).
now to tell you the story from the beginning, I had my first Nexus device in 2012 which was Nexus 7, and I was amazed on how well pure android performs on a tablet contrary to Samsung tablets, I was in love, that was my first mistake, 2 years down the road, the tab began to hang and freeze & the only solution was to reset and work with it again, something about its build or RAM i don't know exactly.
then in 2013 I got my first nexus phone (Nexus 5) it was really amazing, it performed beyond expectations, was very fast compared to its rivals which cost almost its double, and I was happy, actually happy, but Unfortunately, this did not last, on mid 2016 it got stuck into a bootloop where the power button got stuck that it always is pressed , maybe it was my fault as the cover of the nexus was slightly pressing down on the button, I said ok, tried to fix it, went to professionals but to no avail.
people said, well it performed well for over 3 years, you should praise it for all those 3 years, and I said fine, so I thought to myself, If a mobile worth 3500 EGP got me around 3 years with nothing like freeze or hang or random shut-off, definitely its successor (Nexus 5x) would at least perform the same, if not better.
here then and there is where I made the stupidest mistake, I was deeply loyal to the Nexus devices that I didn't even consider any other brand, I thought to my self no other mobile will be this comfortable and within this price range, this was in July-2016 so it cost me exactly EGP 3800, which I was like "YAY" :D
here was my mistake, I was so stupid that I bought the same phone from the same manufacturer with the same brand expecting things would be different " this is the definition of insanity " by the way.
My new phone nexus 5x had died from the SAME problem that the first phone suffered from.
What I failed to notice, being blind by my loyalty to GOOGLE & LG, never thought that google would betray its loyal customers like this, is when google supposedly discovered the issue that LG had done with the Nexus line it decided to switch to another brand in its Nexus 6P.
As I was too busy trusting you "Google" & "LG", you have stabbed in my back.
After a through research on the nexus forum, i discovered the following, thousands of Nexus 5x users had encountered that same problem exactly after 1 year of their purchase (depending on their usage), so when I followed what they did, it was so ******* simple, they just went to google & then it was replaced, the most complain that I saw, is that one of the guys had to wait a long time until his device was replaced because he bought it from a third party store.
What I've also learned, is that google recognizes this problem and immediately replaces the device.
Too bad that I'm in this hellhole, where If I sent it to google they would replace it, and when it comes back to this swamp, I'll have to pay CUSTOMS for the SECOND time, which by my estimation would definitely cost more than what I had originally paid, in addition to the shipping cost, and all of this would not be done in a fortnight, it would take at least 2 -3 months.
so in conclusion, I've got now 3 Nexus devices (N7 + N5 + N5x)
How many of them I can actually use ?
Answer = ZERO
This story was just to sum up my mistake, and to widen your gaze not to stay loyal to one single company or brand just because it was good in the past, when you need to make a decision you need to be more objective and consider all possible scenarios.


Does this phone work with sprint for service

Ar Rana

Please, anyone give review about this phone after long term use.Hv any problem in battery??bootloop, what it's means??
Plz,m facing problem wht phn wil be better within 22k(bdt)

Jason Gr

I am still using this phone today. It is very laggy in 2018 mainly coz the storage is full from apps alone but the camera is still very good. The software updates have maintained the quality of the photos at a very high level. I think you underrated the camera. It is also very durable. Glass phones are a nightmare to not break. I have dropped my nexus 5x from 2ft almost ten times with no cracks on the screen.

zhen ting

I watching this video on my Nexus 5x lol

Khairul Akbar

Even in 2015 this is quality video content

zeeshan subhani

can you get a skin for this phone

Nicholas Hatcher

Now you're lucky to even time one alive, LOL

Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry

I always thought you were biased to stock Android... I can now see why. Good job!

Jasser Ramirez


Luis Feijoo

Ohhh, I loved my nexus 5x.

I had it for almost 2 years before it died, that was actually a pretty funny (sad for me) story; the device went on a boot loop two months ago and I went to a phone service that replaced a few parts (battery, charging pin, etc), then after two days the processor died. I couldn't take it to a google or lg certified service because I live in Venezuela and there are non of those here. But coming back to the nexus, I'm pretty much certain that it was THE BEST "budget phone" that I ever used or owned (I previously had a nexus 4 and a moto g2), for know I'm stuck with my old and nasty galaxy S3.


Phone sucks, i have it

Aliex Simth

Garbage phone, 5X is very easy giving you a black screen and never wake up again. In two months.

Muhammad Ali Hassan

or a Nexus?

Madison Hang

some lg design language is there too isee


I wanted it so badly when it was out! Wish it was available at ofline stores

Christian L

Watching this on my Pixel 2 XL in 2019. Saw that Xperia Z5, my previous phone, and it's sad that we're not hearing much about Xperia anymore.


I really want this phone for my 12th bday. It's cheap, i love the way it looks, and the software is new enough to use

Morgan Uche

179 on Amazon

Dinesh Parmar

any one knowa how to fix the freezing screen on my nexus5x


Dont buy it. Mine worked fine for a year, then got slower and slower, and when it turned 2 yrs old, it simply just died. Probably softwarely. gg

Romeo Alpha

I miss my Nexus 5X :( Died because of bootloop issues.

irisdesign guler

nice and clean hardware 95 percent of the devices have bootloop issue

Yiğit Kalkan

They say that;

The legend itself, came back from the grave.

And became,

the 5X.

Muhammad Saleem Danish

I have same phone but I'm unable to listen fm radio
Is this possible?

Samuel Chan

If you're trying to use this phone in 2018, don't... It sucks dick now

Besjan Osmanaj

Heya Marques, can you make a Nexus 6p vs Nexus 5x video :)




Who else has a 5x brick?

Dan Tesenair

Nexus 5x or onePlus 2?

Kimberly Yeung

Worst phone I've ever had. I switched from iphone to this and i'm never making that mistake again.

Nexus 2016 price

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MSRP Build vs. 2018 Current Price Build Benchmarks

61 598 views | 27 Jan. 2018

We benchmark an MSRP build

We benchmark an MSRP build from 2017 vs. a current-priced PC build from 2018. GPU & memory prices hurt, clearly, even at $1500.

Support us directly at https://patreon.com/gamersnexus

Article: https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3215-msrp-build-vs-current-price-build-benchmarks

We benchmark a modern PC build, at 2018 prices, versus a build at MSRP. The current PC component industry has gone insane with RAM and GPU prices, and we wanted to introduce some sadness to everyone's lives by looking at 2016-2017 prices. If you'd bought then, you'd get better gains than in some stock investments!

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke

Video: Andrew Coleman

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Kie 7077

Etherium is the culprit:


I like the HD 5870 era

Tu Chenz

Is there really nothing that Nvidia can do to stop this? No software or even hardware block for mining or whatever the fuck? Do they even want it to stop? This fucking sucks

Fck'in NonStick!!!

Whether is due to miners or not...Still I can't afford a 1080ti :(

Not Tzeentch

Finally have money to spare for a gaming pc, prices inflated upwards of two times or more their regular prices... thanks crypto! RAM, whatever I guess. a price bump on something that isn't even that expensive in context isn't that bad. But something that already eats up a huge chunk of the budget...


yeah and now im stuck with my old gtx 770 :(


I guess we won't see much PC games improvement the next few years. When spending more money gets you a worse computer it's like moving backwards into the future.


i paid 290 for a 1070 strix on ebay couple weeks ago

Mauro Labate

2000$ in June 2016 I got a 6700K, 32GB Corsair 3200 kit, ASUSMaximus Board, 1080 non Ti, 512MB SSD, Corsair chassis, 750i PSU, 4TB drive, fans and cables.

Gregory Lewis

Great video...

The Default Project



I just got a 1080TI Gaming X for $800 bucks I feel blessed

Adam Webb

no no no youd go back to 2011 when bitcoin was only 1-10$ lol I cant believe manufactures aren't keeping up with demand. Very sad that EVERY card is out of stock


2018 is console year... sadly enough 1500$ use to buy you the top pc. Now it's 2000 , 2400$... thanks miners.


if i could go back in time id tell myself to buy way more bitcoin than i did.. id have more than just a house..

Uroš Golob

You kind of forgot about ssds, since in 2016 you could buy 512gb for $118 but now it is more like $220


The issue is that crypto currencies are not regulated. This makes them highly volatile and as a result very tempting to invest in, particularly if you chose to mine vs buying the currency outright. The problem is, it is a game for the rich and leaves a LOT of people out in the cold. If that was the only issue no one would really care but the huge demand for mining GPUs and systems is now also hurting the rest of us. Those of us just wanting an affordable gaming GPU we are now stuck with 3 - 10 year old GPUs because what we would have purchased costs more than a high end GPU before this mess started. Crypto mining hardware NEEDS to be separated from consumer grade hardware. GPU manufacturers (nvidia/amd) need to cripple mining performance on their gaming GPUs and release purpose built mining cards (that cost a fortune). Everyone wins.

Andrew Joy

I am going to bleed my 5930k dry and get a next gen ryzen when it coms out. Get a cheap ass AMD gpu and use KVM to pass my 1080ti to a windows VM and 1/2 the cores of whatever the top end ryzen is.


fuck this
just stop buying overpriced shit and they'll have to bring it down


Watching this in 2019. Ouch!

Simon Zhao

The shortage is caused by the GPU price being too low. raise price until they are in stock then it won't be out of stock. Simple supply and demand.

JD Eger

I was pricing a system in Oct '17, should have just pulled the damn trigger...

Kitten LongTail

Bestbuy at my store, selling a 1070 from EVGA for about 450 as of yesterday, don't know if it is still there though

Agustinus Biotamalo

games in 2018 and beyond should be able to play 4K on at least high setting with >=60FPS on a 1050TI because gamers with 1060 and beyond are probably will be 1 in 100 gamers

Eric Muir

Was looking at prebuilts the other day and noticed its cheaper and better at the current market to buy prebuilt. sadly.. I wonder who's buying prebuilts and then parting them out

Hiroo Matsunaga

I basically never buy new, so I've actually felt very little effect of price increases

Hoshi No Kaabii

Silly miners, Gaming GPUs are for gamers!


Got lucky and got an EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 for 699€ (including Tax) in December.

Damon May



Im so happy that i got an awesome deal on a MSI 1080 gaming X a year and some months ago for around 450$. Now its twice that lol.


wow i never realised how expensive gpu prices have gotten in the US, here you can get a used 1080 for 500 aud (if your lucky) and brand new a 1070 for around 700 aud

faisal rahmat

Pc gaming is dying...


Funny how friends laughed at me for buying Asus Strix GTX 1070 in Summer 2016 for €450 (20% VAT included in Europe) - they were saying "it'll go down" - now the same card is going from €600 (cheapest offer) with "within a month" delivery and from €800 "in stock".

Yeah, best case would be sell GPU now and buy maybe 1080 Ti with luck for the same price...


Hardware is still sold at MSRP here in sweden oddly, everything is usually sold out and you have to pre-order but still


Cried on 45$ 16gb ram...

The Beast

Damn, I got my Zotac GTX 1070 Mini from Amazon new for 369 2 months ago o_O


Thank you so much for making a video giving an idea as to explaining past vs present references! It is amazing how much miners have drove the market up for GPU's..I can't wait till they start making CCPU's (cryptocurrency processor units) so I can buy a GPU for its intended purpose at its intended price.

Baird C

how did Microsoft time it so well

Ben Teji

I'm new to the channel but I have to say you've quickly become on of my favourites. The work always seems thought out and researched, you actually act like journalists, pushing companies for information and doing rigorous testing. This compares to a lot of the tech channels which are essentially glorified bloggers.

Just like any industry, a tough critique through the media is essential to a healthy market. They protect the consumer. It's something which is lacking at the moment. Glad your around. Hopefully when you grow stronger you can have a stronger influence.

Exponaut R-01

I’m curious as to how many other industries can go from thriving and full of decent prices to starving and full of ridiculous price hikes overnight. The only good news this time is that we weren’t way on the back foot when prices went off (at least for graphics cards). We had Black Friday and then the Christmas season so most who were looking to get a card got one then. After that we stared at CES for 12 seconds and all the food got left in the oven.

Zin Gaming

I got lucky and invested in a GPU early, then upgraded everything else from a old 8350 build. Got a 1600x now. Memory hurt, but still.


Sub $200 RX480 club anyone else here?

jamphel mutaka

i got my hands on an EVGA ROG strix 1070ti for $500 about 2 months ago :D

Gargantuan Perpetrator

I hope mining dies soon.


@gamersnexus also reserve list magic the gathering cards. Most cards on the list have increased by 2-5 times in price in the last year R.I.P. reserved list

The Box

Back around the year 2008 Both Nvidia and AMD predicted less GPU sales as people started using more mobile devices and less and less desktop PCs. They needed to arm their GPUs with features that would help open new markets for the GPU in fields other than gaming. OpenCL was implemented for this reason. Little did everyone know at the time that OpenCL functionality would be the basis for crypto mining, AI and neural networks computations. Today without OpenCL crypto mining wouldn't exist. Move 10 years forwards, today both Nvidia and AMD achieved their objectives, MORE sales, better then ever before in fact. blaming the current prices on DDR4 demand is just lame, it's only a small part of the picture. high GPU prices are here to stay. Unless both manufactures disable OpenCL on their cards, GPUs will be used in applications other than gaming, thus pushing potential demand higher and higher. Also, on a separate note, both manufacturers are mainly chip makers, not GPU board assemblers like ASUS, gigabyte, MSI and the likes, it is those manufacturers that have more leverage over production quantity and wholesale prices, not AMD and not Nvidia. ASUS and the likes, buy GPU chips at almost a fixed price (in-fact). Nvidia can ask retailers to sell less for miners and more for home users but it's the manufacturers that have better control over the distribution of the final product, therefore this is just a wishful PR move.... just my 2cents

Vlad Birta

Will the gpu will become cheaper? Or higher? In next 2 months?


For fun I put my pc into PC part picker. 1,300 in 2017. 2,500 today. As for GPUs? Buy used! Miners sell their cards all the time. I got a 1080 for 475 last year.


R.I.P PC Gaming...#PCGamingMasterRace is extinct ?

v Nyggi

2016: great gaming rig
2018: gpu+ram+fancy but useless case

Jack B

How to fight Graphics Card Inflation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ip8gspFaH8


Ironic how 2016 was such a shit year in general, but the best year for pricing. Dammit.

ethan zarian

I just feel disgusted at how expensive everything is I've been waiting for years for things to get better 4 prices to go down But all they did was go up Now I'm just sitting here Paste off of my own decision to try and wait for things to go down but only did they go up... so now I don't even have a gaming computer not even a new computer I sit here on my 10 year old laptop why because it's the only thing that I can reasonably afford and it turns on... it's not like I can game on it... but it turns on... yep...


If you honestly need a new PC DON'T BUILD IT!!! https://goo.gl/AHwwrX is a great PC that's $60 above MSRP plus you have a 1 year warranty on everything and its from amazon so you get their return policy.

For anyone complaining about prices just watch amazon for good deals they are happening weekly.

Dany D

Best bet buy a whole PC from CyberPower Overclockers ect.I bought 1080 GTX Gaming 1 Ryzen 1700 and 16 GB rig for £1500


Just two main devices that are insanely overblown.... system memory and video cards.

Neil de Guzman

Hey Steve! I think you should hook up with massdrop as a sponsor... There are people willing to help with the current market issue. They have a drop now of 250 bucks for GTX 1070/ti I think... and GTX 1080 for 400 bucks. I'm sure somewhere along the way, there will be RAM, CPU, mobos, etc.. that can be had for MSRP prices and sometimes even lower...

Seth Baker

I am so tempted to sell my evga 1070 sc black i bought april last year for $336 and just go back to my 760 until prices die back down or preorder the 1170 or whatever it will be called whenever it comes out and have some extra cash for something else.

Chris Eckersen

Currently on Newegg the 1080ti is $1500

Essential Gear & Useful Skills

You keep defending newegg... and you're wrong. Sold and Shipped by Newegg and Shipped By Newegg cards from 1050s and 550s on up are often up to more than double MSRP. Furthermore, Newegg has 100% control of who they allow on their marketplace and 100% control of the behavior of marketplace participants. Why you feel compelled to defend newegg's behavior in every other video now is beyond me. It's not just false but demonstrably false. But I guess I shouldn't believe my own lying eyes, right? They are profiteering just perhaps not quite to the same level as the other profiteers they allow on their marketplace who have to pay newegg a percentage of every sale...

Chris wat

Power supplys (good ones) are now overpriced as well.
Same exact ones went up 20-50% some even higher.

The Firehawk

that doesn't seem like the best attempt at building a 1500$ pc in the current market conditions

David Martins

Why blame only retailers when evga itself sells their gpus at an insane price.

Bboy Tyby

becouse of this prices ive bought a gtx1060q max laptop gaming , cuz i dont want to pay the price of gtx 1080ti and rams,


Hmm. I wonder if Newegg tossed him a few bucks to defend them... Newegg itself is typically and commonly marking up stock by 150-200% not third party sellers. Newegg Have you been on their site in the past 2 months?? Also, memory prices aren't that bad from where they were 2 years ago. I think I spent like ten bucks more for 8GB DDR4 the other day than an invoice from more than a year ago. Nothing to cry a river over. Fancy pants RGB memory is a totally different story.

C Stout

Guess I dodged a bullet by finishing my build in June '17.

jose gomez

Can you do a video of what PC gamers can do?

Mr. C.

thx, this is some good info! i bought all my pc parts right before things got SO bad!

Spring Onions

Well there's the option now of buying the founders edition, priced at MSRP, directly from Nvidia.

Kie 7077

Even with the current etherium price it would take years to recoup the cost of a gpu, but in this game you don't have years, the difficulty will increase or the reward will reduce, or both and better hardware will also be released.


Hey look at me, I have a rare expensive useful piece of hardware you'd love to use. I'm using it as a decoration, fuck you


I bought 12 evga 1070s SC Blacks
Each at about 460$


I remember when I payed $150 usd for a kit of 2x 8gb corsair vengeance 3000 and thinking that was kind of a crappy deal. Good thing I bit the bullet at that time.


I have to buy a mafuckinass prebuilt now


i just scored a prebuilt with 1080 for 1350$ incl tax.


Why are memory and gpu prices so high now?


lol, picked up my 16 gigs of RAM DDR4 2800 for 70 $ about 2 years ago ?

Thiago Coura

Numbers for my PC bought on Amazon.
I took the current prices from Amazon too.
FUCKING +$505 after 16 months

ON 2016 - $1348.53

October 31, 2016
ASUS LGA1151 DDR4 DisplayPort HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Mini-ITX Motherboard Z170I PRO GAMING
Sold by: Warehouse Deals, Inc

October 31, 2016
G.SKILL 32GB (2 x 16GB) TridentZ Series DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHZ 288-Pin Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
Sold by: Giz-Promo

November 9, 2016
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming Video/Graphics Cards GV-N1070G1 GAMING-8GD
Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc.

November 11, 2016
Intel Core i5 6600K 3.50 GHz Quad Core Skylake Desktop Processor, Socket LGA 1151, 6MB Cache (BX80662I56600K)
Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc.

November 11, 2016
Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler, Black
Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc.

November 27, 2016
Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E1T0B/AM)
Sold by: Amazon.com Services, Inc.

TODAY 03/Mar/2018 $1853.7

ASUS LGA1151 DDR4 DisplayPort HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Mini-ITX Motherboard Z170I PRO GAMING
by Asus

G.SKILL 32GB (2 x 16GB) TridentZ Series DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHZ 288-Pin Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
by G.Skill

Gigabyte GV-N1070G1 GAMING-8GD REV2.0 GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Computer Graphics Card
by Gigabyte

Intel Core i5 6600K 3.50 GHz Quad Core Skylake Desktop Processor, Socket LGA 1151, 6MB Cache (BX80662I56600K)
by Intel

Corsair CW-9060024-WW Hydro Series H80i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler, Black
by Corsair

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E1T0B/AM)
by Samsung

Serj Star

get a prebuild or a nice 1500 dollar laptop i would thats enough for me essentially if i can get an i7 and gtx 1060 6gig then im fine with gaming at 1080 plus i dont mind portability u dont have to be stuck to a chair sitting .


soon we'll hear about people on craigslist getting robbed or killed for theyre video cards


Guess my used XPS with an i5-6300HQ, GTX 960M and 32GB of DDR4 RAM for $650 was a deal last Summer. haha

Dawn Hackner

I'm not a scalper aneyone who byes that stuff and sells it fore more should die that whay the nes classic when forme $50 to $500

Fenis Reyes

This video is completely pointless we all can see just from specs.

Ryan Sherman

nvida is seling the fe versions at msrp

Michael Teague

Tech Jesus is the best Jesus. Amen


Miners deserve to die


Id go back to 2010 and put 100 in crypto because now I'd be rich

Holy Doggo

Crypto currency is crashing so prices should be lower eventually


Luckily I got my graphics card before the prices skyrocketed so when it came to building my pc I was only ripped off on my ram

Kie 7077

Question: what is the (approximate) volume of cards being moved and being bought by miners? Considering these are going to be run 24/7 this is going to be a massive increase in electricity usage. Until the crypto-coin buyers can no longer sustain the market which shouldn't take long.


would love to see a 2020/2021 version of this

-21- Mods

Here in sweden the GPU prices are the same as launch! :)


just got myself a realy great machine with 16gb ram 3200 gskill ripjaws i5-8600k @5ghz asrock extreme 4 mobo and now i cant afford a gpu sad times...


You would have to be really stupid not to mine if you have the hardware, not only will you get money but you will make it less profitable to mine for everyone and thus help the prices will return to normal.

Milo Strikes

I'm so sad ?. my sister which I let use my gaming pc spilled juice on the case and killed my gpu cause I didn't find out until it stopped working now I'm in the market for one it was 350$ gtx 1070 now I can't even buy one under 800$ and that's at a low price I can find


$400 for 8gb ram when ??

Ptr's 4tunes

can you review raidmax's case please? They came back and their cases look unique (and personally i love it) and fonctional with direct airflow in front (thinking of monster ii and sigma)

Brandon R

holy shit im glad i got my 1070ti at msrp.

Reggie Salt

i used to pc game back in 2003-2006 and i was only using budget gpus put into pre-built hp's and compaqs. i quit because i thought it was too expensive and stayed away until last january bc i thought that pc gaming was finally at a time where you could get a decent rig for a decent price and i was right, i got a i5-6400 and a 1050ti with 12 gb RAM for like $600 and this past xmas i upgraded to a 6gb 1060 and am very happy with it but am worried that its going to be my last gpu for a while considering the prices arent going down..

Nexus 2016 price

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Nexus 5X vs Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 - Best $400 Phone?

39 429 views | 8 May. 2016

5X or A5 2016 which is the

5X or A5 2016 which is the best sub $400 phone?

5X Best Price - http://amzn.to/23z8Na6 --- A5 2016 Best Price - http://amzn.to/1VOYejT

??? Connect with us on Instagram - https://goo.gl/Ac18MZ Twitter - https://goo.gl/rhA1RL ???


Is it an good idea to buy the Nexus 5x now? Now stuck with a defect note 3 neo XD

Krillin Winnin

But samsung phones have major problem is not getting software updates they only give software updates to flagship phones that is big problem


Is the 5X still worth?


I would rather buy the iPhone se

Will Mutt

The look and feel of the A5 has won me over.


A5 (6) won for me here in everythink. And gta vcs is pretty darn bad optimized for "weaker hardware" effects and graphics are shit. A5 (6) camera is good for me and i think it has slow mo. Samsung makes experience (at least mine much better) and i think i have got exsinous variant wich kills much of snapdragons. I am not a fanboi but samsung have features that i need and nexuses haven't.

Enes S.

i have a question. which software do you have. i have the 6.0.1 and it is afwul. my phone can not any wifi (nexus 5x). what are your settings of we're talking about wifi setting

Laurin Leonhardt

who have win?

Sergio Núñez

I just changed my xperia Z3 to A5 2016 with exynos version and the performance in terms of graphics is just a little bit less. Regarding the processor I would say exynos 7580 is faster than snapdragon 801

Francis Tho

I've been using my J5 for almost 7months. I love my phone so much but I feel like upgrading to a phone with high end phone specs.(J5 is a great phone for a budget phone) Is it worth to upgrade to Redmi Note 3? in terms of the camera and the software? or any other suggestion?


I have had a galaxy A5 2016 for over 2 months now and I have to say the battery life is insanely good! And I can get a full charge in under 1 hour, I seriously couldn't live without fast charging now!

Zinon G

a5 2016 or nexus 5x

The Doge

5X is only 275$ in my country.


lol i was here faster than a cheetah

Mario Sun

will you start also test between tablets? ? great job!

kyle belle

the a5 speaker sounded better than the 5x


What about Top Budget Phones 2016?

carlos wendehake

i want a nexus 4x hahahahaha LOL


your video is unable to watch after you upload ... Why ??


Great, I needed this. Thanks! :)

ioan ilie peter

hell man! in Europe the Nexus 5x 32gb is at 250 euro!!!

Arbabkhan Khan

i like your video ?


Can you make a test application launch speed on this phones, plz?

Green Tea

Which GPU is better?

Nexus 5X : ADRENO 418


A5 WINS! (atleast that's what you said in the video, they are the same, idiot)

Dhruv Verma

Mi5? I know it's slippery but quite good if anyone puts a case on. Redmi Note 3 costs 180$ and has a better processor than A5.


i have a5 2016 with exynos and at high settings isnt laggong

Alberto la fonte

Hey do you still recommend The LG g2 ?