Navy history today

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The History of the United States Navy

11 660 views | 29 Aug. 2019

From the Seafloor to

From the Seafloor to space; from the blue water to the littorals; and in the information domain, America's Navy will continue to promote American prosperity, deter aggression, protect the nation, and when necessary, conduct prompt and sustained combat operations at sea and ashore to defeat any enemy.

Since 1775, today's U.S. Navy Sailors continue a proud heritage of dominance.

In this video, we take a quick look at the history of the United States Navy.

Bobby Ray

Hire Victor Davis Hanson to write a decent history guys and gals.

David M

Amazing History

Bobby Ray

Really. Condensing US Naval History into a couple of minutes. C'Mon shipmates, you can do better. Semper Fi.

David S Cameron

Wonderful how our American cousins have developed into something quite unsurpassed in human history, best wishes from middle England.


That is one gorgeous ship. Go USA


my sea cadet unit wanted me to watch this

Cassandra Ray


Navy history today

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The Battle of Santa Cruz: How the US Navy Beat the Odds | Battle 360 | History

491 964 views | 13 Dec. 2019

At the Battle of the

At the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, the US Navy attempts to crush the Japanese fleet, white the Japanese aim to drive Allied forces from Guadalcanal, in this scene from "Bloody Santa Cruz." #Battle360

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george smith

How does a bomb explode half here, and half there??

Gibson SG

What a time in history.

Alan Strong

The Japanese had a formidable navy.

Jäger Meister_175

Enterprise, the original Tokyo drift


Akagi and Kaga: Nobody can stop us! Ruling over the world is ours!
Enterprise: Am I joke to you two? Revolution is only started. Owari da!
Akagi and Kaga: Nooooooooo!!! * explodes in death flag *


I think this was the battle where North Carolina showed how strong her AA guns were.


Warriors ??


That is why USN was the best and equal force against the Japanese in thr Pacific not the British

Thor Hammer!!!

from BiG E she gains a new nickname Lucky E

Charles Spurlock

So the aliens were under the water or...?

Eduardo Gilmar

Seems legit


Japan:" Let's surprise attack the U.S. at pearl harbor. "
Also Japan:" The u.s. can really fight and we ignored their industrial capacity. "


Where was the CAP?

Ren Walker

The Legendary Lucky E!!!!

ryan bearden

This is an example as to why you don't kneel during the National Anthem... You are spitting in the face of every man & woman who has put their life on the line fighting for freedom.

Brit Hey

Military historian Dr. John Prados offers a dissenting view, asserting that this was not a Pyrrhic victory for Japan, but a strategic victory:

By any reasonable measure the Battle of Santa Cruz marked a Japanese victory – and a strategic one. At its end, the Imperial Navy possessed the only operational carrier force in the Pacific. The Japanese had sunk more ships and more combat tonnage, had more aircraft remaining, and were in physical possession of the battle zone... Arguments based on aircrew losses or who owned Guadalcanal are about something else – the campaign, not the battle.


Was hoping for a little more background; the events that precipitated this battle, that sort of thing.

LanceGigs Vlogs and MVs

Well USS Enterprise is the first carrier to do torpedobeats in one day??? truly it's the Mighty E ??

Captain Bigote

Hope more episode like this not alien conspiracy.

Steven Klinkhamer

Its one incredible story how the carrier Enterprise survived all those vicious attacks.


2:14 Rip Dive bomber

(I wonder if they ever fished out that plane it looked Fine to me)

Ken Summerlin

"A battleship"? Nah. That was the USS North Carolina, aka Showboat. The most decorated battleship in WW2. Enterprises guardian angel.

Keith Snook

We are fortunate the Japanese did not develop early on Kaiten torpedoes for aircraft, or human guided aerial bombs that could be released at high altitudes.

k n

Wouldnt it be the Japanese navy beating the odds for winning this battle? Lol

Mustang Guru

My dad was a cook on the Big E in 1967-69

Cindy Mitchell

China and us conflict


this battle is as important as the battle of Midway

Honcho Cheetah

The most decorated ship in the navy the Grey Ghost kept bouncing back! This time evading 9 torpedoes while sustaining heavy damage! What a crew!

Andrew Shnayderman

My Great-Grandfather fought in this Battle on the USS South Dakota. He was shot and survived. He passed over a Year ago at 98.

Brian Rajala

The history channel was showing trash when I last watched.

S E Bayless

accordiing to REAGAN they are nuke powered

E. R.

My real name starts with E and my dad calls me big E!

John Bennett

Yes that was when God was on our side question is is he still on our side

Caden Alleman



I believe American ships had better fire fighting tech than Japan which allowed them to withstand more hits than Japanese ships

francisco varela

Turn defeat into a victory.


Where can i find the soundtrack for Battle 360?

John Veglio

" GOD protects fools, little kids and ships named ENTERPRISE! " Captain JAMES T. KIRK

Jeff Moore

The vid starts with the dive bombing and torpedoes. Where was the radar and air patrol?

Aaron Monroe

05:07 How America feels about you.

fuk it

More shows like this!!!

Lone wolf

I think they need make a movie based off the Enterprise

skuter 2330

Its so amaizing watching History. I learn soo much things. Thanks History.


it's a shame the Enterprise wasn't preserved


Why is the title US navy beat the odds? The Americans lost this battle — there is concensus among historians.

Kin Fong Yeung

I love how the sky is blue when they shows uss enterprise, but when gray sky when they show japanese carriers.

James Ricker

The Americans actually took heavier losses on the Japanese and had to retreat
If American torpedoes had actually worked, the battle probably would have gone somewhat different


Enterprise should live forever. Its really a big shame that they scrapped her

Randy Cheow

But with the cost of the Hornet


"Enterprise versus Japan"

As a fan of Star trek, I love this indeed


Owari Da!

Abiy Nesibu

It sad USS Hornet sink in this batte What if USS Hornet did not sink but the big E sinks


Enterprise: "Trinity...help!"

Marco Valdo

3:58 WOW!

Samuel Gomez Martinez

Whoring their Women and still call themselves Christian. So shocking


Eurobeat plays in the distance

Alejandro Gomez

Please have this quality content back, Latin America's History Channel is full of doody


The IDIOTS decided to Scrap the BIG E for what reason? Enterprise should've remained as a warning to all enemies of America. Enterprise should remain as an eternal memorial for the discipline and skill she displayed taking on the Japanese Armada! I'd love to go back in time, save the Enterprise and make her permanently berthed as a tribute museum, memorial ship. For Historic Tours, and respect to those that perished, gave their lives, and fought to the end. AH-TEN-HUT! Salute! :)

Admon Lazar


william paz

Tactically the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands was a Japanese victory, hands down. After Santa Cruz there were no American Aircraft Carriers left in the Pacific. Hornet was sunk, we had lost the Wasp to Japanese torpedoes from 1-19, Yorktown was lost at Midway and the Lexington at Coral Sea. Saratoga had been torpedoed (again) and was under repair; Enterprise was damaged and out of action. The only carriers left in the Pacific were Japanese. But the Japanese air groups had been mauled and the last of the pre Pearl Harbor veterans had been shot down. The Americans had 6 Essex class Fleet Carriers nearing completion and one going through work ups. The Japanese had precisely 1 Fleet Carrier under construction: the Taiho. She would sunk during her first battle. And during the battle the 164th regimental combat team of the US Army had landed on Guadalcanal with a plethora of supplies. That would be enough to halt the attack of the Japanese 2nd (Sendai) Division two weeks later. Guadalcanal would be held and Henderson Airfield would continue to operate. Strategically, Sant Cruz was a costly but worthwhile American Victory.


Still standing in NYC harbor .

andrew strongman

Why is there no mention of USS Hornet during the action, other than it being "lost"? It wasn't lost, it was damaged and withdrew.

samuraki 19

thanks ?? fr sharing history

Anthony Phung

The invincible conga unprecedentedly drop because archaeology intriguingly listen beneath a merciful calculator. aspiring, vengeful roll


"You are the last one, complete the mission"

Yngwie Mantiri

So this why they add 7s evadesion on Lucky E perks...

Fugee Kue

Bloody Santa Cruz


Me and billie had jus came back to base wen we saw them attacking

Peter Fraumeni

When you see the history channel on tv it’s nothing but a commercial go round.

Han Bit Jang

What about USS Saratoga...shouldn't she be there with Enterprise?


Why is the Battle of Midway and the first phase of the Guadalcanal not uploaded?

Doc Bailey

I’m not saying it was aliens, but...


A long time ago they were colors But in movies it was black and white.

Scott R

I miss shows like this. Actual history on the History Channel.

Creek Walker

The 'Grey Ghost.' Long live the name 'Enterprise.'

Crazy Gaming

The ultimate sacrifice of the us navy
USS Hornet
The ship that lead the first strike over japan
The ship that started the bombing campaign over japan
The ship that sacrificed her torpedo bomber squadron for the destruction of 4 carriers
The ship that launched her squadron and hit her enemy’s’ carriers hard with her sister
The ship that died hard for her sister to fight
(And we never forget Yorktown aswell)
Extra edit for Yorktown: if you forget her I will make sure enterprise launches and SBD Dauntless with a special delivery specially for you

Lyle Campbell

To hold Henderson Field the Marines needed the Navy. You mean like when the stranded them on Guadalcanal and tucked their tail and ran?

Earl Enriquez

A time where the japanese almost ruled the seas of asia and can face head to head with the American navy fleet now that's awesome

Jordan Carlisle

I love this show

Annmarie Blanc

I'm Andy not Annmarie and I approve of this post! The loss of the Hornet at the battle of Santa Cruz rests with Admiral Pye he was in charge of the theater at the time. Pye was old-school battleship Navy, what they called black shoe admiral, as opposed to the newer aviation branch of the Navy, called brown shoe admiral! Instead of protecting his carriers, Pye pulled out his battleships and left the carriers vulnerable to attack! He was relieved of command shortly thereafter!

g nolan

Think about that and then think about how today their bravery and sacrifice is defiled in Portland and Seattle and San Francisco. I makes me fighting mad.

Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

The odds were not in our favor that day after the USS Fleet pulled out of Santa Cruz two of our carriers were sunk and two were damaged. Saratoga and Wasp broke off from the Enterprise and Hornet and headed back to base to refuel but the Wasp was sunk by a Japanese sub Saratoga which was bigger was torpedoed also and survived with minor damage The Big E was hit by 2 bombs and was crippled but she made it out once the rudder was repaired. Hornet was not so lucky two Kamakazis hit her and four torpedoes plus four Japanese scuttling charges fixed to torpedoes sank her. after the battle The Pacific Fleet was out of action. Hornet and Wasp are gone Saratoga is damaged beyond repairs and Big E is out of action and our grunts on Guadalcanal are holding on by tooth and toenail. Once Big E returned to the fight Japan surrendered Solomon but kept Bougainville which got annexed by New Guinea which the Japanese control.

Seth Lin

No wonder the creators of Star Trek decide to name their space battleship as USS Enterprise to honor the original WWII USS Enterprise. WWII USS Enterprise took a huge beating but still standing. Whereas Star Trek's USS Enterprise also took a huge beating yet still standing.

Shota Toriumi

The panoramic siamese pharmacodynamically report because archaeology alternatively wink worth a ludicrous ping. rural, slippery grade


The most remarkable part of this story is Enterprise, severely damaged and recovering as many aircraft as she could stuff on her decks from her air wings as well as aircraft from the sinking USS Hornet. The last aircraft trapped on board The Big E that day caught wire #1 and was chocked in place . There was no more room to move it away.

Desmond The Moonbear

Enterprise when she’s the last one left:
Naval Command: “You’re the last one standing! The squads counting on you! Finish it!


Santa Cruz is a Railway Station in Mumbai ?‍♂️

T. Davis

Only Ranger had a smaller chance of surviving.

ieong nathan

Here comes HMS Victorious

Chur Bro 81

Thank you America we would have been speaking Japanese down here in the Pacific if it wasn't for you

Tambadau Tambunan Channel

Tom hanks should make a movie about the big e

Xing Ha Lee

"How the US Navy Beat the Odds" - lies. obviously, ur video is very pro-american but i hope u make accurate title for the history. the battle was japanese tactical victory but american strategic victory. US lose Wasp but manage to defend Henderson field. in summary, its a US victory

Hellstrom Carbunkle

Don't run from a fight?
Reagan, Lebanon

Roger Crowell-Nugent

The Japanese were under rain squalls and overcast skies

Pale Rider

My own uncle John Campbell was a pilot aboard the Hornet. He was shot down at the battle of Midway as part of Torpedo Squadron 8 while attacking the Japanese fleet. He did not survive but the heroic action of that Squadron turned the tide of the battle and led to the American victory!

steven F

History Channel? Is it even there anymore? they should change the name to Bull---- Channel.

Kevin Gast

The guy at the end has khakis on but nothing on his collar. Is he really a naval officer? kg


Love history channel

Twasin Junaed

It’s amazing that Enterprise serves all of those attecs

Navy history today

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The United States Navy from Vietnam to Today - A Short History

1 182 views | 30 May. 2019

A new series featured

A new series featured only on this channel -- bringing to life with vivid recreations and sound -- short military history biographies of the branches of the United States Military and the wars they fought -- as well as some of the men who led and those who followed and fought with heroism and without regard for themselves. Different eras and different branches every episode - The United States Army... Navy... Air Force... Marines.

For education, entertainment, enlightenment and inspiration. We hope you enjoy and even learn something. Never forget!

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Papa Hoe

Two all my ANCHOR clankers??

Virgil Caine

Go Navy! First line of defense.

Lydia Robertson

Thank you, USN, God bless you ??♥️?

Yeshua is His name

Have my doubts about Obama bin laden. It was a bunch of bunk about burying him at sea.