Lifting meme

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156 views | 7 Feb. 2021

In todays video we look at

In todays video we look at MEME SITES YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING IF YOU LIFT. Memes these days are more important than ever. And if your hobbys are LIFTING and getting JACKED and you are BASED I got the best MEME PAGES for you .

All the MEME PAGES as they were in the video order









https://www.instagram.com/oppressed_drainers/- back up of oppressed naturals for the time




David Cassidy-Garcia

who is she

Pedro Henrique Amorim Santos

Duuuude, so glad to see a new proper video from you! That was a lot of fun to watch haha Hope you've been keeping well, and can't wait for the next one, and for the next eating video! Take care! :)


RIP oppressed naturals. I love you ??

Lifting meme

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Baby Reps, Ego Lifting & More - GYM IDIOTS 2020

456 663 views | 14 Feb. 2020

This video is for

This video is for educational purpose ony.





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Involuntary Beats - Lightweight Baby


Background Music: Hidden Agenda by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


Where is the audio "give me baby reps"? The voice sounds familiar but I can't put a face on it.

Michael Harriott

The last guy deadlifting was scary

Raymond Davila

The Death note joke got me ??????



Marcel Gardner

Isn't the hex bar designed to help prevent the cat back lifting.
You gotta be a special kind of special

Michael trinibai

The guy benching had a stupid spotter, anyone who know anything about working out would know that spotter is a douche for what he did

Claudia mariani

Knee day ???

CT Georgia

I'm addicted tot this guy's commentary...LOL
"This is how a nightmare can go. You fall asleep in your Batman sweatpants..."

Old Grann

I like the sweetheart circles

Wimpy Warlord

Master of partial arts ???


3:12 bruh...nah.

Blue Heart

The last one hurt my back just from watching

Anthony DiPasquale

Valentines day coming up, hip movement training - Mr OE your comments are priceless! Funny s### here and your commentary just pushes it over the top. Keep making these!

Just Some Guy without a Mustache

That hex bar deadlift was just hard to watch


1:17 weight falls


5:08 how how much weight is there ?? because that hump hurts


That baby rep always get to me lmao

Robert Bean

Every time I see someone on the leg press doing baby reps with 40 plates, I imagine that they don't put the plates away...and that makes it even worse

Joseph T. Nias

Holy shit Damien Penzutti

Freddy Nugent Fitness

All jokes aside theses people are the main reason that the machines are broken ?


Last guy should’ve told him how to do it instead of filming

gooner inSP

Welcome to the United Kingdom where the guys in the video are probably Polish is what you should have said.

The Punisher

At 5:22 that guy has a banana now instead of a spine


Can someone tell me where is this 'baby reps' text from?


I think this only happens in the Us

David Reyes

Bro lmao “you grow when you sleep anyways”


@0:20 Quarter squats are fine if you have limited range of motion due to injury, arthritis, or other reason a full ROM is not possible. It can also be useful if you are working past failure and have already done max atg/half squats and you are just fatiguing the muscles before finishing the workout.

Daniel Joyce

Why dont people just help them instead of recording and embarrassing them. Everyones been new to the gym bruh

Nicole J

5:00 hope it was worth the splitting headache he'd get after strained lift like that

Christopher Lux

If I ever become a gym regular please teach me the correct form and not to be like this . I've went once and I only knew how to work like two machines and I was scared of asking for help so I just ran on the treadmill couple miles .


Honestly I’m all for “short shorts” guy acting a complete fool because it sounds like he got kicked out for doing what women do in gyms pretty much everyday w impunity....

King Tyrin

2:20 Ditzy broad ??‍♂️....

Sengteck Wong

Dang that windows shut down sound got me good.

Theodore Cohn

The guy at the end looks like a small connor murphy

Throwaway1 Slime

4:20 respect


I lost it at 3:11

Od Wonder

That sound you always play at the end of your videos is annoying


bro actually did vr at a gym


that chest press can break his ribs too

Gary Sharp

Baby reps but the way it sounded was funny ?


4:13 LMFAO


After watching a few of these vids... I'm relieved that none of the odd movements some if these guys are doing are in my program.

jay p

Baby reps baby reps

uncle kareem

Hilarious bro. When you fall asleep with your batman pjs and wake up at the gym??????


5:09 i love those Ronnie coleman quotes hahah

robert winther


Harrish Arumugam


Isaac Shuster S

The windows sound fucking kills me

Krz Kam

what is this cartoon in 1:30?


Planet pizza love?? PH.Com?

harsh dhamu

Last one gave me a back ache

Billy Post

2:05 The washing machine when you leave your phone inside

Muzi Mbele

Where’s the baby reps Original Vid?


How can I simultaneously love and hate the 'Baby reps' douche?

alexis alves

Tom platz???


Fight for equal right
But why they kick at nuts

David A

That guy who fell in the beginning is lucky not to have the back of his head hit that metal part that holds the weights when you re-rack it.


1:28 whoa their pins are way too close to each other just wtf

Vinay Kumar Pabba

The Spartan kick was perfect.


what was the music playing at 3:44?

primož markovič

5:05 the proof where the spine is stronger then the quads, hams and glutes all together lol

Gregory Longoria

That last dude almost made me hit the pause button and stop watching.

Your Mum

Weights too heavy?
Then take the back out of the equation

Mark Vargas

I hope these people are joking ??

Chuck 666

These ppl are friggin idiots. Lol ?


3:03 is he Jeff cavaliere?

Ivan feury

Fight for equal rights ????

Branden Reese

Dude the bad form dead’s were KILLING me to watcy


What the hell is a baby rep?

Aros Hildeburh Axsnes

4:05 killed me haha watch how spotter and lifter react completely different hahahah

johnny brown

Baby reps, baby reps, just do baby reps.


I don't get it - why would someone think that spotting a deadlift is a thing?

Pass me the salt please

3:04 LMAOOO love this channel


People are really idiots!

Inderpal Singh Assi

These videos are pure gold.


The first guy in the video looks like a crack addict

Kyle Hoffman

That death note reference tho..??

tarek baziz

What's the name of the song at 3:35 please ?


Whats wrong with doing forced reps on latraises?

Tandem Switch

The last guy is scary, please someone reach out to him. Good god I was cringing.

Robin L

So where did the “ do baby reps “ come from? Cracks me up! This channel is great ‘


Tom platz is so funny!

Liberty Prime

1:03 that editing tho

Dev Decker

I have a question, is the back extension at planet fitness “easy” to max out?

Raintree Refuge

5:05 This is dangerous. If you see this, walk up and slap him.


Jigsaw and bane????

billy kent

Please god use proper form on deadlifts watching that stuff hurts my back

Andre van Dyk

"You grow when you sleep anyway." ???

Avishek Das

The ad was so stupid

smalltownmoto 1

I couldn’t even watch all these so pathetic

Karan Deogharkar

Fight for equal rights ???


0:14 literally just described the left lol


Where the "Baby Reps you got to stay there..." originally from?

Dino Gerc

This dude must be next Alexander Pushkin

Testudox Arrow

Everybody wanna lift heavy ass weight but don’t nobody wanna use proper form or range of motion


Only in U.S.A.


"Partial Arts"


4:40 this is why you don't want to train alone.

João Pedro Paiva

5:17 bruuuuh
He is deadlifting with his spine
I cant watch this again, holly shit...

Liam Harris

I wish this guy would link all the background videos he uses

Lifting meme

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Equipped Powerlifting 2 - A Meme Experience

146 172 views | 20 Oct. 2020

Big respect to equipped

Big respect to equipped lifting. I genuinely love it.

Check out my other videos:




Raf Simon

These people are clowns


Only a handful of funny moments


The Ukranian squatting 445kg is actually an insane lift

Kurt Rieschel

the guy at 3:43 looks like he's hovering above the ground. hover squat if you will

Bob of Astora

Equipped lifting actually looks pretty cool when they hit depth

Caleb McIntosh

Guy commentating is a moron. I’ve watched exactly 30 seconds of this video and I’ve had enough.

Sean Whitehall

I feel like wrist straps and belts are fine, those seem to be as much about injury prevention; they don't do the lift for you.

Antonio Centeno

So, Equipped deadliff: Bad Ass?

Micah Trill

the depth section is like all single ply too

Foster's stubby ASMR

Equipped lifting is a joke

Dessert Storm

single ply guys must hate being lumped in with multi -ply as "equipped"


0:48 WHY

Billy Mimnaugh

I’d rather see the videos of EVERY raw meet when 20 “ men “ open up in the squat with 405. Half are sharing their freaking wraps and belts THATS powerlifting

Blank Space

Seeing a powerlifter hit depth is very rare indeed

William Ward

I don’t think too many people have a problem with single ply lifting, especially the way the IPF does it but the world seems to hate multiply all together.

petr l

I missed Dave hoffs protruding alien chest in competition

Oliver Allen

@00:48 That's Louie. What a bunch of animals. No respect.

Kiwi Birb

0:35 and 2:45 lifts were barely equiped. the first one had half a suit and a belt, the second has a belt and meh suit. cant say they didnt lift the weight when the hit parrallel and locked out....

David MB

Equipped lifting is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite thing in powerlifting. I love competing equipped, but watching some of these lifts that get passed is just wild.


2:34 and THAT is what it means to be a man.

Based Buffet

Louie Simmons getting yeeted makes my day

Matthew Kossolapov

Can we just have a compilation of Hoff pushing people?

Jesus Damian

Gotta be honest most heavy weight powerlifters still look cool despite the form. But light weight powerlifters look ridiculous when they bend their spine to bench, do the splits to deadlift and pretend toilet squat when they squat


Always fuarking hyped to see a new upload


The south asian lifter's warm-up was actually very impressive. I'm not sure what that was afterwards, though.

fly1ng papaya

Equipped lifting is garbage. Just as garbage as the over arch to get a 2 to 4 inch rom for bench.

Tom Gordon

2:39.....my shoulders hurt...


not a fan of assited lifting

Andrew Verrett

Bunch of juiced up egomaniacs. They make the sport look bad. Its cringey. At least in strongman they ate humble and classy.


The real meme is all the excuses you’ll hear about why they don’t hit depth

Will Willis Productions

Dude you should do a video on Eric Bugengagen

z gaio

this might be the best one yet


0:48 F in the chat for Louie hahahaha

Az Erty

Equipped deadlift : no problem you're lifting the weight, do your thing so you can hit that new blood pressure pr
Single ply squats : sure, won't criticise someone for trying to explode while hitting depth
multi ply squats : we are starting to arrive in clown territory
Equipped bench : what the actual fuck

Davide C.

Well i’m early...



equipped lifting seems like how men would behave if they could give birth to babies.

man frombritain

so sad that karl yngvar got injured and had to quit. he'd be on 600kg by now

Rambo Silek

Dave Hoff is the biggest embarrassement to this sport. In 10 years only his squat and bench have moved due to cheating and improving gear. Strongest powerlifter my ass.


there are raw organizations if you dont want to compete with gear. why b a hater?


Needs more Louie-isms

Almost Cool Guys

The mad lad doin squats comment got me hahaha. Quality memes

Kakarotsuperior Ultra

Those middle eastern guys in the desert were lifting those Brad Castleberry weights

Mark D

It's not against the rules to not subscribe.
It's against the rules to get caught not subscribing.

Luke yeet

Here before the hate

Slappy Pumkineater

No equipment/no lift.

Cody Smith

Old heads when they say they benched 405 for reps in highschool

Keegan Wells

new scream PR

Chris Miller

Powerlifting is a joke lmao


What I hate about geared lifting is the Ultra Macho I have the biggest balls mentality,so much of what they do and how they do it is posturing.I mean Dave Hoff pushing a 70 something Louis simmons over onto the ground and knocking over a woman in the process...to what? Show how hyped your are?

Robin Maibals

Let me compensate for my weak core, back, chest, legs, arms, grip and self-esteem with the human equivalent of sticking rebar in concrete. Then claim it was all me.

man in glasses

all lifting should be done naked, dicks out

Daniel Wright

Westside guys have amazing raw numbers but rather have highest possible numbers

Fun guy no emotion

All these guys are shaped like apples with arms ??‍♂️

Russell Mccune

Truth is all of these guys are full of shit... all you need is steroids and a little athletic ability

David Rogers

Strange seeing people in wraps hitting depth


0:42... umm... he snapped his leg.

Edit: looks like it tbh, but .25 it doesn’t

Joe Public

Is the first lifter Brian Carroll? He’s an inspiration! Look into him! Broke his back and came back to squat over 1k again.


2:17 doesn’t even look like his arms


Do more !


The god of pushing the crowd

virgil tibbs

Thats messed up, why he push Louie like that?

King Cheems

Those Arab guys were pathetic.

Ti Linh

2:45 that's dude is a warrior goddamm

Edward Teach

Toffee Gang

Jay Bar

The fact that hoff pushed louie simmons make it even more hilarious.


Just make it an engineerig competition and let robots do the lifts.

Aldo the Apache

The physics part lol

Iordan Ivanov

Only people who never tried it, can create memes and make fun of it :)


The Ukranian has balls of steel going up in weight after 440kg nearly decapitated him. BIG RESPECT to be able to shrug it off and hit 445kg after such a dramatic attempt

John Doe

Ray Williams squatter 490kg in sleeves

Tyler K.

1:10 benches 704 raw.
Cant make 1035 touch his chest cause that elastic piece of fabric too damn pwerful XD

Expect Greatness

that video of the guy pushing the fuck out of the guy from west side is hilarious oh my god


Those Iranian guys were using some funny plates, if the weights were the same as normal kilo plates then his easy raw warmup was 320 kg (705 lb) and his double sling show attempt that he couldn't even get to touch his chest was 470 kg... (over 1000). Yeah I don't think so.

Mike Blxde

Louie Simmons getting yeeted made my day lmfao


If I was in town for a meet with Dave Hoff I would get close for his 3rd squat and tackle him after he lifts so he doesn’t have the chance to shove anyone into the floor. And then I would get tf out

Mr. Slamz

Jack PGM... I love you man. Like I said with the last video I compete and lift in multiply but everything deserves to be made fun of.

Johnathan. Aviles

I'm a fan of Davr Hoff pushing people lol


What I honestly do not understand about all these big ass lifts is.. Why do they still have people on the side pretending like they can catch that weight in free fall when the lifter drops it? Why don't they have those safety bars to stop the weight? Is it for our amusement in case they fail? Seems reckless and stupid.

James Short

Nice video once again man. Keep it up!


"That's great, but what is that?"
Story of my life bro.

Luke 94

I just love all the cheers after the dog shit ROM lifts ?


I’m only sharing this because I care, you don't know when you're going to die it could be today, and on that day you will stand before a righteous God, who will judge you accordingly, for even lying is an abomination to the lord, making us all guilty(10 commandments) so I ask you to think very deeply about what I'm saying and repent and trust in the saviour who is God in flesh, who died for your sin, for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord, he can pay your fine in the just court case and in that create in you a new heart to follow God, loving what he does and hating what he hates, saved by his grace not by your efforts.

Jacob Bauer

The fact that westside had better spotters in a highschool gym than the IPF had (and continues to have) at worlds is embarrassing.

King Cobra

No Grizzly? What a novice

Nick L

Lost it when dude screamed


There I was. Walking into the Bodybag Death Barbell Club of Doom. Missing my 3rd and 4th toes on my right foot, no bone in my upper left arm, and 16 fractures in my pelvis. I snorted an IV bag and went to work. My buddy stuffed chalk down my throat and slapped my ass. Then he kicked me in the head on the concentric portion of the one-armed single finger bench with cambered safety squat log. That was the day I got my first pressing movement PR after having my eyes artificially vacuum-sealed into my eye sockets after breaking my orbital bones on a sumo upright lateral pull down up.

D Jr.

Lmfao the way luie simmons got tossed hahahaha

man frombritain

4:05 Nick Worst

Skyline Fan

That bench was as legit as using a forklift as a 'spotter'

Angry Android

Thought this would be a decent video until annoying voice Greg came on.


You forgot to add the guy who broke both his knees on his squat descent

Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety

I don't mind equipped lifting at all but damn some people can make it seem so stupid haha. A suit is fine but ya don't need 5 or 6 of the bastards at once.


2:08 “jarvis”


Didn't expect you to include every equipped lifter hitting depth


Where can I find the clip at the end of that super intense Louie squat and more videos like it?



Powerlifting Star Wars fan

Singly ply equipped lifting isn’t bad. Whenever it gets to multiply, that’s when these guys come into play

Sash Master

Underrated channel, very gr8 video!


Who's the thick neck dude? ?

BeastMode Doyle

This makes me want to die