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Minecraft How To Make Potions After All Updates + All Recipes (EASY)

161 435 views | 6 Sep. 2019

in this video i will be

in this video i will be showing you everything you need to know about potions in minecraft from the basics to the more advanced i will also show all the different potions and how to make them aswell as an easy cheat sheet on how to remember them more easily

I hope that this video has helped you if you have any problems or questions then let me know in the comments bellow an i will try to help as soon as i can

and as always don't forget to subscribe it would be really much appreciated and would help me out a lot thankyou so much for watching :)

Random Person


The Jupiter Jumper

Thanks really helped me out?

Patch Cheyr

sobs in potion of luck

I feel so trusfrated.

Thanks alot this really helped me out. This video is the only one I've seen where someone actually lists out the recipes. ?

Razas Eanvoy


Julia Kostiv

U spelled strength wrong

Camren Lenover


Matt Bermudez

What about the drunk haste potion?


Thanks m8
You get a cookie ?


Thanks so much for the tutorial!


I left a dislike cuz i still failed my chemistry test




This is the guide I was looking for! I'm done looking :)


tiP: hwen about to fight boss like wither (assuming u have already kileld drragon) ALWAYS turn ur insta heals to lingering so u can chu8ck it in abgttle. heal. run out. low? jsut go back to the partickes

Holden Lamberty

Did anybody see the cat jump in the background

Just j.c xX 2412

I've never thought about the book idea ??


How is it possible that you have shaders on bedrock ?

Charles Oriakhi

Thanks I’ve been struggling to make strength

Billy Liang

Is there a difference between mundane and awkward potions?


Last time in minecraft wither potion is brewable but now it cant be done :P


shouldnt speed pots brew faster cuz speed lol

angel wingPROX

Thank you soo much I love this u say it soo clear and easy

Carlislie Ross

I don't know how to brew so I came to this channel and thank you

Frosty YT

To be honest the best part is the way he says nether. :)


u have helped me a lot thanks


this vid helped me so much! now i am closer to fighting the ender dragon!

hyper vids

I totally agree with
Mark Vallejo

firecrackers _tv

Thanks you help me a lot


this video felt like an online hogwarts lesson lol

The Incineroar Main

Nice video dude, really helps. :)

Nath Bennett

Great video man. Your accent is rad. Where are you from?

Abraham Plays


Gabriel Barreta

Hey BarnZyCraft u forgot swiftness..... dont worry all you need is to have akward + sugar ;)

Dony Thok

Thank you I'm like professional

Maxwell Baker

Actually, try not to say actually as much, not trying to dis you but it’s kinda annoying

Catherine Akay

It’s weird how you can’t brew a potion of decay this is how I think it should be brewed :

Awkward potion + wither rose = potion of decay


What are mundane potions I accidentally made one (magma cream + water bottle no nether wart)

Kasparas Brazys

ok first what kind of version is this that does not work

Joseph Stalin

I know how to get the ingredients too

Sleepy Sparks

Awesome video


8m playing with my fiance and the potion brewing is angering me . idk if its a bug but the out put slot seems to be inconsistant and i cant get it to work unless I have tge 3 bottle slots filled

Ieuan Mills

Where you from mate? I'm hearing a lot of different accents haha


How long lasts lingering potions ?

GTA V Is God Of The Games

Thanks a lot you helped me much

Βυρων Βακης

You forgot wither potion

Samantha Candy

Thank's for the video


Awkward potion: water bottle + Netherwart

Fire resistance: awkward potion + magma cream

Healing potion: awkward potion + glistering melon

Potion of leaping: awkward potion + rabbits foot

Night vision: awkward potion + golden carrot

Poison: awkward potion + spider eye

Regeneration: awkward potion + ghast tear

Slow fall: awkward potion + phantom membrane

Strength: awkward potion + blaze powder

Swiftness: awkward potion + sugar

Turtle master: awkward potion + turtle shell

Water breathing: awkward potion + puffer fish

Weakness: water bottle + fermented spider eye

Slowness: swiftness potion + fermented spider eye

Harming: potion of poison + fermented spider eye

Invisibility: night vision + fermented spider eye

Longer effects add Redstone dust

Stronger effects add glowstone dust

Throwable add gunpowder.

Make sure to Watch his video for more information on these potion's

Sangayya Bagoormath

Chfhdgdjfj gnd gcd hbd gv

Triston Pendarvis

i have a question if i make a potion stronger does that make potion of strength stronger

Ever Vlogs

To be perfectly honest I'm been figuring out what's the all potion recipes and... I found this dude Btw this is a very helpful video

Btw I subscribed

Kolbe Flematti

What shaders are you using?

Mark Vallejo

This is probably the best video I’ve watched that explains this, you just gained a new subscriber son, great content!

Tyler Ferrel

what is this mans settings that his game looks sooooo GOOD



Obed Vazquez Lopez

I think you didn't mention how to create lingering :S but it is with dragons breath somehow right?


How to create potion in peaceful mode?

bill hu

How do you make a ghost postion

giovanni chavarin

Thank you this helped me a lot

Btw you just earned a new subscriber

murkadamia nut plus

You dont deserve thousands you deserve millions of subscriber's keep up the good work very helpful ???

Brayden Murphy

Good content my man, here is a like and subscriber, for free

Ariana Skinulis

wow so easy to understand!

Aidyns Best YouTube Moments

can i plz get a shout-out i subbed

no A

so much easier than i htought lol

Biju Mathew

Good job


Update: you still need a golden carrot for invisibility, you need to use the entire night vision bottle + a fermented eye in order to brew a invisibility potion

Jeff Dabeast

he spelled strength wrong but thats ok

Christian Schilling

you fogot haste


That blaze powder thing is stupid

Ness MotherBound

Thanks! Once I tried learning to make every potion but someone decided to break my uh... recipe wall?

It was a wall with every potion (on a item frame) and how to make it

Joe Bailey

I never made potions before. Didn't really have to alk this time but it seems really cool. And didn't know they were that easy. Thanks for the awesome video and all this Info too. Best informative video ever in minecraft. I'll add a like and subscribe

Victor Díaz

Nice m8
I love your videos. You explain greatly, you go straight to the point, just perfect.
Keep up the good work


Thankyou !

hyper vids

2:09 good time to pause

Conor Coad

In the next minecraft update they should add more potions

Hải Đăng Nguyễn

Fire Resistance XCIII (0:16, 0:12, 0:06, 0:03)
Resistance CXVI (0:20, 0:15, 0:05, 0:02)
Regeneration XCIV (9:00, 8:30, 7:00, 6:10)
Invisibility CXIV (0:11, 0:05, 0:03, 0:02)
Instant Health CXXIIVC
Jump Boost CVXVIV (6:00, 4:20, 3:00, 1:30)
Night Vision CVX (0:45, 0:33, 0:11, 0:05)
Speed XCVIV (0:11, 0:05, 0:03, 0:02)
Slowness CXVII (0:17, 0:10, 0:07, 0:04)
Strength CXII (9:50, 9:30, 8:10, 7:30)
Water Breathing CXV (10:00, 9:40, 8:50, 8:20)
Weakness CXX (1:30, 0:40, 0:15, 0:05)
Slow Falling CCLV (0:11, 0:05, 0:03, 0:02)
Poison CVIII (6:00, 5:30, 4:10, 2:50)
Instant Damage CXII
Turtle Master CVIV (0:16, 0:05, 0:02, 0:01)
Slowfly CXVII (9:00, 8:15, 6:00, 1:30)
Swiftfly XCVIV (2:00, 1:30, 0:30, 0:15)
Swiftfall CVI (6:00, 3:00, 2:00, 0:45)
Luck CVI (0:45, 0:33, 0:11, 0:05)
Bad Luck CV (0:15, 0:10, 0:05, 0:05)
Nausea CVIIV (0:13, 0:11, 0:08, 0:05)
Wither CV (0:05, 0:04, 0:03, 0:02)

Damon Long

This is an amazing video. Thanku.

Joshua O

thanks so much

Bestyplays GamingAndTutorials

Ahh the notes super neat
If only that neatness travelled to my school work XD

Punch Happy



Whoa.. is that a survival world

Tyler Durden


Project 010-01-A-Mk2

I’m happy because it’s Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Gabrielle Kerrick

This just helped me beat my friend in Minecraft you gained another subscriber


Thx this helped

Toni Willhide

The swiftness position didn’t work

Diego Plascencia

Fun fact: to bring back a zombie villager you need a weakness potion and a golden apple then you give the zombie villager the golden apple by right clicking or pressing the right trigger

hyper vids

you just got another sub and like

William Olson

this is one of the best mincraft gides awsome job!!! like

Aryan Gandhi

Recipes Book at 1:50

Daniel Ghauri

Wow, I did not know anything about potions and this really helped!!! Thanks


Hello There!Btw,I have one question...are those recepies actually still working in 1.16 Update and are those recepies working on PC (Java/Bedrock)?


Brewing hard

The_cool_kid 776

Im doing the same thing and nothing is happening

Ahmed Jamal1918

What the wither potion effect

Lucas Matias

How do you get shaders on Bedrock edition?

Star Kitten

Thank you so much, this was very helpful.

Mc brewing chart

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How to Make Every Potion in Minecraft (1.16)

202 059 views | 2 Jun. 2020

Thank You For Watching: If

Thank You For Watching: If you enjoyed this video then share it with a friend you don't have to subscribe or like any videos just being able to share this with you is good enough for me. Only do this if you want I'm happy with just sharing my knowledge with you.

My Instagram: @elijah_dubas

You Can Create a poison potion with a spider eye and a water bottle

If you just want one type of potion

These are all of the potions that are brewable when more are added I will make separate videos for the added potions.

0:18 Strength

0:56 Fire Resistance

1:05 Instant Health

1:17 Regeneration

1:23 Slow Falling

1:40 Potion of the Turtle Master

1:57 Night Vision

2:12 Jump Boost

2:22 Water Breathing

2:35 Speed

2:49 Weakness, Invisibility, and Slowness

3:18 Instant Damage and Poison

3:32 Longer Duration

4:03 Level 2

4:25 Throwable Potion

4:42 Lingering Potion

5:28 Outro

Njbzjo 2.0

Thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much

claire selvey-cooper

Dude thx for making this i was looking for a youtube vid that got straight to the point and yours did that i got it all simply rid down in a minecraft book thx to u

it's Italian dog

So helpful

Crow Akechi

i knew all of these except the turtle one which is new how do you make the old slowness potion though?


Thanks this really helped me in my survival

Ellias Dimakiling

Thank you now i can brew potions

brother saturn

ooooh the nether star is a + and netherite is = oooooh i thought i needed to beat the wither to make a potion XD

savageme 21

Yea I’m subbing your will make it big some day you got another subscriber


Oh that’s why I couldn’t make strength! I was using magma cream as the base instead of nether wart, i feel so dumb


*changes gamma to 200 in options.txt*


Quilliamm likes Memes

I love this thank you

Ralph Arcilla

Thank for this video its very helpful to me

Andrew M

U forgot decay and wither potions


Ty helped me sooo much!


Amazing vid

King Erix

I can’t remember is there a haste potion?

Gavrilo Jovic

dude this helped me so much you don't even knooooooooooooooow

Moist Bunss AMW

Night breathing lol


you are the best tysmm

Clover Brooks

this is actually pretty good! i didnt understand why the netherstar and anchient scrap was there till i realized, + =

Kohlton H.

Love the vid the best potion vid I’ve seen


i really needed the night breathing potion ? haha all jokes :D

Derpa Turtle

0:18 Strength
0:56 Fire Resistance
1:05 Instant Health
1:17 Regeneration
1:23 Slow Falling
1:40 Potion of the Turtle Master
1:57 Night Vision
2:12 Jump Boost
2:22 Water Breathing
2:35 Speed
2:49 Weakness, Invisibility, and Slowness
3:18 Instant Damage and Poison
3:32 Longer Duration
4:03 Level 2
4:25 Throwable Potion
4:42 Lingering Potion
5:28 Outro
For mobile Users ❤


Thank you so much! I just found a nether fortress and really wanted to make potions! This was so helpful!

mc master

Why these he sounds like tecnoblade wen he 15

Halun Zulfikarl

this is goood so i can kill the enderdragon in hardcore bucus i can use it

Rocío Rivera

Nobody techno before every fight

Kaden Watley

You are the best person I think I ever meet

Rocío Rivera

I subscribed because this greatly helped me because I'm tired of putting ramdome things to make random potions

xRapidShot25x GlIdE

Thank you for putting all the time stamps :)

عبدالرحمن موسى

thank you it was very very useful for me


Thanks very useful I can finally get revenge on my brother

John Pierce

petition for mojang to add potion of haste to survival vanilla

zuhair taqi

Helped a lot thanks

MrBlackPanther Low Budget Films

2:04 yeeeeaaaahhhh

Zachall XD

Derpa:explains diffrent ways to upgrade and make some potions

Me who wanted to know how to make a luck potion: ._.

Lucky Ducky



Thanks, this was useful :D

Betsy 77

Thanks for the vid it really helped

Maroš Dinga

This actually helps man thx for this video

Yohanmaunel Ramos

It was really helpful


what about haste??? 1.16.4




thanks bro it helped a lot

Camden Zaza

Wow you reply to every comment even though the video is 7 months old respect also I’ll like the vid for that reason

melody tatum

Thx this helped me a lot


Wow i just subscribed and liked this helps me do much

Arthur John Jamolo

Thank you so much man I needed this for me and my friends to prepare for the dragon fight!

Silver Gamer


Bean Boi

Thanks im doing a war on my SMP this will help

ooo bbb

Did you acually replay to 747 comments?

Rahela Const.

Thx man

Angeluz Angelox

Ohh yeah

Wireless Potato

I can make my drug van now

Daeva Path

Wtf is an awkward potion ?


Magma queen ?

Greyson Estes


Ana Ana

thank you


thank you, this video have helped me a lot

Happyjelly Bean

Me legit taking notes of everything he says c:

Ryland Greer

How do you make a withering potion

DJ kid

Thank you for this very fast and good explain finally some normal drinks and not just the same like the other youtubers do

bullet proof cheese

I really like this guy he sounds so kind and generous

Z3 Fireturtle

Ayoooo turtle brothers


My dumbass kill a wither and try to find acien debrit in the nether before to understand that the star was a plus sign... same thing for the equals... but thanks lmao now I know all the potion and the star is a plus sign ?

Crispy Chicken

Wow nice video mate, I immediately understood how the potions being made

minty lemon ・420 years ago

Thank you!!! Your explanation makes it easy to understand! (:

Brian LooC.K

Thanks for creating this awesome video cause I'm a newbie on making potions. Just wanna say THANKS


Where is haste 2

Chase Haley

Thank you, I need this for my job in my friends SMP, and you helped a lot!

Rividing Draws

Quick question what is powering it blaze powder?


Great video helped alot thanks man


Ty mate

godmod e

Thanks god

Abdullah Enes Sarıkoç

This channel is underrated. Thank you so much this video is a gem


Wow this guy actually reads his comments and replies and hearts them to them amazing

J.J. R

Thank you very helpful you earned a sub

Golden Orca

I am 6 months late, lets see if he will reply xD


Use vanilla tweaks resource pack, it gives u every recipe in the brewing stand

Pidong Maramamag

I can be stronger than my brother in minecraft by making inatand damage 2 arrows with strength 2

La vida de la Jessi

Wow so you replied to everyone, you deserve me subscribing and this ?

Mr bush

Man ur the best

Victor Liu


Jonah Raudebaugh

Thanks for the good tutorial

Junior Hernandez

You really helped me

Alexus Lumiwes

omg thank you :)

Raj Kumar

I can't remember so I write in book with feather in minecraft and place on lactern ??
Book of potions?
THANKS!!for this helping video

Abdulaziz Alghomigan

Thank you very much it helped me a lot ?

Soren Fox

Can I just say how useful your vids r!!! I’ve already used u numerous times


Nice tutorial, keep it up i dare you ?

Kees Verheyen

Thx for the tutorial I didn't know lots of stuff about potions so you helped heaps

Lennard S.

He sounds like Technoblade
Change my mind


i cant hear you over my classes

Blake Goodfellow

Recorded in 1 sitting, good job

Rilynn Aurora

Thank you Professor Snape

sarah waskin

can you make a video on how to make a nether portal

Pepe The Musical

great video keep up the work!

Shizuka Aburame

This was so freaking helpful! Awesome video!

Mr Editz4life



Ur sound is like Google translate omgg ? that's pretty cool!!

Mc brewing chart

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POTION BREWING BASICS! | The Minecraft Guide - Tutorial Lets Play (Ep. 15)

283 323 views | 28 Sep. 2020

Potions are a great way

Potions are a great way to power up your player or weaken other mobs. In today's episode we go through the potion basics in preparation for the dragon battle!

GAMER MERCH → https://teespring.com/stores/shop-wattles

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■ Become a Channel Member https://bit.ly/2UUbEwW

■ Second Channel https://goo.gl/hBsMUK

■ Twitter https://twitter.com/itiswattles

■ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/itiswattles

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■ Livestreams https://www.twitch.tv/wattles

■ Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/wattles

■ Subscribe https://goo.gl/ZZhTvw

• Some Playlists •

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Minecraft Tutorials → https://goo.gl/qvZrH3

Minecraft 1.17 Update → https://bit.ly/3ijOZGe

if you read this comment "yum"


Zenof Blox



15:49 wattles: I see the light level thats right goodbye torches hello lanterns
(On the animal pen TORCHES)

Elongated Muskrat

The wandering trader walks up to his door. Wandering Trader is an annoying door to door salesman confirmed???

Mr. Snowman

How doesn’t he have 1 mill subs

Rboi Gobrr

Me As he was killing the llamas: you monster

DragonsGotYourBack 2005

Ice explored almost my whole nether dimension and I cant find a freaking fortress ?

Mohammad A.Q

You can find a brewing stand in villages

Connor Mader

And u should make a villager trading centre in the jungle and transport the villagers to the jungle. Thx Wattle for the best content

Isa DanceHero

There should be potions like 'potion of death' and 'potion of luck'


If you mix 2 potions in a cauldron in bedrock edition, a small explosion sound is heard.

Yoh Rdan

We understand what cats do. Tell us now what the dogs are for?

Blue moon 215

Stop talking about messi

Winchester NL

Gunpowder, explodes. = Splash.
Glowstone, lights up, energizes. = Stronger.
Redstone, automation, long term. = Longer.

That's my list of remembering these potion effects.


Plot twist: the cats are fbi


You should make a huge villager breeder for enchantment books and flesh selling
Edit: wattles- takes so long making slow falling potion
Me- just channel your inner Dream


Waddles who would you vote for a new Mob??

Lynirith Tan



Can u save this world and create a download link !!!

Julie Jaarma

i got a phantom membrane without knowing what it dose in my first survival world lol, didn't know what it did until now. I think i threw it away, yikers

Lalhmangaihsanga Thomte

nice! viideo!

Connor Mader

when will stream on twitch and can you use a face cam

Electric gamer Monville

wattles buddy can you pretty please with a cherry on top play TABS

Martha Menounos

Everyone: Listening to the outro

Me: Getting distracted by the spinning bee in the background

Bacon Boy


Charlie Sheie


Rickytroy arboleda

That doesn't work on me

Krishi Minecraft

Why didn't u just silk_touch the stone and then smelt it

Dying Lyberty

Bruh the bees geeking tf out at 18:10

ZAZ Nasir



Anyone else notice how he got two pieces of leather from the llamas? He just didn’t grab one. You can see it when he zooms in.

Second Lyfe

This is how i remember the Red/Glow stone and Gun powder

Gun: Yeah that's obvious
Glow: Upgrade
Red: Longer

Glow: Upgrade in light levels from a torch
Red: You usually need a longer redstone line in your redstone builds
Gun: boom.

Noor said hi

Wattles: "inbeetween epesoded I have done some work.
Me: oh well I thought for once I will be seeing a lets plag without cheating now he's gonna show 8 stacks of diamonds...
Also waatles: I have done path
Also me: phew
Also wattles:

Fran Disco

Can someone tell me the song at 0:58

speed quakkos



Whats his outros song?


How did you make that bench??

Mei Misaki

me being mad at 13:01 for waddles still not picking up the apple from the tree where he destroyed the leaves and it makes me uncomfortable :| please pick up the apple

Alejandro Cosa

i know that youve probably finished the serie but a suggestion could be putting the brewing stand where your porch is since you dont use as much

Moth Man

Can you put milk in the cauldron?



Carter May

I’m not a noob after this lol

The good ish Wolf

You should stream every Friday

CG Projects

Liked and subbed. Been following this season and I’m running out of episodes . Keep up the good work


I was not expecting the murder of the wandering trader!

sam 9952

13:35 you can also put boats in front of the
lamas they get stuck and the trader walks away dropping the leads.


I always used MinecraftWiki , I’m so happy that I’m not the only one

james kaczmarek

U should make a cat tree


On my realm I got a phantom membrane first try.


honestly doesnt minecraft need a potion brewing book??

Shoshana Loomer

Wait... this is just a starter house?!?


Pls start a survival guide in bedrock version


Am I the only one who also bring a bunch of iron blocks and carved pumpkins to the End? Make a handful of Iron Golems to go berserk on the Endermen and then scoop up all the pearls ?

Beverly Nicole Suarez


Tom De Backer

To get membranes, just do a long project and don't minecraft sleep a few nights. Three I think, then the phantoms come, take them out and voila: membranes. I'm turning an ocean monument into a guardian farm and have three stacks of membranes. I would share if UPS shipped them...

Lara Zegers



Do you have just a PayPal we can donate to? I want to donate since I enjoy your content but wife would flip if I did a monthly sub.

noble Uche

how do you use your left hand

Prince Leigh

I don't understand why he didn't just stay awake and kill the phantoms himself, instead of waiting around for the cats to bring him the phantom membrane.

Brandon Osoria

You should be a teacher


fun fact you are reading this right now

obi one canobi

you should do a video on starter base tutorials in different biomes





Karlie wu

Wattles you can put some signs then water to make a infinity water source

Harley Cameron

I reckon go for full enchanted diamond before the ender dragon, but then get netherite and elytra afterwards. You have the blaze rods, and a warped Forrest so you should definitely go for that as early as possible

ximena v


Travis Hoffard

I like the sheets on the bench??


1000 comment lol

William Wang

ive pretty much memorized every potion recipe yet idk how to put it in a cauldron


I just forgot to say this Ima ask wattles you should build like a treehouse village or maybe just a small village and have villagers rome around in the trees


I accidentally clicked on your video and I had to turn the volume down to literally 1%. Jesus christ dood

Nyan Lotha

This guy talk too much

Rudes 23

Poor cats





How to brew in mine craft teehee

water bottle

Blaze dust is coal basically lol

Glow stone dust: Makes the potion stronger

Red stone: extends the time

Gunpowder: Throwable

Nether wart: akward potion.

How to make weakness: Fermented spider eye and water bottle and a akward potion

Night vision: gold carrot akward potion

Invis: fermented, night vision

Leaping: rabbit foot, akward potion

Fire resist: magma cream, akward potion

Swiftness: sugar, akward potion

Slowness: fermented eye, leaping

Strength: blaze powder, akward potion

Regen: ghast tear, akward

Poison: spider eye, akward potion

Harming: fermented eye, potion of poison

Instant health. Glistening melons, akward potion

Water breathing: pufferfish, akward potion


if you want to just learn about potions here you go 7:27

Bairn O' Nessie

Two leads and two leather.

John Chapman

I wonder who wattles watches play minecraft on YouTube

Kiwi McMango

Meanwhile I can’t even find a fortress...

IG theo_englund

Nahhh u shouldve made a secret basement for the illegal brewing, it wouldve been so cool

noble Uche

sir please what is the seed


1 thousandth comment!


Jesus get to the point why are you rambling in a tutorial

Emma Pennell

Wattles: we’re not going to go all out.

Also wattles: goes all out.

Tony Standridge

on bedrock you can also put potions in a cauldron and make arrows with effect or atleast in 1.14 you could im not sure if it still works

toaka 556

I'm watching this episode about potions and I feel like harry potter in potions class the only difference is that you're way better than professor snape xD

Deejay D

Your help has been amazing i got this last week for my son and your guide has been more than helpful . Thank you so much. Just lost ally gear to lava. You did warn me lol

noble Uche

how do you see your character e.g player

Toby Wan Kenobi

There is actually a book about potions, but it's a book about enchanting and potions, it's the 2018 edition. I have the dutch version of it because I live in Belgium but it should be the same.

Matthew Nolen

when you said that cauldrons could be filled with lava on bedrock I didn't believe it but when I tried it out for myself it worked and I was actually mindblown

I am Gamer

Wattles: wants the cats to give him a phantom membrane

Wattles when he doesn’t get one: this is fine

Wattles then proceeds to punish the cats

I am

Just had a phone call with someone who sounds exactly like wattles. I swear it was him haha

CommunistTiggy 429 aka Kabu

Regen potions: am I a joke to you


Tip for the ender dragon fight: You don't need slow falling. Just go by his her wings and melee once you have taken out the crystals. P.S: I used this method, and for me it worked perfectly.



Bill Nye The Russian Spy

5:12 on bedrock edition you can also put potions into cauldron. 1 bottle fills it by 1/3 levels. This can be used to make tipped arrows by clicking the cauldron with a stack of arrows.
1/3 filled->16 tipped arrows
2/3 filled->32 tipped arrows
Completely filled->64 tipped arrows

Pooja Randhawa

You should just make a automatic potion making machine thanks


I liked the bee in the background that was cosplaying as a beyblade at 18:13


you should have made strenth 2 potions since you would have 3 potions and you dont hit the ender dragon much anyway

Duncan Donut1

Make a villager exp trading farm and show people how to get villager trades down to $1 per trade