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How to make save coin system - Max2D

617 views | 13 Oct. 2020




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Tapi hari ini mudah mudahan ada 3 video :)


Shadow Game

Mana project nya


Bang bikin game mirip among us pake max2d

Apple dev


fariz dafansyah

bikin ulang tutorialnya dong gw kurang paham

Taruna Dwi

First bang main among us


Bang katanya mau naro link projects di depscripsi box

Ranz Gaming AZ

Bang cara nyimpan game nya ke hp gimana supaya bisa dikirim ke hp orang lain

Lion Developer

Bang bikin lomba buat game



Dhit. Time

cara buat locked door sistem nih gan
semoga membantu kalian dalam impruf bikin game

Save coin

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Coin Collectors: This Information Will Save You THOUSANDS $$$

77 428 views | 18 Aug. 2017

In this video I talk

In this video I talk about the dangers of PVC damage to collectible coins. It is an unfortunate part of coin collecting history that many manufacturers of coin preservation products used PVC plastics in their products. PVC leaches harmful chemicals out onto your valuable coins and leaves damaging green residue on them. Think your carson city morgan dollar is safe, protected in plastic? Think again. Watch this video to find out how to keep your silver coins like Peace dollars, walking liberty half dollars, and much more safe from dangerous chemicals and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

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I got loads of good flips from my coin shop

IndianHead Logan

does it on a sacagawea dollar?

Nathan eden

Very simple and very helpful, thank you very much


Great video, please if you get a free moment check out my recent numismatic coin purchase

Adin Edward's

Does this hurt gold?

Tudor Pop

Ziplock bags in Europe are mostly made of ldpe (low density polyethyelne) which are also safe. Mylar contains polyethylene terephthalate (pet).

Marcus' muse

I hear a lot of fake morgans come out of China so is there a surefire way of telling between reals and fakes?

Jem Sanchez

Anyone here in from the Philippines? where to buy those mylar flips? thank you so much Godbless! :)

Reon Goosen

Does the PVC flips have the same effect on Gold Coins?

Mike Pict

Couple questions. Black or white foam rings on airtight , do they have PVC? 2. Let's say I bought a coin I suspect as being cleaned, but cleaned well .... to well . Should I submit it to a grading company for restoration prior to grading, not grade it at all . Its perfect at 10x and an ms66 is like 20k . But like I said to perfect for its age ....have you had any experience with how the big 2 restore and grade post restoration well cleaned coins ?

Rebecca Rohloff

Thank you! Im new to collecting and didnt know this.


I have some of the Rwanda lunar series silver coins ( still in there mint plastic packaging ) does anyone know if they are P.V.C or not ? . The coins still look good but i wouldn't want to remove them if the packaging is safe to store them in.

Random Memes Weekly

0:00 rip isreal coin

Angel Slayer

Can pvc plastic flips be rigid too? I bought some not too long ago on amazon and didn’t check the material, they are rigid and also have a hard time staying folded on their own

Harry Negron Gonzalez


Andrew Jefferson

you can acetone any coin and it will not devalue it as long as you don't leave the coin for to long.

José Manuel Gómez Díaz

I use the mylar and cardboard holders for regular coins and the expensive ones I store them in quadrum capsules. PVC is awful but unfortunately very commonly used.


Good video. ?


Thank you so much I put all my coins in flips possibly pvc ones I’m taking them all out now

Is it safe to put them in plastic coin holders?

Slats Diamond

Great info. Much appreciated. Mylar and acid free papers or cardboards.

TheBountyCoinHunter !

Is it just pvc or any plastic? For example would PET also leach chemicals in your coins


This also applies to currency bills as well, though more dramatic effects happen such as the paper becoming brittle, or the ink basically liquefying, or both...
I use Supersafe brand top loader holders for my bills and clear hard polystyrene 2x2's and roll tubes for my coins...
PVC = Degradation in value for anything it 'protects'...


Thanks i have a 1926 coin in pvc and i took it out thanks

lvs blink

Thank you!

Vapor Koldun

Wait, does PVC affect all types of metals or just copper and silver?

keith gordon

Thank You for the tip. I have a question for you. You say no to PVC but, what about UPVC? ( Unplasticized Vinyl )

Stewie aww man

Is there any way you can make it non toxic plastic

Tim Lackie Jr.

Wow! The statue of liberty is covered in PVC?lol

The steel dragon

I can’t tell if I have bad one or the good one I have two of them and I cannot tell if it’s a good one or bad one and one is the good one I think I have a copper coin and one and then I have three coins in the other And I am I having were Nicole and I also have a Special diamond I know what it’s called and then I have a one dollar coin I don’t know if it’s over I don’t know anything and so yeah I am thank you for this

Fr*nka*y B

Thanq very much


I bought a couple 1 oz silver bullion and they look like they were cut from a plastic sheet of heat sealed pockets. The plastic is pretty flexible. Do you know if these type of sheets are made of pvc?

ddr master

is polystyrene good?

Barbara Seaverson

Thanks for the information. I enjoyed the video very much.

Benny Saxton

Wow. I wasn't aware of this issue. Please do you recommend the air tight capsule cases? Thank you

Long Islands Hardcore Detectorist

Very helpful buddy! I’m doing a complete change out on all my coins today ??

Julio Benavides

I have a very important question please respond i inherited a coin collection that uses plastic that was made by coingard enoc corporation. I dont know of what it is made about can soneone tell me please.

sohib lagha

Does the Quadrums contains PVC?

Waldemar .H

what about polypropylene slots?

Aaron Weise

Although I dont have or use pvc slips or holders, and also being only 6 months into the hobby, this is still invaluable information and I will never consider pvc in the future.
Hey @silverpicker what about binder pocket pages, that are not rigid plastics? Are they pvc, and even though I put my coins in 2x2's will they damage my coins, bars, or other things I have in them?


thank you for the video i have had my coins in a pvc flip since January im a new collector

Kien Hweng Tai

PVC likes sticking to stuff when it deteriorates.

Gabriel Cornea

Acetone dip is not considered cleaning, as acetone doesn't actually react with silver at all, and it surely doesn't remove pvc damage

IndianHead Logan

thanks dude! I subscribed!!!!

Ants America

I saved a 2 cent peice

Pennsyltucky Den

That was some very useful information, thank you


I have an old coin master merc dime album that tore up 50 dimes. Had it for years ,since I was a kid...

Rafael Pinheiro Aquino

Man, here in Brazil, most holders doesn't have pvc in their composition. But thank you for the recomendation! Greetings from Brazil! ?????

Robin Detects

Thanks man! I appreciate the detailed explanation and money saving tip.


Had a couple in PVC, glad I saw this.

Jack Daniels

haha, for me the old flips fucked up some of my large cents that were uncertified in the past...had to acetone them, but they survived. the coins didnt show any obvious sign of pvc but the flip did. after that i changed to saflips which are said to last 2 years at least...ever since its been good to me.

btw you can use those cheap pvc flips long term if you put the stapled cardboard flips in them! works like a charm.

Thomas Taylor

Very informative video. Thanks for the good advice on storing your coins.


You just saved like $3000 worth of my coins thanks man

Allen Wood

Can’t stop looking at the standing rat in the beginning

Gretta Vargas

i have a alantis gold coin with no date with a trident

billy vu

Where did you find that coin

Js cards And coins

are these flips ok for old silver coins Im thinking buying some pvc free flips and don’t know if they will affect my old silver coins thanks josh

Ambrose Jeffery

good to know


Thank you. I'm new to collecting and stacking and you may have saved me a lot of tears down the road.

Coinery Hobbyist

Got it! PVC bad..Mylar GOOD!

David strange

Are the dollar coin flips ok for old silver coins?

Nick M

Time to buy some mylar flips.. Just started going through my collection after 10 years in storage and found a few Morgan's with green rims.. Was Wondering what it was and then came across this video! Thank you!!!

Caleb Peterson

Thank you So Much. My silver coin was in PVC.

RP101 Aquatics

You have any tips for getting coins on a budget


Os recomiendo una solución, 1 parte de agua oxigenada de casa y dos partes de agua destilada, introducir la moneda y el oxido desaparecerá, ir vigilando de vez en cuando asta que veáis resultados, que no se os olvide , no quita la pátina, después secarla sin frotar con un paño limpio y seco y después con un bastoncillo de algodón con alcohol .

Timothy Wang

Thank you for the information

Lima Echo Numismatics

I have used coin flips like that all the time but I have never had any corrosion or ruined coins

The Coin Man

Oh man thank you so much for the tips

Susan Creed

Great video! But the music - arrrgghh!

The Weird Kid Next Door

Do Pokémon card sleeves have pvc in them? I’m using them as homemade card holders.


Excellent article

Trimax Inventius

What about touching coins by bare hands? Should not you use pair of cotton gloves at least?

wood beez

Great advice..I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't already have this knowledge. Thank you silver picker! ?


send a link to non pvc flips

That Car Guy 1

I bought an uncirculated walking liberty half that’s been in one of those for years!

The Coin Channel: Coin Roll Hunting, and more!

Thank you for the reminder. I checked my coin collection and found a restruck 1 Thaler Maria Theresa coin that was in a PVC flip. No damage yet, but thanks for reminding me to take it out.

Dee Hendon

Learn new things everyday. No damage to my coins and now no PVC coin holders. Yeah, I subscribed and liked. Thanks


Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "what is the name of coin collector?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Wonenry Sonucas Approach - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got great results with it.


get a proper cabinet made in museum grade mahogany, these can be expesive but one of the best ways to store coins. Do not use other woods like oak the grain can hold mosture and toxins!

Mike D

Very interesting video. Does PVC occur in coin capsules as well? Given they by nature are hard plastic I'm hoping not, but after seeing this I'm a bit worried!

Lets get to 1mill without vids

I ordered a load of albums which are pvc and there the only ones at the perfect size I need and found so could I put some tracing paper or different layer of plastic in between the coin and PVC will the coin be safe.
Does pvc also effect bronze or nickel coins


I am new in collecting coins especially Philippine Coins, and i hope somebody may check my uploaded video about my collections and maybe help me if there is rare or high value in my coin collections. Thank You

The Copper One

I had this happen to me recently with a wheat. It was a key date, I was pretty upset.

Will Faulkner

What about the airtight hard plastic coin cases?

Luke G

What about bcw vinyl coin flips

ifrit 8

I am a young collector from Philippines i have a 1930 coin but I don't have a holder can you make a video making a DIY coin holder

Edward’s Hobbies

I know this is an old video, but are acid free pvc coin pages fine, I’m looking for some good pages to store miscellaneous coin. Thanks

Fudd 308

The way you handled the coins is also detrimental to numismatic value. Use Gloves!!

Brian Smythe

wow I had a Britannia and a kangeroo in PVC , I just got rid of the flips , cheers


Hi silverpicker I'm a fan question where can I buy one of those oh btw I learned a lot from you thank you I was gonna buy a coin album that has pvc but I saw this vid and thank you.

Coby Williams

Thanks for the tip on that one man. Learning something new every day lol


What about plasticizer free pvc? Plasticizers are what´s doing the harm, right?

David L. Coker

How can you tell what material your holders are made of?

Yair Daboul

Thank you!!! you just saved my collection. Just one little question - is polypropylene (PVC Free, Acid Free) safe for use?
I saw this product, and I would be very happy if you could confirm me it's safe to use:

Freddy T

How about PVC bill holders, is there any risk to paper bills for any reason?

George Szeles

subbed to you very informative thanks will be saving my newly found or bought coins in paper flips


I have about 500 coins from over 60 different countries. I have the oldest coins too. Like the ones just after barter system. What should I put them in. These are too many. I am under lockdown due to the corona virus. My old coins have started fading and rusting. Help me what should I do instantly. Lockdown will probably last some months.
Contact me in Instagram @arhumdaga

A. Apio

How about Quarters? Does PVC afect it too?

Shekhar Kulkarni

Very useful information, will never ever ever use PVC....thanks

Aaron Weise

Wait, I just looked at some of my 1oz bars and some coins I bought already in some type of softer maliable (heat sealed) plastic. Should I cut them open and put into mylar slips and the cardboard 2x2's?

Montana Treasure Hunter

Good to know thanks for the info