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How to add PHP to a Wordpress page

73 791 views | 17 Jul. 2015

In this video tutorial we

In this video tutorial we look at how to add PHP to any page within your Wordpress website. To read the full article go to: http://www.atinyrhino.com/blog/wordpress/how-to-add-php-to-a-wordpress-page/

or visit our homepage at: http://www.atinyrhino.com/

David Susen

Hey this video definitely needs to be remade because it is so good! I have to agree with tinacart and others that there are details left out that would be very very useful. I happened to figure out how to find page.php - which was great because I am a very good php programmer but very very new (believe it or not) to WordPress. I am starting to really love it because it's like I've landed in a maze of php programmers that have made a ton of very useful stuff! Oh yes, I'd love to say thank you for your video but you did not give your name. So .... - מה השם שלך? - what is your name? :) and yes your website? GONE !! Come on man ! I'm impressed but we need a redo :)

Roberto Socarras

Great tutorial it works really good for me until I decide to place a form inside the template! I have been trying for several days and the form display really good but when submitted I get this error "Sorry but that page doesn't exist" and nothing is sent to the database. "outside Wordpress the form and database work perfect". Any suggestions?

Nikhil Nk

Your Domain Name Expired I think...

Exambond Helpdesk

Hello bro can u add me up to any WhatsApp group I can learn coding and programming pls

Md Sumon

Thanks a lot bro

Tina Huston

Didn't work. Why not tell people the theme you're using that has the same content as your page.php that you are modifying. Waste of time.

Gihan Akalanka

thanks lot bro.keep it up!

Vishnusai Mamidi



Rare WordPress theme is all about building unique, creative and professional websites through industry leading options network without having to touch a line of code. Our amazingly flexible network of options is paired with an easy to use interface that allows anyone from beginner to advanced build beautiful, responsive websites https://visualmodo.com/theme/rare-wordpress-theme/ ???️


Thank you ) very helpful tutorial )

Emmanuel Dadson

Just what i was looking for.. ;-)


Thaaank you. Great tutorial. Helped me lot . PLease upload more!!!

Peace on Earth

Thank you very much bro!


Doesn't have my template! Do you use which plugin?

Yasir U

Thank you so much.. you made my day.. :)

Melinda Mel

Saved my day. Thank you for the great tutorial :)


man, thats a wonderful video.

arshpreet kaur

How you edit coding on which page you edit i could not understanding

Rachel Rose Rotz

This is a great tutorial. Thank you.

Kyle's How To

Gee... would be nice to know how you accessed the php file

Manikanta M

where should i save the Php files

Idaho Dream

This seems like it would work, but I am using the Genesis Theme along with Beaver Builder. I cannot find the page.php file to manipulate the php on my pages.

Jason Martin

Thank you so much! Helped me perfectly in my situation! :))

Adrian Celis

Thanks! It helped a bunch.

Byron Liu

thank you very much sir. very good trick to know


Not only is your full article URL a broken link, but you don't explain how you navigated from the Wordpress GUI to what appears to be the backend directory structure of the Wordpress site beginning at 1:15 in your video.   How did you get there?  How does someone set up as a Wordpress admin navigate to that directory structure?  Do you need full access to the hosting server itself?  How would that work if your Wordpress site is actually hosted on Wordpress.com instead of your own host?

Joan Altres

Excellent Wordpress php/javascript code editor you have through your website. It's the best I've ever used and newbie friendly. Everyone should have this. Thanks!

Php converter

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if else PHP example - creating a conversion tool Miles to Kilometres

484 views | 17 Oct. 2018

One of the most basic

One of the most basic structures in programming is the conditional statement. This is essential anytime there is a choice to be made based on a set of circumstances.

In this video we create a simple conversion tool that can switch from miles to kilometres and vice versa.This shows the code of a form that takes the information from a user and passes it to a results page that calculates and displays the desired result.

Vish Panday

Hey im a super newbie at PHP. Is there a way that when I press submit it displays the conversion below Submit/ or within that same page instead of loading a new one?

Php converter

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How to Convert HTML to PDF by using DomPDF in PHP

40 856 views | 10 Apr. 2017

This video will describe

This video will describe how to convert HTML to PDF in PHP by using Dompdf. With this script you can also make PDF document from HTML file by using Dompdf. By using Dompdf with PHP Script you can also make dynamic pdf document also. Source Code - http://www.webslesson.info/2017/04/convert-html-to-pdf-in-php-using-dompdf.html

Enrico Gonzalez

Was trying to do exact same way you show. But i get this Error:
require_once(dompdf/autoload.inc.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory...

and there is no autoladr.inc.php file at all

aakash agnihotri

Why it is not working in live server but working fine in localhost plzz help????

Sumith Babu

Is it possible to convert a page to PDF using DOMPDF?

Sofi Khan

i am having error Call to a member function loadHtml() on null plz help me


helpful example

Enmanuel de Jesus Gavilan Cruz

Thanks so much bro. Very helpful your videos.

Samnang Monika

can you make how to use dompdf with codeigniter and with picture too?

Aziz Purnama

can i use this in php version 5.1

Mukund Haranesha

Hello Sir,
This video is very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.
But when i use this way of generate PDF at that time it's taking a too much time. So what the solution of my issue. please help.

sajid rafiq

I thank you but still its stupid to talk like a machine really grow up!


I want to download pdf on button click not on load.

Is that possible?

Roxana Slj

How to add css and image as well ?

Long Hoang

Thank you so much! I plan to print a big form, wish me luck!

Just Aquib

how can i make fixed header and footer for each pdf page...please help...

Siddhant Fulzele

sir if i'm putting a script tag in our html then can script tag is run or not

Belajar Bareng Haqi

i want to request: how to import & export .csv / .xls files to mysql using laravel or php native.

Santosh Tiwari

Non-existent class: Autoload.inc i got this error. can you tell me sir why???

Valdecir Souza

Great Vid!

Gnana pritha

Failed to load pdf document but used dompdf .


How to send mail in php with attachment?

sajid rafiq

Thank you so much!!

Hamza Ashraf

Thanks a lot sir you are awsome it works 100 percent best best best video

Gerardo Morales

I'm using PHP 7.2 with the DOMpdf 0.8.5 but when I create the instance of domPDF I get a 500 error

Zahid Hussain

How can we store the pdf at specific location /folder??


very cool ...

Rahul Agarwal

Please make a video on how to display content placeholder till the page loads like facebook using jquery php ?


how to do html input form to pdf with full page background image?

Jos van Gilst

I can't open it, can someone tell me what I did wrong?


Fatal error: Uncaught Dompdf\Exception: No block-level parent found. Not good. in E:\xampp\htdocs\convert_pdf\convert-html-to-pdf-by-using-dompdf-in-php\dompdf\src\Positioner\Inline.php:45
plz tell me solution

Lessner Garcia

thank'u very much! nice video

Sunil Suwal

Configuration please for Nepali Unicode support.

Parikshit Vaghasiya

Thanks for the video, It's help me a lot !

Michael Malonza

Nice tutorial. How do I add footer image to the generated pdf? in php

Lil' Zin Thuz

it's possible to set custom paper ?

Ronith Abobon

can you include base 64 image in dompdf.. great tutorial

Israel Huamani

Please where is located autoload.inc file? I didn't find it

Samnang Monika

good tutorial

Mersian Xhaferaj

All I understood was - pDf LibRaRy, HtML LibRaRy pHp LiBraRy

Thomas Leonardo

very usefull tutorial!

shiv kumar

Sir please help me that how to add multi css file like bootstrap.min.css in index.php
because i have added
$stylesheet= file_get_contents('css/bootstrap.min.css');
this code is not working

Haynes Christian

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'use' (T_USE)

That zip file is not having the "tests" folder

Ibrahim Ngoucheme Mongbet

how to solve this error: *Unable to load the requested class: Pdf*. every thing is ok on windows server but the error appears when the server is UBUNTU. what to do?


PLEAAASE !! use your normal voice, i think its gonna be muuuch more better and attract more watchers, GREAT VIDEO BTW

Ihsan Fajari

Any tips if using the CSS from bootstrap? the row col gridlines are not working here


$result 8:37 $output 8:40