Plex value

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Buying a Multifamily Apartment 8 Plex - CRAZY asking price!

43 views | 1 Feb. 2021

This 8 plex is a great

This 8 plex is a great stepping stone into multifamily real estate after my duplex. In this quick video I show property condition, asking price, my offer price and current cash flow along with market value cash flow as well. Enjoy.


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Buying a Multifamily Apartment 8 Plex - CRAZY asking price!

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The owner getting rid of anymore? Lol

Plex value

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What is the value of performing high plex assays?

461 views | 27 Mar. 2018

Learn more about DSP:

Learn more about DSP: https://goo.gl/u68uf1

Plex value

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I Paid $530,000 For A Four-Plex. Then The Value Fell.

1 844 views | 12 Feb. 2018

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I bought a four-plex building for $530,000.

It was the most valuable possession that I had owned at the time.

Then the building value went down, down, down.

I didn't know where the price bottom was going to be.

Soon I learned that no one could buy it from me.

I had never experienced this before, and it sure didn't feel good.

Learn how it turned out and get a great real estate lesson from me.

Styler Weiland

Keith is a wonderful teacher on the subject. I’ve been listening to his podcast for about a year now. Great guy. Great show. Great content!

Joey Lin

Administrator lol

M Lee

Hi Keith, I'm interested in building a 4plex from the ground up. Do you know of any good educational resources for achieving this? 99.9% of the info I find online is for existing properties. I'm hoping that you can point me in the right direction ☺

sravan kumar

I'm just able to see eth0 only.wgat to do to enable wl

Franky Baby

Great title to the video. I was about to call you an a-hole but you understand as long as that property cash flows then who cares about it's value.


Another GUI manual, worthless in real world scenarios, thanks tho, still gave u thmb up

Aaron Cater

I guarantee he doesnt have any pants on.

Get Rich Education

Grab the Get Rich Education phone APP to listen on-the-go! ?

Dmitri Sanzharov

Very nice painting in the background, where did you get it?


but you were making 6 figures...

Julio Niño

Keith Thank you so much for sharing so much knowledge with all of us whom are also archiving our financial FREEDOM!! Please don't stop teaching FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!