Is bitcoin legal in china

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Bitcoin to 6k!? Why? China Wants Control of BTC!!

47 143 views | 14 Dec. 2019

Bitcoin begins its

Bitcoin begins its downwards tumble back to the $6k levels. Angelo BTC and his Bitcoin 6k prophecy is looking more like a reality day by day. Fundamentally why will this happen? CHINA!

China wants control of Bitcoin as it’s their governments ally in the global fight against USD superiority. New Reports show one region in China alone controls over 50 percent of the hashpower! Also, we always dive into the shadow underworld of cryptocurrency but what about manipulation from the white had side of crypto (Coinbase & VC Funds)? Plus a sponsored review of the Liberty OS, the first blockchain based operating system!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:08 Introduction: Tommy Boy!

00:56 Bitcoin TA: Tyler Analysis or Bitcoin Technical Analysis

01:48 A Chart Comparison: Angelo BTC

02:44 6k level vs level(s)

03:17 Trading On Fundamentals vs Technicals

03:42 Chinese Whale Miners Taking Control of BTC

03:52 Are We Cryptos Nostradamus? The Bitcoin Mining Industry

05:44 China's Growing Dominance Over Crypto Mining

06:15 US Bitcoin Miner Purge! Analyzing The Bitcoin Hash Rate

07:22 Liberty OS Blockchain Operating System

11:14 Bitcoin & Crypto Manipulation From The White Hats: Conbaise??

11:41 Orchid OXT Added to Coinbase Pro

12:35 The Investors & Backers of Orchid? Coinbase & a16z

13:38 Andreesen Horowitz & Coinbase Special Connection

13:57 Fred Ersam Invests In Orchid

14:18 VC Bag Holder Exchange Listing Tricks

14:43 Outro

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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results.

This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research!


OXT lol LOKI!!!!

Daniel Wilson

Lines here. Lines there. Lines everywhere... Hilarious

K Cep

Angelo btc is Anthony Pompliano.....


I’m not too sure why so many are saying Chico should be careful? He’s not exposing anything that isn’t getting exposed anyway. He’s just amplifying it for the crypto community. We need to take out the trash which will only destroy the movement for our monetary freedom on the blockchain! What a quality production, love it. Great information, thanks again Tyler.


What makes you think miners in China are all working together? I would think they would mine as secretly as possible to avoid the gov. shutting them down. Do miners work together in the U.S.? They all compete with each other.

NPC 138

Chico is the most trustworthy name in Crypto if you ask me.

Klehr Carroll

Am really happy and glad I met this real and legit hacking website in cyberexpertshack..tech

Jo Hannes

Your videos are making me hate crypto! Crypto is corrupt, why do people still love it?


Why dont you talk about bsv?
Under strict orders not to?

Aldilno Sukomee

Hahahaha Now only you believe! But still you know only half of it. They're now actually dumping btc on non-top alts as the next step toward controlling the whole market. Waves pump proves this. Because it is actually the both, China and Russia scraping crypto, after gold. But Russia goes too rush as they're always idiots in trading. Even if waves may hit $6, it won't last long. Hence, only China will be the only last winner. The inland chinese spreads that btc should hit at least 4k before taking it back again.

yang gaming

If no new highs then no new buyers and when the price will drop more people leave btc and crypto. Why China would like to control btc then if people don't care?

Renald Gracie

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Dewon Trades

After BTC market valuation doubles, other countries will be bidding for mining firms to set up shop in their jurisdictions with cheaper or subsidized energy costs.

Jo Hannes

Its gonna be hard for China to control BTC if they are all dead.

Hasan Morshed

20k was fake and manipulation. Real price of btc will be less than 4k. Still too high price.

Marc L

Unsurprisingly very informative and very research heavy for a sort of meme-ish channel. Well done.

lucky 748

Why China need to take over Bitcoin?... Bitcoin is just a code... nothing special... is outdated already technologic speaking.... Any country can create it's own cryptocurrency.... start at a ultra low price and pump to the roof...... specially China....

Harison Berrocales Nazario

Hello Chico. I did know that China want to have all control in Bitcoin, becausw China is working to create a new cryptocurrency and maybe to remplazed the Chinesse Yuan currency. Also, In the next year my goal is to continued studying the Blockchain and programming langiages to created my Dapp, becausw I study trading in Forex in a Forex Academy to become a trader in cryptocurrency, Forex and stocks materials as Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. While I get to finiah my trading studying, I starting yo study Blockchain again and Programming languges.

Eric Outram

Another Chinese
Pump and dump for Xmas sucker ,sucker s
Losers wait and see
Big dump ?

Chris Taylor

What if Angelobtc is actually putting out these tweets to make people do exactly what he wants them to do. On behalf of himself, or the so called Whales he speaks of.

That Mountain Life

Are you not worried for your safety? Are you living around weekly now and setting up your studio where ever you have too? People make movies about people like you. Thanks for the truth Chico.

Yarak Haram

He looks so much like jason mantzoukas

Safe Zone Primer

Not only #Bitcoin but #China wants to Control Everything ;)

Daniel Chippindall

Is China's hash power mainly from western investors joining there mining pools?

last_of_the_ middle_class

If the National Enquirer ever needs a crypto columnist.

Michael Perkuhn

Couln't everyone just use another coin that is more decentralized than bitcoin? I mean it must not be bitcoin forever, right? Soon it would lose its worth and China had to start all over again.

4C Trading TV

interesting view on the situation with China.


Chico the greatest OG

John Doe

why not add direct link for liberty OS?

un know

Chicocrypto the best ! :)

Rick Thomas

Once again great info, While I don't believe China is evil I do believe controlling BTC is part of the plan. after the petro dollar falls where you gonna go... Gold?,,,BTC? all path lead to china.

Bill Crosby

I would suspect russia has more hash rate than that

Danny Rivera

Keep up the good work?? we all here to learn more to live a better life

Virendra Singh

The best is from cyberexpertshack •tech they help me clear my debt with ease

yuanyuan zeng

White hats? Bwaaaahaaaahaaaaa! Where? I don't see any in the crypto space.


Well explained. 6k level discourages most miners across the world from continuing an unprofitable (even temporary) activity. China's miners could make a lot of money within this period of time.


Bitcoin has followed this pattern for sometime now it dips and gets everyone scared then after retesting an old resistance several times, we wake up one day to see it has burst through. This may not mean its going to keep doing that but it spells out the fact that we all need to buy now and ride with the profit flow. Dollar cost averaging may not be the best way now to accumulate as its slow and expensive. Having traded previously and lost money i tried again after hearing about Dr, Felix Paul and his system. He guides traders by providing trade signals which are so accurate i have made 9Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 2.1Btc. I think more crypto experts should be more like him to make an impact to other less seasoned traders. Dr, Felix Paul can be contacted by WhatsApp +1 (925) 222-2731 or Telegram @Drfelixpaul to find out more about how you can start trading.

Agartha Asgard[HODL]

Coinbase is a scam.
Hold bitcoin or cry later folks.

3rd Revelation

Descending triangle, descending triangle, descending triangle, lmfao.


If you have renewable energy sources, as in solar cells on your roof, field etc. - it is just as cheap for you as anyone else in the world for electricy - depending upon your climate and sunshine. In other words China can have more mining but it will not wipe out mining other places elsewhere.

Vjaceslavs R

I don’t even listen to anybody else anymore these days if I want to know crypto lol when broadcast on am/fm/tv/?

Youness DRHOUJ

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Daniel Wilson

I really hope Liberty OS does NOT have its own coin.


The Superpower game, control all the gold and all the digital gold.. still buying Neo :)


I hate to be the party pooper again, but it takes not much of thinking to figure out that an OS with payed adds is a terrible idea! One day you will be forced to watch every morning the "5 min of hate" add to be able to pay for your breakfast in a future fully digital blockchain economy. Who comes up with this garbage!? And to call it "liberty OS" makes our American founding fathers turn over in their graves!!! Chico you must have been smoking hard before accepting this sponsorship. It is a Linux distro with adds!!! Also to opt in for now.....until it's mandatory because the environment forces you - so you can pay your electric bill.


All early Crypto Youtubers will get REKT ...

Edgar A

Oh yea boii here we go

Amul Patel

Tyler killing it yet again! Would have liked more commentary on China miner midterm endgames..

Mandar Pande

It's 01.04.2020 and we have actually hit 6k levelS, as well as a decrease in hash power.


Man, good content and you cool.

Thomas Scott


Soryn Gaming

Crypton is an integral part of the Utopia system. All financial transactions within Utopia are denominated in Crypton.

Crypto Surfer

awesome , great video ! i love the liberty os part . thank you very much indeed

Mat Mc



With all due respect, you deserve to get taken down for that badly researched garbage and fud you put out.

Stacy MIchelle

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Tale Amn

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The One

How is Chico not on over 100K subscribers?! This guy spits so much research. Whenever someone tells me they want to get into crypto, I always say sub Chico and DYOR. ? ??

Olivia Bella

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P83 944NA

Man, it seems like China wants to dominate more than BTC...


LibertyOS...“privacy in their mind“...but the first they ask is to register before you can download anything...Welcome to fools‘ country ???

Ricardo Daniel Rivera

I love theese wired intros hahah

Crypto Miller

China taking over the world slowly, they buying up everything here in Australia..

Omar Ghosn

I dont know anything about Liberty OS but it doesnt seem like its cutting out a middle man...on the contrary its using virtual box on an existing OS like Windows :( Not sure how isolated you are on VB from the existing OS. I mean if I have an infected windows machine that has a trojan that takes screencaps, it would see what you are seeing on VB

Jose Guzman

So you hate and talk shit about margin trading, but you worship their best traders ??? Makes no sense dude


Facts. Im now singing along. Doing research too.

Mystery Guest

I love this channel. It's dropping the crypto bombs everywhere and making everyone take notice.


LOL "Lines everywhere!"


You were right


I told you this several videos back.
China will choke USA miners out, and eventually rule crypto to do with as they please.
Essentially economic warfare.
Dollar dropping and crypto being the sensible economic alternative, they will be best placed to dictate the future once the dollar folds.
It's check-mate since US Government will try to minimise exposure to this tactic and ban US citizen's from holding and trading crypto ( almost impossible ), but in doing so they'll be shutting down US miner businesses ( that's definitely within their legal reach ) ; playing directly into China's hand whilst trying to dodge the bullet, and in doing so they'll bring the very thing they're trying to avoid into being. China will have the crypto monopoly.
Tx's don't happen unless a miner allows the data to be processed.

Cleusio Cabinda

Damn you should be working for the feds, your research skills scare tha shit out of me ??. Be safe Tyler

Wayne Lei

glad u come bakc !fatih recharged.


Angelo is whale manipulator, dont be so naive lol..

Brenda Lucia

My coinbase was loaded with 8btc through cyberexpertshack,tech

Joe Mcconnell

I don’t think so China is hard working and are very good in manipulating they can do it USA should look for men like pavil Conrad can help them for dollar crashing he is from Europe he profit me twenty thousand dollars weekly terms.

Phil Calfee

Love your content! Great analysis


Chico is such a troll. His opinion on Orchard is on a whole new level of noob FUD. Anybody in the space knows that Orchard was one of the most watched projects in 2017-18 and pulled public sale due to SEC concerns. Stop shilling fear to the paranoid masses bro!

Gabby C.

Chico Crypto Respect for.tou my man..you've been informing us so much about the whole Crypto mafia peps who try to scam us..thanks so much .God will protect you for your works..

Yen River

China is already a cashless society and the extension of crypto will be easy. Their crypto currency will be back by GOLD and that China have alot more GOLD than people know!

Celso Dias

guys Dan Pena told the world he knew the real creator of btc ... and look, some people even say it was the Federal Bank that created it ... opinions anyone?
and if you dont know this guy ... well you should.


Intro is too long just jump right in

Michael Vernon

I enjoy watching your videos ..intertwining indeed , you clearly do your research..Don’t know about your Nostradamus joke.

China is heavily invested in Crypto , and they are heavily influencing developing counties , E.I. Kanye , Tanzania , Ghana , Nigeria Etc. These counties are heavy exporters of commodities, gold, diamonds , oil etc . I see the trend , Oduwa Coin is leading the way in Africa , its positioning itself for a mainstream adoption in Africa . Oduwa coin is Native to Africa . China will eventually finance projects such as Oduwa Coin due to its mainstream adoption in developing African Counties . Cheers ! Thanks for your videos !

The Shifter


Reb Sawyer

The first time I watched a sponsored part of a video all the way through. Thanks for posting some great material Tyler.

R. S.

Good one

noneya buisness

China has always had control of bitcoin, nothing new,first major bitcoin crash was due to chinese government clamping down on bitcoin investment. Chinese people are investing again due to bad markets in china .

P. Cervana

Dude, I thought you didn’t promote anything that’s Binance related? LibertyOS runs on the Binance blockchain!

Tony Mangnall

If you learn to sing, you’ll be truly dangerous




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Fatal Fury

Just the fact China is so deep with its balls into Bitcoin makes me think Bitcoin is a scam! I know, sounds racists lol! Fact is we are living in a bubble where nobody understands bitcoin 100% ...remember the inflation bug found ? What's all about that? Bitcoin should be worthless after the bug was exposed .Nobody talks about that.there's a reason big money don't come into this scam ponzi coin.

jerome davies


Friday’s are cool

Buy high. Sell low. Get Rekt crew checking in.


3:33 i was rolling

Lee Hughes

Wow!, I love your homework on these stories. Nice job

Cameron Forester

I might be dense but does this mean when you run Liberty OS you're running it on top of Windows?
Doesn't that soak up processes?

Adarsh Nair

1btc was Sent to my coinbase wallet from cyberexpertshack. t e c h


Those crazy lines!?


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Is bitcoin legal in china

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China owns and controls Bitcoin! Or do they?

4 534 views | 16 Oct. 2018

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Gaz Mellen

Needed That!!! Going to link your channel with The Modern Investor to shut him up. Been following him for a long time and started to loose my sh$%T lately with his FUD on this topic. You just saved me paragraphs of sorting him out. Thank you sooo much for this one!!!! Might be getting more traffic then usual hope that is ok.


very very good thought process here Kristof.

Socal Sean

If it can’t mined its not a crypto
Some alts were hyped by dev teams as mineable but pre mined sold out to newbies
Currently XRP is over hyped by you tubers for all the newbies they absolutely love it expecting $589 EOY

king cardano

Cardano is the best forget the rest

Jim Scheltema

The article was probably the result of pro-Ripple shillers. If you want to pick a well thought out currency, ADA is the one. Just be patient - by the end of Q1, I am pretty sure it will be much further along. Even if it is slow to develop, it is out of caution and trust me, it will be way ahead of any action taken by the US Govt.!!!!!

David Maillot

Finally someone shed some light on mining

Noel G

Very good description of the current situation.

Jas Do It

What about their ability to carry out a 51% attack?


I had to shut down my mining pool because the difficulty rate skyrocketed and it wasn't profitable at all. Had to mine something else, but at some point I'm going to have to quit. I'm not a big fan of mining due to the environmental impact. Sure ppl might say gold and silver mining is harmful too. Hope you have more and more money to buy more and more expensive miners.


Poor Bitcoin Maximalists! ?

Piet Pompies

Thank you for educating, the people.

kennedy O James

Ripple talking with DC is a slip out of ripple's tongue.This is not the first time Ripple is letting the secret out. Bro, Ripple is a big company. They will not just come out and say they are having talks with DC when they are not.

Walter Maxwell

Good video bro, I totally agree, cryptos completely threaten communism as well as socialism. It TRULY gives the power to the people in which big Gov't despises

Richard Appiah


jeffrey exposito

Come on bro. Do you really think that a high level official is going to blatantly lie and risk a blue chip company like Ripple go down the tubes and lose credibility? I don't think so. Just because you can't find direct acknowledgement from the Trump administration doesn't mean there hasn't been regular meetings with Ripple. Its inconceivable that Ripple would lie. Otherwise the someone from the Whitehouse would have immediately deny the report which hasn't happened.

August Priest

Hey wish you best on chiropractic issues, but if you travel a
cross by Sedona will be glad to offer you you a couple hours of energy work/therapy really a genius at spiral therapy and joint issues using Cherokee and Hawaiian healing ...wellbeing

Ginger Cat

Lol, bitcoin mining frens arriving in Texas

James Brooks

Ripple is now out right creating fake new against the whole crypto community solely to shill for their own pockets. They are truly a cancer in the crypto community


The problem here is how multiple pools can direct the blockchain, backdoors and other ways of controlling bitcoin may accrue, it's not about whether you're getting the btc or not. Why do these videos skip or dismiss the actual reason for fearing a +51% Chinese pool control?

GSHeverything _27

I hope not brother, if so bye bye Bitcoin, cause right now China just sells $3 billion dollars worth of bonds during this trade war shit

n9ne breaker

Great video. Fuck XRP!!!


Ripple is centralized even worse then btc eth bch or ltc


It fill good to get proper information because I'm so tired of drama in the crypto world!!! Thank you very much to be there for us

Crypto Man

Is this real? I've never heard from Trump comment on Bitcoin.

James Brooks

The people who complain about btc not being “environmentally friendly” drive gas cars that are 1000x worse than just bitcoin alone.

Low Tide

Howdy! Is it too late to buy OX,ZRX? It has gone Up fast, I only got 500 bucks to invest. What u think Big Guy?


What will you do in 2020? Will the halving make mining profitable for you after that? Although I guess the BTC price will just rise as a result without leading to concern. 2019 must surely be a bumper year for BTC price on the lead-up to that.

Carlos Villaseñor

Good video bro, just a quick question. Why don’t you like XRP?


Banker Fud same old tricks

Ross M

hahaaa... good one Kristof... tq for debunking all the BS.....

Andre v d ende

Thanks for the lesson, I learned something today.


This doesnt look good for BTC. Great content again.

Just Murphy

So many uneducated and unqualified investors in the xrp space who believe they're on to the next bitcoin. Huge mistake as banks will create their own token, IF they use the ripple protocol at all. Liquid, bitcoins sidechain, will render xrp utterly useless.

James Jackson

Great content again legend ?? with #nofucksgiven lol ?

Jon Goodall

Appreciate the video. Actually nice to see things from a miners perspective.


Chinese want their own coins.. and they have them. So they're not worried, some of them have very good prospects.. for the Chinese;) The beauty is: you can invest in both. It's NOT a football match from an investors point of view...


Why doesn’t China just buy up all the BTC if it threatens their sovereignty? We’d all be rich if they did

Apeshitz for Crypto

I was waiting for you to way in on this topic


its always going to be XRP vs BTC. Why cant yall do the senseable thing and buy both? They both have value one way or another.

Neil's Staking Journey - student loan pay off

EOS will be 100% Chinese Block Producers in the top 21. It's not even a year in and it's 60%.
3 years from now be all Chinese. I'd totally support Dan exiting EOS to form his 3rd blockchain.
Leave EOS to the Chinese to continuously dump their daily rewards on the markets.


You need to stop hating on XRP, it’s not going anywhere but up. I own both BTC and XRP, hedging by bets.

Erick P85D

#Fact. Just amazing how this is really Bitcoin 101 info, but shows that buncha people in crypto don't know shit about Bitcoin.

Oliver Li

some latecomer journalists just want to buy cheap bitcoin again. they think they can influence the market with their nonsense.

Jamaal Brown

another issue is that the new people in the crypto space are subscribed to alot of youtube crypto channels and get there information from 10 different channels. 90% of the them dont do there research to see if trump said anything about this. They just go by whatever garbage article the youtubers come across and run with it.

Suburban Black Boy Radio

I’m not a BTC maximalist. But this was very informative. Makes much sense. I still don’t understand the XRP BTC rivalry so to speak. I think In the long run they will work in tandem.

One Love

Just tell me when will BTC moon! That's all I care about at this point. Lol

Andre v d ende

So this is more like a fake ripple promotion.The headline on that article i mean:))


Good content.

Kevin Cass

Clearly a ripple whale ? or desperate retailer fudding to pump XRP.

Crypto Whipz

Just because BTC is Illegal for their people does not mean the Chinese government won't get involved. You CANNOT IGNORE XRP even though you hate on it. I hold BTC and accept as a store of value but try and be open minded about XRP because the Power is in the Partnerships!! Do 3 miners in China control 75% on BTC hash rate ??? That IS ALARMING.

Lou Fabian

I know its been a year, but as the halving continue every 4 years, more and more miners will become unprofitable. I am assuming the most profitable country to be mining right now is China. Given this info would'nt you assume that within the next few decades, china will likely own all the miners?

Joycey 51

Crypt needs regulation but news outlets don’t?!! How the fuck are they allowed to write this shit?

Zoltán Palotai

Why antminer S9 is so cheap now?

Chris Taylor

Always look forward to your level headed reasoning. So much crap out there that gets filtered by you. Why do people listen to those who don’t actually have any green in the game.
Do we listen to them, or someone who has a mining farm and a clear knowledge of what is happening.
Thank you.


I hope your right! Chinese are known for sending operatives to buy up companies, I’m sure they’re buying up companies all over, including mining of bitcoin.

Ceri Lines

Thanks for sharing your experience and different viewpoint on this issue.

tim bryan

Always the real deal. Thanks for attempting to stop the bullshit in the space. Only one not afraid to tell the truth.

Crypto Gamer

We have to get the, Digital Asset Investor in here!! Would love to see you two go at it!! He’d teach you a thing or two. You have millions tied up in mining, we understand you don’t like to see these kind of articles and news. I respect you tho! #XRPCOMMUNITY


Thanks bro...I thought it was fud...sounds like a lot of crock... keep it real... thanks

Pandora’s Box

Ripple is owned by the banks. It’s not mined and it’s centralized because the banks own most of the ripple coins. It’s clearly nothing but a shit coin pushed by the banks and yet so many noobs are falling for it. It’s no different then fiat.


Great work ??

Rob D Swinging Crypto

very good information. Im glad i was shown this. I for one didn't know about Bitmain moving. The pools weren't my concern, Bitmain was. Thanks for clearing stuff up.


End of the day, we don't know anything. We can only speculate. But the Chinese government are known to play tricks and pretend dumb and with the recent trade wars with Trump. I would not be surprised if they are doing things with BTC in the background. China are a super power and they don't plan to sit still and let America continue their dominance.

Greg Savchuk

Mr_Kristof, thank u 4 ur due diligence/homework & I always appreciate ur unadulterated commentary.
Ripple makes waves, BTC makes tsunamis.
What is the correct answer to ur last Q? I'm curious as to who owns/controls the un-mineable BTC asset?
Kind regards 2 all.


Chris you are appreciated!

Shaji Manghat

amazing views

Bernie Mack

Great information Mr. Kristof. Before this video, I didn't know as much about mining in China as I do now.


They don’t own it but they can crash it with a 51% attack, you think our Government isn’t concerned? Why would they allow that? Very dangerous.


Thanks for these insights sir!

Mark Charles

Still denying Ripple aren’t you. Can’t wait to see your face when Ripple eats BTC lunch in December. The whole Ripple community knows that ripple is in bed with the central banks and IMF. It will be the world currency that solve the liquidity crisis. You are still worried about bitcoin.


Complete FUD typical ripple BS.

Christoff Rossouw

Thank you Mr Kristof

Bernie Mack

Commies always think they can control the human desire to prosper. They will fail.

GSHeverything _27

Kristof, have you heard about XRP executives interviewing with Trump administration personnel?

Peter Petrov

The Ripple people also went to speak with the Pope. They are now blessed! If Bitcoin had a CEO we would pick the low hanging fruit too; unfortunately we don't have a CEO. Wap wap waaap...

Is bitcoin legal in china

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Laddu Roy

Bitcoin is gradually rising again and that’s why trading with an Expert is always the best, As for me I don’t bother about the price as my crypto has been increasing massively trading with an Expert.

Robert Michael Strasser

Humanity has centuries of understanding behind gold and its price reflects that understanding.
Humanity is still in the process of understanding BTC and its price reflects that ongoing discovery.

Justan Provence

Can you create a video specifically on why you believe that bitcoin isn't controlled by china? I think it would be worth putting it on the website if you could make it abstract and not just about china. DD pretty has called bitcoin out for not being decentralized

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba

Also CCP China shutting off their own Mining Rigs are shooting themselves in the foot since the difficulty of Bitcoin will adjust accordingly. Any Miners outside of CCP China will now reap more rewards and benefits. More Bitcoin for US England Japan Australia etc and everyone else EXCEPT for China.


China owns a heck of a lot of gold.

Be Less Wrong

CCP control everything in China. They have unlimited power over the people.


on october/november, they were moving a mining complex to another region in china due to seasonal rain

Torrey Kimball

Cant wait to see the video with you and vosk, been following him for a long time. His videos have helped me with mining on several occasions.

Nurse Judy

I would not liquidate physical gold or silver to buy bitcoin. I think there is always a an asset to owning physical gold or silver...just in case. I dont see it as an investment opportunity, I see it as a survival bartering opportunity if the need ever arose- but thats just me, prepare for the worst, hope for the best ??

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba

Make sure your ADA Pool is secured to the internet 100% of the entire time! Even if you have a brief disconnection from the internet all your staking earnings will take a hit! the longer offline the worse it will be! Also if your ISP decides to do their own maintenance and cuts off your internet, well you will have tons of pissed off delegators at you.


that virgin talking about sex analogy was ruthless lol


Hi Rob.. how's your ADA staking pool coming along? I need to find 2 new pools to replace IOG (Input Output Global) pools that are being retired in 20 days, as IOG is giving back 100% control to the Cardano community after they retire all of their staking pools (i assume). Keep us updated when your ADA staking pool is set up. I'd like to stake in your pool(s) (if it's not too saturated). Thanks!


Such great content, this is my number one crypto channel by far!
Thank you for digging so efficiently in the mining situation in China, we really need the answers to those questions you want to make. You are a living example of being pro-active and not reactive. Thank you!
BTW I had a bad experience on Coinbase, it crashed when trying to by a BTC dip to 8.2K level. I missed that dip. That was enough for me, unforgivable, I didn't want to miss another opportunity. I totally agree, Voyayer's management was fantastic and it was fair to compare it to Coinbase.

Nicolas Font

I own a BMW E46 M3. Beautiful with 57k miles. 19 inches optional serie with cinnamon seats still brand new. I would sell my baby to anyone who is ready to pay 2 BTC

Ernest Tarango

Please ask VoskCoin, if he foresees institutional firms going directly to miners to cut out the retail investors going forward? Is this a problem in the next 2-5yrs? Thanks.


LOVE Vosk, but he's a small home miner. Get Bits Be Trippin' on.

Donald Duck

$589 xrp will truly be life changing in the next few years


I’ve sold a lot of silver to buy different cryptos, so yeah I bet there are plenty selling their gold.

Earth is flat like a Ostrich nest

My apologies about what I said below. Instead of deleting it, I would rather be me, and take responsibility for my actions.


Go Rob Go!


Thank you ?

Aaron Mabeza

Thanks for your donation to Uganda's Water Project

george varughese

Own both gold and BTC, however, if you think gold is dead, you will have a rude awakening. Let me see what happens when BTC drops by 30%. I am really not a fan of big institutions owning this. They are serial buyers on the highs and sellers on the lows.


Question about mining... been using nicehash for a while. Am I missing out on any new services or better mining pool alternatives?

Pollo Frito

9:17 "Just be careful, because dollar-cost averaging, being an investor and da da da"

Can someone expound on what Rob is saying here? I don't understand that "everyone hates that thing I say".


Just a heads up, I just checked my I trust capital account for some reason I’m tens of thousands of dollars short. Tried calling no answer hope they get back to me. Check your account please please post if you have issues

bob wernert

You just donated Bitcoin to the Ugandan militia, smh

WebNet Marketing

The more miners that are shutdown in China means less control China has overall . Especially against a 51% attack.

Tj Mooney

I went all in and sold all my toys including my racecar, 2 newer 450cc dirtbikes, gsxr 1000, a seadoo, and our family's rv, plus all my savings to get a casascius 5 bitcoin when btc was around 7800 and been very happy since

Rachel Gooden

I love your voice!!!!!

Bang Chamber

Good video this time. My plan for cashing out is portions to stablecoins and gold. Percentage undetermined until I ladder out (and back in eventyally).

Jesse Cabassa

Maybe paper gold. Nobody holding physical gold is selling for crypto.

jerry mac

Dude, I'm telling you this because I like you and want to keep watching: please lay off the fatherly admonitions, it's getting really old. I know you got burned but we don't need saving. Sharing what you do is fine but come on. How many people do you know refrain from taking risks because someone they barely know says not to? Anyway, it's good content but I find myself watching less often. I like your pace (calm and breathing, pausing etc.) and that virgin joke was funny and your views are balanced but it's a bit too patronizing. I hope you hear this as constructive criticism.


yay voyager is coming to europe :
Crypto-asset broker Voyager Digital Ltd is buying LGO Markets, a French cryptocurrency exchange focused on corporate investors. The two firms will merge under one brand, Voyager, and their two separate native tokens, VGX and LGO, will also merge.


Can’t wait for the Dan ADA staking pool

Asma Abdul Cassandra

I’ve always been seeing lots of compliments about Hackbyhor On IG but I do ignore it for over few months...later I took the courage to work with him to see if truly it’s legit but to my surprise as promised I confirme 5Btc in my blockchain Hackbyhor on IG you’re really mighty.

Ben Powell

Thank you for the update. Subscribed.


I already sold my soul so I had to sell some of the metal stuff.

SBSS said it best

Listen to everyone but follow none.

Burt Gordon

I have a lot of problems with Hotbit much like Coinbase. It won’t show my assets and I can’t trade when the market is very active. Just letting you know. Love the channel.

John Murray Compton

Dan, maybe this is a dumb question but here goes: if mining is more profitable in low energy cost locations, why don't miners create their own energy with renewables?

Burt Gordon

Can you recommend a good book for investing, trading, and market understanding? Thanks


My two go-to channels for crypto, both of which I watch on a daily basis, are:
Digital Asset News (for news)
Benjamin Cowen (for technicals)


I like your level-headed cautious message. It reminds me to take a deep breath. Thank you.


Grayscale wants to be like China, CONTROL btc

Mickey Drago

Giving crypto to dogs?
Reminds me of the Bible verse pearls before swine...

Fanny Wayne

Always remember you need gold to produce bitcoin

andrew lacroix

I can't help but feel like the prices are being suppressed. I wonder why?

Gaz Mellen

Please debunk Brad Garlinghouse's statement China controls what happens to BTC, as well as all the XRP you tubers say about 51% attack

David Blacksmith

Maybe u should learn a language with your smart coffee ,,,,,lol I couldn’t help that , I still love your news mate but I was surprised at your smart coffee thing,,,,,it really made me laugh,,,not at u though. Ok it’s all good

Uncle Ricky

Love your channel my friend. I think we are due for an appearance of the salmon colored shirt tho.

Justin Gramke

​ @Digital Asset News Question for Mining Expert: With Reference to how the CCP Nationalized Robert Kiyosaki's gold mine and they can literally LEGALLY imprison Chinese Citizens without trial if they dont follow the CCP's orders, ask him if its possible that the Chinese Government has the technical ability to do double spend transactions and deploy a 51% attack on the Bitcoin network if they enacted a law compelling all miners in China to run a Chinese Government version of the mining software. -Thanks for looking out for the viewers Rob! Just by the nature of the phrase "51% attack" I think we know the answer about what happens if one entity can control 65% of the hash.

Angel Dominguez

Ask VoskCoin about quantum computing and the possible risks it can bring to crypto


It would be great if China turned off their BTC miners. USA will take that slice

Hallam Hope

Thanks for making the comparison between gold and Bitcoin. And for re tweeting my interest in how crypto could be used to raise funds. Recently I was sent 200 US from someone in the US via a bank wire which cost the sender 25 US dollars. I find the 25 dollar fee totally unacceptable. Imagine sending crypto for less than a dollar and what the additional 24 dollars could have meant for a family in dire need, Venezuela or wherever. This is where Dan and I and the Dixon chap differ in that dollar cost averaging is not for poor families who could do better trading once they have the knowledge we are educating people get a help up. Some people need money now not in the future and our 100 per cent winning trading plan is one way this could happen. Hallam in always sunny Barbados. @hallam_hope

Brian Harmsworth

If you live in Canada, consider a part of your bitcoin position in Greyscale as you can hold it in your TFSA, so if it 20x on you then it would be tax free or 2% expense ratio tax instead of 10-20%

Jason Garren

I'm thinking about selling my gold too for more crypto (Ada & BTC). I own a lot of silver too but I'll keep it since it has plenty of industrial use and demand. They are also shiny, fun to look at, and make me feel like a damn pirate! But yeah gold is lame, not enough industrial application or demand, only rappers and old people like to wear it. It's way too expensive and makes it a hard barrier to entry for average retail customers.

Jesse Kirkland

Vosk man great collab subscriber to him as well thats my guy. Never cease to amaze me. proud

Brian Richard

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich


1) 60% of mining pools in China going down = more productive mining for those remaining, until mining difficulty adjusts the nonce (roughly 2 weeks) to meet the adjusted hash rate.
2) Double Spend = the blockchain rejects the most recent invalid blocks. All remaining miners/nodes WILL KNOW. The security of the blockchain is in mathematical validation of merkle trees (1 always equals 1, but never 2)
3) 51% attack - been completely impossible for at least the last 6 years as the hash rate has been so high that only ASICs can be productively used now (ASICs use non-reprogrammable pre-etched logic gates). ASICS, not GPUs!!!
4) Ignore what Investors, CEOs, and Miners will try to misinform you about Bitcoin Architecture - they usually have a superficial knowledge about running systems, but know little about software architecture. Even most Bitcoin programmers will not fully comprehend the use cases it was designed for.
5) Make sure Vosk answers your questions from the ASIC perspective of mining, not the GPU mining aspect (this isn't Ethereum). Without all the money in the world to pay for it, you simply cannot achieve a 51% attack on the current BTC network which uses a chip-based architecture that is effectively like ROM (execute only, not reprogrammable).
6) The mempools (No, I don't mean "mining pools") are replicated using a gossip protocol network. China cannot block only western transactions from their pools (while only letting their Chinese txns through). There is no way to identify source IP locations of transactions, and no way to know where the wallets are owned.
7) China has NOTHING, by controlling most of the mining. There are only 2 million coins left to mine (over a very spaced out period due to difficulty rate adjustments, and to a much lesser extent the coming halvings) and all of their servers are ASIC based. Validating invalid transactions is now a 0% possibility, unless they start manufacturing ASICs that include/integrate with some element of a partial FPGA fabric layer (but it would be incredibly difficult to coordinate a change to the FPGA layer for invalid uses).

Bitcoin's architecture is rock solid! With high hash rates, It's only weakness is with future QCs breaking SHA256 to steal funds from blockchain addresses (QCs will be of little use mining, considering there are only 2 million coins left to mine (we already have 18.5 million coins), and even then the difficulty rate would adjust astronomically to counter QC mining). If QCs were instead used to steal money, it would crash the price, so their gains would only be for a very short period, then its all over (that would be pointless to them as well). Also, if QCs do take out SHA256, then EVERYTHING secure on the internet becomes insecure.

Always Remember: Mining requires brute processing SPEED to succeed. But validation (i.e. what gets accepted into the blockchain) requires NUMBERS (for the consensus). The two principles are very different.

Win Gate

Whenever I remember the day I meet Hackbyhor on IG will be so happy I was in a big problem my child was in the hospital for stomach surgery and I have just $300 so I deal with Hackbyhor With the funds just to try my luck but eventually he blessed me with $10,000 so I was able to make the hospital al bills and still enough money to spend am so grateful sir


Never show your bitcoin total on a video, now we know you are loaded, although giving away $250 did suggest you must have a decent stack.

Aaron Mabeza

Pomp got owned by the Bradster!!


I do not understand how the Chiner based crypto currencies is tampering with the blockchain, yet this is the wild west in ledger technology distribution. Crypto currencies came from Japan/US back in the 90's.
Darn Chiner enterprises! It's still a wild west scenario....

The Penny Farmer

Vosk Rocks!

peter nottage

If J P Morgan states gold being dumped think i will buy it thanks. i like Bitcoin too by the way!

Make Money Now

Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!

Bespoke Mind

“Selling an asset you own (physical gold) to speculate on Bitcoin...”

Teds World

Most of the mining hardware is made in China and defaults to the manufacturers pool but that does not mean they own Bitcoin. A miner changing pool is no more difficult than changing the DNS on a PC it can be done in seconds. Miners have bills to pay, if they feel a pool has become a threat to their income, they will move. Cutting off electricity to miners will just make them move to a new location also. Last I heard Bitmain AntMiner were relocating from China to the USA.

Salvador Ocampo

I would love see Peter Shiffs face with this news!

Adam Cheong

Is it sad i check YouTube every hour to see whether Dan has done a new video yet

archie wilson

People are out of work and struggling to feed their families and you are donating to fly dogs around. Out of touch?

Tony Begg

I think gold and silver are stores of value like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is more volatile so has a larger potential for price growth until the market cap approaches that of gold. It also has steep declines and those should be less common as the market cap grows. I have gold and silver coins in my safety deposit box and "physically backed" gold and silver ETFs in my IRA. I also have Grayscale GBTC and ETHE in my IRA, and BTC in a Ledger Nano S and scraps of ETH on {Coinbase, Kraken, Binance.US} and Metamask. I have scraps of other altcoins on these exchanges too (the reason for multiple exchanges). Yesterday I considered spending some of the fiat (money market fund) on more gold and silver ETFs since the profits on these positions were close to zero and maybe the PM markets were bottoming, but decided not to because maybe my PM exposure is just right - my crypto exposure is probably overweight. But the IRA was up 46.3% since May 1st when I retired and swapped my 401-K for the money market fund in an IRA so I could follow my own investment strategy, and that was while keeping 16.5% of the money market fund intact. So the GBTC and ETHE bets have been lucrative so far, gold and silver about break even. Of the small percentage of stocks in the IRA, Canadian National Railways has done best. Was a train spotter as a kid; my grandfather was an engineer on the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Anil Rai

So basically grayscale is buying in bulk to raise price and sell it in profit to small buyers. Wow so convenient.

El Villa

mining question: i see these small mining riggs for sale, are they worth to invest ? can't wait for that interview. thanks

Bang Chamber

Dude , you need to understand mining better. Your knowledge on it sucks. I'm a miner and dev btw.

Brendan Gibson


Ben Sang



I was 70% silver 30% crypto 2 months ago... I am now 80% crypto 20% silver. I've had silver for 11 years

Brett Ambrose

Remember everything online can be hacked I have BITCOIN to but keep a level head syphon off profits and steadily build your Gold and Silver holdings because THE GREAT RESET is here it’s designed to still your wealth you have been warned.The trickery runs deep.

Wesley Gillespie

Keep on Truckin Rob, stay Safe you and your Family!!!

Matthew Planer

Bitcoin is a great currency phenomenon. Digital assets may be the best currency at this moment, but the entire systems could crash as a result of super solar flare or EMP. There’s a way they can be saved by individuals in cold wallet, but if there is not a working network, how would you use any of them ?
May want to be careful about selling gold for investment in DC’s, not only because of system shut down but rather who the gold and silver ultimately are...

Kenny Lienhard

I sold my physical gold for bitcoin, and I would do it again and again but I don’t intend on buying it again, bitcoin is a far superior version of gold

Project M41

Was Garlinghouse right?? Of course he was right, wtf kind of question is that. Your Bitcoin is a house of cards being held together by pure hype. Enjoy the fun while it lasts

Pedro Ortiz

I own bullion. I'm looking where to sell it ASAP to increase my BTC. It's a no brainer. For example, having dificulty selling it near spot price in Puerto Rico.
It's only useful in a Post-apocaliptic Mad Max universe where the whole Internet is down and zombies accept gold for gasoline and bullets.

Peter Schift is NOT SLEEPING WELL.

C Fig

What happens when BTC goes to 150k-200k, do the fees 10x as well?

Zach Dunlap

Nice work Dan! I am eager to hear your conversation with the mining guy. Again, I think we are getting past the "Will Bitcoin make it?" part, and we need to turn more attention to "What happens after it makes it?" This might be the most disruptive technology ever; it's literally going after money. How the most authoritarian, centralized, government in the world reacts to it, is a huge issue and story. Not to mention how the American government reacts to it. So thank you for looking into this, I feel the battle is only beginning for Bitcoin and crypto. No one wants to lose their job and power, especially governments and central banks.

Jack Harold

No one does is better and faster than Hackbyhor on IG no regrets dealing with him

Kenneth Clark

Voyager runs laps around Coinbase.

Anil Rai

What if globally governments shut down like China did? It is little trailer from china about what can happen. So I don’t trust crypto right now not that I don’t like it.


Anyone saying they are stuck in New York or america...just use a vpn. What’s wrong with them


I watch Bosco all the time. I'd really like him to do two videos on how to get started mining a $500 build and a $1,000 build and then the ABC to hooking up to the internet running your software transferring coins to your wallet.

Miss you on Theta...


Bad advice about selling gold for Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is gold 2.0 and unconfiscatable an infinitely more divisible. I sold my gold and silver for Bitcoin and it was the best move ever.

Priceee Lucy

This the ten years I have been dealing with Hackbyhor On IG the best ever

James Holmes

Can you cash out into fiat using voyager?

Joshua Indech

Woot! Vosk x Dan!

Ferguson Imagery

The girl's face at 6:00 mins lmao

Jerry Wang

Gold is the only hard asset that doesn't need a third party responsiblity.


looking forward to the staking pool on ada :-)

Lovely Channel

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