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supernode analysis|Basic Electrical Engineering|Easy and Tricky Way

475 views | 13 Apr. 2020


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Welcome to our Youtube Channel Waytoeducation-Sshekhar.

I always try to deliver lecture in a simple and lucid Manner so that anybody can understand the concept 100%. Always teach from my heart so that you love this subject. The Analogy Based methodology is used to teach each and every concept to students.


About Video-

This video is all about basics of electrical engineering. SuperNode analysis is the circuit analysis technique which can be solved by applying KCL at the Node and KVL at the Supernode. This Lecture is going to be very interesting.

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Sarthak Srivastav

Sir Please upload video on Thevenin's and Norton theorem.

Ajay Singh

Nice video sir

venture abhi

Amazing sir......

Raj Singh

Ek no. Ki vdo thi sir all clear.

Dheeraj Kalra

Sir all doubts are cleared ,thanks sir

Super node

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Supernode Analysis

15 236 views | 8 Jul. 2019

Supernode Analysis is

Supernode Analysis is discussed in this lecture.

When a voltage source is connected between two non-reference nodes then it is called supernode.

In Supernode Analysis we identify the supernode and apply KVL and KCL to find the node voltages.

Solved examples of supernode Analysis are discussed in this lecture video.

7:Ujjol Ahmed

Sir,you are great❤️❤️

M Idrees

this looks great :)

Sadi Islam

9.46 . Those results are incorrect. Check Page 93 Fundamentals of electric circuits

Nai Sandeep

Sir last question how to get V1 V2 v3 v4

Karuppaiya Maruthapillai

What a fabulous explaination about supernode.thank very much sir.please do more about circuit theory sir.Thank you very.

Nai Sandeep

Are you used crammer rule sir how it

Dylan Emanuel

thank you


Sir pls tell me , if a resistor is connected between 2 supernodes than we won't consider that resistor??? Am I correct sir pls reply ?

Sakhi Abbas

sir great explanation good work i think in last question Vx=v1-v4/3 instead of v1-v4 can i right sir please reply me sir soon

Mustafa Ansari

Thanks a lot sir!??

Manoj Kumar

Set your speed to 1.5x....thank me later

Immadisetty sushma

Thank you sir....?great explanation.??many confusions got cleared regarding super node analysis...
Please suggest me a trick to know the leaving and entering currents when current directon is not given.. always a facing a bit confusion on this current directions..

arief saferman

sorry just want asking why on tbe previous video the current that connect 2 supernode can we neglect but in last one we count on it??

Cemile Ceylan

Sie sind der Beste, Sir.


That was super explanation I ever watched..
I watched many channel here is the top most explanation... I got.
Thank you sir

Ameer Talha

Thanks sir if u don't mind. Can u give me your WhatsApp no. Because I got every solution from your video

Giovanna CP

Wow i got it now. You chose the best examples. Covered all cases, no doubts left.

Ameer Talha

All my numericals are present in this video


Sir 2 loop Vali condition vala questions solv kijiye yeh sb 3loop vale the

Swaroop B Deshpande

nice explaination sir,Thank you!!

Aditya Poonia

Very unique questions explained very good ??

Santosh Upadhyay

Sir , in last example there are 4 unknowns I am not understanding how to solve 4 simultaneous equations .. please sir reply and help me

Humaira tasnim Oishi

Sir can u tell me please when voltage is dropping and when it is rising

Sakhi Abbas

sir if i get a dependent current source and circuit in same branch then what i should do tell me please sir

Mahmoud Hossam

Could i know the reference of this EX pls?

Sneha Sharma

Sir your last que. Is incorrect i think...

Super node

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Supernode Analysis Explained (with Examples)

115 427 views | 15 Apr. 2017

In this video, you will

In this video, you will understand what is supernode in the electrical circuit with examples.

While solving the problems using nodal analysis method, sometimes you may find a voltage source between the two nodes. And if you try to solve such problems using nodal analysis technique, then you may find difficulty in writing KCL equations. In such cases, the concept of a supernode is quite useful.

So, in supernode, we consider the two nodes (between which the voltage source is connected) as a single node and write a single equation at this supernode.

So, in this video, we will understand the concept of supernode with examples.

Timestamped links for the different topics in the video is given below.

0:28 Nodal Analysis Method

2:56 Concept of Supernode

5:39 Solved Example on Supernode

This video will be helpful to all the students of science and engineering in understanding the concept of supernode in electrical circuits.

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Dhairya Verma

this explanation is too good


How did you get 30? @1:42


2:09 for node 2 it should be v2-v1


Thank you for your clear explanation. Good job. Been out of school for a while now and am studying for my EIT. This was sooooo very helpful. Thanks again.

Umayal SAI RAM

Why -3A in super node first equatiin it entering cureent only know

Mayuresh Dhanawade

Bro what to do if there's 3 such nodes what to do

Rijohn K Pius

Sir what if a resistor is connected in series with the voltage source between nodes.is that a supernode case??if not how to solve such a problem.??sir,could u pls make a video on that.


Simple and perfect explanation....Thanks...Keep it up

mr. unique

at 6:03 how i decide which node i take as reference ????? why i should not take node 3 as reference ???


1st example me V2-V1/5= V2+2

Aayega na sir na ki

Abdalla Ahmed

the voltage source terminals should be opposite no? current enters through the negative terminal and leaves through the positive terminal right? that means that V2 has higher potential than V1 as current always flows from higher potential to lower potential? so it should be V2-V1 at 4:50 ?????? please clarify

Huell Babineaux

I have a supernode ... in my anus

Pradeep Chandra


Gaucho Panocha

8.28 u cant math!!!!

Sri Nivas

How can we calculate power delivered by that single voltage source

nk shroud

Awesome channel

Hari Prabhakar

sir I have one doubt in example 2 of supernode analysis in that circuit upper we have 1A current supply we dont take that in solving........ for what we dont take that in our prblm.... i have another dout sir in nodal analysi example 2 when we want current i 1 we have that i1=va-v1/r1 appadi than a potu kandu pidikanum neenga v1/r appadi solve pandringa athu crt method aaaaaaa

anik bhowmick

thank you

Rabbani Shaik

Sir please explain sign convention in mesh and node analysis..pls

durgansh taneja

what if there is a current dependent current source between 2 nodes ?

Khai Nguyen

Thank you, the video is very informative and well explained



MoJa A

in equation 2 u mixed up, it should be v1-v2

Kushagra Krishna Agrawal

Thanks a lot for these videos!!
This will definitely help me a lot in my exams


There are only 2 weeks left to me and this vid really helps me study suprenode problems. Thank you very much.

Suvro Sawon

Normally we took inward current to a node is positive, but why we took that as negative for a supernode??

Thy Nguyen

why is it that I1 and I3 comes out but not coming in?

Lakshya Sethi

i didnt understand supernode :(

Ghanshyam Soni

Sir are you faculty in ADIT?

shuaib kaleem

how he replaced 5 ohm with 2v



anik bhowmick

if a resistance is also present in the supernode. how can I do it ?

Christopher Reyes

One like, just for the accent

abady elhertany

in equation 3 why did we say V2 - V3 not V3 - v2 ?

Bilal Mumtaz

For supernode we offed all other circuit except supernode. ??

Ola Ayman

thank you

Balaji Gutte

Nice one

Fahim Hasan

That was great...
Thanks a lot..?

Shreyash Patil

Did u use mouse for writing

Electriacl 88

ac and dc motor and generator math !

karim khan

speak slowly - u r too fast -- i can not under stand u r fast speach

Krishanmurari Ratawa

what happens when a resistor in series with voltage source connected in supernode

Kushagra Krishna Agrawal

Thanks a lot for these videos!!
This will definitely help me a lot in my exams



Electriacl 88

thanks a lot !

Kushagra Krishna Agrawal

Thanks a lot for these videos!!
This will definitely help me a lot in my exams

Ram shah

If a resistor os also connected with votage source in case of supper node the how can solve these types of problem pls reply.

Sachin Bhusal

what if there is resistor and voltage source between two node?
is that a supernode case?


खूब सुन्दर ?

Uday Kiran


sanjay ganesamoorthy

Bro put many vedios

DP Enterprise

Very well explained, you say in minutes what my teacher takes the whole class to do

Anu radha

At 6:42 why 2A current at v3 not considered while writting kcl equation

Reuben Goh

Thank you very much. Awesome and clear explanation, I can understand school now

bitan pramanik

At 7:24mnt,at node 3 how the equation comes i2+2=1??

Emilio Vargas

2:56 starts

Mohammad Yousef

thanks bro , really likes the video. in future please do algebraic more clearly and try not to skip it . thanks bro

Giovanni Vielma

I don't ever comment but thought your video was good enough to say so

poorna chandra _5125 Ec 07

please explain in detail of super node


Super helpful, thank you!

Tarang Ghetia

Can you please follow passive convention!

Not Zuhri Ashraaf

Thank you for teaching me?

minazul khan

how u have decided sign of current ( minus 1 amp ) in second example equation 1 ...similarly in eq 3 sign of 2 amp

Christopher Cantieny

when solving for node 2 - it should be (v2 -v1)/5. I put this into the simulator LTspice and it checks out that way.

Vani Reddy

What if there is a resistor kept in series with the voltage source? Will it still be a supernode?

Sanoj Shrestha

Thank you great explanation

Pushkin Nagpure

When you say voltage at a node, what does that mean? Aren't voltages measured between 2 points?

Charles Azevedo

At 5:36 the top left current it is not 2A or is it? Isn't that 3A?

mokkala pradeepans

Bro why u take the -3 in supernode problem,i mean you take negative when current was entering why????

Abhay nayak

Thanks bud ?

Mohammadi Begum

at 4:19....u took ( -3) but it should be +3 as u told in ur previous video, current entering a node is considered as positive ?

Mayur Shah

excellent, nice presentation

Ťêjã Y

Video starts at 0:25



abady elhertany

the best video out there

Dipti Shah

well Explained..

Jitraj Jana

my dear sir what is the most important criteria to select a supernode otherwise it's little bit confusing that the super node that i choose is correct or wrong. kindly reply it sir.

jeff sam

current entering the v1 junction must be 3A at 5:28

Muhammad azri Rosli

why for the equation 2 is v2-v1=3, and why not v1-v2=3 can some one explain to me, im a bit confuse

Sudeep Saha

Good. Informative.thanks.

Mohammad Amir Qureshi

What does the negatives potential shows in first example V2= -1v

palabandla babu

What if resistance is connected in series to the voltage source in 3rd problem

durgansh taneja

In the last example, what if there is another voltage source between v2 and v3 ?

Real Me

Bhai ki ijjat badadi bancho

Jahin Mahbub

I hate your accent , but it was a good video.

Hardik Singh

was it necessary to solve for node 3 since we already know current in all three branches

anik bhowmick

than you


Liked???? Nahh... Loved the ease of explaining ??

Bikash Mohapatra

Nice explanation