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How I Get My Penny Stock Breaking News

19 272 views | 14 May. 2020

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Don’t already have this tool in your trading arsenal? You might wanna reconsider ... Watch this video to learn more about the StocksToTrade Breaking News feature. See how it’s helped my students and me. This is incredible!

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?Breaking News and StocksToTrade Trial Special: https://bit.ly/2WRG5Xw

? Add Breaking News To Your StocksToTrade Subscription: https://bit.ly/2Z3tumK

? Here’s a special offer on StocksToTrade: https://bit.ly/2yXu0YK

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Wow, I’m up $40K** and we’re only halfway through the month…

I made almost $2K on Genius Brands International Inc. (NASDAQ: $GNUS).** That’s because the company had breaking news right before I filmed this video.

(**My results are not typical. I’ve spent years developing exceptional skills and knowledge. Always remember trading is risky. Never risk more than you can afford.)

I don’t care about stocks like this before they have news. So how do I keep finding them? It’s all about using the right tools.

Creative Realities Inc (NASDAQ: $CREX) was another stock that I sent out in my Supernova Alerts. This was another big winner because of its recent SEC filing.

In this video, I’ll share with you the tools I use every day to discover which stocks have potential. And I’ll link everything above!

You’d be shocked at how much information you catch with these tools. Find out how you can use it to your advantage, too. Seriously, the right tools and the right education are huge in this game.

I also go over some trades that my Challenge students nailed. From short to long games — this tool is super helpful. Props to everyone I mention here!

If you’ve been following my lessons, you know that I prefer to let trades come to me. So, if I’m alerting my students constantly, it’s for good reason. We’re in a volatile market right now. There’s a lot of stocks moving.

You gotta find the stocks with the most potential. That’s what the Breaking News feature is all about. You don’t have to know about these stocks before the press releases — but you gotta be prepared to take the meat of the move.

Do you have what it takes to be my next top student? If so, leave a comment below and say, “I understand it’s a process.”

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Hey, it’s Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I've learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there, and also click ‘subscribe’ so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.*


* Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk. See Terms of Service here: https://www.timothysykes.com/terms-of-service/

CarlRichard Iwers

I understan it is a process

Jordan Spears


Stock Trader

Im new in stockmarket I invested $45k recently, I'm negative $8000 now. I don't know what to buy and when to buy stocks I need sincerely advice......


It's a process!

Azu Shi

is it free?

Thomas Jones

I understand it's a process

Khoa Ngo

Thank you, Sir.

J Turner

@timothysykes just curious, do you have a lot of females on your team?


Lori C

I’m brand new at this. But, I Understand It's A Process.

Manuel Izquierdo

i understand it iz a process

alex mwenda

i understand it's a process

Brijesh Prajapati

I understand its process

Jonathan Amador

I understand it's a process! I'll be seeing you in challenge soon enough Tim!

Vincent Cobb

The 1st Week for $7 wld b good, but pretty much I'm to poor to do the $180 month after that. Is there something I could use besides StocksToTrade that's not as good, but is okay and cheaper?

Glenn Nichols

How do you find the press releases and SEC fillings?

jasper Stiger

I understand it's a process!! Thx Tim.

James Tower

It's a process stupid!

Julio Corona

I have stt so you just click add chat? Great video thanks


i am recognizing the pattern, but i use it differently. heck i am finally making money! bills of 20g's n now self insurance. now 20g- (i also follow ppl lazy brain)

justice s

Hey Tim, thinking about entering your trading challenge this week. I have a question, when accessing it does it give you the 10,000 plus trading videos and watch list?

Jhon Famo

this is good work

Joseph Balliro

I banked on GM us but I got out a little too early

Joshua Martinez

How much money are you trading with?

Sam May

I love to have the news Alerts, but I did not see the links.

Joseph Balliro

made a solid 16% on gnus thanks tim

Mark Jordan

I understand it's a Process.

George Kazma

Hi Tim please help me break down all the possible subscriptions: 1- I can get the 149.95$ / month for trade alerts library lessons and weekly video and cell phone app. 2- Apply to your challenge and becoming VIP for 197$ is that a one time fee or monthly as well? 3- is there any other subscription or resource from you I missed ? I need to know so that I start subscribing and studying in the best chronological order. I am really counting on this being my one chance to change my life. Finally, what is the trading platform you and your students use? How would I get it ? Is it included in the subscriptions or its access is completely independent of you? Please let me know. Thank you

Dread Falife

I understand it’s a process that is the key on being one of your millionaire students. definitely going to be obsess Hi Tim my name is Paul Edwards from Delaware I want to be in your neck’s or one of your millionaire students I am still studying studying real hard

Jeffrey Berry

I understand it’s a process.

Tyler Rathbun

I understand its a process.

Kenneth Valera

I have been studying as hard as I can. I have literally stayed up almost 48 hours on multiple occasions over the last 2 weeks just learning. The reason why .... My son is autistic. Blake is 8 years old. I know that if I can make it then I can access something inside the medical world, which takes money, to help my boy. He is currently non-verbal but always happy and I am going to find a way to help him. It's all for Blake!!!! I placew my faith and my son in your hands. Autism awareness always !!! Helping kids is my life!!!



Ozark Lifer

I have what it takes, Tim. I understand it's a process.

Tommy Leonzi Trades

Can you use this platform with other brokers?

John Stills

I love this I'm going to have to start experimenting while studying. Great information!!! I love it.

Jesse Orton

I am up 20% on Gnus. By watching and learning from your dvds. Thank you Tim Sykes

yannick br

Love your vids Tim! Would like to know your thoughts on DBG (DBVLF for US), they're under the radar and properties nearby are 2-3x their SP and aren't even as good as them. I'm looking for a buyout.

Timothy Sykes

?Breaking News and StocksToTrade Trial Special: https://bit.ly/2WRG5Xw

? Add Breaking News To Your StocksToTrade Subscription: https://bit.ly/2Z3tumK

Do you have what it takes to be my next top student? If so, leave a comment below and say, “I understand it’s a process.”



Zdeněk Skrášek

Guys.. I rly like your videos, all the content you make for Penny stocks... But is it possible for me (come from Czech republic) trade those low float penny stocks? Cause none of my broker has them in their inventory.. So what broker do you use?? or you need to have direct acces to stock market via some premium high amount money account? to be able to reach them?

Andrew Galang

I love all the help and knowledge! Looking forward to learning

David Williams


Fry Lock

Hey tim I cant get the breaking news feature because I have a 1 month trial. Can I do something about that

David Dunlevy

I was just watching this on Facebook lol

ray venom

Everything u mention are about selling ur class and platform....period

Jeanpaul Towers

"I understand it's a process"

Kari Heikkinen

I understand that's a process, thanks Tim

Judith Mellon

I understand the process!!

Penny stock news today

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TTML Share Q3 Results Announced | Tata Penny Stock | Tata Teleservices Share News | TTML Share News

13 234 views | 10 Feb. 2021

TTML Share Q3 Results

TTML Share Q3 Results Announced | Tata Penny Stock | Tata Teleservices Share News | TTML Share News

Hey , This is Sanchit From Mr Scalper and I'm not yet ( Preparing ) sebi Registered Financial Stock Advisor.


Affilate Link To Shop In This Festive Season With Best Offers :


Hello Guys This is Mr scalper and in this video I have detailed analysis of ttml and its Technical levels

Topics Covered In this Video :

1) ttml share

2) ttml share news

3) ttml share latest news

4) tata teleservices share

5) tata teleservices share latest news

6) ttml share price target

7) ttml share news today

8) tata penny stock

9) best penny stocks to buy in 2021

10) ttml share analysis



The material on this channel is provided for information purposes only. All comments contained within this channel are the opinion of the 'Mr Scalper' and do not constitute professional advice. 'Mr Scalper' not a financial advisor. Investors should be cautious about any and all stock recommendations and should consider the source of any advice on stock selection. Various factors, including personal ownership, may influence or factor into a stock analysis or opinion.

All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks before making a purchase decision. In addition, investors are advised that past stock performance is not indicative of future price action.

You should be aware of the risks involved in stock investing, and you use the material contained herein at your own risk. ‘Mr Scalper’ cannot guarantee its accuracy or validity, and is not responsible for any errors or omissions which may have occurred. The analysis, ratings, and/or recommendations made by ‘Mr Scalper’, do not provide, imply, or otherwise constitute a guarantee of performance.

Users should be aware of the risks involved in stock investments. It should not be assumed that future results will be profitable or will equal past performance, real, indicated or implied.

Email us details if you have opened demat through our link -

1. Name of investor who's account is opened

2. Number

3. Email id used in account opening

4. Broker used

5. Client ID


[email protected]

We will verify and give you process to get added in private network in 10 days over mail itself. Do check mail once verified.

Devang Patel

Result ki pdf bhi dedo bhai

Gk valli Gk valli

Sir , tell me about bharat immunology and biology share quarterly results


Good Analysis

jagdeep Singh

Bai aap to 30 rs bol reh the!!


end ki baat pehle bataoge toh kya hoga

Tushar Chotaliya

Dear and respective sir...

Please tell me right answer..Because I am confused.
I have tata power 4000 share 78.Rs.
And I have vikas multi 5555 share Rs 4.50.
I think 1000 tata sold and 20000 buy vikas multi Corp..
That is my right desicion ya wrong...?
Please right answer..

manas naik

i have 10k shares at 15.57. CMP is still above it. but It is in LC. So how to save my money?

Sanjeev Kumar

Keyfinser and biofil के बारे में बताए

Ramratan Sharma

Sir, SUZLON par batavo ..

Prajjwal Ubhad

Sir, HMT ltd pe video banao

Jagdish Kumar

Iska haal alok ki trah hoga only LC

dipak desai

hello sir
please aapka telegram number do please

bhanupratap roy

11.56 me liya tha Maine 15 se 20 sal tak hold karna chahata hoon kiya ye sahi hoga .

praveen patel


chetan khandelwal

Sell ni ho raha hai kya kare

Surya Deb

Pls tell I m new to share market, whether to hold or sell ttml shares?

சையத் சிராஜூதீன்

Ur awesome Mr.S.... I booked 40% profit earlier....??


Sir Maine 15.17 pe liya tha too hold karu ya nhi

Prashant Atkare

Thanks sir

Chirag Kakkar

Scalper sir should i hold it ??

Ravindra kumar kumawat

Kya Lagta hai Kal upper circuit maarega?

Anjana Sarkar

Kaise exit karega


Always like ur video ???

Sakuntlaben Patel

Sri supr app agi ?

Sanjeev Kumar

Alok industry me bare me बताए


A lot of people still have this great fear on where to invest their money when it comes to trading, without any doubt i will strongly advise bitcoin trading which is really going well now because the market is still bullish. While so many inexperience traders still continue to trade with so much fears, others are being patient and thinking of a possible way out. It still say it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trading has been going smoothly for me after accumulating over 6.7BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy introduced to me by Jayson Brian. His methods are top notch and profitable. He can be reached on Teleqram (@jayson_trade7) and What's-- application (+18053034263) for his assistance. Lets be positive and remain winning

Ur Vishal

Kya hai sahi level?

Sohan lal Sahu

Excellent sirji

Penny stock news today

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Penny Stocks That Could Make You Filthy Rich Update! | Penny Stocks To Buy Now

32 628 views | 8 Feb. 2021


#pennystockstobuynow #pennystocks2021 #zomstock #ocgn

In this video I review the most recent penny stocks that we have mentioned. I discuss OCGN, ASRT, TRXC, TMDI, ZOM, INFI, ORTX, PLX, GMDA, XERS. I discuss the dates of the catalysts, the entry price we have on the stocks, and whether these stocks are short term vs long term opportunities. Please do your research before investing, don't follow me or anyone else blindly on YouTube. Penny stocks have a lot of risk, but also have incredible potential for reward. Never risk more than you are willing to loose. Best of luck!

Check out Erik's channel (He's up 800% on one stock) https://youtube.com/c/ErikGracaINVSTMNT

Join our Discord via Patreon! As a member you'll get access to live stock picks, ask me questions, live streams, one-on-one mentorship, and monthly cash giveaways! https://www.patreon.com/tacticalinvesting

Buy Bitcoin simply and safely using BlockFi and 8.6% APY! Join now and get up to $250 in free Bitcoin: https://blockfi.com/tacticalinvesting

You've seen me use Lucid Tracking as a tool to track everything ARK Invest buys and sells. I've partnered with Lucid Tracking and they have lots of exciting things to come! If you would like to use it on your own, it would be greatly appreciated if you joined with the following link: https://www.lucidtracking.com/#/join/tactical-investing

Free Stocks Up to $1850! Webull- https://act.webull.com/k/CAQJDP63EtCs/main

Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances. Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research—as examples of activities that may qualify as fair use.

(Disclaimer: This channel has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used as a complete source of information to invest in companies. Individuals should never invest in the securities of any of the companies’ talked about here as a guaranteed way to make money or use this channel solely to invest. Please assume that all information provided regarding companies is not trustworthy unless verified by their own independent research. Invest wisely have fun!

Anna Brockman

i was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Stacey Lawrence.

jason johnson

Yes!! And also Zom and idex going to be Huge!!

Venkatesh Chinna

Can u pls ping some stocks 1 dollar potential. I am very late to join ur group. I lost huge amount in stock market.

Dwight Morgan


Jay Kahekili

i just bought it at $4.92


GTEH ??☝️

Ibrahim Mohammed

Is it too late to buy OCGN now?

Crexter Minecraft&Gameplays



Love a good Penny stock!

Ushna Ahmed

Thank you for your videos and for sharing and engaging in the discord!

tony richards

VISL is worth looking at right now.

Suresh Kumar

Can you display ticker symbol on the screen, you are saying symbol but it would be easy for everyone if you show ticker symbol on screen

T Mr

These penny stocks jumpped up today.
GLDFF 36%, BLSP 54% CELZ 19% COBAF 6%. Any advise? Should we buy it
now since the prices are still cheap?

as sf


Snowball Trex

Great video as usual. Thank you again! Im glad I was able to hop in Ocugen and get some profit! - the Canadian Capitalist

Jordan Hawkins

I paid and joined the patreon page and it said you hadn't posted anything yet. It just showed a single youtube video of yours. Maybe im doing something wrong, but i was hoping to get access to some more content.

Avengers In Trading

Yup. Infi. I got dumped on. Smh

Paresh Gandhi

Please share good penny stocks to buy in future. At least 5 best stocks. Grown up for 50%. Good Analysis video making.

nickel dimesndollars

how are you talking about all the stock "you talked about before" that are all up now but without talking about any new stocks? unless you only talk about the same stocks in every video .



Fish Daily Anglers

What do you think the potential of ASRT is of you think its a long term investment

Pit Lomer


Mohamed Hadaga

Can you make your videos a little bit shorter plz 8-10 mins is fine

KoKo FitFaded

Financial freedom, HERE WE COME ?


Bro you got some good stuff. How can I get in your private group

Ged Won Kl

Rqhtf 1400% price target

C Wan

Sleeper pick $INND ran up from 0.005cents to currently 0.063cents. Target price 30 cents. Way undervalued.
FDA approved plus contract with Walmart. Provides affordable hearing aids and solutions for the ever-growing geriatric population. Def worth the DD, with great long-term potential.

evelyn m

infi failed listing requirements on exchange

Gary Walburge

Could you please make a video on Senseonics?

Hank Thompson

Hey man I just invested 100 into GTE a couple days ago and its gone up since I've done my research on it but just curious what your thoughts are on it

Katelyn More

Yes OCGN will be $45.00 this week and $100.00 upon FDA approval.


$INFI was manipulated big time. Nothing reported. Raising money at the pps they're at is fine. Look at $ATOS. Shareholders reward stocks that raise capital at appreciated prices. Especially as a precursor to P3.

Jay Kahekili

bought it at $5.29 and sold it at $3.94. I think they usually buy way before and sell it right before any good news.

Noah The Entrepreneur

$OCGN to the moon! ???

Lionildo Martir

Thanks... great video❤️

Ardain Isma

Thank you for such a wonderful video. I have a question regarding Bionanno Genomics (BNGO). Is there a specific date we need to watch. The stock has been moving. Does it have a long term potential?

Trong Cay Sau Vuon Nha

ALYI EV Bike is running very nice chart! Bright future company for long term! This stock will hit $1 the end of the year!!!???

Юрий Чепурчной


Matt Bertrand

Great job dude! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed the pay off but maybe I can recoup tomorrow.

Andrew Wolf

i really hope Infi goes up big , curious why it went down tonight


I trade on Webull and it doesn't allow OTC stock trading. What is a good platform to use for OTC stocks? Thanks in advance.


Check out SLRX another cancer biotech that could possibly go GLSI

Trong Cay Sau Vuon Nha

SANP is another hidden gem still very very cheap about to run. Now is early state to get in and the train is moving! I bought 1 million shares for long!!!???

Qin Li



Great recap! Understanding that I may not be able to buy every stock, I must make decisions based upon these analysis and my own DD.

Weiss Omar

Trtc, gblx ànd cann

Gavin Saladino


TZ Performance

$EXRO is the real hidden gem. Nothing comes close right now in regards of potential.

mike allen

look at glu mobile (gluu) they were bought today by electronic arts for 2.4 bil

melissa raking

I totally agree with TRXC stock. It has been over shadowed by Intuitive Surgical who monopolizing the market but its Senhance is a great contender against Da Vinci. I believe in this stock and will continue holding it for long term.

Pure Technical Analysis

Viatris looks tasty? Check out my analysis on my channel?


Are these stocks with catalyst in a couple days too late to play



Mike Tyson

What do you think about Xtm inc?

Liquor With Lenoir

Good stuff

Mohamed Hadaga

Also cut some of crap at the beginning. Sorry

Kieran Noor

Love the vids bro, just wondering how long does it usually take foe you to decide to invest in each penny stock after doing your due diligence

Miz Vang

What is your TP for PLX?

Binu P

Would you be able to make one on ISO (ISORAY)?

Raphael Carag


Ricky Bobby


Samamtha J

Can you tell me what you think of ALLM


Man Cave sign is good but maybe have it say Tactical

Selena Phillips

Thank you so much! This video is so helpful in planning when to sell. Also the research tools you have recommended are great. Thanks again!

David Nelson

Your the man keep up the good info!! Thank you for what you do!

Night Mare

but where do you find the calender of upcoming Catylist ?

Josh ryan

GMDA up 70% to the moon!

Dustin Machen

Shout out to ya from Kadena AB. You're killing it man, glad I came across you channel.

Tactical Investing

Join our Discord via Patreon! As a member you'll get access to live stock picks, ask me questions, live streams, one-on-one mentorship, and monthly cash giveaways! https://www.patreon.com/tacticalinvesting

Erik Graca - INVSTMNT

Thank you so much bro!! Congrats on the 15k subs!! You deserve it!?? 25k by EOW!

Bryan Ramirez

What’s a good penny stock to invest right now on Robinhood?



Tri Ton

SNPW to the moon! ?



Miz Vang

When did u buy the GMDA? What was the entry and exit TP? Thank you so much for the video. I like the way you put it out like this.


Enjoy our video and tips. Only one comment - many times since you talk so fast it is hard to hear the TICKER and it is no where on the screen. If you could put on screen somewhere, that would be very helpful.

James McClearin

Where do you get most of your research?thanks in advance

Chendil Kumar

Hi I did not see any buy recommendations - most of them are hold or sell on catalyst ? Interested in buys ?

Evangelos Tsialikis

Hey thank you for all the great content! What do you expect trxc, otlk and asrt to hit over the next months and at what timeline? Thanks in advance

Erik da Graca


Iza Thia

You provided so much info on all these stocks and you were right to the point. Not much irrelevant chatter. I like it.

angelo g

Youre awesome man! You give details regarding catalysts so we can time when we need to get in ???

Shuaib Ismael

ZOM to the moon ???!

Kepi Hains

Love this channe! HOW DO I join the discord? I AM USING A SAMSUNG NOTEPAD, AND I don't see anywhere that let's me sign upl

gizzy legg

Accurate on-time info, short and to the point. Definitely Subscribing ? ? AAA+