Is apple a good stock to buy

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Apple (AAPL) Stock at $132 After Apple Car: Buy Now Or Wait?

60 750 views | 26 Dec. 2020

In today's video I will

In today's video I will show you why Apple (AAPL) might be one of the best stocks to buy and hold for 2021. As a long term value investor I don’t gamble with my money and I don’t day trade or look for penny stocks. I pick and choose the best companies, with the best business models and financial outlook so I can sleep at night knowing my money is in good hands, and Apple is one of these companies.

Apple has the 3 things I look for in every company I invest in: 1) strong business model, 2) clean financials 3) significant and steady cash flow and 4) a lot of growth upside.

Apple has been a powerhouse for many years, and just recently released its new iphone 12 with 5G capabilities, as well as announcing the apple car and the deployment of its own 5G modem, which will replace the Qualcomm modems as of 2021, ahead of schedule.

I see their main growth in services for 2021, not specifically hardware. So far, the apple tv streaming service is still struggling with a mere 2% of the market. Its still in its diapers and you can expect a big resource push by apple and Disney to capture more market share during 2021 as they try and crack the top 5 which is currently held by Netflix, YouTube, amazon and hulu. I see that push as being of the biggest growth sectors of apple in 2021 and 2022.

Apple is also entering the self-driving car market, which could yield even more long-term upside possibilities – Tim Cook has a track record of delivering as promised and on time, just look at the 5G modems they are rolling out ahead of schedule, that is their culture, especially given how good apple has become at selling value of price, which is a perfect fit for the automotive market.

Apple is still heavily dependent on the products segment, specifically the iPhone which accounts for 50% of its revenue, but as apple makes a concentrated effort invest time and resources into growing their services segment, such as the apple tv and apple music, their margins are expected to grow exponentially and their financial outlook will be even better for 2021 and 2022.

As the stay at home trend continues, apple will definitely get a piece of the pie via increased hardware sales, i.e. mac and iPhone sales. However, if it plays the cards right, they can really push digital services in 2021 and explode out of the stratosphere. In short, apple has A LOT of upside in digital services. As apple tv, arcade and music get more attention and resources I see this segment becoming a major revenue item for apple, which is something the current share price does not reflect. Think about it this way, the gross margin on apple digital services is about 65% while on hardware its about 31%, so you can see where the cheese is at, and apple knows that. I see a future where apple is not making any money on hardware at all, just using it as a platform to sell its services, much like printer companies and ink, just generating subscription revenues of all its digital services.

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frank essiambre

Apple Had the chance to buy Disney, they would have had the entire library of Disney plus for peanuts in March when the shares collapsed at 78 bucks morons didn’t execute as they didn’t on Tesla, Tim Cook doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to take the chance on big decisions. They need a new visionary.


Didn't you made a video youtubers please don't pump your shares on youtube, there is no iCar in development.


I don't like Apples push into the EV market. Apple had success when they where first to the market (iPhone) or when they could leverage their eco-system. For example I'm a mobile developer and have to buy apple to develope for iPhone. I have literally no other (legal) choice but running MacOSX.
Apple is far behind on developing an EV. On top of that even amazon is pushing into the overcrowded EV market. It has no synergy with their core buisness. It would be way better for apple to invest that money in, for example, their cloud buisness imo.

Daniel Paul

I only have 20 shares in Apple(I invested to learn about stock market and see how it goes). But now I'm planning to hold onto it. Is that a good number for long term or should I consider buying more? Besides, I also invest in index funds--just started it, few months ago.

Leo Pham

Is it possible to use for spreadsheet?

T Hyslop

Have not seen one of your videos in ages. Last video was you raging on Cardone. Any recent videos on Cardone? They were most humurous and well done.

Investing with Nick Cowles

Ive been in apple since 2007. Its the best company in the world. I just wish I would have bought more.

Putspread MJ

Happy holidays my brotha. Thank you for your great insight

lulu belle

His disclaimer summed up in 4 words .. Dont sue me bro

Wilfredo Rodriguez

Tom I would like you to do a video about Li Auto, on paper it looks like the best company than NIO but you know is a Chinese Company so I have Luckin Coffe syndrome. Help me!!!

David Myers

Happy Chanukah!

John Mirra

Tom thank you for sharing your opinion. I myself am a big fan of a fundamental analysis and a strong believer that one can make money on a stock market only by following a strategy that implies long-term investments. A combination of commonly known S&P 500 ETFs like vanguard, ishares etc, innovation etfs like ark invest and a portion of growth and income stocks (depending on your risk tolerance level) will bring you wealth in the long term. Patience means everything in this business. Thank you again.
Best wishes from a Russian VC guy )) Удачи, канал супер!

Ali Z

We love you Tom



Benjamin Ganzleben

Great video! Nice ?

Bob Holland

Apple was supposed to be in the Volkswagens cars that was supposed to be their software . they could not get it done . That's why Volkswagen had all those completed cars setting out there with no computers no software cuz Apple couldn't pull it off in a timely fashion.

P Clark

Hey Tom have you made a video on your valuation spreadsheet? Or are you willing to make a version of your spreadsheet available for download?


Excellent content as usual. What do you think of investing in Qualcomm? There is some hostility between Apple and QUALCOMM. QUALCOMM recently bought Nuvia, a processor design company for $1.4 Billion. Nuvia was created by Gerald William’s III. Apples former chief CPU designer. Thank you!

Xiaohong Chen

I had few former coworker who now working at Apple in China.

One very funny clause on their contract was that they were not to make their employment at Apple public, or even tell the fact of existence of Apple's RnD centre in China (something everybody in Shenzhen knows anyways.)

Other thing I know is that their engineering teams are rather small, and engineering culture there is very conservative, contrary to company's public image.

But maybe, I am not up to date with that. Apple is said to have gone on an explosive hiring spree for RnD, and engineering in the last few years. They are certainly aiming to become a company much like Samsung, and to raise their ability to develop greenfield "from scratch" tech.

I myself feel they are themselves a bit afraid of becoming a "follower company," and their reliance on increasingly shorter list of hardware suppliers for parts, and new "magic" features.

Their higher ups look in awe at the Samsung's ability to turn greenfield RnD into sellable products across all sectors. I was told that Apple's engineering is often told to pick apart Samsung phones.

juho murtokangas

thoughts on bitcoin ?

Tyrone Tracy

Why do you believe Apple services will explode? The whole upside seems to rest on this assumption.


Hello Tom , Hope you are well . Could you please cover Rolls Royce stock . Much appreciated


You have trouble sleeping at night? I have just the product for you. Apple TV. Put it on when you have insomnia, knocks you right out.


Microsoft is the original model that beat Apple down for decades. So Apple is now needs to move into digital services in other words intellectual property is much easier to create, and deploy, no manufacturing needed. The Apple car is going to be a drain and maybe works at first depending upon how they deploy. If they build their own manufacturing it will be expensive, time, and risky. Using someone else's manufacturing and maybe car with Apple mods might be the way to go. The idea that their hardware will be the delivery system for their most profitable digital services. You are correct about that. The hardware might even be seen as great buy as they real money will be in repeating intellectual digital services, pay subscribing as the the utility services. Steady reliable ongoing cash flows.

Daniel Mc Lintock

Thanks for the great content Tom. Ppl don't realize how much work goes into creating a DCF, thanks again. :)

De Saint

Tom: Guys do your own ...
Me: BUY !!!!


Good video but I still have some questions on the DCF

Is it me or this DCF is getting out of hand from 2024 ?
How come the after Tax jumps from 70k to 267k from 2023 to 2024 ?
Also CAPEX should reduce your FCF not increase it (hence the name Free Cash Flow)

With some common sense it is evident that the DCF has been done in a rush.
APPL has a Net Income of 57Bn USD and Cash Flow from operations of around 80Bn (so FCF is lower than 80Bn)
With a 5% growth and 12% discount rate they just cannot have a 808 Bn PV of the sum of FCF from 2021-2026

The business analysis makes senses but With this kind of DCF you can really put any price target you want

Chewie 13

Happy New Year!!!


Where is your research coming from? That’s just pure misinformation. There is no confirmation of an Apple car.


Services of Apple ecosystem can not have an exponential growth as Apple device/user base outside USA is quite small. Android users will not buy the more expensive services of Apple as there is no other differentiator besides Apple ecosystem.

Immanuel Häfliger

Personally I am not a fan of Apple but respect them for the insane successfull business model.
Having said that I strongly believe that in a not so distant future they are going to buy disney+ and add that to their services.
Also the M1 chip is insane (and they just started). This a a great fundament to sell out to carmakers (yes not making an iCar but service the M1 out) in order to create an ecosystem available to the likes of BMW, Mercedes, RR and so on. Basically what Alibaba is doing in China. Who would buy a Bugatti if the underlying self-driving and services comes from Alibaba? No one. The same with services from Apple? Yes please.
And don‘t get me wrong I like BABA and hold them in my portfolio.
I will buy more Apple on the way when cash at hand. The M1 was the revelation from the company I needed to assure me that they will not be the next Nokia :-)

Devin Parker

If Apple does it, they will make money at it. Buy Apple. Hold Apple. Congratulate yourself in a few years for being a money genius!


Apple's For All Humankind series is damn good :)


Can you release that DCF example template <333333333333 ?

Rajesh Gupta

Been holding from 2012 ?

Tyler Meinhold

Apple is in a huge bubble right now, and that is undeniable. It's P/E ratio as of today is 41.93, and anything above 25 is overvalued, meaning that apple is absurdly valued right now. Now I understand that the market is taking into consideration the mass 5g rollout of phones in the coming years, as well as the new "apple car" concept, but at the same time, it's way ahead of itself, as apple has yet to prove these earnings. Right now I believe the only way to justify its 41.93 P/E ratio is major FOMO (fear of missing out). And all bubbles pop at some time, so I'd wait until the market gets real with itself here to buy in.


11:05 ''only 53 is services...''. yeah but that's more than double the ipad sales... !?

Alex Broughton

anti-trust lawsuits coming soon.


Congrats man! Love the channel.

Wilfredo Rodriguez

Dude you are the best, hands down the best source of stock information on youtube.


Apple will not be allowed to enter the car market with the same set up as it uses in electronics.

Apple uses a global manufacturing base then exports to consumers. That wont fly in car market. Tesla is doing it right with locating production close to market. It makes the coming electric change over an disruption to existing manufactures somewhat tolerable. Apples model would simply kill domestic auto industries and locate all manufacturing in Asia. Simply put that is not acceptable to Europe, US, are any of the large developing market countries.

It is simply impossible for Apple to do thing in car market the way it want to.


Apple car... A car that you won't be able to repair.

Eli Shimon

But their market cap is so huge!!! Is their any space for growth?

Quentin B

Apple is a huge buy for long hold




Correction: Apple did NOT officially announce their car 5:15 in fact, Apple refused to comment about it. Rumors about the Apple car date back to 2014

Glenn C.

Merry Christmas Tom! All the best to you and your family! Stay safe...

Hristo Alexiev

You told in the review that people will contunie working at home and that Apple hardware will be actual during 2021. And what if this not happens? What if the pandemic is over and everyone is going back to offices and work as before?

Dominic Dame

My first time ever investing. I bought 15 Apple Stocks at 131.70 or something like that I forgot

Ira Hata

You failed to mention their M1 chip that will increase their sales AND margins on hardware as they won't be using Intel chips anymore, as well as the huge increase in performance and battery life. Their hardware WILL make them more money. Watch...

Richard Nedbalek

Time for a slice of AAPL pie! ??? ???

Clubber Lang

Apple can't even make a decent battery and camera for the phones! Samsung makes a better phone, and has been years ahead of Apple!

ludacz cz

Tom i like your apple call!


I agree Tom. It’s my largest position. Superb analysis as usual.

Stand Up

I’m think the automotive industry will change. There is a company called, Canoo, that came up with the idea of subscription for the automotive. This can really change how people own a vehicle. Why deal with the hassle of titling, registration, insurance, or even maintenance. Also, the headache of being involved in an accident. You don’t have to worry about how or where are you going to get a new vehicle for transportation; it is taking care of for you. There is no real good reason to buy a vehicle anymore. Once, you drive it off the dealer lots, the value of it immediately drop. Apple is moving toward EV... that is sign that theirs innovation on the iPhone is starting to lag. This was similar with Blackberry. Apple TV is worthless and it probably will flop. There are too many streaming services. Amazon and Netflix dominate that sector already. If Apple wants to grow, they need to go into virtual reality products. EV is a horrible idea for them and will cost them so much money to try and catch up. Tesla already dominated the EV and the legacy automakers are doing theirs best to catch up; however, the automotive industry need a change. I think Canoo got a great idea that can really catch up to Tesla if they come out with better appearance appealing vehicles.

Jacob McLeod

what about when democrats take office and every single tech stock goes down??

Rick Carlson Official

Apple TV is literally the worse streaming service on the internet.


I don’t think Apple is going to execute ev car. They can’t even execute on iPhone battery ?

Dalat Kim Nguyen

The major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and would-be investors often undermine and often neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Essentially, the process involves studying the parts of a particular asset movement in the past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movements. Permit me to say that Mr. Bernard Kelvin is an expert trader without flaws, the very best of a kind.

Flo Apponyi

a video about your portfolio would be very kind :)

julio chevan

Congratulations my friend

Mochi Mocha

Go figure I wake up late and it has already went up ... I wanted to buy premarket :(


Dude , well I could buy apple stocks , I was gonna spend my 150 dollar pocket money anyways on an apple mouse , looks like I could buy the company as well


@Tom Nash > someone with a fake profile using your face is trying to selling scamming products commenting directly to people under your videos...

Please, advice people about it because no more people know this way and someone could fall in the trap thinking that is you.

Thank you Tom, you’re one my a favorite...with you since the beginning!?

Sam Ali

1:35 - 1:50 ?

Nald Lang

I will be buying Apple (if funds available) for their M1 chip, not their hype car.


Been in since $69 (nice)

Shawn Mchugh

Take a deep dive into their new M1 Chip... game changer just by itself!

soma treatments

I am seeing bullishness with them potentially getting into EV also?

George Stone

Remember when AAPL crashed 40% ($700-$385) a few years ago for no particular reason? Don't be naïve. Don't overinvest in the next "holy grail".


AAPL and AMZN, these are the two company, the more you look into them the more you wanna buy because it always makes sense, it’s insane.
About to build a brand new position into ARRK and ARKG and add more AAPL in the coming weeks


I think I might pickup apple on a down day or correction.

Ancient Bear

Apple share price is going down. They have been caught using slave labor to many times. If you bet on Apple you are betting ethical people will buy unethical products I would not make that bet.

Sanip Khadka

I used to think this apple car idea is nth but shit, but now all cause of this Tesla hype among the people, I think apple car is not a bad idea. It might not be of a best but of a good level in the electric car world.

Carley Fudge

I bought a bunch of Apple back in summer at $245 share pre split. I’m holding Apple for long term.

Lawrence Fearon

Apple just ordered iPhone 12 production raised from initial levels. It's day after Christmas before the historical blowout holiday quarter. AppleCar is vaporware at best, 5G is here, now and expanding. How could you do anything but buy?

sazali w

Congratulations Tom! You thoroughly deserve it. Here's to the 100K mark!

Daniil Seleznev

But did they actually "announce" the Apple car? What it seems to me is just people inflating some news that, at this stage, are just rumors basically. A part from this, good video Tom!!

Cheryl Beldin

I bought 100 shares at $16 a share a long, long time ago. It split over and over again. Twice I sold some shares for different reasons. I almost wish I hadn't sold what I did. What I kept now cost me pennies a share. It is the best investment I made.

Kameron P

will you be my best friend

- Focus

Hey Tom, could u look at UAVS stock ?

joe escobedo

Great research, its the best channel ive found by far, most other videos just basically say, buy aapl, its going up...they dont do any in depth research.

Zsolt Deme

You are doing such a great job Tom. Finding your channel was a pure accident. But the best one I've made. I look forward to seeing a lot more from you in the future ?

ludacz cz


Dick Bawls

2028 is when Apple car moved the release date to. Nikola will bring out their truck before Apple at this rate.

Reds Reviews

great video!!! could you make a video of how you analyse a company eg steps you take and look out for and how to build your DCF analysis

master boss

apple car has no real driving data but i still trust them to do the right thing, because they have possibly the best resources to do it.

Duane Lawrence

I cannot find where Apple announced a car. I can see rumors, not an announcement. Can we get a link to the announcement please?


I owned Apple since 2008, and Tesla since 2018. It's unreal that Tim Cook is going to EV sphere, instead of taking that meeting with Elon in 2018. People think Elon is a nerd and not a savvy business person, but for him to get Apple in 2018 was a brilliant business vision. Tim Cook is nothing but a supply chain kind of guy so although Apple will still make money for years to come, it is probably operating like Intel instead of like NVDA. Apple Car is going to be just like Apple TV and other Apple products. It is no difference than Amazon trying to branch out in other areas. The integration of Apple ecosystem and Tesla EV would have been a powerhouse for at least 2 centuries. Steve Jobs would have taken that meeting in a heartbeat.

Stereo review X

Correct me but I don’t think Apple has announced the Apple car

Kenneth Cavagnaro

The market cap is about $2.2trillion. What could one company possibly be worth? $4trillion? $10trillion. I'm just a layperson, but $2.2tr seems unbelievable for one company. That's $2.2million million.

Johnathon Upadhyay

4:27 That’s the exact problem when any of the Megacaps try expanding into new markets. It’s like the Innovator’s Dilemma, in that there is a high upfront cost to secure (what appears to be) a minuscule increase in revenue to a company as large as Apple. Apple could spend tens of billions securing and building IP and products, but will they just choose to build a larger cash position? Google is almost infamous for their graveyard/purgatory of projects for the exact same reason.

I still think Apple is a strong company, but I lean in the camp that thinks Megacap companies will be more conservative in expansion than they ought to be. I definitely hope that they expand on the success of their proprietary ARM chips, because that will help drive the hardware push that brings customers into the Apple ecosystem including services.

Looking at recent acquisitions, I could definitely see some sort of AR/VR product down the line. That space could open up a whole new App Store level of revenue.


The rumors of the car still leave a ton of questions. When they actually announce it I hope they bring some specifics.

I do agree with the services will continue to grow. I also think if they can grow Apple Arcade that would be huge. Especially if they target kids. Look at Microsoft gamepass and the success they are having. Basically it’s the same model. That gives you a great in to start to bolt on news and Apple TV. They made a great decision to move Apple TV to a platform instead of a box.

The M1 chip is game changing in the laptop space. It might even break into the server market if they want. I know Microsoft is already copying them for their azure servers.

Anyway I love it Tom. I just want to know more about the car.

Tom Nash

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youngbiz academy

Merry Christmas all. Congrats on the YT plaque, your channel grew like a bomb, you deserved it.


Oh Tom, Apple didn't announce iCar, it was reuters. Means there is no iCar.


Apple just went oof with the new m1 chips , especially cause of the expansion slot issue , maybe even that's another oof for the stocks

Moe Giguere

Great analysis. Thanks.


I know it will rise the volume is off the chain $135 this week

fred hernandez

They didn't announce Apple car people are speculating about it

Is apple a good stock to buy

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Apple Stock is set to

Apple Stock is set to EXPLODE in 2021! Get ready for some easy gains!

In this video, I share my personal opinion of what Apple Stock will have a bullish performance in 2021. Additionally, I do a technical breakdown of AAPL so we have a better idea of what will happen over the next few days. Enjoy!

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Gabriele Vinci

Have you bought APPLE stocks today?

Alpha Trades

Will you buy more call options?

Penny Stocks

You're on fire with these videos!

abhi gadhvi

What laptop to buy for investor Mac or Windows ?

Adrian ibarra

Under $130 I’ll be a buyer for sure.

Penny Stocks

Love the Moon Gang!


Hey! I like your channel a lot and I’ve been watching for a little bit. You sharing your moves like entry point and exit point will totally get more people engaged.

Apple Forever

I can't wait for Apple to reveal their revenue in their next Earning Meeting. It's going to the Moon! Prediction: $200/share at the end of 2021.

Thompson David

Whenever I remember this teams cyberghost360.com there blessings to me and my family, they save us from been homeless grateful❤️

Smita Bradley

Hello, would you please do another tech analysis on Apple as of today 2-11-2021 Thank you so much!!

Matt Kohrs

Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE (and let me know what you want to see in 2021) -- Apple TO THE MOON!!!

Mark S

Thank you Matt!
Here’s an interesting idea, which I’m going to put into action on Monday.
5G Investor’s Playbook:
The upcoming standard for 5th generation mobile telecommunications service that utilizes a higher-frequency band of the wireless spectrum called “millimeter wave” will benefit at least these three stocks:
1. TWLO Twilio
2. AMT American Tower
3. SWKS Skyworks Solutions

Lorena Aviles

Absolutely loved the analysis Matt. ??. By the way, good call on BABA ?

S Nova

Hey Matt, did Apple just have a Double Top on daily chart??? the first rejection was on Sep 2 at $138 and it was rejected again on Dec 29th

Deeken Wheeler

should i buy in at 133 or wait for under 130?

Dallas Man

Great video sir! I will be subscribing, and I fully agree the price target of 150 is not out of the question and very excited as well, for the earnings call of Q1

Quidpro Quo

The rally is long over ... the sell off is next. Gotta get that next big stimulus ready. I hope I’m wrong.

Alexander Uts

I am in no way an apple fanboy. My only apple product was an ipod mini, which was a gift for opening a bank account back in the day.

But my crazy thesis for apple in the next years is: cyber wear. $NNDM has a new office near apple HQ. together they will create cyber-clothes, which will open a new market ?


You were right about apple

Joel Thomas

COUV ???

Gandolf Merlin

I am now balls deep in aapl 200$ strike till 01.21

Jessica Manuel

Made a mistake of selling half of my apple stock in 2017 after a mere 30% profit. Gradually got back on the horse. Not gonna make that mistake again. Hold, hold, hold till I’m old.

Seth McCutchen

300 subs in like a day! It isn’t my channel but WOO HOO! Great work Matt! I appreciate your quick, short videos. Thank you!

TMF Motivation

Love AAPL!


The idea of reviewing your trades sounds very good! I vote on that one!

Blu Jay

Moon gang!!! I think we will still melt up to 145 before earnings as long as we can hold these levels

Jon Paul

I bloody hope so ?


Can you please do recent new tech analysis on apple thank you

Raphene Reff

Thank you for keeping us in the loop.. can you make a video on how to read candle stick charts correctly

Mark S

What is really odd is that out of the 15 names I own, Apple was the only stock that had a down day. Off a $1.15 and up 10 cents in after market isn’t too bad though. I have only 8 shares, but I’m long and will hold irrespective of what happens

Thompson David

Whenever I remember this teams cyberghost360.com there blessings to me and my family, they save us from been homeless grateful❤️

David Godshall

live account w updates

Ryan Sherman

Would love your thoughts about NTLA and GBTC? I am really enjoying your content and analysis

John Bridge

$150 will be here super soon!


Please do live-streaming while you trade. We could follow along and you can setup a donation options as well

Saltire Cross

Hi Matt, I just subbed to your channel , like you I'm in at $117 per share and it was actually less as I bought in before the split then bought again after the split - it was then equated to 117, thinking about buying back in again on the dip if it happens around 130 but will that be added to my current shares then raise my 117 per share price to a higher price ? not sure what to do here , for myself apple is long term investment min 5 years .

Michael Crossley

AAPL is the one investment that I never lose sleep over. So much more room to run and very little risk on the downside at this point. Platform companies like Apple and Amazon will swallow up corps like corps swallowed up small businesses over the last 20 years. It's the next evolution in business.

James Farley

“go and buy (IDEX) Ideanomics stock.” You are welcome.


Unfortunately, I did the same thing. I got absolutely burned to a crisp on my apple calls when it reached it's all time high. I ended up losing more money than I would like to admit, but that's ok. I'm trying to stay positive as I'm confident that a rebound is going to occur within the next week or so.

Is apple a good stock to buy

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IS APPLE STOCK A BUY NOW? | (DOWN 7%) | BIG POTENTIAL | Apple stock news & analysis

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Apple has fallen over 7% in the past week following a very strong Q4 earnings report. They reported revenue of over 100 billion for the first time ever and received a few PT upgrades to over $150. Everything looked good but from a technical standpoint they were bound to pullback. Now that they have fallen I believe they are at a great entry point.

The perfect entry would be down at 128.80 ish but I doubt it falls that low. Now is when I'm adding shares and buying some call options to swing over the next few days and weeks.

Thanks for Watching!

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Rudy Black

Pelosi just bought some apple, disney and tesla stock. Like millions. Maybe she knows something we don't? Just fyi

Arpit M

I bought Jan 2022, $200 Call options. Anybody think it can reach at least $160 by then?

Ezra Mengesha

Second :(

BR Glasgow

What do you mean by 'picking up call options"? Do you mean buy or sell call options? And what will be your strike and expiration?

Drake Taylor

I also have a call option with Apple. It doesn’t expire until April. So I think I should end in the money

Mike Horton

Great video!


Banger ??


Bullish on Apple! I’m tracking my stock journey on my channel as well! Buying these dips!