What is ren

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What is Ren? Who are the Knights of Ren - Star Wars Theory

3 829 views | 23 Nov. 2017

My theory of who or what

My theory of who or what the Knights of Ren are and what Ren means. Kylo Ren's name meaning in the Star Wars trilogy.

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Dr. Obvious

What is Ren? Stimpy's partner! :D

Jennifer Payen

Maybe the Knights are sort of prior apprentices to Snoke...hmm

I AM # 4

Looking forward to Solo,but would prefer a Knights of Ren film aimed at an adult audience.I really want to see a SW movie from the dark sides perspective. Deapool proved rated R movies can make a ton of $$$


Have you seen the 1967 Camelot movie? I was watching it the other day and I noticed some parallels. I’m wondering if you could do a video if there happens to be enough evidence to go on?

Jonathan Wroughton

I heard somewhere that the knights could be telepathically connected to Kylo, and that Kylo could control them as a fighting force with his thoughts. This also brings up the idea that the Knights of Ren must be killed should Kylo want to leave the dark side. Of course this is all speculation, but I just wish there was more to learn about the Knights.

James Bishop

in the welsh language ren means to rule. interesting

bev davis

combine Rey and Ben and you get Ren.

Shelia Ellison

i think your theory is beautiful...i also think Rian Johnson is far too stupid for your idea to be true...this is the same man who after TLJ came out said YES Lukes hand shouldve clunked to the ground as he died due to it being metal ...but afterwards says "we forgot" ...sooo yea lol

Ryan Costa

so his name is "Ben Ren"?


Nice analysis! I like your conclusions.

J. Rossi

Rey is also Spanish for "king." Interestingly to me, according to the art book for The Force Awakens.... in early stages of the development of the film, Rey was called "Kira". This is the feminine form of the Hindi and Sanskrit name "Kiran", or "beam of light." Also mentioned in some searches for the name is the Irish "Ciara." "Dark haired."

Melissa Courchesne

The japanese name "ren" is a reference to a lotus. In India, The lotus represents the spiritual fulfillment of a being. The lotus in India is also a symbolism of Yin and Yang. The lotus is a water flower. Under the water is darkness and over is the light...

Dank Starscream

Star Wars has almost always been about that 'Yin Yang' black and white view of spirituality...

Alexsandro Jankovic

Yeah I'm sure late at night , all alone trying to sleep .... Kylo is the back of your mind and his saber is ??

Louise Johnson

"Rey" in Spanish means "king."

Wilson Disabled Iraq veteran

Ren is from b(ren)del hux. He had force children trained in dark side.

Sith Shi

The Ren are Special Forces. The Jedi had the Temple guards.


You mentioned something that stood out. You said Ren means "darkness". I read a theory that Darth Vader created the Knights of Ren. What does Darth mean? "Dark". It would also make sense why Kylo has Vader's helmet and possibly his kyber crystal. The Knights of Ren gave it to him, it would make sense why they serve Kylo, he is Vader's grandson, the rightful heir.

Carlos Andrés

Padme = lotus in hindi
Ren = lotus in japanese

My fallengrace1

What if Kylie or Snoke killed them since the Sith were filled with hate and lust for power that they destroyed each other

Craig Holmes

Kyle Ren. Reordered. Rey Klon. Or clone.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiird.

Wilson Disabled Iraq veteran

Ren is from brendyln hux, he had the force sensitives of dark side or clan wren(Sabine dies) Ezra goes full dark side.

Ren Nolin

Huh, Interesting back story


This was really cool and interesting!
I like how you brought and connected Yin and Yang to the theory, and I agree very much so! Knights of Ren might just be Knights of Darkness or the Dark side! Also very true, the visual storytelling of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi (What we've seen so far) is absolutely stunning! The visuals and non-verbal acting alone can create a beautiful and emotional story! Gotta love Star Wars for at least the art of its visual storytelling :) As a reylo fan, I think it would be awesome to have that contrast too, not only of light and darkness, but of "social status" in a sense, Rey a scavenger from a desert planet, Kylo a master of Knights, practically royalty, finding each other when they were losing hope, equal to each other as they both have raw power and strenght with the force, a very interesting topic!
Thank you for another fantastic video :)

What is ren

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Concept of Ren in Confucianism

15 515 views | 30 Oct. 2015

-- Created using PowToon

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I found a mistake at 2:08. "It is within the heart and mind of humans to be concern..." This should be "concerned" not "concern". It is the past participle of "concern" so you need to add "-ed". "To be concerned". I notice a lot of Chinese speakers of English have difficulty with this. For example, they say "I was so shock". Past participles need "-ed", or sometimes "-en", depending on the word.

Joanne Baek

This is one of the most important videos - ever!! I hope you will make more videos, especially about Ren, kindness, and a kind world. We need lots of Ren in the world! And to realize that having a Ren world, a kind world, is something we can choose. I just now learned of Ren as a quality and traditional Chinese concept from a Mimi Kuo-Deemer in a youtube qigong video - "Qigong for the Wood Element: Nourishing Practices for Mind, Body, and Spirit." Mimi talks of cultivating Ren with one posture near the end, and moves into a peaceful qi closing, again mentioning the quality of kindness. Like you, she is planting Ren in the world! Thank you!

Sam singh

This was a very helpful video. Thank you!


Ren can make your nen invisible to someone who can use nen

Matt Amped

Thank you.

369 777

We don't need more RAM, we need more Ren in this World right now.

Ren Nolin

Well this is intresting . Went to look up the origin of my name , what a surprise to find this .

Chase Brink

dis good


Hi what is your sources?

What is ren

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Ren’s Most Classic Insults! ? Ren & Stimpy | NickRewind

543 170 views | 20 May. 2019

There’s no burn in the

There’s no burn in the world like Ren’s insults!

Which one was the best?

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siren head and cartoon cat




B Broadcast

I always liked Ren better, Stimpy annoys me

The Cartoonist Guy

3:53 Spongebob fish???

Veronica Chambers


Jack Oakes

Man I was born a decade too late wish I grew up on this. Been watching a lot of Beavis and Butthead lately too. Just discovered Ren and Stimpy yesterday

Ante Zlopasa



I started my life being like stimpy and now I’m ren.


Saturday night cartoons ?

ZOOM 15th

The best show back then! #?


Why does the i-card say stimpy is a comunist

Just a low quality memes salesman

The red suit guy sounds like jontron.

Henry Stickmin

Dear mora I am having a swell time here in the inside asylum it would be nice if you could come visit me sometime wish you could read ren.


Ren and Stimpy > Family Guy. Ren and stimpy is better than Family Guy!


I forgot that ren and stimpy sounded like that it’s been so long since I’ve seen it xd

Mr. Pug

Who Came Here When They Announced The Ren & Stimpy Reboot That No One Ask For


stimpy looks so fed up in the thumbnail

Ayden Pratts

Honestly I can relate to Ren.

Game LP

3:50 "Dangerous A" from the Spongebob episode where mr krabs loses his 1 Dollar plays in this scene

James Miller

I wouldn't show R&S to kids. Not because it's insane and disgusting, but because it portrays toxic and abusive relationship like something normal and ok.

Veteran Patriot

" What is He anyway ? A Mosquito ? "
That Cracks Me up Every time.


" You. . .YOU. . .! "

The Plush Palooza

0:25 Man’s Face Really Said “You Gotta Chill For Once,”


1:18 my parents be like

Abdul Qahar

You glad you wediot

Jason Energy

This is trash


This show was sooooooo messed up! No sir I didn't like it ...

Just kidding, I loved this show!

colletta spears


Bobby Long

This is a classic love ❤️❣️ this


Ren is every chihuahua ever. If they could talk anyway.


Comment below if you love Ren & Stimpy!

Mononoke Ireland

Ren always cracks me up! He's just hilarious!

The aggressive grouchy chihuahua normally slaps his simple-minded feline pal Stimpy silly and calls him an 'eediot'!

Anyway Ren and Stimpy is one of my favourite Nickelodeon cartoons of all time.

Greetings from Ireland ??

Adrian Buș

What kind of cartoon is this


Im confused. When does he go to get trained by Luke?

Luke Brundidge

Little Jonny wet the bed ?????

Josh d White


Corbin Simpson

The Ren And Stimpy Show Shrots December 3 1989

Zefin xs

I thought Ren and stimpy was a comedy central toon (for adults)

Evan Kaner

Spongebob fish at 3:50 aha

Cheery Cinccino

1:52 Pops and Cub from Happy Tree Friends

Captain Blue Shell

Wish you could read....

Sawyer Chilton

i love ren and stimpy

Cofren Ardebuonoquio


Joshua Espinosa

This is accurate about me and my dad and my mom


1:46 this was the episode that was shown in the movie Clueless


Haha! Thank you so much for uploading this! XD I bought all of Ren and Stimpy on dvd, I love them so much! The Sega Genesis game is awesome too!

Joseph Womer

So can someone tell me why there’s a petition online to get this show canceled this year?

Gerine Vicencio

Supernoobs vs. The Ren & Stimpy Show of Season 5

Gabriel César

I didn't watched this as a kid. Just here because eminem used to watch it. I gotta say... this is crazy ? I mean... literally. This is absolutely disturbing. And I'm 24 years old. Imagine a kid watching this

ꕥ OpalDrawz ꕥ

My art teacher actually helped animating a lot of the shows which is cool also this is my mom’s favorite show.

cipher 000

Classic nick was the best childhood.

Помиляйко Виктория

A mosquito?


At 5:10 The Ren & Stimpy DVD closed caption said tooth fairy when Ren said tooth beaver.

Hannah Cipriam

What did I just watch


What Episode Is This? (0:05)

Nicki Sixx191

Finally ❣️

Trashposting Campaigner

Ren sounds a lot like the modern Tord.



Kord Chandler

That's ironic that he mentions Mighty Mouse because when I grew up and watch Mighty Mouse it was a John K. Cartoon

Tim Granahan

#OldManToker brought you here

Помиляйко Виктория

Oh, you're asking for it!


Oh Yeah Man, Stimpy Is One Of My Favorite Childhood Character!!!! Stimpy is Better Than Ren!!!!

erdem kara

I love how YouTube didn't bother to disable the comments...

m o b i l e c o i n

what a show lol

Sameer Jada

1:48 ‘Cant you see I’m....... operating?’

Romario Rodrigues

Wish yall could read

chris minds

The Creators of Ren and Stimpy always pushed boundaries. Thats what made this show so great. and i'm sure nick loved the show as well. but they didn't want to get in trouble so they had to fire them.

How it works Channel

This is so funny it makes me laugh like a air raid siren

Jonny Turtleneck

Please bring this show back to Nickelodeon

Mr Ducky



"Numbskull." xD

Rey And Amigos


ZOOM 15th

???????? you "fooool"??

Yo Yo

I'm both ren and stimpy.

Kirana Arthavita Herdiana

3:58 - 4:06 CatDog in Nutshell

Jose Montano

This was one of the best cartoons ever made ?

Garret Peterson


Nolan Metzger

1:56 The only normal face Ren makes


quick, comment before COPPA deletes the comments

Colin Chung

Y O U E E D I O T !!


Why does Nickelodeon always crop it to 16:9 when they upload it to YouTube?


Tbh ren is way more diabolical than this. Watch sven hoek. The best thing i ever seen as a 8 yr old.

Banana Chao-Man

2:10 s o u p followed by intense sniffing


REN, REN , haha, my absolute fav cartoon, too funny, mainly directed at adults, too funny!!



Gerine Vicencio

Do you really think, they’ll be crossover Cartoons: Supernoobs vs. The Ren & Stimpy Show

Fun Stuff

Watching this because I got 2 figurines from Daller tree

Ilon Funderburg

Fear me ..... ren is my mind

Jett Blacc

"Wish you could read" Lelelelel

Meme Elabor


Tino Ruiz

Inspiration for SpongeBob, catdog, rockos modern life, etc etc. Beavis and butthead definitely helped inspire this. Simpsons I think inspired Mike judge.

Chris Puhara

I am Ren in terms of personality

the ODD squad TwT

Nickelodeon, i have a lot to say but the main thing is....wHY dID yOu bAn rEn aNd mY fRiEnD tHaTs a iDiOt sTiMpY!?
Like this comment if you think so to ? XD

Помиляйко Виктория

Ren: YOUUU EEIDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

bird executioner


Luke Brundidge

Insane in the membrane

Kaya Coleman Coleman

I love Ren and Stimpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤

Tinky Winky

2:10 The... soup.

Fred Landry

I loved this show in the 90’s.