Us bank hacked

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Cybersecurity expert says U.S. was caught unprepared for SolarWinds hack

3 435 views | 23 Dec. 2020

The recently revealed

The recently revealed hack of government networks, believed to have been conducted by Russia, is a historic act of espionage and revealed severe leaks in the U.S.’ cyberdefense, says cryptographer and security expert Bruce Schneier.





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Mafia Monthly

Security Advisory: (Updated 12/24/20) SolarWinds asks ALL ORION PLATFORM CUSTOMERS to update their Orion Platform software as soon as possible to help ensure the security of your environment. More information is available in our Security Advisory and FAQ pages.

Pierre D

Should of asked if it's possible for any country like Iran to hack us and make it look like it was coming from a different country.


I would be sure it was the Chinese. Remember, they all started this COVID crap (Bio-Warfare) so they can wreck havoc on the US economy. Same goes for this act as well (Cyber Warfare). So we have two these done by the Chinese, Bio-Warfare and Cyber-Warfare.

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They’re gonna cut out the grid

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arto KJ xVice

I'm Alone ??


This guy is an idiot. Burning down solves nothing. Unless you can prevent this type of hack from happening in the future. Knowing where to look for tracing the initial penetration. Mitigation and forensics is your way to go moving forward. Monitor all levels of access!!!


This (cybersecurity) is where we needed to spend the $$ on... not military.

Us bank hacked

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Hackers Are Breaking Contactless Payment Limits On Visa Cards | Forbes

13 142 views | 31 Jul. 2019

Think that limit on

Think that limit on contactless payments is going to protect you from big thefts? Think again. Security researchers have found a way to bypass that limit on Visa cards. Their hack, which isn’t limited to U.K. cards, could let opportunistic crooks drain accounts with a single tap, and they claim they don’t even need to steal the credit card.

Read the full exclusive on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2019/07/29/exclusive-hackers-can-break-your-credit-cards-30-contactless-limit/#53a9f48b41e1

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Thankfully we don't use this in the USA

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Wait, so the protocol is not protected against MITM attack?

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US has no contactless limits. I just tapped for $700 in car repairs.

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yeah well, the loss from fraud is included in the cards fees.
no worries.
Not my problem. Its the card issuer that has to figure this out if it become too big of a problem

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CCs: Makes new payment method for convenience

CCs: Makes it more convenient for criminals to steal information

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Us bank hacked

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US bank card hacking scheme revealed

2 758 views | 26 Jul. 2013

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US officials have revealed how the largest credit and debit card hacking scheme ever prosecuted in the country operated. Five men from Russia and the Ukraine plus four co-conspirators are accused of seizing one hundred and sixty million card numbers. They operated over seven years, targeting some of the biggest names in business. Al Jazeera's John Terrett reports.

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Fiat money is back by the reliability of the economy. if businesses are doing good, the economy improves, the dollar rises in value. vice versa if businesses do worse.


and anyone wonders why no country would ever make the switch to digital money?


I keep telling you, digital money is not as widely used as you believe it to be. it needs to be backed by a real currency for it to be worth something. no currency today backs digital currency and it won't for years. get your head out of your ass and live in the present.


pocket change.


the only reason they got caught was because they operated for FUCKING 7 YEARS! jesus... how incompetent do you have to be?


Crazy russian hacker?


Well... Fiat is not really backed by anything either, only the say-so of the state? I mean, a market of above $60 trillion would be hard to base on any quantity of material. The banks don't actually lend out any representation of physical assets, other than the risk of people not believing in the fiat - thus lowering its' value. Bitcoin is decentralized, or have I misunderstood that?


Obama and Bush are do-nothings. the Rockerfellers have no influence in banking compared to the other two and the feds clearly spend more money than it actually receives in taxes.


another convenient excuse to spy on ordinary people.... I mean shifty criminals.... I mean terrorists... I mean cannibal clowns from planet xercsa alpha... Implement tougher controls on banks and the ease with which they disperse credit ?? Noooooooooooooo... Let's blame hackers for stealing all the money, not our open-door policy and bad loans and greedy bankers.... In fact, these hackers account for the 17 trillion dollars national debt, they stole our president's card and ran loose in Sears!


When these huge companies get hacked and customer's information is stolen it should be made public every time. I own Walt Disney stock, when they lost my information they set me up with 25k dollar identity theft insurance for the next 10 or 15 years. That's something all companies should have to do.




no. using a credit card is not equal to digital money. the value of money used in credit or debit card is based on two factors: the fiat money you have in the bank and how often you pay your debts. (Debit only uses the fiat money in your account) digital currency is alternative currency that is not backed by anything. even Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen have expressed concerned that cryptocurrencies are scams.

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apple and google play got hack this month

Michael van Dijk

I don't understand... (how is this news) These guys steal from the thieves and they get jailed, however the real thieves (banks and corporations - trillions of $ not millions) don't even get charged. Where is the justice, or does justice only apply to government cronies (USA revolving door policy) and the rich that profit off the poor? I say hack them, as it is the worst case of living in a false paradigm. Moral of the story; If you steal, steal BIG!

Shhhmint !

thanks god .. arrest all those terrorists malicious fuckers .. u got robed many times !! btw they've used one more company to steal other ppl identity they never addressed.. which is "toys R S" i wish they get the chance to read this message and reconsider their decision in terms of increasing our security!!


then why is physical money used by the public? if money was digital, then the physicals should only be kept in banks to back up the digital currency.