New coin releases

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CCT Slide & New Coin Releases

476 views | 26 Oct. 2018

Walnut CCT Slide

Walnut CCT Slide https://ebay.to/2Shkgxo

Maples CCT Slide https://ebay.to/2SmyHQH

Bamboo CCT Slide https://ebay.to/2D6yTzi

JM Bullion Rounds http://bit.ly/2O9owvQ


If anyone would like a slide that Mr V doesn't have in stock, I may have it here in the UK and can ship direct. I can be contacted via email through my "about" tab.

Silver BeachBum

Great slides. Very cool man.

Talking Bullion

Cool sliders. I really don’t like to pay premiums for Bullion. The only time I do is if I really like it. Hey sometimes you need to buy what you like. Appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the things that are available.

silverhair stacker

Chasing the new coin releases is still fun, but at the price I may just stack..... Good Luck and God Bless!

funktatd Forcelle

Why Don't You Like The Silver Shield Rounds I Have None Just Wondering?

Billy Gagne

Thank you, Mr. V. I really appreciate You sir That's the only one I have to get and the silver bugs series is the Levitan and then I'll be all Caught up I preciate that... Have A good weekend...

Silver Bean Counter

Thanks MrV

D Walker

Thanks for pointing out these deals.

Donald in New Mexico

Hi Mr V. Those premiums seem a bit too high! :-)

Tomoko's Enterprize

Love his work. A great piece to own. Neat to see the newer releases bud. Thanks fella !


It was interesting to see all those rounds, but nothing really there to make me part with my money.


I have been collecting the silverbug island rounds. The leviathan round came out back in March or May. In fact I emailed the North American Mint (Rochester, NY) who makes them, when release #6 was due out. I'm awaiting their reply. If you have the discipline to limit yourself to only a few 'series' you'd be okay. Don't try chasing down all these endless new rounds. Not when spot stays this low anyway ?

Turning Wheels

That silverbug round has a high premium. Thanks for sharing.

David A

I always thought the darker wood slides looked better but each person has his or her preference. That Bamboo slide is nice. I currently have a Zebrano but wouldn't mind a Bamboo one day. REally not liking many of these new coin/round releases.

Silver Swather

Cookies would be great. I would guess they are silver coins/rounds. ?

Dr Who

Cherry Wood would look great. Received a large APMEX order today with the first 2oz Lawless round and and order from Pobjoy with their Moon Landing commerative and the Thomas Jefferson commerative. Still have 5 orders coming. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a Chakra a weapon from India. Some very nice Silver, was unable to find link could you please send it to me? Thank you.

Dr Who

J.M.BULLION has a 1 per customer 10oz Silver starter set at Spot! Found on Google.

New coin releases

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2021 Kookaburra coin release, AC/DC coin sets and other new releases from the Perth Mint

1 010 views | 20 Oct. 2020

The 2021 Kookaburra silver

The 2021 Kookaburra silver BU coin has been released from the Perth Mint, together with a stunning 5 oz Zodiac signs coin, plus the exciting new AC/DC coins from the RAM

Brett Mitchell

January is the release month for the 2021 Koala according to the Perth mint website ?

МАРАТ Познавательный канал


Silver Fanatic

Beautiful coin nice show new subscriber here

Josh Ash

I think I've caught this coin bug.. and my wife doesn't like it.

Coin Spot

New subscriber I have my first order of silvers bullion arriving this week ?

Golden Gun

New acdc is very nice but doesn't get close to the previous guitar pic. Nice kook and koala. Not picking them up even though i like them but i am def on the lunar. Thanks for showing

Black Country Stacker

Another great video Kev. Is that the end of the 2020s? I’ve keen after the 2020 10oz but they’re hard to find in stock in the US!

Ruann Smuts

Great video as always. Can't wait for my 2021 Kookaburra to arrive, love the new look.

New coin releases

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David Bowie | New Coin Release from The Royal Mint

299 views | 7 Dec. 2020

Bowie had been an icon of

Bowie had been an icon of the UK music scene for decades until his untimely death in 2016 from cancer just a couple of days after his 69th birthday and the release of his final album Blackstar.

These coins celebrate the man and his music, although, David Robert Jones was much more than a singer-songwriter and music icon, he was an actor; an art collector and much more, but it was for his music that millions of people around the World will remember him.

CoinPig on Instagram:


Take a look at CoinPig on Twitter for updates.. (@CoinPig1): https://twitter.com/CoinPig1

Music :


Runaway Deer - Arc De Soleil

The Royal Mint links:


Check out the trip to Space - https://twitter.com/RoyalMintUK/status/1335871739889377282?

Thanks for watching

Stay Safe

Silver Gopher

Nice review. Thank you.

duff duff

I will be picking up the colourized 1 oz silver proof but in truth i am underwhelmed by the design I mean is this the best they can do with all the design scope offered by Bowie? still, it's Bowie and needs to be added to the collection :) but why no 2oz silver proof this time? I find the RM logic unfathomable at times tbh. Not interested in the BUNCS on this one, boring and uninspired design plus huge so called 'limited editions' which all contain exactly the same coin, who comes up with this none sense. Thanks for the review though I enjoyed it despite the mini rant :) take care.


Must admit I do like David Bowie! Pointless getting it as not got the other three! Remember listening to him when I was doing mechanics at college!


I prefer the silver proof without the colour, looks professional

denis fitzpatrick

Nice review mate

Jude S

I’m not going to collect all the music legends but I do like David Bowie so will probably order this one . Thanks for sharing CoinPig ?.

Patrick Mooney

I'm not a fan of coins with 2 portraits, probably because of my traditional nature. I get the feeling they could put anything on the reverse with the expectation that collectors and Bowie fans will buy it. Seems uninspired but I'm not much of a Bowie fan, so I wouldn't know the possibilities. Cheers, CoinPig!

Janet Smith

Nice. Thanks for sharing x

Aiden Rafferty

I wonder when they’ll release the 2 ounce silver. Strange it’s not released with the rest as with the other music legends coins. Production issues perhaps?

jinX Brothers

Talk about limited mintage on the 1 oz gold - wowza. How have these sold in the past? I havnt been to the royal site before and looked and the kids stuff is great - wish the US would take a page out of your book. The tooth fairy and children characters would be a great way to get youth into the hobby.