Where to buy dragonchain

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How To Buy Dragonchain Coin & Comprehensive Review of Disney's Powerhouse Blockchain Platform

535 views | 11 Jan. 2018

Dragonchain a turnkey

Dragonchain a turnkey blockchain platform for business is one of our favorite altcoins for 2018. Learn more here: http://Bitnetworker.com

Dragonchain was originally developed at Disney’s Seattle office in 2015 and 2016 as the Disney Private Blockchain Platform. Over 20 use cases and applications were explored and documented publicly via the W3C Blockchain Community Group. The platform was later released as open source software under the Apache 2 license in October of 2016.

Dragonchain (DRGN) is a business platform, incubator, marketplace and blockchain that operates through the use of the cryptocurrency Dragons. Dragonchain was drafted by a team under Disney. It was later handed off to the non-profit Dragonchain Foundation.

Travis Long

There are many tokens that incentivize long-term holds... substratum is one off the top of my head. Seen it in many whitepapers...

Small Falcon

Where do you find the binance coin of the month winners?

Where to buy dragonchain

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How to use EtherDelta and buy Dragonchain ! Tutorial

7 165 views | 8 Dec. 2017

ETH or DRGN donation:

ETH or DRGN donation: 0xB52C81D32425C960E4812aDeD895A1099fA9BF2B

I just got done with this process because DRGN is obviously headed to the moon, I found it way too complicated without watching a video.

Now hodl some dragonchain!


RafaN1 ##

Hi I'm click on drng to flip the ppt and don't do anything still ppt what I can do ?

Brandon Delargy

Super helpful video! Thank you!


Thanks for helping the community brother.

Aaron Spehr

Thanks bro, add your ETH wallet address I want to give you a tip

Daniel Espinosa

From Argentina, thanks very much!


How come you know that the gas price would be exactly 55? How can i find out what the lowest is now?


This is a really good tutorial. Thanks for making it.

Matthew Konyndyk

Thanks a lot! You are a hero. Is this the only exchange to get DRGN?


Dragonchain is a NO-NO. It has Disney behind it.
Respect for the knowledge and work you do for the crypto community. I would like to draw your attention to this project you are supporting. I know most of us are here to make some money, while a few others are also concerned about the future of humanity. But we all need to be careful what we are backing with our money, otherwise we become unwitting accomplices to things that are pretty low. The Dragonchain project has been initiated and funded by Disney. I have 2 children around the age of 10 and I became aware of some shady things that Disney is doing that are harming all of our kids. He has been accused of being a gay pedophile and the movies made by his empire are full of sexual images and connotation that are planted there to infiltrate young, unsuspecting minds. I will paste a couple of things for you and your readers to look at. We owe it to our kids and ourselves to stand awake and not let things like this go unchecked. Dragonchain is not an ethical investment and no one with a clean conscience should associate himself with that. No amount of money we could be making will ever be able to buy our way out of Hell, if we don't do due diligence and investigate who is behind all these new projects. Some sheep are wolves in disguise. We need to all do our bit and warn others, should there be any warning signals about any new project.



All the best to you. Regards, a crypto enthusiast and concerned father.

Dunar Solid

you life in a bluebird bus?


Thanks for the video Elliot! ;^)

Zigmantas Uselis

Great tutorial!

Chris Taylor

Thanks for this video dude. Really well explained and easy to follow. Only jumped on the Crypto vibe a few weeks ago but loving the possibilities! Also, do you live in a bus? Because that's super cool if you do :)

Jamal Brown

Thank you kindly for this...I'll be sending you a tip for this.

Duncan St. Clair

Cant take tips from a dude with a Man bun..


I just have to tell you -- So funny that you should call the "token" of the year "crap" -- thats all I'll say for now but make sure to leave this post somewhere handy.

M -

This video has been a big help man, thanks so much. Am I able to move my dragonchain to metamask, if so, how can I go about doing that?

Asia Alder

THANK YOU!!!! Much appreciated...

Truth Finder

etherdelta is off line. What other site can I use?


I used KuCoin instead of ether delta. It was much smoother.

moon landing

I have participated on ICO like DRGN, Dragonchain. I want to buy more but ED etherdelta is a bit confusing, thank goodness for Kucoin Exchange such a user friendly. Please use my INVITATION CODE or INVITATION LINK below! Thank you.

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Thank you! and Happy Trading! Goodluck :)

Diego Herrer

HELP. Noob question! Can someone please tell me how I can take my dragonchain tokens from metamask onto myetherwallet? I have been trying to do this for a few hours and cant seem to get anywhere. *I already have a myetherwallet account with ETH in it. And a few dragonchain tokens in the metamask. Metamask gives me the option to send ETH to whatever address, but I dont want to send ETH. I want to send the dragonchain tokens in that currency not ETH currency. Please HELP, any help is appreciated.

KahWai Lee

Hi bro, after i sell the DRGN , the etherium coin will store at metamask?

Mohammed Afsaruddin

I am from india , so if i bought DRGN and i want to sell it . What is the process ? Can you explain brother , by the way thankyou soo much for the video

Jerome Santos

Hi, i am currently using blockchain.info as my ethereum wallet. Can i use it in ether delta or i need to have MEW? Thanks.


so ive got eth in my meta mask, but i dont see how it is linked to etherdelta. what am i missing?


Can I send the DRGN to MEW? I'd like to store them somewhere besides ED. Thanks for the lesson! I can only imagine how high these coins can go when you don't need to go through all this shit to buy/sell.....

Dillon Tran

Awesome video! Thanks for this! I appreciate it!

Dannah Kamp

lilcrypto ur my hero