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Destroyer - Rubies

58 113 views | 11 Jul. 2014

Album: Destroyer's

Album: Destroyer's Rubies

pillihp zelaznog

Dueling cyclones jackknife
They got eyes for your wife and the blood that lives in her heart...

Cast myself towards infinity
Trust me, I had my reasons
Had a dress for every season, it was worth it
Pulled into town relatively free of hassle
Secured a room at the castle, it paid for itself
Checked out my surroundings, headed down to Thornton Park
Find your way
Discover that things are dark
Shadowy figures babbling on about typical rural shit
I wave bye to them in a modern way and increase my stay at the dock of the bay

Quiet, Ruby, someone's coming
Approach with stealth
Oh, it's just your precious American Underground
and it is born of wealth
With not a writer in the lot
Sapphires vie for your attention
Cheap dancers they mean well in their way
But Priest says - "Please, I can't stand my knees And I can't bear her raven tresses caught up in the breeze like that!"

Blessed doctor, do your worst
Cut me open, remove this thirst
Hidden, but near
A series of visions, I won't repeat them here
I won't repeat them here

Typical me, typical me
I gave my cargo to the sea
I gave the water what it always wanted to be

Look to the West!
"Ah, look, it's no contest" - Proud Mary said as she lit the fuse
"I wanted you. I wanted your blues"
Your Blues

"All good things must come to an end
The bad ones just go on forever"
Isn't that what I just said?
It is Now and it is Never
It is Now and it is Never
It is Now and it is Never
It is Now and it is Never

Don't worry about her
She's been known to appreciate the elegance of an empty room
Look, I made you this broom
A predicate warning to the sun -
"This Night advances on..."

The sketchy crowd shows me drawings, they're alright
An alternately dim and frightful waste
Now come on honey let's go outside
You disrupt the world's disorder just by virtue of your grace, you know...
I didn't want to go, but leave I must...
As gratifying as this dust was

Please don't wake me from this - my golden slumber -
I am proud to be a part of this number!

Niklas Wageneder

ich liebe

diego matuk

this is my favorite album of all time, such a masterpiece




Tea for me please. Chin chin ... oh, and glad somebody's in.


Don't worry about her
She's been known to appreciate the elegance of an empty room

Ben Ben

This is the first song of the first record I ever listened to on really good hash brownies 12 years ago at a boarding school during exam week I think I failed a couple. I love you Dan bejar you probably helped shape my life


This song has zero comments? Wake up everybody! Smell the coffee. Look around. You're alive.

John Montgomery

True writer, poet hard to find such writing.

Dyllan Tyrril

Man oh man, I'm really happy that I discovered Destroyer!

Kyle Tomlinson

these lyrics are pretty ridiculous


Well, great song!

Robert Davbis

his second best opening track next to NL...ahh, the hits a keep a comin


Humming this song over and over... then forget it for a year.. then remember it -- and then its back full force. Every time it comes back it is so satisfying.

Daniel Patterson

This was right before they started calling me, 'the sacrificial lamb,' and 'your gonna ride the unicorn through the storm' in 2005.


very good! but painter in your pocket rules! (for me)

Mairiam Onitino

this song is a sneaky masterpiece. the lyrics are BOSS. cat is just so damn smart. oodles of meta

Robert Davbis

killed the American non-writers. Destroying Destroyer.

MJ Harding

waving in a modern way


one of those albums that are pleasant and well made but forgettable though you still like them regardless

Ian Day

Have not listened to this in years, and coming back to this in 2020 is bringing a wave of beautiful nostalgia drift through me
typical rural shit

Chris Perez

Typical Ruleshit

Haley Elise

This song came on when I was in the shower, and I wanted to fucking rip my hair out. It was never ending.


366 thumbs up, I am proud to be a part of this number


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Rubie [Alpha] CHAPTER 1 NEW Rubie's House

2 542 views | 22 Jan. 2021

Like and Subscribe for

Like and Subscribe for more videos on Rubie.

Link to game : https://www.roblox.com/games/5472530548/Rubie-Alpha-New-Lobby?refPageId=cb24ad60-421b-4551-b6ca-f8d1d2d4da98#!/game-instances


Cool also I love the cutscenes

Leah McCarty

Do you remember that which is a game where the key will not go in


Also this is a new version but On chapter 1 When i close the door rubie cant open it


I'm have escape all chapter of them

Ariel Huete

Is the video really good, greet me? second to comment :0

Coupon Cute

fred me on roblox

Cdstjo Gaming

Well thx for how to escape i try so much time and i didnt escape well you know im not pro at piggy i pro at piggy while the internet very good

Sakura playz

hey danny

Cynthia Gouw

Danny is ruby ruby is fat ruby = danny so danny = fat lol xd jk tho probs thin

Leah McCarty

Can you make a piggy game card Emma the rabbit


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Easy to cook vegetable and cheese omelet | Rubie Fernandes

93 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Hey Everyone! Hope you

Hey Everyone! Hope you enjoy trying my easy omelet recipe.


4 eggs

1/4 cup tomato

1/4 cup green bell pepper

1/4 cup onion

1 tbsp. jalapeño (optional)

1/4-1/3 cup cheese

2 tbsp. butter

1 tbsp. oil

Salt to taste



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God bless you all and enjoy!

Rizza del rosario

Nice!! More more!!! Ung bread namn. ??

Seffy G


Patricha Lei Delfin


Adhara Yahya

Yummy ? Definitely gonna try ?