Kucoin margin trading

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Learn Crypto Trading: Margin Trading

5 874 views | 6 Apr. 2020

If you want to start

If you want to start trading cryptocurrency this video help you to make your first steps. The Margin trade means you trade with borrowed funds. Even with a small starting capital, you can make a profit. But higher outcome means higher risks.


0:20 What is a Margin trading

0:49 Leverage in Trading

1:13 Margin Trade Long Example

1:20 Bid and Ask in the Order book

2:13 Liquidation

2:50 Shorting

3:07 Margin Trade Short Example

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clear simple explanation, thank you

Daniel Feldman

Perfect explanation! Thanks a lot!

Andreas Hotkinson

Could you please make a video on how to trade on DEX's such as #Blocknet? Highlightning Blocknet because it's one of the few I've tried to trade on successfully, really simple and perfect for big OTC trades as well, without needing to trust nobody.


Your face is too big, too close to the camera, can it be farther away?


Thanks, I asked, you delivered.


I ’m from China. I do n’t understand the English background. I need a training course in Chinese or you know Chinese brokers to guide us. Is there any way? My email [email protected]qq.com

Transcend Money

the best explanation on internet. Now just we miss the trading words that are use in the exchanges. thanks

Crypto Btioyo

Hi Mooning Papa, FTX Exchange when 3commas will add. We are looking for waiting to trade.

Stefano Drag

Very clear your explanation.Thank you very much.

Luis Walker

Okay, I am sort of new to the crypto space(7 months) and I was wondering if day-trading crypto is really a viable option to start making profit faster. I find the concept of leverage in crypto fascinating (I have seen people making lots of money from it). Can anyone share any consistent startegy with me? Are there any consistent strategies out there.


Is there any point to leveraging if you already have funds?

Олег Олегов

Русский перевод пожалуйста!


3:20 why does your profit go up if the price goes down? Why do you not get a loss because the crypto you got is worth less now?


thanks papa, good explaination

Norbert Hegedus

I love 3commas!


Nice can you do a make a vid of some demo trades as examples?

Morteza Sefidrouh

?? Attention please??

Do not use the 3commas Bot

I lost $ 470 in two days of using this robot??

All their Bot are useless???

After three weeks of buying Pro annual subscription, they do not want to refund my money in full....

They are big scammers overall

Please be careful not to lose your money like me??

Kucoin margin trading

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Beginner Series 8: Setup a Margin or Futures Account on KuCoin

998 views | 12 Aug. 2020

Open margin and Futures

Open margin and Futures account on KuCoin, use smaller assets, take bigger profits.

Kucoin margin trading

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1 657 views | 23 Jun. 2020

Registrate en KuCoin

Registrate en KuCoin https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup?rcode=1uR2y13

Nuevamente otro tutorial sobre KuCoin, donde explicare cómo utilizar el lending y el margin de forma muy sencilla. Espero que les sea útil!!

Pueden seguirme para más contenido en:

LBRY - https://lbry.tv/@cryptonyta6:9

Telegram - https://t.me/cryptonyta6

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cryptonyta_/

Medium - https://medium.com/@cryptonyta

Link de Criptomania Telegram - https://bit.ly/3fjcLSd

#kucoin #margin #lending

Pump & Dump

Muy bueno

Carlos Ortiz

El Xpool lo recomiendas?

Hh Hh

Gracias, aclaraste algunas dudas sobre Margin.
Podés hacer otro con un ejemplo real ? Y analizar costes ?
Yo pensando en longear kcs

Ruben Avila

Sinceramente el Lending no conviene, fuera del mundo de las criptos hay muchos instrumentos financieros que por plazo fijo te dan más rendimientos, las criptos están hechas para mayores ganancias por su volatilidad que tenerlas bloqueadas a 28 días.

mina cuentas

Umm es nueva

Carolina Diaz

Yo puse en lending unos xlm que me gane en un casino

Kevin Almiron

Bravooo! gracias por este video! jaja se que te lo pedi mucho asi que lo menos que puedo hacer es agradecer a lo sumo en el proximo directo consulto las dudas que me quedaron :D pero la base quedo genial

Giuseppe Germana

los prestamos son 100% seguros? hay manera de perder plata? gracias

Dub Style

El Margin no cobra intereses por el tiempo?