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Paycoin: The Scam that Was

3 251 views | 27 Jul. 2015

Paycoin and PayBase

Paycoin and PayBase promised price floors of $20 USD a coin, said business commitments of hundreds of businesses. Today on this special episode I look back into what was paycoin and how it was doomed from the start.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JPSchaumleffel

E-Mail: [email protected]

Donate Bitcoins? My address is: 1AWSU3BoKzWoGxeydNsEPLoupC4vdfg7wC



Agent Office

Jw?? It's gaw

Agent Office

Haha fuck Homero


Why would you not say his name? Grow a spine!

Wovka Dreher

Is paccoin a scam or not?


Im bored, cut out the filler. You should get checked for ADD.

Agent Office


Duck of Truth

I think I put $50 in that once. Looking back at it, it's such an obvious scam. Or at the very least, their predictions were not based in reality.

Roberto Garcia

They partner with ICX recently

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Kashmir Ki Duniya

NICE ? Wow this is amazing❤️❤️❤️

vir web series 2021


Google Boy trick


Rangish dabee

Rangish Dabee Super Super ?nice? video ? Kamal? ki video ?hai bhai? ??

Rajpoot Girl

Minimum or maximum Price?

Google Barber trick

Nice work



vir web series 2021

Nice work

Rana Adnan

Is ky liye knsa wallet use krain feyorra ka

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Jaskier - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Kløn Remix)

4 367 885 views | 14 Jan. 2020



? Trap Nation - our premiere playlist on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/237iVZi

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?Afterhours: https://spoti.fi/2Ydzsyo

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Jaskier - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Kløn Remix)

↪︎ https://soundcloud.com/weareklon/tactyw

? Kløn

✗ https://soundcloud.com/weareklon

#thewitcher #jaskier #trapnation

Artem noer

Хорошо, но немного забивают ударные

Jacopo Cito

When 2020 wasn’t broke yet..

Max _BatChalion

Petition to put this at the beginning of the next season.

Tom Cecil

This had no right to be so filthy

Cloves AMVs

When the remix is better than the series lol

Sara Tobias

Holy shit, I was simply looking for some halloween music to jam out to while I fold laundry then I stumbled onto this. Next thing I know my broom is my sword and I'm smashing all the lamps in the house like the badass witcher I am.

bleh fomok

Who is here after jadon sancho video ?

Christian Warren

That drop hard af yooooo

Yoji Minamoto

this....this chanel's name ai'nt right

farlon muentes

witcher : toss a coin to your witcher

Remix: make it rain on them bitches

Runi Playz

who got here after watching a lolathon vid

Logan Ross


jotaro kujo

dit anybody notice the video time is 420


Best remix I've heard of this music!

Garrett Phelps

Playing at 1.25x speed is a whole bop. Still really good at normal speed.

Aryan Mandia

This song is dangerously close to becoming a nostalgic song.

Alexis Mata

Eso suena como hace 3 años bro, es por lo que nos gusta trap nation!!, esas mezclas por el coro geniales!!!!! ❤️


Есть живые? Прохожу ведьмака)
Знаю, поздно.

Jamaican-girll kam

In the series he can chat lol everytime he has something to say and I like him lol


Still tossing coins

Lynn Strange

Am I the only one that sees us but I see a completely different story when I listen to music like this

Jimmy Rustles

3.1k folks did not toss a coin to their witcher.

Chris Simione

This Deserves 100M Views! <3 I Love His Voice :)

Brandon Hendricks

SEASON 2 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


holy shit what a banger

Gopaluni Rohit

Can any one help me out !! I’m not able to find this song in Apple Music !! :(

Mitchell Mowday

is it me or is the sound muffled had this happen in the car and my headphones



Romana loveee

Geralt 3:33 : fuck

? I think he likes it

David Garcia

This is sick!

Baharasim Uçmaz

nobody :

Witcher Geralt of Rivia : Fuck

Lukas V

This remix is SOOOO GOOOD but I wish this was a chill nation remix instead.


I thought this was edited by Kurzgesagst in the beginning for a sec

N4ti. Campel

Quem é do Brasil aí???????

Andrew Horspool

I can see it now, geralt standing there annoyed with dandelion shouting "that's not how it happened" and dandelion with his decks and lute blasting to this


Vim pelo Firewall154 <3

Carmen García

Why Toss a coin to your witcher is not the opening song? why?


im still waiting for the witcher season 2

Black AK

Naked Girls❌
Expensive Things❌
Pure Talent✅
Great Clip✅

Mohiuddin Mahmood

Me imagining myself as a Witcher while listening to this song!!

Giordano Sannino

this sounds great mann


I gotta say, I've been looking at all the versions and thus is hands down the best by a long shot ❤️


1:48 Snuck an F-Bomb by Geralt in there didn't you?

Tyler Rusciano

Trap Nationnnnn 4 life

Golden Dragon

Who else noticed this was 1 second off of ending at 4:20

shalina groenveld

lil xan


The “Fuck Off Bard” in the end tho ???


this music is perfect bruh


Anyone know if this is part of Trap Nations royalty free music?


Epic Remix to an awesome song from the best series!

Hyperactive Sped

The drop happened when I was expecting, But the drop is a little loud, it shouldn't drown out the lyrics. other than that, I love it.

Tepbodin roongrod

จังหวะนี้ พี่เบลิเฟ้อหำใหญ่ ต้องมาละ

Justice Murray-Young

I might need to hire Jaskier to DJ at bday party next year


When a humble bard
Graced a ride along
With Geralt of Rivia
Along came this song

From when the White Wolf fought
A silver-tongued devil
His army of elves
At his hooves did they revel

They came after me
With masterful deceit
Broke down my lute
And they kicked in my teeth

While the devil's horns
Minced our tender meat
And so cried the Witcher
"He can't be bleat"

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O' Valley of Plenty
O' Valley of Plenty, oh
Toss a coin to Your Witcher
O' Valley of Plenty

At the edge of the world
Fight the mighty horde
That bashes and breaks you
And brings you to mourn

He thrust every elf
Far back on the shelf
High up on the mountain
From whence it came

He wiped out your pest
Got kicked in his chest
He's a friend of humanity
So give him the rest

That's my epic tale:
Our champion prevailed
Defeated the villain
Now pour him some ale

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O' Valley of Plenty
O' Valley of Plenty, oh
Toss a coin to your Witcher
A friend of humanity

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O' Valley of Plenty
O' Valley of Plenty, oh
Toss a coin to your Witcher
A friend of humanity

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O' Valley of Plenty
O' Valley of Plenty, a-oh
Toss a coin to your Witcher
A friend of humanity

Jordi Munuera


Barnabás K.

Slow down to 0.5!

thanh nhieu

hello counselor

aussie sans

So good


Good ?

Pro gamer

Zegabondan gelenler +1

Kamil Rejniak

"fuck off bard" at the end is 10/10

Furkan Dönmez

Best ever Remix!


Why this remix is that awsome? Because the rythm of original song doesn't really change. Most of remix change it completly make just poor version.

Zen Locust

tiny lil toot toot horns that kick in around 1:30 suck. You gotta go big boom bass or gtfo

Selim no Kashi

⚔️ Steel for humans... Silver for monsters.


the only Thing i dont really like About this song is the Music is too loud and completely overpowers his voice at the "main" part

IMP Eventing

what does he say at the end?


love it ♡

CA motley


Connor Ford

That base dropped harder than Queen Calanthe

Fayees Adam

The Bard made even the Witcher think for a while after this. ❤️

Růžena Šmejcká

1: 30 TOP <3


Young Jaskier

Supparoek Pattanamanee

Like love

Alex Miller

why is the spotify version so fucking garbage in comparison

Maciek Bednarczyk

420 hhahaha

Stella S.


Eleonora Parodi

when i started watching the serie, i immediately sang this song with pride

Márton Szakáli





Take out the high pitched shit-part and this takes off.


I have a feeling this song will have more than 100M views


Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (Lyrics / Lyric Video) [Jaskier Song]

jotaro kujo

this is also fucking epic

Bartosz Przybyszewski

Grosza daj wiedźminowi

A Swebatchsky

Toss a bass to your witcher!!!

Xerox Maculmore

Just imagine being the writer of this song, then a desk jockey upgraded your song and now you have this amazing god send

Goød Wølf KN


Jandi Pastrana

This is sick!!! Oh gosh I'm in love with this remix!!!


God this is such a BOP

Amjad Sulthan

Yeah yeah ??


That drop got me off my bed no cap

DemiGod Status

Yo this shit BANGS

Himanshu Bag

the way he used fuck as a beat drop...is just amazing

Stepan Golovachev

Need karaoke vrsn, now!??

silver geist



Toss a coin to your witcher, a friend of huge manatees!!!!! :D

Ka1 Sar

0:01 Thank me later

gabriel said