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Engineers Share Features That Exist 'Cause People Are Stupid

751 857 views | 24 Jan. 2020

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► Title: Engineers Share Features That Exist 'Cause People Are Stupid - (r/AskReddit)

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Keeley Sullivan

On packet of peanuts: "allergy warning: contains peanuts"

squirrelly squirrels

Warning peanut butter may contain peanuts

K Lucas

Or just use a normal immobiliser car key... can't accidentally leave your car running if you need to take your key out of it to turn it off.

Jon-Paul Hale

Saw a recent comment from a park ranger when asked by a reporter about bear proof trash bins and why they were not bear proof. The rangers comment; “There’s a good level of cross over between the intelligence of bears and the intelligence of humans”...

Jayme Lang

Re: Coke Freestyle machine. I am one such idiot. My teenaged son had to explain how to operate the machine. Even though after my mini-training session I found it very user-friendly, I am still an amazing idiot.

Mark Rowland

Developed an advanced commercial carpet cleaning machine. Employed the neighbours son in lore. Discovered he is an idiot. Wife said, get rid of him. I replied he is perfect. Oh how wonderful to be able to idiot proof the design in eight weeks.

Melon Collie

One time in shop, the teacher was explaining to us how to use a brake laythe, and the main nut holding all the stuff on was reverse-threaded, he forgot that, and spent 15 fruitless minutes trying until someone asked "Isn't the nut reversed?".

Honey Lavender

Reddit TTS channel: C*ckpit

Tekashi 6ix9ine

Not an exact match but the silent engine electric VW Beetles of 1999-2001 had to be re-engineered to make noise because blind people couldn't hear them and got hit often enough


The calculator
Were too dumb to learn math and do it ourselves

Jake Muir

Remove the warning signs and the problem will fix its self

Dave Johnson

I’ve seen what it looks like when a hand goes through a roller mill. Something I can’t forget and it was 45years ago.


oh, tutorials in games are usually ok, it's UNSKIPPABLE tutorials that gamers really hate!

Dragonking Darkrider

the universe will take your attempt to idiot proof something as a personal insult, and will in turn make a better idiot.

Kevin Glone

I can attest to the one regarding PlayStation controllers socket strength. I once was rather high and not paying attention. I ended up kicking the wire and it cleanly snapped the cable around where it met the piece that connected into the PlayStation charging sockets I was amazed and thankful as this design feature saved my controller


Here ATMs give you cash before the money, so they beep to remind you of your card. Yes, when on a rush I have forgot it. Luckyly I always press no when prompted for further movements. I have known of people just taking the money, leaving and the guy behind just presses yes and boom, 250 dollars (the usual debit card limit here per transaction gone) thankfully after the second transaction the atm just spits out your card.

Joseph Pavone

The gas can nozzle is so arsonist can't pour the gas that easily

Æron_ szell

When I was doing training at a new job Hr guy said that mistakes/accidents happen either your first 3 months or after you’ve done it for a few years. In other words the people making mistakes are either new and are not doing something right or people that have done it 4 years and get too comfortable

Dylan White

Power plug in a PlayStation4 is absolutely not polarized and there’s no “wrong way”

Cestarian Inhabitant

Windows 10 telemetry.

It only exists because we're stupid enough to keep using Windows despite it existing. Same with intel ME, and amd PSP.

Humans are the kind of creature that would favor small conveniences more than what was not long ago considered basic human rights.

Russ Crawford

Windoze joke: "You have to hit the enter key on your computer as fast as you can so the computer knows you're in a hurry ..."


To be fair, phones making noise so people will know they're working can be good, because if you don't hear the noise, you know right away it's not working.


if you want to know where a problem is........hire the dumbest person you can find on the internet, train them to do the job....now let them be idiots

Kumiko Koizumi

About the "on sign", how come we know that it ain't working if the "on situation" and the "off situation" is completely silent?

Unreal Reality

Unfortunately, it's not possible to make anything idiot-proof. The best we can do is make them idiot-resistant.


About the USB, HDMI and other cables, it’s not about people being stupid in those scenarios, just people being clumsy. I definitely have days where it feels like I trip over anything and everything. And a lot of these sound like people getting complacent and too comfortable. We all have our dumb moments.


The 737 max.... the whole reason it crashed was to make it idiot proof to the point it made idiots that found the one weakness. Pilots started to input all the settings on the run way to save time and this caused the air speed sensor override the angle of attack. Sad part is, once in the air, the plane does everything leaving the pilots to do nothing but monitor.....


1:37 i always assumed it was to minimze the potential time that the cash might be exposed while you're futzing around with the card and the cash at the same time, therefore less chances of getting mugged/cash stolen/lost.

Onemad gnome1956

TIME 16:42...
"The universe will take your attempts to make something idiot-proof as a personal insult and, will in turn, make a better idiot !" ROFLMFAO !!
This one must be the truest fact ever uttered by any sentient being in the entire history of planet Earth !!


2.07 I'm the other way around a lot. Take my card and then forget the cash comes after and just leave my cash in the machine like a dumbass.


Maybe idiots would stop idioting so hard if things were less idiot-proof, and their stupid actions actually had consequences sometimes.

Commander BrickBreaker

21:40 Cuphead I'm looking at you and the Guy stuck on your tutorial. XD

Terabit3 Gaming

The forward assist on the M16. It serves only to make the problem of jams even worse and was implemented by Army brass who knew nothing of mechanics


I mean, this has nothing to do with engineering or rules, because it is an actual law in one state. You aren’t allowed to push moose out of aircrafts in Alaska. It wouldn’t be a law if someone didn’t do it...

Long White Mane

To paraphrase Gomez Addams: "They say that an idiot had himself for a client, with God as my witness, I AM THAT IDIOT!" I should work as a tester at some if these companies. If there is a way to screw it up, I will find it almost immediately. I was banned from using machinery by my father, ex husband and now my current husband. ?

Shaid Xr

Automatic transmissions


The videogame tutorial one is even funnier now after gaming journalists have proven to be so shit at games that, even when the game is TELLING YOU what to do, they're unable to progress and mention that the game is too hard.

Ann Victor

Well, back in the day (1981) I wore those Dr. Scholl's sandals with the wooden soles. One of them made a darned effective hammer when my supervisor wanted a nail in the wall.

Lol Meister

I love listening to these, but 10 double ads is just ridiculous


8:45 reminds me of a story:
a group of gamers had a clumsy member, who kept tripping over cables, causing them to become unplugged.
he responded by securely fastening the cables of HIS computer to it...despite being told this could damage his computer.
a few days later he decided to make a LAN setup with the wire going across the street, out the second floor window, in the air...
a tall truck came by and hit the wire...

Turbo print3d

Old lathes had no safety feature , in trade school the first thing they showed us was a guy who gut fed through the gap between the ways and the chuck. Gives you some respect for the machine first off. People still get hurt , try to stop the chuck ext . No gloves no long sleeves no hard hat , new safety guys lose there mind when they see a machinist for the first time .

majorsynth QED

The one about safety nozzles on gas cans...thank the idiot legislators of California for that. Someone decided that traditional gas cans emit too much fumes into the environment due to spillage from the gas can. The designs chosen are so poorly thought out that gas is always spilled on the ground. I have used three different designs and never have I not had gas spill on the ground. I suppose it does prevent spillage from a dropped gas can, but the design is total shit. Both people whose comments were posted are correct.

Cursed Cliff

"Design something to be idiot-proof and they will design a better idiot"


0:32 I woulda just put some pinwheels in front of the vent. That way, you could see the air flowing, but people who genuinely don't like the noise wouldn't be subjected to it.

John Doe

Yeah print guillotines are loaded with safety features. Can't imagine what could possibly be dangerous about a three foot long 20kg tungsten alloy razor blade lol
There is the two button press to make a cut (one for each hand obviously) and several infrared beams across the front of the machine so it interrupts the cut circuit if you stand too close or something. The foot pedal drops the 'soft clamp' a steel bar behind the blade with just enough force to hurt like hell if it catches your finger tip, but no more. When the IR beams are clear and both buttons are simultaneously depressed, the 'hard clamp' is activated. This puts up to 4,500 lb of force on that steel bar to hold the material steady as the blade goes through it. Or about the weight of a larger car. There is also a shear bolt that is designed to break instead of something more expensive if you overload the machine by cutting something too hard. And lastly there is a safety bolt that stops the blade moving at the top of it's travel until the cut circuit is activated.
The most likely way an amputation can happen is if you are at the back of the machine cleaning adhesive off the back of the blade... and some idiot comes to the front, removes the safety cones, drops the safety lockout guard and depresses both cut buttons. Or during blade changes if idiots ignore the safety cones/barriers and knock an unsecured blade off the bench or something. Some pretty smart people designed these machines to be as idiot proof as possible but still allow us to be reasonably productive. In over fifteen years the worst I've seen or done was de-gloving the tip of a finger about halfway up the nail with the soft clamp/pedal. Healed completely and I only had to stop working long enough to clean and bandage it.
Edit: I spelt expensive wrong. I'm a grammar/spelling Nazi. So sue me.

Shawn Naylor

1:07 this is why you always leave 15 minutes before you have to. If you get stuck waiting on a train for 5 minutes (i don't remember having to wait that long), you're still 10 minutes early. More importantly, you're not late
7:18 not only that, you also become more comfertable and complacent, causing you to not intentionally handle machines in a safe Manner. I wouldn't chalk that up to stupidity as much as it's just human nature to become too comfortable with something you respected the danger of (with a little fear) when you first operate it

Ken Brown

Why do we put this much work in? I am not saying we kill the stupid people, I am just saying we get rid of all warning labels and safety feature and let the problem sort itself out.

Fay Anne Aura Arts

I heard about one once: Some company in Japan making electric cars had a problem during test drives of pedestrians not stopping when the car was approaching. Turns out they didn't know the car was there because it wasn't making any noise. They added a Jetson-esque noise to the cars after that, and it solved the problem. It's stupidity because people weren't looking both ways.


0:59 5 minutes. Man that's nice. In my area the trains regularly stop on the rail road crossings (dead stop, cars lurching back) for some weird reason, and then just sit there for like 30 minutes. They also regularly pull into the crossing at 10 miles an hour.
I'm not excusing the stupidity of driving around crossing gates, but I can understand it.

David Faitak

I work on heading machines with basically smashes metal like legos go create parts. To move the machine two buttons have to be held down because operators used jog the machine with one hand while adjust with another. Wasn't uncommon for people in this field to have missing fingers back in the 70's lol.

Ann Victor

I used to hate the idiot proofing on the copier at work because, as the librarian, I often made fair-use copies of book pages and journal articles. The persons who designed it never thought of that use. (?!)

Pat M

It's impossible to make things idiot proof. The best you can hope for is idiot _resistant_.


Engineering professors clearly need to cite their sources for witty quotes.

Tom Hubbard

20:45 question: why the fuck do push to start cars exist? You still need to carry a key, but now you can accidentally leave your car on and have nowhere to put the key while driving. WTF is the point of push to start?


You can't say "operating systems are locked out" and speak about only 1 OS where that happens.

Okey, I dunno for sure, but Mac is a NIX (Unix-style OS), and I know for a fact deleting your running Linux/BSD/Unix ain't anything too hard cuz only the Bash shell (haven't read/heard of others) warns against deleting your filesystem root, but I read comments how that's often not the case, so it'll just delete it as ordered and leave a system that hardly runs anymore.


I want feed back.

My car is like this, there are no gears,; but it makes a fake noise.

Chase C.

It's all about making idiots feel comfortable and comfortable people feel like idiots.


I was at a hotel once and all of the hangars had “DO NOT SWALLOW” tags on them. Meaning, someone swallowed a hangar. Not only did someone swallow a hangar, they sued the hotel for it, AND WON!!!!!! So that’s my contribution

Rob Boutin Jr

I was just using Turbotax and was looking at the stupid progress/calculating bar. I had the same thought lol. It's basic math not simulating molecules.


one story reminded me of an urban legend:
someone supposedly tried to cram extra clothes into a washing machine by standing on it an stomping on the clothes and got his feet stick.
he then supposedly died when the spin cycle slammed his head into something.
but, MY washer has a safety feature that prevents it from starting the Spin cycle unless the door is closed!
so that could not really happen.

Chase C.

For the hurricane we had to use a lot of gas, and for that we needed gas cans. And the new gas cans have all kinds of dumbass safety features cuz some people can't just pour gas out of a gas can, even if the instructions are written on the bottom.
They have this shitty nozzle that you have to pull back then pour, which makes it harder to pour, and made us spill gas multiple times. It has no air inlet, meaning it gushes out of the can splashing everywhere instead of a steady stream.
And all because some people are that stupid.


I was taught to mix the detergent into the water when washing clothes as a kid, and rinse off the detergent cap in the water before putting it back. Locking washing machine lids always confused me until now.


Went shopping at a local store, there was a display that was selling peanuts, there was warning label as part of the display "warning: may contain nuts..." ?


basically everything


"system 32 virus"...reminds me of a story where some guy thought that "system idle process" was a virus!
also, i've head of several people who messed up their computers by trying to move important Windows files to different places, "so they won't clutter up the disk".
oh,and one story where someone got annoyed at workers playing "command and conquer" on work computers, tried to delete it , and removed an important Windows file, "command.com", from EVERY computer in the office!


I recall hearing about a plane crash where the low altitude warning system had been turned off (a fuse removed, breaking the circuit).

Apparently, the system would trigger loudly & obnoxiously every single time they were taking off & landing - being both annoying & distracting.

Many of the pilots flying these models would pull the fuse before take-off & replace it once they were airborne. In this particular case, they forgot to replace the fuse & were taken by surprise when the cloud they were flying through turned out to have a mountain in it. Oops...


3:21 Once use a screwdriver as a hammer, and also used a pringles can before


Ahh yes, the coke freestyle machines. The problem there is older people are just intimidated by screens. I've explained to my mom "it's almost exactly the same as the soda fountains you use everywhere else, just instead of picking 1 from a row of dispensers you pick it on the screen" and she's like "but it's technology, and I'm not good with technology."

Russ Crawford

Apple Macintosh uses a UNIX-like OS ... they ship without the root account ... and Apple makes it a PITA to create it, or find it after it's created ... real easy to wreak the computer from this root account, and for almost all users there's no need ... just an interesting juxtaposition, where everything else on an Apple is super easy, this one thing is very difficult ... like baseball's Infield Fly Rule ...

Jerry's Stories

On a package of Fisherman's Friend cough lozenges: WARNING Not a substitute for human companionship.


On the video game tutorial one, I assure you, I need it in some games because they have weird controls or other mechanics that don't make sense without a tutorial. What's fun is when the tutorial is bad and doesn't make any sense so you don't get to play the actual game.

It's also fun when they make complicated control schemes and you stop playing for a long stretch of time and have to restart the game because you forgot the controls.

I swear game developers need an option to replay the tutorial. You wouldn't believe the amount of games I just stopped playing because I forgot what the hell I was supposed to do/how to do certain tasks and didn't want to restart.

Also while we are here, stop giving video games stupid controls that don't make any sense or are annoying to use. There's a reason I said fuck it I'm not playing this game when playing Heavy Rain.

Gwen Patton

I used to work for a furniture company. They made dinette sets and patio furniture, so they had a lot of different kinds of fabric. The factory had lots of issues with mice and feral cats that would come in to catch the mice -- these creatures would pee and poop on EVERYTHING. This made it necessary to have machines to clean the fabric of any animal-generated debris before the cloth was used to make a cushion or something.

These took the form of a REALLY powerful vacuum cleaner. It wasn't your typical Shop-Vac. It was run by a machine the size of a Buick, and could suck the eyes out of a parrot at 20 paces. These things were pure evil, and nobody liked working with them because they were freaking DANGEROUS.

Cue Kevin, who liked to pleasure himself with his canister vacuum on weekends. He looked at this industrial ballistic parrot-de-eyeing machine and thought, "wow, I bet I could REALLY get off GREAT with that!" So, one lunch hour, when most people were away getting food, he decided he could test his theory.

The presence of the ambulance when I got back from lunch said that "get off" was probably more literal than Kevin had intended. Got it off all right. Flush with his pelvic bone. Damn near invaginated him in about a microsecond. I'm pretty sure he lived.

Seriously, EVERYONE knew this vacuum could suck a brick through a chain-link fence, but he must have thought his junk was of Kryptonian might and could withstand it. I don't think the machine even noticed. I wonder if the nozzle said "I can't feel it...is it in?"


"Just because someone earns a lot doesn't mean they're not an idiot."
On the contrary, it frequently means they are.

Paul -

There’s a video in your ads


20:04 Some push-button starting cars have a very stupid design, in that it's hard to tell if the car is on or not. I've seen people struggle to figure out why the damn isn't going, and I've had to jumpstart several people who didn't realize they left a rental on. The dumbest thing I've seen is a car that just flashes a big "P" on the dashboard when you do certain things wrong. Like wtf does "P" mean? This isn't an old mechanical car, it has a damned computer screen, give us a sentence explaining what's wrong!

Iffah Nurdian

Might be incorrect but hey, murphy law

mark carey

Idiot-proofing has saved my butt a couple of times.


I lost two cards to a cash-first ATM in a week. Stupidest I've ever felt.

In my defense, I'd just gotten off an eleven hour shift both times and was exhausted, just wanting cab fare to get home.

Benoni Higgins

When I started working in a industrial steel fabrication shop. The guy showing me around to all the machines takes a heavy welding glove, puts 3/4 inch bolts in all the fingers, turns on the 50 ton ironworker and cuts all the bolts/fingers off in less than a second. Then he turned to me, tossed me the glove saying “ Pay attention. There are machines in here that will rip your arms off and not apologize”. Scared me to death and I never operated any machine without those words running through my mind.

Metarcee 24

I have food allergies. I laugh at peanut containers that say "Allergy Warning: Contains Peanuts."


Worked in a restaurant with a trash compactor for a while. There in one button to open or close it. If you press it while it’s closed it will open but it will only close is you push the button without letting go of it so you don’t end up like the cast of star wars 4

Pat Merriman

In partial defense of idiots, when everyone is expected to do the work of two people to survive, safety goes out the window. Then, the rich people who got that way by keeping every possible dollar of income out of workers' paychecks, can say, "But of course I wanted it done SAFELY!". Bull, all you care about is your own paycheck, we could all die tomorrow and your only concern would be how to train the replacements...


The coke freestyle one...
I have seen the flavor cartridges....
They do look a little like printer ink cartridges....

Edit: also the stupid warning labels...
In the US your instant mac and cheese cups provide the usual instructions to add the water to the fill line, powder packet and how long to heat it...
But then in Contrasting BIG RED STRIPE it says "MUST ADD WATER" because apparently people are too stupid to read some directions and decide to do whatever with it?

Doc Diddly

I used to sell weed caramel. Dude that provided the pot came over while I was cooking it. He went to taste it while I was heating it to caramelization temp (250 degrees). Had to slap his hand away. Happy that he didn't put his finger in sticky sugar at that temperature

Ferret Man

12:06 did this idiot seriously censor “cockpit”?

Paul Davis

I worked at a steel plant where one of the presses had cables you had to attach to your wrist with these strap things. One guy didn’t want to wear it. They caught him twice running the machine without the safety’s in place. They fired him after the second time, his first day at work.


8:45 yeah im pretty sure if i trip over my ps4 cable i would send it flying and breaking the whole thing instead of just the socket

Michael Simion

Those messages printed on the preservative bag in your vitamin bottle that say 'Do Not Eat.'


People who use selfie sticks should stick'em in their asses...

Joris Bogaerts

Why every engineer should do work as a technician. You get hands on experience with the afternath of stupid.

chris Nabavi

When I was at uni (Leeds, UK), studying for my degree in electrical engineering, they had a high voltage lab. It was designed so that students could experiment with different numbers of glass insulators that separate pylons from the wires that hang beneath them. To operate it you had to be behind the reinforced glass steel mesh safety wall and to get in, you had to remove a key from the control panel, which turned the power off, and use that key to open the door. Doing the experiments was great fun. After setting everything up, you gradually increased the voltage and noted when you got a two foot long flashover which sounded like a thunderbolt. Afterwards, you changed the number of insulators and repeated the experiment. We're talking about voltages of around 250,000 volts, so the safety arrangements were needed. (Though you could in fact lock somebody in, remove the key and turn the power on - not that I was aware that any idiot did so.)

Anyway, one day we turned up and the lecturer, who can't have had an IQ higher than 50, announced that we were going to repeat the previous week's experiment with simulated rain to determine how rain altered the flashover voltage. He had rigged up a shower head above the high voltage section and had plumbed in a 12v pump with a bucket of water. The wire to the pump (bell wire) was fed under the safety door into the control section, where he had installed a doorbell push button and a battery.

The undergraduates looked at this with horror, utterly speechless to begin with, until one of us said something like "Water conducts electricity and we're going to get 250,000 volts travelling along that bell wire to the push button, which is not designed to insulate even mains voltages, let alone 250,000 volts. I'm not going within 10 feet of that."

Needless to say, the lecturer then realised what he was proposing and cancelled the experiment.

While you were reading this I stole your sandwich and donated it to a kid in africa

This is why windows 10 makes everything harder to do than windows 7. The settings app is lacking in so many things that its pointless


Freaking pilots stealing buttons. Kleptomania knows no bounds.


None of my banks atms give back the card first. First comes the cash, then the question of if I want to do anything else, which requires the pin to be entered again, then the card.

Green's World

Not an engineer, but I code. I am working on a game on the ROBLOX platform. When the windows in the building are shattered, they jump out of the windows, too fall to their death.


As i have always said: never underestimate the power of human idiocy. If there is a way to be stupid with something, they will find it.


these people calling safety feature as features for the stupids? get them out of the engineering field immediately

RagiNg VipeEr

It might be hilarious to laugh at people that were so stupid that they had to make those regs. But always remember that some regulations are written in blood.


Me watching this because my dad is a licensed mechanical engineer like?

Marc Woolward

Shampoo instructions.

Reddit engineer

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What's Your Well Paying Low Stress Job Of Choice? (r/AskReddit)

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Vicks Opperman

Very interesting video. I was wondering if I could ask what speech synthesizer it is that you use? I couldn't find an email address or other ways to contact you. I hope you don't mind me asking it's just that I'm visually impaired and use speech software on my computer and I really like this voice but can't seem to find it anywhere to download.


I am a micro-finishing technician at a aerospace flight control manufacturer, and I literally just put on my sound cancelling headphones, sit down after selecting my job for the day, and refine complex pieces of hardware during their manufacturing process under my scope with fine cutters and abrasives. I made 60K+ before any overtime. Nobody in a tie breathing down my neck, no customer interaction, no distractions. I download these, and many other reddit stories on my phone thru youtube premium and just listen while im under my scope. i love my job.

Whatever Idc


Janet S

Gotta disagree with the Canadian EMS post. My nephew is a paramedic, albeit in a big Canadian city, and he's run off his feet with fentanyl overdoses. Sometimes 5 in just a couple of hours. I guess if it's rural, it's different.


bruh watch these at 2x speed (I am so mad at myself)

dumb gay

cries in chronic depression


TL,TW: the meaning of ''low stress'' to someone is very different from the others' vision.


Cries in Engineer

J. S.

To people in poor countries who are salivating over the thoughts of high salaries in rich countries, I want to offer a word of caution. While you may well improve your material living standards by moving to a rich country because the salaries are higher, please consider that it's not nearly as easy to get by here (US) as you may think. Think hard about whether the potential improvement is really worth having to adapt to a different way of life and different cultural norms, learning a new language, and being a long way from your family, especially if you can't afford to go back and visit them. Many poor Americans cannot afford to fly, much less fly across an ocean.

I don't say all this because I don't want immigrants to come here. In fact, I think the country should be open to all who want to come. I merely question whether it's really the right decision for many potential migrants. I am not an international migrant, though my mom immigrated here from what was then a poor country (Panama). She has been very happy with her decision, has never regretted it, but she was unable to go back and visit family for a long time due to the cost (and she lived closer to Panama than she did to California) as well as the process of getting permanent residency and citizenship in the US. Neither she nor my dad are very family-oriented though, even by US standards. It'll probably be harder for you to be away from everyone you know and love. I know that people move here from West Africa and East Africa and regret that choice, but they just don't want to admit to anyone back home what a waste of money it was after everyone spent years scraping together whatever money they could to make it possible.

Now that Panama is a solidly middle-income country with a comparable life expectancy to the US and a well-functioning government, I would not recommend moving here to most people. If you are from a very poor country, it may well be worth your consideration, but be warned of what you are getting yourself into.



SteelerGrl 81

I’m a Staff Analyst and depending on your Department it can be stressful. Especially when dealing with homeless COVID money.

Denny's Donuts

Okay but the fact so many of these jobs are medical kinda points to the issue with pharmaceutical companies and businesses


Learn a trade

Eduardo S.

I'd say mailman for USPS. A bit tiring, but the benefits and pay are great according to my uncle. Put the stuff in the right mailbox, and keep going.

peace bewith u

QA part seems to be true. QA engineers in my work don't seem as stressed as product engrs.

Nelson O

Imagine making 3USD an hour as a medical interpreter taking over 35 calls in less than 5 hours ?? SFML

Bill Page

I work as an address canvassing lister for the Census Bureau. My job consists mostly of driving to rural addresses and making sure a house exists at the location. The pay is $19 an hour and you choose your own hours.


Being a bud tender is pretty cool.


I'm a manager at a large gas station company, only stress I have is when the books don't balance out, full benefits and tons of extra benefits.

On the flip side, if you have zero people skills you are going to have a bad day, every day.

Artagnan Dandelion

Did someone can give me hints that the best job for introvert who did not like talk too much and did not like loud sound? A job that relaxing and peaceful?

Quiet Contender

Damn I wish I had something low stress and maybe lime 60k and up. My job was medium to high stress due to deadlines and only paying 40k. An intern was making more than me. How do people find jobs lime this?

Cody Floyd

I was going to say firefighting, because where I live we have around 9 structure fires a year, but the amount of fatal car crashes and the suicide rate of this profession would say otherwise. Edit: got to the firefighter part of the video.

Ms. MoBanks

Camming pays well and is alot of fun. You meet some very interesting people ??

Drive Digital Library - Section 1

Yes! A list of jobs I can fall back to when everything goes wrong!


oooh fresh

Matthew Dewey

I work at a full service gas station 90 seconds away from my house, spend probably 3/8 hours of my shift on my phone, and I’m gonna make around 55k this year.


More of this please!

Preston Evans

Heavy equpiment oporater.
70K a year and play basically a giant video game everyday. But oilfield life is away from home.


The first person works at Area-51

noor 257

I’m really stuck in life right now. My one key skill is English and I’m currently in high school and getting good grades. But my aspiration has always been to be rich in the future and I just don’t see that happening if I major in English lit at university- most high paying jobs come from fields related to the STEM subjects. Can anyone help me out with any possible high paying jobs that suit someone with English lit skills?


trimming weed. :)

Vismay Sawant

Let me clear you one thing. It is not like relaxing job. but
"It is like what you love to do is you do as a job"

When I read truck driver , coal train driver , changing light bulb, babysitting babies etc , I realized that I wouldn't love to do these job, but people are loving them who do them. So its basically "Do what you love and Do those things which takes low efforts but when someone does same thing, its hard for them. Do what you good at. And you will be making good amount Money with Happy Brain ?

Jesse Hardy

I hope the guy who created the AI voice gets royalties for every video it's used or per minute because that would be a pretty laid-back job just raking in money as people make these videos


I have a union job with the biggest defense contractor in the world. I make well over 6 figures to sand helicopters blades. I’m also on 3rd shift so barely any bosses are around.

I’m obnoxiously overpaid and it’s very stress free. I basically just lucked out and am very thankful for the job. They are also hiring right now if you live in CT.

Tyler K.

I own a small time landscape design and install business. We focus on planting native plants and maintaining gardens. I work three days a week, have two part time employees that make 25/hr and I profit over 65k a year and growing. Being good with people, knowing plants and having an eye for design are apparently very valuable skills. I could make a lot more if I worked 5 days a week, but then I couldn’t go backpacking as often so fuck that.

Keeton Hoines

oooh fresh

스테파니 Stephanie 조셉

I know that there's a job/career out there that I would like and which would pay me well but I can't seem to find it...
Maybe I should make it?

Pinochet Helicopter Tours

I'm a home daily truck driver. I agree with what was said. Specially if you can get in with a unionized company it would be even better.

Jaime Ojeda

The perfect job that most people would want:
Pays 80k+
No education required
Some to no experience required.
Good coworkers and boss
Stress level 0/10 - 4/10
It's something I love or at the very least LIKE doing.
Good work-life balance.

John McGovern

Non of em stress anybody out.

Gustavo Arantes

Sysadmin. The first 3 months were fucking stressful cuz i was developing the environment, after that, i don't have to do anything, the env i developed does everything for me, i just have to click start/stop now.

Callum Row

someone help me please, i am an electrical apprentice for warnerbros and its not at all what u think its like, the structure of the apprenticeship is dreadful

Taylor Neil, Psy.D.

Mental health clinician contracted by CPS/DCF. Some of the awful cases can take a toll on you, but the work is fairly easy, the work is stable, and the pay is six figures.

kaj nospmoht

So fresh

Joseph King

One thing I've learned is that union doesn't mean that it's helpful. Sometimes the big wigs are in it for themselves. Longshoreman are a bunch of old men with old men secrets and hate younger people


I want a physical job that pays well and can do whatever after getting everything done quickly, its like you're getting paid to workout, but can't find a job like that in a small town and scared to drive...


I worked at a shop as a "training coordinator" for a few years. Thats a fancy way to say i made PowerPoint and gave tests once in awhile. No one seemed to have any idea what my job entailed so I usually didn't have much to do. I'm petty sure I watched about 90% of everything that was on YouTube at the time.

I ended up hating it due to boredom though. I'm a nurse now which isn't stressful at alllllll......

DJ Irize

I wish I loved my job

Tyler Baars

Anyone here reccomend getting hvac certified? I'm thinking of doing that and working for a good local business. I did one walkthrough with someone who fixed my houses ac he let me do a lot of the work and I loved doing it I liked just the straight forward hard work but it was very laid back. Only 2 things I wonder about is how day to day situations vary and if I can earn enough save up for a apartment or even a house in the long run. Or maybe even just a good condo/duplex type house. Anyone have any experience?


Avoid most any retail and/or service jobs. Even if the work isnt physically hard or demanding, you usually have to do a lot of bullshit at once. Its mentally taxing, stressful, fast paced etc.

Even if its not commission, numbers and productivity quotas still matter to the company and your numbers are tracked.


Well...definitely dont recommend property management.

Cruella De Vil

When you have pretty good pay but high stress job

Alex Joslin

I'm Jealous of the Canadian EMS guy

Calvin at DrifterStudio

Passive income graphic designer

Sam J

oooh fresh

Captain Breathtaking

4:56 assuming ive done the math right that dude earns a total of over $140,000 a year

Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

My job is low stress but also low pay. ??

Conger Scott

I pick fly shit out of pepper with boxing gloves on , low pay and high stress job ??.

Hoko Le

Ever since I have been working without pay as a medical assistant for my certification I have been having literally no fun.


ASMRtist. I'm starting to work on making ASMR videos as a hobby and I get calmer every time I work on it.

Steven Prochnow

what’s QA?

Br445 Fan

be a firefighter on my dads military base they are there because someone thought they needed a firestation and now they only show visitors how to put on a oxegen mask (the base has underground working space where this ios necesarry) and sometimes they do a training but they have not even 1 serious call per Year so this. +they have a 3 week shift plan ( i think) and that means 1 week you get payed to do nothing(12 hour shift) 2 week you get payed to sleep, 3 week you dont have work and they earn as much as a normal firefighter


I worked in restaurants until i had a mental breakdown now im looking for low stress

Kaylee Summer

I went to a few very hard years of school to now work the most stressful job I have ever worked...for minimum wage. I’m considering becoming a stripper.

Pishi PishPish

bruh basically all low stress high pay jobs are unique jobs that you wouldn't have thought of while thinking of a course to get in college

Gummybear Bat

I worked at a cashier for a very short amount of time, quit myself out, I loved my job there but I guess I was just too slow for them. ? lol, I know not to apply as a cashier again tho. But hey! Experience even if it’s short is key!!

Zothor Online

oooh fresh


Forex trading and card scamming requires little to no stress and highly profitable....

Nerv #nVn

working at a nuclear plant sounds low stress OH BOY

Cyril Thomas

Nuclear plant operator sounds interesting. Do anyone know what course to study to be one?

Donald Darko

"I get paid a hundred dollars an hour to clean light bulbs"


Like my comment if you work in retail lol

Koin Gold

Security guard 4TW !

Gustavo Almanza

I always wonder why the military has civilians on security in remote bases when they have MPs

Aleksandra Żołna

Travel and expenses specialist/accountant/credit specialist in an international company. Almost no stress, quite good pay, could get hired with only highschool finished and knowledge of English and Italian at a good level. Haven’t done overtime in over a year.


when people make 400 dollars a day it kind of makes me sad that i make that much in a month. 48 hour work week

Drive Digital Library - Section 1

Wait, does this only apply in the US? If so, I'm definitely fucked. #thirdworldproblems


I was pushed to get into nursing school instead of pursuing my interest which was arts and graphic design by my mom because she claimed that nursing is low stress, high wages and was a good back up in case arts didn't make good money. Fast forward years later, I learn that nursing hardly gives good pay and is never low stress. My mom is a doctor and seriously underestimated how stressful nurses work is. She considered handling and juggling patient care and doing surgeries to be more stressful, which I can see to some degree, but that by no means indicates that just because nursing is LESS stressful that it is a LOW stress job. She gave me the impression of nurses being lazy and often laid back at their jobs,when they are truly anything but. Man, I miss sketching.


I'm a welder. I love it cause it's pretty low stress. I could get payed better somewhere else, but I really like that I don't dread going to work.

Mia G

I’m a brand ambassador, make my own hours, paid travel and have a great boss and low stress. Salary is 51K plus great benefits and perks. Not a ton of money, but considering I’m a 23 and single , I live comfortably. I usually only work 29-32 hours a week. Very relaxed environment and I have time to do things outside of work that I love. Great work life balance.

Nerv #nVn

software engineering

jurante chetty

Oooh fresh?


I work as a translator. The work can be done everywhere, I do it from home, despite deadlines it's pretty much stress free, I work with awesome people, and while the pay isn't anything astonishing, at this point I earn about median wage for my country. If I move to a low cost town like my hometown, I'd have more available money, but I'm still attending uni for accounting (I wanted to and should've probably pursued finance but I can't make the switch anymore) to get a degree and mostly as a backup plan. I'd rather not die of boredom and soul-crushing work doing book entries or being overworked or overstressed for no reason in some back office so I won't make the switch until I have my current job or unless I have learned the necessary skills for an analyst job or any other interesting job that pays better.

Sawyer McNicol

Oh fresh

MB Craps

4:46 sounds so easy

Nikki Dimples

Dental hygiene is great. Flexible hours. Great pay. High demand. Only need an associates degree. Most of my classmates had job offers before graduating. Some places can be shitty but you can easily find another job in no time.

Marion Marquez

Here because I’m looking for a new job since the management stresses me out :)

Twilight Princess

Oooh fresh

Emmanuel Melendez

High reach operator it pays me 120,000$ a year sit down all day moving pallets. I can’t make this shit up!!


You can’t retire and travel as a barber.... whoever says anything like that means that they’re not think 30-40 years ahead, meaning they only think in the moment. Poor people only think in the moment....

Steven __

Oh fresh

Kanal 7

Me, a software QA engineer : ay ayy ayyy I'm on vacation everyday cuz I love my occupation

Richard Steel

I'm a junior software developer in England. Good money, almost zero responsibility. If you are happy to get over the initial learning and get a bit of experience, it's super chill from then. Would 100% recommend it.

I own a computer at home

I meant close to $50,000 a year sitting around listening to YouTube


I'm a carpenter and do high end work for million/billionaires. There is rarely anyone at the property where I work and I get to play with nice tools all day and get up whenever I want. I drink beers on the job and eat out at expensive restaurants. I probably won't be able to retire with my living habits but I don't plan on living past 65/70 the way the world is going anyways.


Thank God I'm a minamlist lol

Meghan Araujo

my goal in life is to reach a 6 figure pay and i don’t expect there to be zero stress i just don’t expect it to mess with my anxiety i just dont know what programs to look for college/university in canada


Living in your moms basement

JC 9

oooh fresh

Robbie Franken

I run my own concrete business no stress at all....

Reddit engineer

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Exposing Terrible Code In Everyday Products (Programmers r/AskReddit)

82 817 views | 8 Sep. 2019

Fresh AskReddit Stories:

Fresh AskReddit Stories: Coders of Reddit: What's an example of really crappy coding you know of in a product or service that the general public uses? --- LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!

#programmers #software #coders

Music: Kevin MacLeod



Blackboard hasn't fixed a code problem that they've known existed for years, not even a coder

Hero Slippy

Every single fucking modern video game where the devs don't give 2 shits about optimization. So most modern games.

i dont believe in magic

The answer was 0.90 and not 0.9

D Mack

youtube making the dark theme lighter.


10:48 robot voice crack on "crawl"
10:47 if you want to hear a little bit of normal TTS first

Roaringboy101 last



Schools using shitty programs imagine my shock

not amouse

The MyMathLab joke is ENTIRELY accurate to my recollection of that utter $#!+ware I used in college.


This makes me feel better about my crappy coding.

Ed Onslow

I have worked for a company that hacked an off-the-shelf customer service website into a help-desk tool. It was meant to be IP restricted to the client's network, but my predecessor removed the whitelist, making it available to, well the world. We don't know why he did it, but we suspect he got fed up having to add IPs every time the client made a change to their network and that he didn't think anyone would find the site. They did. We only discovered this after we found some odd records in the system from the general public. Turns Google etc had indexed some of the pages from the off-the-shelf version of the website, which bypassed the log-in screen. The worst part was, in theory anyone could have created themselves a log-in from these pages if they'd recognised what they were seeing, and accessed our entire customer database. Thankfully no one did. We ditched the help-desk tool pretty soon after.


Hi Science Doggo!

Mecca Miles

Blackboard. Enough said.

Matt Kizaric

As a Software dev that had a rough day today, this is so entertaining to watch while drunk.


Spaghetti codes are bad.
Spaghetti usage is worse.

Kiersten Anderson

Me, Who Can Barely Understand The Details In This Video: lmao these dumbass coders why would you do that!!!!!!!


First thing: Blackboard..
I just started first year college, and we use blackboard xD


3:17 Ah yes use excell for a network application........


Any software that lives past 2 months of the development cycle will inevitably turn into a frankenstein mess that shouldn't work but by some miracle of the gods and the nervous breakdown of some poor caffeine-addled programmer.

Seriously, if you have a programmer friend and they look exhausted, both physically, emotionally and mentally, buy them a beer. They really need it.


Fallout 76 beta would delete itself when it finished installing. Now that I think about it, Bethesda games in general run on gum, rubber bands and a modding community more competent than the company.



Neo Sharkey

Destiny Physics.

Rigid Thrash

The fact that Snapchat takes a snip from the display is more to make it work over all android phones as appose to having to make it for each individual phone. The pixel phones are some of the only phones in which the app is made to use the actual API.


The biggest messes I see come from older companies that had to transition analog processes and legacy software systems to web-based, modern solutions. Often these solutions are cobbled together in haste by minimal overworked staff using whatever tools they can easily get their hands on. It's like having to rebuild and upgrade an airplane built from a bicycle while it's still flying with a cabin full of passengers.

flame the avgeek

someone left the entire source code of the boeing 787 online and it can be found with a simple google search

sudo cat sda1 guy

Facebook, Twitter and Intagram apps are buggy and unstable, because they're main purpose to is spy and show ads, and everything else is secondary and "works" if it makes you install it. They're basically malware, with geaphical GUI, that keeps the device handler available for spying and viewing ads.

If you have to use the services, use free and open source apps. Fpr Android, there are plenty in F-Droid. Most are multi-platforn apps, so you can use Fediverse and Twitter on same app. They're lighter, more stable and don't bug you with as much nonsense (like Twidere, that I usd for Twitter, never shows ads or random shit). For Instagram, there is no alternative though. Just avoid it

Joshua Wilkes

Advance auto parts job application site. Once you have entered your info the submit button would generate under the cancel button on mobile site even with desktop mode activated

Anothr To

T-Mobile still has the 2015 copyright at the bottom today

catty cat queen

My apps on my tablet would continue to crash the moment they opened resulting in me not even being able to use gmail,crome,google or anything that requires an email address i also couldn't open some of my settings so i couldn't factory reset my tablet the error that caused this you ask? A problem with crome that was easily fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling crome

Leonidas Thanatos

Warframe, I hear it's the code equivalent of a Gordian knot... explains a few things...

Oh & since I've started on games, obligatory shot at the engine Bethesda has been using since Morrowind, yea you can rename & tweak it as much as you like, but all the shit you get for it is well earned.

Dustin Rodriguez

I'm a software developer myself, but most of the terrible things I have run into come courtesy of a friend of mine. He runs his own IT business, serving primarily small businesses. Think like a plumber who doesn't need a full-time IT staff but has a few PCs for the office and some plumber-specific software for managing clients and things like that. I sometimes do side jobs for his clients as he doesn't do much code himself. And when he stumbles upon terrible things or one of his clients gets hacked, he throws those things my way so we can chat about how terrible industry-specific software is. And it's really bad. One particular situation that I won't give specifics about (because all of the problems I am going to describe still exist) involved an industry-specific simple software package that just provides some government data and the ability to search it. The client called my friend because the software stopped working. It would just crash and not run. He eventually tracked it down and determined it had screwed up during an update. And so he found out how it did updates. It just blindly pulled some software down from a web server and ran it, not even using HTTPS. And we found out the web server was WIDE OPEN. You could browse the whole thing freely. It included full versions of every product the company made, and tons of proprietary information about all of the software companies customers. It was apparently just like a big shared drive the company used for EVERYTHING and they had made it openly available on the Internet. And they relied on that to pull code down to their customers systems and blindly execute it without checking whether the download even completed correctly. (That was the original problem, the download had gotten aborted halfway and it went ahead and ran the incomplete installer, corrupting the software.)

Most companies that make software for niche industries, like dentists or plumbers or whatever, charge high prices for their software (necessary because they have a small market, they might only sell a few hundred copies, never millions).... and it's almost all terrible, terrible garbage. Usually something hacked together by inexperienced people in the 90s and then they just keep it limping along forever. No one is using MS-DOS any more? Just make customers install DOSbox and run it in an emulator! Programmers can't figure out how to do security and the OS updated to prevent unsafe apps from running? Tell the user to disable the security checks as part of the install! Nothing is too unwise or terrible for the software that runs most of the businesses people rely on.

Doubting Rich

A certain supra-national government agency has a website I need to use. It recommends I use Firefox, but should work with Chrome or Internet Explorer. It does not support Edge. It won't open in Firefox reliably. If I used Brave (Chromium-based) it was working but then started to kick me out before saving changes so was useless, and was even more unstable in IE. It is the only reason I ever use Edge, because it works perfectly well in Edge.

I use Skype a lot. Sometimes I can use it with video and screen sharing over 2G mobile, sometimes it freezes because my home internet is being a bit slow today. Sometimes it just shuts down because I clicked a button (no, not the quit button).

Insignificant Gnat

So what you're saying is that everything is terrible, and I should switch to a sliderule and pencil/paper?


I was working for a school district on their teacher's web portal type thing where teachers could add the student's grades, talk with each other, request services for their rooms, things like that. Well, as it turns out, the login portal was vulnerable to an SQL Injection. For the uninitiated, an SQL injection means I can literally do anything I want to the database. I can log in as any teacher I wished, pull grades for any student and most devastating, I could have, if I really wanted to, delete the entire database, all from the login portal. Needless to say, but I will anyway, this is REALLY bad and should not be possible on a well built system. I think the only reason why it wasn't hacked was because they did at least whitelist the login portal and admin panel (I was added to the whitelist when I was working on it). When I told the school district about it, and proceeded to show them that I could log in as any teacher I wanted to, they were pissed and immediately sued the development company that made their site before. They settled out of court for $10,000, which they gave to me to fix the site.

I switched them over from whatever the hell PHP backend nonsense the other company was doing (it was riddled with security flaws) over to Laravel, which is about as bulletproof as you can get in PHP. Easiest $10 Grand I ever made.

VV Gaming

Literally I got to google using one of the schools cheap kindles, literally I could search things on it

Luis Santiago

This will be so neato! Love this stuff.


I get around the twitter and facebook ones and I fucking don't know how people don't know this. Use the lite version of the app. They only meant this for the Indian market but you can download and sideload the apps and less than 13 megs and runs WAY smoother than both the "real" apps. And they are official. (This applies to Android users only sorry iOS users your fucked)

Unit ZER0

Instead of using the ROM camera api, or whatever camera app you have set as default, it uses it's own, which always sucks and is at far lower resolution than your phone may be capable of. I use OpenCamera, which allows me to shoot 4032x3024, which is the limit of my phone's camera sensor... Needless to say, I always import my images.

Albanian Barber

Fuck my uni uses Blackboard lol


I see, so it's NOT just minecraft plugins that are made very poorly

Nicky T

Some classes at our school used google forms for quizzes, and many of these quizzes had us matching an answer with a picture, ie. "who is this historical figure in this image". Well, many people found out that if you drag the image to your desktop, it will display the file name, which is almost 100% of the time the person / object in the picture. They caught onto this tho before my senior year.


7:34 this has to be made up. Standard size of int32 is four bytes, so this code literally cannot work.

Jaybee Bartolome

Huh, it is no surprise the profession is in demand


"as a security nerd" I have literally 0 doubts that this is a middle schooler who looked up an SQL injection tutorial once


Im surprised that nobody talked about LernSax! Every german student will know...

Beerbuddy G

In our school we had a system that could only handle 9 detentions at once. 10 set it back to 0 so if kids knew they had 9 they would act bad and get their 10th, just to roll it over back to 0. The teachers did not pick up on it untill around 2 years later when the bad kids was not paying for their crimes.


It's called Windows...

Mallard Puddleduck

i remember this thead, but like, what's the point of this video? You just ran the top posts through grating text to speech... and you didn't even link the thread!
is there something i'm not getting?


If you're going to steal reddit content for money, the least you can fucking do is make sure your bot reads the correct things


Ha! Good 'ol Eve Online : Legacy Code Strikes Back

Internet in a Nutshell Channel

Banks tend to have old code that they pay a ton for specific programmers who still know the language.


You want terrible code the simulation is a terrible code

Joshua Wilkes

Internet explorer???? You mean he who should not be named??? Don't say it's name you are scaring my pc


Compilation of whining, without any explanation (that most redditors provided themselves, but you instead just cut it out) and an annoying google translate voice. I can't believe someone would watch this shit - just go on reddit for a much better experience


not a hacker in any way, sysadmin now. back in my school/worksearch time, i "often" "visited" the govt "service" responsible to "guide" and "provide" work for you, they did not, but they had "kiosk" machines, with a not so open link to google in it, down in the bottom line of the page they showed. from there you know you can get everywhere, and i did quite a bit


Im so glad my uni finally ditched blackboard, it wass such an awful system.

Sansa L.

Sims 3.
I have zero programming or computer knowledge. But today I wanted to install Sims 3 on my new laptop. Unfortunately I lost the code for one of my expansion packs. So I just googled Sims 3 expansion pack code and typed in the first one I found. It worked.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure that is a good example of shitty programming.

EDIT: The code was like 6 years old and has been used multiple times.

Casey D

Amazon apps that are free being unable to be downloaded from and installed on Fire devices unless you have a payment card on file. Because it charges said card $0.00 to download and has no way to bypass this.

Honestly, not sure if it's a mistake or on purpose.


EHR for public and private healthcare workers

CMP Variety

Well this explains a heck of a lot. I'm blind so I have to use screen readers on my computer etcetera, I try to use iTunes for windows at one point, and it completely froze my computer. My screen reader was completely Frozen. I couldn't do anything had to reboot my system and it happened every single time. Turns out my Ram was probably getting maxed out. I think Apple need some better programmers. That is of course my own opinion.

Doubting Rich

Serious question: given that every concerning prediction of man-made global warming is based on the output of code written by climate "scientists" and used with no auditing, no-one outside their clique able to analyse their "proprietary" code (written under government grant, yet still somehow copyright to the author) and given these issues with widely-used and expensive code written by professional teams with QA systems in place, does anyone still give an ounce of credibility to those claims?

N.B. I am leaving aside the fact that many make sixth-form errors in statistics, calculus and physics in their modelling; here I am just talking about the quality of code.


Not so much code but more just crappy systems, but the RFID access control (ID card scanners) used on a hell of a lot of buildings doesn't even check the contents of the card, only that it's a 'valid' card of the right kind. Some read the 'unique' ID of the card (easily spoofed/cloned, not even remotely secure if you have the right tools) and send it back to some internal system after letting you in.
I've successfully entered buildings and rooms in my uni using a completely unrelated library card just because it happens to be the same type. That includes the building for computer science and similar things, the last place you'd expect to find such carelessness for these systems.
Disclaimer: I do have my own valid ID card on me at all times and have only tested locations I was allowed to enter anyway. I wouldn't advise pen-testing completely random buildings in your school/uni/workplace without your real card and a good excuse.


Adobe Reader! I'm surprised this was not the first answer. It takes absurdly long to start, given that it is a document reader, its GUI is massively bloated and annoying and its security record is one of the worst I have ever seen on CVE Details, one or more Code Execution Exploits every month for 10 years. That's crazy, given that people open PDF documents that they receive via e-mail or download on a daily basis.

Justice Fool

Magento 2...That is all.

Tyson Bell

Ah fucking blackboard

Bus Stop.

Internet Pornography has Trojan Viruses

Zeraphyre Trinity

The Answer was: MyMathLab

You Answered: MyMathLab

Nandor Nagyilles

Leuge of legends client (literally just the menu) is terribly optimised and bugs are daily. It takes up 8gb of ram. It's just a menu.


8:40 sounds like actual hell

Sky Castrum

More and more that illusion of childhood, that “adults” know what they’re doing, vanishes. People talk about new scientific frontiers and point to all that history of progress. It just takes a close inspection of Walmart to realize what a flimsy and haphazard structure this all is, with humanity flying by on the seat of its pants.

Ken Chorney

Boeing MCAS software. People are dying to correct it.....

Richard Samuelson

A lot of Pokémon games. The Gen I Pokémon games (Red/Blue/Yellow) were infested with bugs and glitches; it was a miracle those games worked at all.

Then came Gen VI, where Pokémon moved to the 3DS; the first major red flag was the Lumiose save corruption glitch, where - without a particular update file installed - saving within Lumiose City, but not in a building, then reloading would prevent inputs from working. Oops. Then instead of bringing back Emerald's Battle Frontier, or even Ruby/Sapphire's Battle Tower, they instead copy/pasted the awful Battle Maison from XY. Terrible coding job, Game Freak.

Not to mention the terrible modelling/coding job in both the 3DS games and the Switch games that kept Pokémon like Swellow, Tropius, Staraptor, Charizard and a bunch of other Flying-types and Levitate Pokémon constantly airborne even outside those gimmicky XY-exclusive Sky Battles, drastically reducing their visual appeal, sense of realism (some of them don't even flap their wings; they just float there!) and ability to express their species' personality (compare 3DS/Switch models to Pokémon Battle Revolution, or even Pokémon-Amie/Pokémon Refresh).
The Nintendo DS had more enticing sprites than the 3DS and Switch had models, even when sprites only had a short intro animation and a static sprite, or a constantly-cycling animation loop - at least there personality and visual appeal were able to be expressed. The models they gained in 2013 looked amazing due to their newness, but now their many flaws shine through like a sore thumb.


Oof, black board is Assicus maximus


I knew photoshop was a bloated mess


That part about creditcard transactions being processed on 30+ year old Fortran code is not entirely true. Fortran isn't used that much for that purpose, it's usually COBOL code and it's often close to or even older than 50 years!

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Ed Onslow

Facebook is a bloated mess. My favourite bug that existed for YEARS that I experienced on multiple devices, was that the comment edit box would completely clear itself if someone else posted a reply in the same thread. This made it virtually impossible to reply to popular posts.


The human DNA.

Alexandra Boucher

Jesus, I'm returning to college soon. I hope to christ they dont use Blackboard when I start in Jan


every phone app
every website
almost every other program


Some crappy sites allow something admin: ;true;
Password: ;true;

Justin Passfield

Cengage/Mindtap. I has a server2016 class, rebooted the VM, and it came back online as a server 2008. You could also answer one question in the lab, skip to the end, do one more question and hit submit. You’d ALWAYS get 100%. Prof never said anything

Shawn Silver

That code that went to the next memory address to store B has me cringing, jesus christ. I'm learning C code rn and seeing that just has me gagging, what were they thinking

Furret God

Click Clack Clackity "I'm In"

International Space Station

Literally anything I code tbh
"Yeah I can just increment ballSize directly but I'm too scared to directly edit that variable so I'm going to create a variable ballEnlarge and just add it to ballSize and increment ballEnlarge instead"

But I mean the code works so...

Also I have a tendency to make like 80% of variables that could be ints as floats/doubles because half the time I tend to use random and it's a pain in the ass to keep track of when I'm going to add something I used a random number for so I just make like almost everything floats.

Jena Cide

Literally every single goddamn device I own. Even just trying to write this comment halfway through a sentence it decided to jump to a new video I never clicked on for no reason. Amazon echo can't even figure out how to turn off a fucking lightbulb without being asked 7 times. Every app on my phone has to crash at least twice and then freeze for a minute before doing fucking anything at all. Motherfucking windows goddamn 10 is eternally stuck on start up without any way to get to safe mode. I literally want to kill these cocksuckers.

Morgan Brown

Once used a API for a mobile app my team was building that would send you the users SSN with a basic get request.


Sometimes I looked at the source code of some sites to see how it's put together. The amount of JavaScript errors and warnings that exist in even some higher profile news sites is astonishing.

Doubting Rich

This is a comment I remember from a book I had when I was in my teens. I am now 46, and nothing has changed:

If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilisation.

Alex Ruiz

5:50 ive been playing eve for the last 4 or 5 years. this is kinda funny haha


Literally everything i have written in batch. Yea many just think inside the box.

Essa Diallo

Totally read that as MyMethlab sounds a lot more interesting tho


7:38 what the actual fuck? What idiot would write that? And more importantly how are the able to compile a complete C program without opening a gate to Hell is beyond me...


Some ATM kiosk modes are terribly written by some "coders".
Tap and hold any picture you see on the ATM before you put your card in. If you get a windows themed right-click menu as in the IE, do not use this ATM. at all. ever.
with a few more taps, you can get all the way down to the command line. Even worse, when your card is in the ATM and this "trick" works.


EVE surprised me. That game's use of server-side lagging to keep everyone on an even playing field during massive battles has often been touted as a pretty genius bit of design.

I guess the underlying code to do that is a heap of garbage LOL.


I nominate Fate Grand Order. It's a mobile app that makes more money than god... but when it launched, it was insanely crappy. Created as a cash grab with absolutely no foresight, the code is apparently insanely difficult to work with, resulting in a game that, despite being ridiculously popular, lacks content in ways that suggest they WOULD add the content if they COULD, but it wasn't designed that way. It's recently been moved to a more modern version of the engine, though, and we're hopeful that means they're actually going to modernize the damn thing.