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Day Trading Side by Side with Nourtrades (Cult Millionaire)

324 797 views | 24 Aug. 2020

Nour Atta is a now

Nour Atta is a now 20-year-old Day Trading Millionaire Cult Leader. He has proven to have a W/R of over 85%. He also runs a signals chat called Stock Hours with over 1000 members. In 2020 alone, Stock Hours has cleared over $4,000,000 in student profit.

Stock Hours’ Registration Form ▶ https://forms.gle/vfp3vixAQ3TwbEDQ6

StockHours’ instagram ▶ https://www.instagram.com/StockHours

Nourtrade's instagram ▶ http://www.instagram.com/NourTrades

Nourtrade's Twitter ▶ http://www.twitter.com/TradesNour

Nourtrade's Youtube ▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCITURSJopEfo8MO1IUvMDjg

Nourtrades' Email ▶ [email protected]

DM/message/email Nour for access to his Chat

The Chatting With Podcast! ▶ https://anchor.fm/chatting-with

Help Support LAHWF ▶ http://www.patreon.com/chattingwith

My Socials ▶ https://linktr.ee/lahwf

To be a guest on Chatting With, please send inquires to [email protected] with the potential title of the episode in the subject line.

zee d'boss

Poor risk and reward. Who risk 50k for 3k profit

carl caloian

this dude needs to get a job. its like he wants to be a fraud, only 100% fraud. the scary thing is that people really pay this joke for trades

Edith Love

This guy.. the guest speaker speaks in such a condescending manner

Ethan Lehman

Coffeezilla > this guy

Henry Kent

Miss Elizabeth is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

Flying Walrus42

Nothing he said makes any sense? I lost brain cells listening to this kid


You know a person can´t be trusted when he uses light mode on Discord

Kiara Baker

He really put in 50k just to make 3k ?

Moonglow Melodies

“It because I was lagging”


"more volume of shares"

wtf man he doesn´t even know basic terminology

Charlotte Dave

Hello I'm new to forex and I have been making huge Loses, recently I see a lot of people earning from it can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

Burrito Bro's Videos

Is that lipstick or the blood of his victims? Haha

Baylen Miller

1.5k ppl can’t recognize outstanding content


"More votality" 9:22

Jon Focker

Coffeezilla lit that kid up!!!!!

Willie Johnston

This dude has no idea what he is talking about....


vocal fry killin me


Fuck this guy just gets high as fuck and awkwardly talks to people and records it

All Noyz

Wow....he (the curly dude) talks about 'beginners'....
He's not even begun!


Andrew didn’t even know his name at the end ???

Jackson ben

I must admit this is a great video but you know the forex market is a very volatile one and as such it’s too risky for beginners without adequate tutelage to go into so rather than loose money to bad trades invest with a reputable broker like Mrs Flores Ben

phillip vang

Is it possible to day trade with 5-10k and make a decent profit if so how do i start

Henry Kent

Miss Elizabeth is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

Loop Hole

Sry but does this man know how to clear his throat


It's like watching a conductor, pure perfection!!!!

Julian Chavez

“Up nicely 4%”

susan wilson

wonderful lessons for new trader like myself. Great details and modeling.

Royal Profits

Uuuuggghhhhhhh, I trade .... SCAMMER


only 2 day trades a week tho right?

Emily Attyah

You can just feel his shadiness from the screen. I cannot believe I used to think "gurus" who flaunted their luxuries online were legit

Harris Channel

He knows what he’s talking about


Good video to send to the SEC for fraud!


LOL :D Why does he think he can trade like that without a direct link? A neighbour of mine is a day trader, he has a direct link to the Stock Exchange. The installation alone cost him £2000 and the monthly fee is around £1000, but he can actually do it timely. There is NO WAY this kid can beat 'the market' with his tacky equipment.

firsttimecaller longtimelistener

This dudes hair is so weird

C.J. Martin

By leading a chat and having followers is strictly to increase his own profitability. If you follow him you’ll eventually lose everything. He needs other people to follow his strategy so he can create predictability for himself. Only a couple followers will make money. This is stock manipulation on a small enough scale to stay under the radar for now.


I don't link how this guy talks. He is setting some kind of image about himself on purpose.. he is just gambling.

David P.

Daniel savage does live trading what he talking about

Philip Dennis

There wasn't anything wrong his phone lagging ... they were different time charts so they move different

SoYou Know

This is me when I started trading. Making a buck risking 50 bucks. Then losing 50 bucks XD I'd rather go for value now and the long haul.


I think as long as he is making his money, and focusing on helping humanity itself. It’s the most important thing about a human. He is making his money, and next he needs to understand the greater perspectives and importance to life. The preservation of life.
Each being becoming more intelligent should strive to achieve what is impossible.

David Farhangui

Love how he forgot Nours name at the end lmao

Eddie Duran

what a joke

Develin Vaultz

As much as i would like to hate on this guy as being a scam etc. Real traders know this is is live and these are the real emotions we all feel throughout our trades!


"I have an algorithm" oh you mean a movement alert that anyone can set in thinkorswim? lol

Jose Camano

Of course he got 2 millons subscribers of course he make money only people make money they are banks they do the cicles and movement of any stocks they the only one who knows where price go


I was in his chatroom for about 5 months and even tho he isnt the most exciting person out there nor the most interesting he sure did get the job done. Withink the span of 5 months i earned over $12k and $4k alone in one month. However, i do not recommend paying $199 unless you're really intrigued and are willing to lose money just as much as u r to gain.

carl caloian

he is an idiot ... professional scalper, ok

John Mullin

I’m stupid - help me. Is the ‘lag’ argument real or is that his gimmick? How could the spread on the options rise 4% in ten seconds?

im Duck

Pfft. He got a yee yee A$$ haircut


"People think more is more....."

Ok Atta, tell me more!

carl caloian

its ripping. ok u got lucky on tsla for a minute... good job tell him to show the 20thousand dollar loss

Dinesh Siwakoti

Did this dude just say he risked 50k to make 3k?

jim screechie

I've gotta admit.
The tiny clip in the CoffeeZilla video was cringe but I did not expect the full interview to be so ass-puckeringly embarrassing, good god.
I had to keep pausing.


I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Katherine Flores

Coolhand Luc

The more he tries to sell his BS the more Andrew laughs at him. Just great to watch the burn.

Jose Castillo

I hate Coffeezilla. Makes money off calling everyone fake.

Subaru Impreza

Kid is preteding to be someone else so hard, i see how he is corrupted inside. I wish he will transform in something good, but now he seems like a greedy rotten mess. Not judging him for his way of surviving if he is really helps even units of his audience. People like him are became a dictators of the third countries back then and i glad too watch it bc its like watching the dictator came up from the past on a timemachine and trying to interract with local modern brains and getting fucked up. Thats hilarious I’m f ded

Sarah Beverley

The best decision I ever made in my life was investing in the forex market. It changed my life ???

Rob Hospidor

The vocal fry on this clown is killing me

Peter Selie

I love LAHWF but the laughing at him in his face and looking into the camera every time he says something is really cringy. Don't like this.

danny D

I came into this thinking the guy was a little douchebag and at the end I felt a little sorry for him.. that was brutal lol

Grimey Beast

I would put him in the category of intellectual fraud, rather than a scammer. There is a huge difference. A scammer has no intent but to lie, rob, and steal, until there is nothing left, or they get caught. Whichever comes first. A fraud, however, might misrepresent themselves, but could still have decent intentions for the people who follow them.

If I had to guess I would say he followed the terrible advice: Fake it till you make it. He faked having knowledge early on and clearly stole it from other people as Coffeezilla demonstrated. But unlike so many do in this space, he is intelligent enough to grow into the role.

The moral of the story is, don't be either. If he had integrity from the beginning he would have 10x the audience he has now. Integrity matters. Guard it jealously.

That said doing the live trade took mad huge balls. That's a good way to start rebuilding his brand.


so much hate regardless of what he’s doing a youngman with knowledge will never fail

Zuganov Tembo

I would probably blow my account under this much pressure

faisal al

scam pay me to teach you lol

BullPeak Investments

Lol the host has no idea how any of this works. The kid knows how this works but his trade is quite newbie method and risky, but on TSLA you can't go wrong. He prematurely got out early. Lawfh is currently thinking how rich he'll be after seeing the kid trade but what he doesn't realize is he's gonna lose a shit ton before he starts earning. Might lose for 6 months to a yr til you earn. The thing is the kid has so much money dropping 50k that 6% is obviously gonna be 3k. But if it lags that kid can possibly be losing 30k easy. And the kid is buying expiry weeklys, that's super risky

J.U .D.O

you can tell LAHWF was not taking him serious lol

John Persechini

This is super cringe worthy

Free toppers

He sounded like he was about to cry,

Lina Rhamiri

I mean honestly if your only goal "become a millionaire" ur just begging to make a dumb decision and be disappointed...I think many will become millionaires in this current Dip market but it's not the right mentality as hodlin can be very dangerous. As hard as it is trad!ng Crypto is way more lucrative and is quite logical if you just study the charts and the support resistance and pay attention to what's going on, I’m not a pro tradr but I was lucky enough to make 15BTC since late last year following the instriuctions and s!gnals.I runs program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitcoin works, to help you utilise the volatility of the crypto market and also stack up more bitcoin. You can easily reach me on WhatsApp +19512284687 for any Crypt0 related issue.

Horrie Nixon

Goodness.... ?

VMG Lifestyle

Apparently he stole those "notes" from another trader left his watermark there as well.

Mr Jonni

Who will win ?
Hedge Funds with thousands of overqualified people in the market, investing billions of dollars, since decades, they make 20% or less per year.
An average unknown kid, who tells us he made 80% per year or even more.

Kale Lundberg

Man really pulled a big 1.5% return , whatta guy

J.U .D.O

this shit is literally hilarious. "when does the market open" ????

McFarland Knives

I cornered the corndog market in 89 and won huge !


hear how he talks. what a douchebag! he has no idea what he is doing. He has no clue from the companies he puts money in.

Raul Pompa

Nourtrades will buy an amount of shares when he sees potential. THEN tell his discord that he's buying, so they all jump in for the run making his chances of making a profit higher. A.K.A Ponzi Sheme! look it up guys!

Anthony Adams

"I don't know what I'm looking at, can u explain it"

"I wake up at 4"


Guy’s voice is stupid (scammer)

Blake Paxton

light mode discord makes me squirm

wizaflick ed

he us looking at him like he is lying

anthony tingle

Before you blindly believe all negative comments, let me tell you my experience with trading. I stumbled on his contact here on YouTube. I had some prior knowledge of how the market worked and I knew that I really wanted to get proper knowledge of it however I didn't have a set strategy. His explanations were great and his strategy was very comprehendible which was further illustrated with the aid of a learner-friendly platform. I now have a greater understanding of the factors that affect price action, what kind of technical and fundamental analysis I should be considering, when to enter and exit a trade, and much more. He makes vivid explanations of his strategies in classes which can be offered. And this really made me understand that even If you're not willing to spend the time learning for yourself, you can still be consistently profitable. In my opinion he has been one of the most valuable trading spearheads for how I want to trade. So my advice, find a mentor and also, try incorporating the use of oscillators, Bollinger and pivot points in your strategy.

Harris Channel

He did it in front of you and you still call him a fake, stop hating, everyone in the comments are haters not 1 solid proof or criticism, just kids

harvard tang

This man uses discord on light mode, how could anyone trust him


Thanks for all the great advice Nour! Best money I've ever spent, man's a genius!!!


It's like explaining a plumbing job to your 4 year old


Skeptical of this guy, if he's legit I wanna join

the dude

So cringeyyyyyyyy lmao

Rando Mark

That guy needs to work on his voice, lmao he gave me aneurysm through the video, can’t imagine what it was like in irl. How hard is it to talk like normal person?

David P.

Daniel savage does live trading what he talking about

Eddie Duran

come on man he looks 16. talks like he's 14. stop the bee es.


Bruh this dude bought calls when it hit a daily high.... yeah he has no idea what he's doing...

Andra neil

Thanks for the Video , I just got into Bitcoin trading and I made my first profit, Wish I knew about this earlier.

Richard Corney

3000 off 50,000? What's remarkable about that? Stick the 50,000 in an index fund and you could make 3000 in a day. Obviously what you don't do is sell. You let it compound over time.

Pillalamarri Sai kumar

He should interview coffezila

Matt Turner

Ya know....

B Vandy

9:30 just absolutely messing with the poor man ??

trevor merlock

This man got paid a few bands for reading comments to him n clowning him ? good content

AM Insights

Why is everyone so negative to this dude? He's 19 making money doing something that's foreign to most people , what were you all doing at 19?


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Who Am I And What Do I do: New Born Stock Trader

367 views | 24 Dec. 2020

This video is about Who Am

This video is about Who Am I And What Do I do: New Born Stock Trader. In this channel I will be talking about personal finance, saving and investing money, stocks, and sometime in the future, real estate!

Emiliano Dominguez

Hey are u makeing online classes cause I want to get into the stocks and day trading you really inspired me to get up and learn more about stocks i Evan watch wolf of Wall Street ?


Hell yeah bro

Jay Sánchez

Big moves only brotha????

matthew lombera

Yeah homie let's go ?

Angel Hernandez

Hey Benji que gusto me da verte como una estrella en proceso y ver qué tus esfuerzos están dando muchos resultados!! Keep it up brotha, aquí siempre estaremos pendientes! #???

dany valencia

A king

Ivan 650

Let’s go!!!?

Millionaire Minsets

Just to update the total in my robin hood account plus my webull account. There is now 60,000 in robinhood while i have another 5,500 in webull. Keep in mind I no longer have any of my own money invested and I've actually taken around a little over 19,000 in profit out of my accounts and back into my bank account but for now we will be only talking about how much is in the future of my investment accounts and not whats in the bank. Taxes are also going to be killer this year so wish me luck.

andres sepulveda

you are El Padrino if you ask me


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Stock Trader Makes $3,000 in 62 Seconds! (Easy Dip Buying Strategy!)

2 710 views | 27 Dec. 2020

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Mike Agojo

Greatest Chat Room ever!!!

Jonathan Huerta


Brian Davies

I have made huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Tania Sarah, her investment strategy is a top notch

Mike Miller

Best trader in the biz

Ted Osborn

Great job Dek!

Jose Zamora


Matt B


Cristian Abrica



Active Trader Love It OOOOWWwww

Kendra Whisler

I follow you on tradecaster and really enjoy all your videos! Great tutorials and strategies!

The Travel Trader


Josh Ireland

You’re the GOAT

Rico Mariota

Belgium’s water ?

Aries Renne

easy money best chat room

BK Foy

Dek provides the ammunition for you to become a solid trader!

Jose Zamora


Joselyn Aguilar


Jose Zamora


Steven Garza

Very nice!

Yashiro Kof

great job bro

Kev W


Jose Zamora


Jose Tovar

Sean Dekamr, the real deal, mentor and inspirations. Shows trades live, doesn't want you to follow like sheep, he keeps it real.

Jose Zamora


Donnette Fletcher

the Tradecaster chatroom led by Sean Dekmar is golden!

Shawn kwitecki

Dek you are the best of the best , my Master !!!

bijay maharjan

my favorite pattern.

Blake Wallen

Awesome sauce!

Debug Dave

Another Great Trading Strategy from DekmarTrades! His lessons have made me such a better trader!

alp duyak

you great


The best is Dekmar trader. this guy change my life. thanks


Dekmar trades change my life, this is the best ever

Cristian Abrica


Cristian Abrica


Michael Howell

great video

Dominic Affinito

off the charts

Jordanys Saldivar


Wilkin Ruiz

dek always makes this look easy, I love it when a plan comes together (Hanniba" The A Team"

Jose Zamora


Matt Tomko

Dekmar is pretty good at his job

frederik bridgeo

Awesome work !

jedidiah mcglasson

The real secret behind Dekmar is his secretary Claire....

Tyler Eastridge

Dek is the man. Best teacher out there!

Le Monde D English Channel

incredible!! I was spending Christmas with my family in Brazil last week and the internet was horrible, so I couldn't trade. I missed it though! Glad to be back!

Kumar Gurung

Lets go, lets win.

Mirolim Khasanov

Best trader i have seen ever love to learn from you

Matthew Reynolds Sr

Thank you Dek, you always make learning fun ?


Dek strong with the wins

Jose Zamora


Roseann Rustici

This is great, thanks Dek!


Best Teaacher

Max Maximenko

Awesome Dek!! Keep up the good work!

Benjamin Hewitt

$$$ Let's goooo!

PMic 96

Great start to the morning on this play! Best chat room out there.

Theresa Miller

Lessons are great - Study study

Jose Zamora


Jimmy Robertson


Jeffrey Cerasano

You should trade in a Superman outfit!

Ryan Phan

Great lesson as always.

Matt B



love it

Benjamin Gonzalez

good viddd


Active Trader Love It

Brad Wells

Dek is the truth!! Any trader whom is not a member of his group is MISSING OUT.... Since joining his group 3 months ago, I am up over 30k!


good job.


Been a member for a while! Best investment ever! Nice vid!



Jonathan Pineda

This man is the goat at trading!!!

Ruben Escandon

Thanks for all your help Dek

Sean Zmijewski


S Med


Jeffrey White


Stocks Paisa

Amazing service

Paul Moses

Where can I get your lightspeed codes and discounts?

Danny Kellogg

Dekmar is the best

Stocks Paisa

Like it

Mario Aguirre


Keith B

Sean Dekmar has awesome setups and strategies. you won't be disappointment! check out the best room out there.

Alex Bells

Dek is top man..He makes it very enjoyable.

Matt B

nice video

Ariunbold Munkh-Erdene

let;s go

Zafre Kazi

Money, Money, Money!

N. Glen Valentine

sickest dip buy strategy my man... keep it up dek

Ron K

Nice one

Cristian Abrica


Tomas Checo

Thank you for your dedication and continuous help to this community of traders. Best trading chat room in the world!!

Cristian Abrica


Robbie Kerby

Been with Dek for a while.. He's great!!!!


All set

Cristian Abrica


Anas T

owooowwwwwwwwwwwww Best day Trading Mentor and Chat energy !!!

chandler besaw


Alberto Flores

Sean Dekmar is the best teaching trader!

Robin Phillips

Awesome video!

Cristian Abrica


omar burrow


Cristian Abrica


Lunar Glade

That’s crazy!

Justin From

The most real stock mentor around

Lyon Charles

We the BEST!!!