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Jesse Felder: How Long Can Stock Market Mania Continue?

11 772 views | 22 Aug. 2020

MacroVoices Erik Townsend

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Jesse Felder to the show to talk about the new all-time highs in the stock market and what that means, if the bond market is the key to stopping the Fed’s money printing and outlook on gold & much more.


Concerto per violino e organo in D Minor, RV 541: I. Allegro

Adam Baxendale

So this increase in prices that your on about... who's buying at this price?

Rachana Raizada

There's a huge difference between the virus and the "pandemic". The virus, like any other, is perfectly manageable as 190 countries with a death rate of less than 500/million have demonstrated.
The "pandemic" is a set of political actions by opportunistic politicians and civil service departments. The one is used as an excuse for the other. It's fine to take a stand on how the pandemic will play out for investment decision making but it's quite another to believe that "case counts" have anything to do with human health.
Erik has been so wrong about this whole thing from when he interviewed some woman in Italy who gave out a lot of misinformation. The entire North Italian catastrophe was entirely due to mismanagement of hospitals and care homes. Not due to the virus itself.
Stopped listening to the podcasts around then. Just stopped by because of Felder. But I won't bother next time.
"Retail mania" is very simply because the banking system has broken down. Banks eat your money, thereby forcing people into risky assets. Capital is mispriced, the real risk free rate has been negative for a decade. For most people, their personal CPI for their basket of goods and services has soared. Some companies are getting government subsidies indirectly. This isn't rocket science. It's system breakdown.

Damien Wright

The US will have to back the currency to the US gold holdings . 50K gold per ounce ?

Shawn Damratowski

I would be interested in hearing a financial/tactical view of the coming global climate catastrophe.

Alan DB

Erik, the big point you missed explaining the ‘risk free arbitrage’ in your final segment on the Gold futures contango, is margin calls on the futures position. In your example, you’d have to hold a short futures position for a year on the Dec 21 contract. This requires approx 5% initial margin, and if the price rises additional variation margin which could cripple you from a cash flow perspective. There is nothing ‘risk free’ about that trade. Thanks a

Josh Eilken

No mention of the new digital yuan. If the PBOC pegs it to gold and backs it with their bullion reserves, Nixon's green funny money really will look like "trash cash"


Why are we still analyzing charts and graphs. Haven't we figured out by now that fundamentals and what we've known to be true over the past years does not exist today? Bet against the economy, don't even think about betting against this evil financial system run by devils.


Anything is possible but I don't see Gold going much lower than 1900 at this point. We will see.......Stocks are in an epic FED created bear market rally. Market crash likely around the corner.

Jongbong Kim

I think...gold correction is something to do with Vaccine worry as well as ticked up real interest rates. As early as late next month, we'll see one vaccine after another rolling out with their stage 3 test results. Smart money is pulling out now to buy up gold being pummeled down when market melts up cheering for vaccines. What do you think? My prediction is market will top at a vaccine success news and crash immediately before US election which will end up into turmoil as Trump rejects the results anyway.


No Alternative to the ? either Digital or Any other form, All currencies will Fail and a ?al currency will be issued after Forced Vaccinations..... Enjoy life as you know it, bc the NWO is a Death wish ??
Prepare for the BEAST? System ⁉️


show starts at 1:20

Gavin Nolan

I love the show, but I don't like how you don't show the charts you refer to on the video.

It's a common practice for many

Dan Munch

Any currency that is centrally controlled is doomed to eventually fail. Be it the dollar, euro, fedcoin, ethereum, "silicon valley coin", whatever. Gold has been sound money for thousands of years because its creation is decentralized and difficult. Bitcoin is also sound money for the same reason. I wish Erik would have someone like Saifedean Ammous as a guest to explain this clearly. Or perhaps read the Bitcoin Standard to widen his perspective on this issue.


My question: When will the FED run out of money?
My recommendation: Don't hold your breath. ?

Medo Yami

Great episode ?

Return Free Risk

I cringe when Eric gives his ignorant digital currency take.

ed reeves

Gold has been in a bull market for 20 years now. Perhaps It's almost over.

Елена Ч

I think there will be the dollar denomination.

William Dieffenbach

14:22 for Jesse

Abbey Road


Avern Vrey

There's no money printing, every time I hear that I wonder if the person saying it is ignorant or being deliberately deceptive. The primary dealers buy the government debt, the Fed chooses to clear government debt off bank ledgers to try to get money into the broad economy. The dollar decline is due to oil and low global demand. It is the reserve currency after all.


Dollar goes to zero means stocks go to infinity.

Wiktor Jespersen

And he fails to answer dollar should crash towards what? Euro? Look how far ecb has gone? Far more debt to gdp then usa. Perhaps towards gold but what else? Inflation? If us has inflation the rest of us also get inflation as everything is priced in dollars.

Елена Ч

BIS does not expect digital currency for public any time soon, if ever. The world will not believe any new fiat replacement 2 anyway, least of all Libra or similar.

Rob Bird

? ? ? ??

Joao Luis

have a look t lumber sky

Scott Jaehne

Texas Gold Depository is very inexpensive and at the cutting edge of security


Bring Ben Melkman on thank u

Vaughn Kallie

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Fabian Gadnai

Hi Eric, very good show as always.
Have you consider that we might not gonna have a reserve currency in the current form?
I like to compare crypto and they evolution to Linux and the open source movement. Linux was in certain way more advanced then the commercial system except maybe Unix.
Linux did not win against Microsoft ir Apple but it survived by being used by almost everyone in the industry and know the Linux kernel is providing the backbone of lots of items around us without even knowing it is there and it is still maintained independently the same way as in the start... Not looking for profit.
What if in the future all the countries will use their own digital currency and they agree on a common clearing platform which will be blockchain based and maintained and payed for it by all the countries who use it.

Rof Lhard

Who would trust libra, Google or Apple coin? The answer is clearly decentralized cryptos as a whole. Not just ethereum. It's the entire ecosystem working together that will replace fiat currencies.


The market makes a lot of sense and is going much higher, everyone go long.

The Nose Goblin

Thanks. Great interview


45:00 all we need is another "private" company creating new currency. That wouldn't turn out bad at all.


Holy smokes why does this new god like currency need to be digital and crypto? Have precious metals ceased to exist in your mind as a stable store of wealth as a viable alternative to fiat currency? No need to reinvent the wheel.

Corinna MCroy

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michael s

"inevitably get venezuela" -- sounds logical, but Japan started QE 20 years ago. The US started in 2008/9. It can be a long road.

Uncle Putin

Nailed it! Dollar rallies as market sells off. Now let's see if the Fed responds with more printing which sends gold higher.


2 comments on 2nd wave.1) the chaos arises when we do not know if we are sick from the flu OR Covid, 2) the next wave will be a mutated form of the virus. If the mutated form is similar enough to the 1st, then our bodies fight the first virus and gives the next wave's virus a head start to ravage our bodies. Reference Dengue which infects 50-100 million each year and one the biggest killers from disease in the world. The first time you contract it, the sickness is mild .It is the second infection that really floors you.


I guess those with the biggest trade, have the power to define the new global reserve currency. And that's not California but China. Maybe USA and Europe with the IMF will try to make their new currency. But I think that wont work out well. So maybe gold will have a comeback where China and Europe could find an agreement.


Which article on ZH are you talking about where the author talks about backwardation? I don't see it anywhere. Also, GLD is not the best etf to own. There may NOT be the gold they claim is there, but more paper promises. I would own the Sprott funds.

Jambobby B

Many thanks chaps ?

michael witzel

When the guest started talking about what Anti-American George Soros has to say. Lost my interest of the show.

David Wright

nice idea re Silicon Valley DC. But the CBs are doing their own. FedCoin is well on the way.....why would they give up power!?

Danilo Reed

Gold is correlated to weak dollar. The DXY seems to be correlated to Europeans forgetting to print while on August vacation. Covid is the biggest driver of the sentiment of the stock market. The rise of FANG+MSFT is caused by unlimited Fed printing because politicians have kept their local economies closed because we still have cases of COVID. If COVID goes puff, the COVID narrative ends on Nov 3rd, and/or we get vaccine, would be bad for big tech as money should rotate. Are people not aware big tech owns the national media and profit from this continued COVID narrative.


2020 is revenge of the retards. They're far from done, nothing major has to happen for 2021 to be about civil war or world war.
The retards rule, enjoy.

Kirstin Strand

There are several thought provoking ideas here. Thanks for these clues, I don't enjoy surprises.

Wiktor Jespersen

There is another theory about t bills. The primary dealers aren't selling them because the fed is buying. The primary dealers only want to sell prof buyers. Right now the countries aren't buying because trade has stopped. I as a private investor would buy treasuries as my bank charges negative interest rates in eu.


Why do these traders think their confidence make them medical experts on viruses?

Anders Walker

I recorded numerous losses trading stock by myself until my in-law referred me to Derrick Payne trading, now I keep making huge weekly profits with him as my broker, he’s a genius

ed reeves

Use the 1979 gold chart times 10. I think this is a repeat. The big move could be over by January leaving the crowd behind. Then perhaps a multi-year correction until gold gets pinned by the IMF.

Scott Morton

It used to be that passive funds tracked the market, now the market tracks passive funds. Also, 'the market always comes back' will turn out to be the biggest fallacy that investors hold as a widespread truth. The US market is actually the exception for 'always coming back'. Other global markets have experienced major tops which they have not yet recovered from. UK, europe, china, japan you name it.

Robert White

There is no such thing as "resistance" "oversold" "overbought" or any other t/a voodoo gibberish. Everything this conman babbles is nonsense. Made up useless opinion based upon nothing but superstitious buzzwords. He knows nothing or he wouldn't be trying rope in gullible and easily impressed youtube viewers. 99% crap.

Jake Champion

Erik should look into Ripple, they have been in talks with central banks for a while. They are also partially owned by Google and a variety of banks. They also have a digital asset called XRP which is aimed at creating instant settlement and high liquidity without dependence on the dollar due to its near instant settlement and near zero cost of transaction.

JB Wentworthe

Eric, re: digital currencies ,would you ask about the amount and costs for electricity to run those systems, and the block chain technologies we are hearing so much about. Thanks for this discussion with Jesse .

John Bauer

Loooong time Erik, Loong time

Finance & Economics

It only seems like it can continue indefinitely. It won't!

Simon Ata

Gold silver is the only solution to replace the dollar.

Logan Schmick

If it keeps going up and peoples lives keep tanking there will be blood in the streets and they know that.

Cicero Araujo

Really great communicator

Inked Angel

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Jesse felder podcast

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Jesse Felder: Where to Move Your Money Now & Future Massive Overvaluations [Economic Survival Guide]

40 800 views | 5 Jul. 2020

Since there’s such a huge

Since there’s such a huge disconnect between the real economy and the financial economy how do we as investors move forward? Jesse Felder will offer insights as to do and NOT to do.

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DISCLAIMER: Everything I say is for entertainment purposes. Do not take ANYTHING I say as financial advice, I am not a financial advisor, I am just a clown with a youtube channel. The stock market is too risky for anyone to enter. The mere fact that 90% of people lose money in the stock market should be your warning to stay away from it.

Sir Knight51

I'll save you some time. Sell, sell, sell: and buy gold to protect the debasement of the cash you hold. Be in a position to buy in the next 1-5 years.

Tom Smith


Lambo Stacker

Nothing wrong with stacking Lambos

Al Lamb

If you are looking to get out of California, NE Tennessee is a great place to be.


Deflation and Deflation. ?????

Crypto Damus

lol dude still lives in LA and wants me to take him serious about the future? If you couldnt see that shithole coming I aint got time

Kurse One

what in the 360p is this

Hoover E Londono

July 6 vídeo?????

Bart G


Disco SuperFly

So where’s the link for Jesse’s website and/or blog??


I like this format J Bravo


For sale on Amazon; Communism for kids, Tales for little rebels, The truth about socialism for smart kids, The abc's of socialism... way to go Bezos


JB, I inquired about a subscription to the Felder Report last week. And here you providing a whole interview with the founder. You Rock ! ?

Gary Bacher

How is the double bottom on the dollar working out


I won't be getting into the Market unless there's a significant Pullback, or until the Fed hops off the bus. The Feds involvement is making the Market an uneven playing field.

Stephen Issekutz

JB! Thanks for months of entertainment! How dyou feel about gold and silver mining stocks as a more volatile hedge?

Kayaking Queen

Why are your videos the best videos?

Patat Je

I have the impression that gold is in a bubble and about to pop. The prices were high even before the February-March 2020 crash. Gold prices have crashed deeply several times in history.

James McMahon II

Bubble. Pssh. Only up

David B

nice interview.

bryan what

Here is what's going on. Most small business has been shut down 6 months. 2020 is a loss. They took the PPP money opened up then fired employees filed bankruptcy and don't have to pay a penny in taxes nor the PPP back as they met the obligations. You will see an increase in fake covid cases as states only means of survival is from federal bail outs. This is all going to bust eventually. The shutdown killed America and probably all global economies. You will see massive digital dollars printed greatly devaluing all currencies.

LoDown Logic

Why beat down Robinhood kids? Sure, there is a percentage of Robinhood users that are making foolish investments. There is a portion of users that are taking control of their financial futures. I'm 45 myself and you just sound pompous, arrogant, and old when you make fun of a very successful platform that has found it's success by catering to a younger demographic. Just my opinion.

D Marshall

I hear so much talk about owning gold, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but would like to hear more opinions on silver. I understand owning silver can be cumbersome, try owning $100,000 in silver as opposed to gold (storage, portability, practicality, etc.), but I think silver has more upside potential. So please, more comments on the pros and cons of silver, thanks....

brian glick

Why is energy consistently the most hated sector? Shouldn't investors be buying this sector when it is most hated? Not all energy companies are money losers.

Jeff Silverberg

When you say “cash”, do you mean the paper stuff? Or having savings account with digital cash?

Luis Guerrero

What I worry about these Robinhood kids, is if they are ¨Head Strong¨ when things go ruff. Im sure we are aware of one kid already taking his life for a huge loss.

FinBrain Technologies

FinBrain has defined a new concept in stock prediction, we model the future price movements of the assets, instead of providing Buy/Sell signals, visit www.finbrain.tech for more.


Bear Stearns... Hmmm.... Obviously


Portland doesn't need more financial advisors like you; they need more snow-bound bicycle-riding soy boys. Think about New York, wild thing!

Michael N.

I found out that there's no more gold, so bitcoin may be the next bet option.

Alan Scott

Consider using a Sam Kinison accent, "Hodgie discovers momentum trading, escapes mud puddle."

Silver Fox

You should put your guests on the lift for the intro


Thanks for this. Appreciate you not interviewing someone for an hour, like some hosts. Not that I don't appreciate deep-dive interviews - but brevity is also smart...


Is it me, or is someone clipping their toenails in the background ??


Sweet baby Jesus you're back

Steve Swanson

I've got cash, and I'm waiting for the next crash!! ?? My $25k is just going to collect dust until I see some deals.

Dr. Dr. Ruediger Osswald

Fight the FED by buying physical gold an save your ass. These are dangerous times we are living in. It's not the time to make big gains but the time not to lose too much a everybody will lose. The times for big gains will come after the resat.

Sir Dukingham

stay cash so you will have toilet paper in a year.

Jaden's Place

Your videos are great ? I just wanted you to know if I can make u thumbnails for your YouTube channel. Plus I have the best price’s. So let me know if you are interested.

jake Hawtin

If you don't know your science and whats going on in tech (I don't mean that you know how to use all your apps on the phone) then you don't have a chance of understanding the likelihoods in the future. There are wild times coming that make my past 50 years look glacial.

Ken Keller

Why the milkshake theory is wrong. Thoughts please...


John Doe

BTC almost below $9k, JB facebook advice keeps me watching this channel.
Sit there and dont invest, I aint no billionaire I'm watching vids for stocks on sale,, kinda like Cramer report

Crystal Jonas

J Bravo, appreciated that you asked guest to summarize "What do we do right now?" (8:10) ??Answer: "Core position in gold and a heavy dose of cash."

Matthew Davis

So I’m one of those new Robinhood investors you guys love to poke fun at (mostly for good reason) and I have a question. It seems like many tech stocks are mostly or entirely speculative, which suggests that most of their value as companies comes from....people like me! What happens to, say, Tesla if this thing goes bad and those “investors” cash out and run for the hills? Logic of a very basic understanding of all of this suggests to me that if a crash comes, those companies are very, very risky. Does anyone have two cents to spare?

Pumba WTF

I have a bad habit of losing concentration when things get too serious xD was he saying to buy physical gold or ETF?

tim jones

Hillary clinton made 100.000.00 in cattle futures... Why cant i.


Two things to do in economic bubbles. Pick one. Sell high, or have your stop loss orders in place. Look for the out of favor undervalued and either buy or put in buy orders to catch dips.

Jimmy Gch

I’m waiting to short the market ... waiting for the day to come

Rob Kidd

When you talk about being bullish on Gold/prec metals, does that mean physical, or can that be in funds(mut/etf)?? thx

Kristy Wiley

Should new gold investors get in the market now at these prices or should we wait for a contraction?

Phin Al

Thank you for presenting something that is actually strategically actionable. That's far superior to, "OMG, OMG, the sky is falling!!!"
Thank you!


Excellent post JB !!!!

Vadym Sagadin

JBravo, please let us know your mind about new TVIXF ticker

Bobby Owsley

I'd actually enjoy having a Robinhood indicator on my charts, lol. Follow them to a stock, then watch level 2 for the halt, dump and count my gains.

Brian Curran

Very good

KD Investing

I like the episode! Great idea to have an experienced guest. Loved hearing what you both had to say

Saha Family

@j Bravo can you please share you twitter? And how do you suggest people play this market I am sitting on cash should I go in, or wait.


Great interview jbravo.


video is only 360p resolution.



Michiel Van Kets

after 2008 it slowed down a bit here, meaning, while we were growing with 15% before, after it was 'just' 8% ... the first year ... in no time the building constructions took off again just as before ....
how come?
whenever there's a severe crash in the west there are always going to be a lot of people who think; I wish I could just sell everything and move to a tropical island to get away from it all ... some of those who do have enough money, actually do so ... and then where do they go?
to one of those very few rare places where the grass is not just greener, it's thicker, it grows faster and all year around; as in; a tropical island like Phuket
the next 6 to 12 months you might be able to make some bargains around here, always some weak hands that will panic, but ... in another 2-3 years you can be sure that everything here is booming again like never before; they're about to finish 3 massive project almost 1000 condo units all together; I really don't think you'll be able to buy any of them at a discount; demand will not drop here ...
that's what happened after 2008, so that's why I'm guessing it will happen again
especially in europe there are plenty of people who don't just want to leave, but also have enough money to buy a villa for themselves and then a bunch of condos to rent to the tourists ... meaning; they can do it ... this while there only a very few places like phuket in the world; it's going to get busy here ... as always

Retro Moto

Solid advice! Thank you both!

UFO Video Addicts

if you leave LA you will shrivel up and blow away.
this is the land that sustains your jubilant life force and will nourish the future that blossoms before you.


Would have been a great video if Jesse put down his Airpod case and stopped clicking it, soo annoying.

Harrison Yang

I didn't know 90% of options traders lose money. I just sell calls and sell puts and almost never lose money. Why buy and pay for premium when you can sell the premium and time is on your side? I don't get it

Aaron's Building Garage

you uploading today? or nah? 7/6

Randall Paul

Funny. I know Bend Oregon well I'm actually from mt hood moved to LA in 1971 left LA in 87 living in Italy. Paradise. Oregon's great if you stay in America. We have a nice gap up in the indices today. Who would of thought haha.

Johnny Boy

What do you mean overvaluations, stock are cheap

YouTube lover 1

lmao, I'm 15 and playing on Robinhood

Andrés Sergio

Getting to know and trade with Jason Harper this past few months has really been a huge stepping stone for me in my life. Since I started trading with Jason Harper I am able to earn $5300 every week and I only started with the bare minimum I have learnt so much about crypto currency from Jason Harper and indeed I am grateful


cash is risk


Some say food shortages are coming.

Todd Mitchell

Great interview. Looks like you got some sun on the fourth!

Michael Johnston

Be careful buying stocks now or at any time really. Please know that stocks can easily lose 20 percent of their value in a day. I've bought Amazon, Google, and Square all at the wrong time and lost between 15-40 percent (square) on these stocks. It took over one year to recover losses and I gave up 10s of thousands of dollars. Remember just 6 months ago Amazon was viewed as a stagnate business with poor margins and was looked down on by mainstream investors. I really wish the stock market wasn't the only game in town. If you are unlucky like me, do not even try it unless you are open to a violent ass raping. Good luck and protect your money and your ass!


You are very smart and funny and insightful and I look forward to your dailys.. it brightens my day and Literally helps me trade. You need to work on some interview skills. I cringe at your interaction. Make it about them.


Why the poorest country has not crash yet like italy japan tokyo...


Jesse Felder the..... Pen clicker! ? Just click your Pen it will unlock!


you didn't show him any of your cool drawings !!!! =(

Tyler Garrett

I subbed! I watch your videos every day I enjoy your insight. I wanna buy your course soon! Stackin up cash right now ?

Brandon B

Great guest you had on JB. Aligns perfectly with what we have been discussing here for months

Angela Yaun

Your hair is amazing ?


Anyone notice the slowest typer ever in the background?

Rob Kimble

He’s correct. Time is an often overlooked commodity in the markets. And FinTwit is an information gold mine JBravo!

bryan what

Man I thought I was smart back in the robinhood days. Bought wkhs 1000 shares at 1.80 sold it at 3.60. Man I wish I kept that now.


I made 7000$ today on the forex

Ryan p

Why is there signs at all the stores saying due to federal coin shortage we need coins?¿?¿? There is some scary stuff going on?


Farmer Bravo got a little to much sun on the 4th.

Chris Chacon

Still yelling at the clouds, I see. Not going down. All you need to do is buy any and everything.


JBravo, why so serious all of the sudden.Your guest made some sober tips with gold, greenbacks and wait. Still, if the riots, looting and anarchy continue and game changers in the November elections. Lets keep up with the laughs, it's easier si.

Elisha mccreery

Was about to go to sleep and looked and seen your notification. Had to watch before I knock out lol.
Great video. Totally agree, I see big downside on its way. I've been slowly decreasing my portfolio taking profits as I go. I want to look into hedging against currencies with gold/silver/platinum I'm not sure wheres to best to stash a bit of money in as it's not something I've done a lot of research into. I don't think gold is good to go after right now though as everyone is flocking towards it because of the current situation. I do like clean energy and it's early days and hasn't quite taken off so I like to keep my eyes open for an opportunity there.
Appreciate the hard work u put into the videos. Cheers! ?

Hoover E Londono

Where is Johnny Bravo ??????

Kwai Chang Caine

I'm in the Chicago are and fat boy governor Pritzker is squeezing every dime he can out the working man and its only going to get worse . I need to get out . My 717 square feet house had a property tax increase of over $2000 this year . Boo ? Pritzker Sucks .

Larry Tobin

Solid interview & great to get different perspectives tku

David Huang

The stock market is really weird, I think investing in the crypto would be the best way to save and make money ?

Santa Cruz James

Really Johnny? Seemed like an infomercial of the worst kind.

A Rioters Worst Nightmare

Market will rally for next 7 months. Cooked books..

Silver Eagle


kazuki nakamura

Why is this video only 360p? Hmmm


left out bitcorn

no name

J Bro,
Good interview!
You should have your own financial show in CNBC or FBC!
I hope that happens!

Jesse felder podcast

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Jesse Felder (Social Media Dystopia, Hyper Bubbles, Central Planners Only Option: Print $$$)

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Hey George you need to have a conversation with Harry Dent.

James Horton

Helicopter parents dropping helicopter money on the kids to pull the bait and switch, we lose our freedom and ability to learn from our mistakes in exchange for slavery and suger coated misery.

Brian East

Damn good episode


The Fed is an open book. they QE now just like they have in the past. and just like past history when their masters tell them to stop the simply stop. The market will look down and see the abyss and that is the day the party ends.

Muhammad Reza Prasetya

Oil is not about just energy. its petroleum industry produce to many thing that need for daily people life. well, might be different if all chemical from processed crude oil can be synthesize. so there is possibility of energy shortage and base chemical material for lots of industries. and don't forget about silicone. i cannot imagine how devastated a person in needed some total make over find out that silicone supply is just scarce. that cheek need to be tight, doc!!!.

camaro sunrise

Politics is a "racket", controlled by the Two-Party System, created by the Wealthy Elite.


George I don't think you're giving enough credit to the couple that say their game plan is sell when stuff stops going up. At least they have a sell target.

paul foley

Hi George,. Great interview. My edge has been investing for cash flow. It help me buy when there was blood in streets and sell when it was time to move money. I have turned $20,000 into 18 million. And by the way, I own MHP and some small apartments.

paul foley

By the way, I made the twenty thousand by living in my car and working two jobs.

Jonathan Ferguson

Gotta have the diamond hands! To the moon!


I think the crack up boom is coming sooner than anyone thinks.

snoose baum

TAXATION ? commies R here


Not a bad interview - but as Jesse has more or less exactly your opinion, it delivers little new insights.
If possible try to get some more people to your channel with more contradictory opinions....

Christopher Semancik

haha yes. a nation of ninny's can become a nation of ninnyhammerers. it's a slippery slope.

Giorgio House

BUBBLE? What about RIVIAN. Electric Car producer that didn't produce anything yet BUT...Amazon is one of the shareholders!!! So...Amazon ordered some cars they need from Rivian. Rivian is already valued 25B$ without producing anything yet. In this way, considering the crazy market euphoria, Rivian market value 2 days after the IPO will be over 70B$ . In this way, the Amazon ownership value of Rivian will surpass the cost of the electric cars they'll buy... Thanks to the Market Euphoria Amazon will get the cars for free and I guess they'll get even more money thanks to the market valuation of Rivian! ??? ... on the other side, do you remember when Biden promised to tax the Big Companies and maybe split them into more parts? Well...Yesterday Amazon said to the new President that they are ready to help the US to distribute the vaccine...Well...after this...I guess Biden will be more gentile with Amazon. Don't you think? ?


How can you do yield curve control without blowing the currency?

All Nighter Heider

The middle finger analogy is classic.

J. Frank Garcia

Lol you guys are barely learning about r/WSB? We are definitely at the top. They've been doing it for near a decade and figured out that the algorithms are picking up their posts. They're no different than a boiler room, except there's nothing they're forcing it's playing the algo.


Robinhood, better than scratch-offs?

Samuel Rück

Missallocation of not only resources but also time, Georg nailed it once again. The fed and the ecb don’t make people think and work harder. They make people waste their time while China is laughing.


Thanks for explaining about spacs. Just today someone I know said he was asked for 100k to buy 2 @ 40k houses.What about the remaining 20,000 that’s 20% you were talking about! Very bad deal! Thank you!


Its what the programs do, not what the algorithms do. It's the programs that run on socialist media platforms. Algorithms are a design step for a program.


Sugar rush is the best way to describe.

Ca Sk

George could you please do a deep dive on cost of labor someday?

Eric Wedin

People used to be forced to play om the lottery if they wanted to change their financial position in any real way. Traditional work could not do that and now it is the stock market instead of the lottery. Really wealthy people didn’t play the lottery and they are not gambling on the stock market now. They play it safe as always.

AJ n Sonali

I respect jesse felder’s possible assumption on market crash due to fear of excessive fruad etc. He is an expert and i am a big fan of him. But if such things happen will be transitory because uninformed investors may lose all money but huge capital makets both equites and bond markets alike has no real connection with real economy. Our financial economy aka Wall Street industrial complex will get big and bigger, with littile volatility here and there. We need to switch back to an economy that has tangible production not phony services also reduce the derivative bubbles and over gambling. Unless we don’t do massive overhaul in the current system, we gonna be in the state of real hallucinations or delusions that even stiff drink will not work.

John Grear

Get with the program, the robots are going to do all the work, hopefully, or we're all screwed in reality.

Brandon Gray

Chris Elliott's bro?

Adam Martin

... I’m thinking of risk management alright. hedging my spac plays (just the ones that look good i.e. DPHC/RIDE.. RBAC, IPOABCDEF etc) by rotating SPY puts... ... QUESTION : if this is Crashing Up.. What’s a better way to protect yourself??? Like even buying gold and silver seems interestingly speculative considering how it’s manipulated and projected derailing of capitalism etc. etc.

Life Lessons for my Son s

Hey George,

What video editing software would you recommend for me as a brand new YouTuber? Also, are you putting your videos on any other platform?


Troy Evans

There won't be a "green" future if oil prices go through the roof. That's why gold would be a better bet than silver.

Dylan Appenfeldt

George I want to design a hoodie for Rebel Capitalist With An EXTRA Large HEAD! Seriously Dylan

Mike H

Old bald guys talking tough lol back in my day when gas was a nickel! You act you there no rigged millennials lol

Edith Driver

A simple solution to a complex problem = institute an unregulated true free market economy ! Done.

cat car

It’s the leverage folks!


@George Gammon @18:35 talking about Chamath's Opendoor pump, which is a pureplay of Zillow's money-losing portion of their business?


"When the economy re-opens" - that's a big, WHEN. More like.... "if".

R. g R. host

Fantastic and eye opening interview. Well done!

Young Hustler

Please interview Gordon T Long. His macro YouTube channel is epic.

Brandon Vanderwe

You got to stop saying “you know” bro, starting to sound like J Lo

Emm Dee

Really need a better new microphone for George.


I’d bet that the Fed buying mortgages is coming.

Jules Signoret

Isn’t it part of the great reset to implement a market melt up ? Pull the plug and the damage will be 100x more efficient. Then they can say again, that it is time to reset to help the many more poor people.

Jim Watt

This guy should really try cutting out all the "you knows" it makes him hard to listen too.

Stuart Egglestone

Hi George, great video as always ??. I do have a question of asset price capping. My friend who owns a plumbing store in Australia has been told by the group distributer (60~ companies) that they have been told to keep their plumbing material’s pricing at the current value; to not increase them or they will not be supplied. Would this be a prelude to a price disturbance, maybe even a crash?


Thanks George, I'm in my 50's and the helicopter comment was just so spot on. The kid's that are coming through today a total flakes, if you think the generation Y are bad then just look at the generation Z, I really feel sorry for them. Our parents use to let us go and do what we wanted, as long as I was home on time for dinner, my mother didn't care what we did. I'm so glad I didn't grow up with cell phones and social media. We use to go out and play all day. How many fat kids did you have at school? I bet you could count them on one hand and they were not even that fat. Look at the fat kids today, they are disgusting. The generation x were the last of the free range kids.

John Kline

So - like - you know , what is it with people using these terms with such regularity , the vast majority of people when asked a question start their rely with the word so - seems strange to an old feck like me lol

Ira S



I can’t believe they didn’t teach me that awesome strategy in business school. What the hell?

Tjad Clark

Without the stimulus of failure, true success will never be perceived.

Gina Daniel

Awww...George...don’t cramp my stymie

Cadogan Enright

I cashed out of the stock market in October and felt like a fool ever since. The appears to be no good reason for the S and P being where it is

Dana Gaspard

Great job George and Jesse!

Cadogan Enright

George, it's a bit ironic to hear rich folk criticising poor folk for poor productivity 'cos they depend on getting money from the overvalued stock market. That is hilarious.

Max Smart

Genius ???

Nancy Campbell

Felder masters the market zeitgeist like few others. Once Jesse connects with George on boys/bicycle helmets, Jesse starts to enjoy the conversation, and in return gives us not only fresh insights, but confirms a lot of what we discuss in Rebel Capitalist Pro. Thumbs up!

James Barr

Brilliant conversation. Jesse Felder is a great communicator.

ddkrew 1

It's too late...these people have printed 10 trillion dollars in the last year...the people got 360 billion of it...let that sink in when you go buy that island...the failure should be borne on the backs of those that support these ridiculous policies...your congress.

Andrew Barowski

Guys, please watch “Hidden secrets of money” by Mike Maloney. You will be shocked. He created them 7-10 years ago.


"Fed Policy unintended consequences are spiraling out of control..." Curious what Jesse and you George would advocate if current Fed policy is a path and policy to financial destruction?

Robert McManus

Your exit strategy is just as important if not more than your entrance strategy. People dont get that. Especially at these levels euphoria has people by the balls.

John Kraemer

Nice talk gentlemen.... are there only about 4 or 5 of us that see this? All the politicians are oblivious? All of CNBC? Or are we delusional? I’m not usually the smart one...just saying.

Robert Kelly

I was wondering if some of these youtuber traders could move a stock. I mean if you have over 1 mil subscribers and they start talking about certain stocks, an there followers start buying/shorting. I would guess they might move.

Stephen Mayo

Buying panics and manias can go on longer than you expect.

OK Computer

U like regulations on ipos now GG?




Good interview, George!!

protocol juxx

Wall Street Bets is the reason why they should do a better job teaching the markets in schools

james morton

Current neoliberal economics Torpedoes . . . . .  The American Dream


The TicTok investment club think they’re geniuses. ?

Taylor Kaplan

There is a limit to it all, ... it just takes time.


You need to start taking profits and only play with the houses money. Get your principal investments shielded from a crash now! Let the speculators eat eachother alive while you enjoy the show


Buying Silver.... Paper and digits aren't real

Christopher Semancik

great interview. good stuff.

Wayne Smith

Search : Singularity.
Yeah... Mind blown.

Christopher Semancik

George you really need to interview Cory Morningstar or Allison McDowell on the green revolution and the great reset

bob hunter

social media ruled by left wing snow-flakes..boo-hoo

Dan Barrett

So ture about helmets and being on bikes ALL DAY LONG!!! So much fun & independence!!!

brady nields

Even the family offices are getting in on SPAC's. I guess that investing model is acceptable as more and more fiat is directed towards investments?

Different Perspective

Great watch?


Elon Musk has great idea for schools! His kids learning new curriculum that will make employees of the future. Find out his ideas! (Math science coding ethics hopefully history!)

protec & attac

The short sellers are getting rekted by dank trades? kek ☠️?️‍??

Watching the system get spanked by weaponized autism always cheers me up.

Ibe on Tech and Macro stuff

If you add everything up, Big Governments, Central Banks, Socialism, ... the only way I see it ending is high Inflation and social unrest.

Lanco Bear

Due to mass immigration and deracination in America parents no longer have a homogenous and safe culture for their children like in the "old days". Multiculturalism breeds mistrust and makes parents feels unsafe due to cultural differences and language barriers. Not to mention the 24/7 propaganda that teaches people to hate the founding stock of America.

Arnold Ziffel

This presentation was like seeing my team have a walk-off homer where the baseball cleared the upper deck.

Paul Burns

Holly Molly, I own a stock that that Wall Street Bets manipulated up about 75% in a few days. They can destroy small companies. This pile on BS hurts the companies.

Randy Borges

I constantly hear in many channels that you need to have a plan to sell. Well what if you just began your investing journey, and for example, you only have a few grand on Tesla, how are you suppose to allow it to compound over the years — if it gets extremely high — and you are saying to sell?

mcnuck 69

25:00 dude farts ?

Matteo Carrara

The best one yet.

Electro Spot

Hey George, I am a wallstreetbets Tesla trader. I've made a ton of money last year. WSB for life!

Jason Russell

Lots of new regulations coming to the markets when this blows up. Unfortunately.

Hydross 77

Liquid Zombies ?‍♀️

Fukten Broken

George, does watching your videos and others like yours, along with subscribing to investment newsletter services like yours give me the edge I need to be a successful retail investor?

Jack Slater V

This was a very eye opening conversation.

The Frank

When you watch the net worth of Elon Musk go up by $100 billion in 1 year it's hard to sit back and just comfortably work your 9-5 for $100/day.


God I love wall street bets

Bobcat Bren

Next crash is going to be a dozy. The gambling is insane. ???

snoose baum

edwards & mcgee ! i bet i'm the only one here that has a copy,

Jason Russell

All the newbie traders will lose everything and then either quit, or finally start to learn how to trade long term. Same as .dot era.


It's all about the King. The dollar.