What is er in stocks

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Sunday Stock Talk ? Top 3 Day Trading Stocks

14 805 views | 4 Jan. 2021

In this video Umar Ashraf

In this video Umar Ashraf breaks down some day trading setups, news and plays for the upcoming week!

Here's my game plan for tomorrow:

1. Markets rose to all time highs last week due to positive sentiment and approval of the second US Stimulus

2. Action Packed week ahead! First full week of trading!

3. Fed Minutes this week/ job reports on Friday (first Friday of every month

4. Market will be watching fresh Covid19 headlines — vaccine rollout much slower than promised

5. Saw some rebalancing happen last week and will see some rotations soon

6. Senate Election (Tuesday, January 5th - Wednesday January, 6th) — [https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/senate/](https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/senate/)

7. Market favors a split! Looking for Republicans to control senate!


Open Position Updates


2. WMT


Names on Watch for this week

1. MARA | RIOT — BTC Rally

2. NIO — Nio day on January 9th (expecting movement and momentum with this)- Will be unveiling our new sedan model and share the latest development of our autonomous driving and other core technologies. Also crushed guidance estimates on vehicle delivery! Increase 121% YOY — Huge correlation with a lot of EV names such as LI | XPEV | TSLA | BLNK

3. TSLA — Beat the yearly street estimates on delivery. 499K cars delivered, 2020 deliveries up 36% YOY and 60% Q — Could be sell the news basis

4. MU — nice breakout on Thursday. Got upgrades and also ER this week


6. DIS




10. BIDU

11. BLNK

12. CHWY

13. PLTR

14. PDD

✅Umar's Instagram: http://instagram.com/umarashraf

✅Umar's Trading Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/umarashraftrades

✅Umar's Twitter: https://twitter.com/umarashraf28?lang=en

✅ Stock Market Lab Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stockmarketlab

**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment.

#stocks #options #daytrading

Krish Rai

What's the intro song of your first video?

David H

If democrats control the senate I see a good chance that they might try for a financial transaction tax. They will tie it to student loan forgiveness and say it's time for Wall Street to pay.

Muhammad Ali

Watchlist: AAPL, GS, SQ, JPM, OPEN

Peter DiCarlo

Hey brother! I was wondering what program are you using to screen record and draw on the screen. Thanks brother! Keep the videos coming.


would love if you'd look at your audio levels on vids you upload. your audio is generally 50% the level of most youtube videos.


Can you make a video of your chart settings on tos I like the way you set your levels and how clean it looks

Heman Rising

Lets get to it !!!

Vernon McLaughlin



Be careful with nio, Tesla model y in China make a price down to 340k yuan which is considered as a powerful competition for the nio

Dana Danko

Love it thanks a lot

Bobs Racing

2021 why don't you start trading live and share your daily statements?

Coleman Jerde

Lion electric merging with NGA

Sergio Golden

NGA is a buy


Umar’s honesty is admirable.

Teagan Heidenreich



Thanks for the update! You should check out $CLSK, advanced technology and software company. They achieved another record revenue year and delivered in excess of 100% Year-Over-Year revenue improvement for the 3rd consecutive year.

Trade safe & thanks again.

Umar Ashraf

What stocks are you guys watching this week? and HAPPY New Years!! Lets all kill it in 2021!

russel deakin

I have ETCG and OGEN, I am looking for them to run this week. I also hold CWBR AGE(I am going to start to add if it goes below 1.40) NOU, TMED, VST and FANS.


2020 was almost a bad year for me because I lost my job and things was really bad for me until a friend introduced me to @coachtoria101 on instagrm who is now my mentor she teach and help me gain financial freedom in space of 2 months ❤️ this dude @coachtoria101 is the best coach / mentor you have been looking for

Blackmon Francis

Trading is easy and safe with the right help that's why I trade with Mrs Theresa she's the best?

Karine Ivanov

Everyday we see improvement in trading. Glad I invested right I have made more than I expected.

Jose Rios

Good video, missed this on Sunday. Now that i know you do this every Sunday, I'll be attentive

Jah Sun

Anyone giving you thumbs down is not cool ?

Alek Tomanov

As said very nice videos but I think should be max 10 min.

Vinny Frigatti

Awesome content Umar. Question - where do you tend to get your news from - intraday while trading and during off market hours?

Peace -

Great insight. Stands out from the rest of the youtubers by providing concise clear game plans & not being ambiguous like the others.

Leah Price


Lincoln Skiles


Koshilan Kosh TV

Any good video coming up for today?? ? can’t wait to learn more

u mirin zyzz

Can you plz do a live q and a session!

Juan Guerra

if dems can control senate they throw out mitch mcconnell and chuck fills in meaning 2k stimmy will easily pass meaning markets go green

Trade with Zoey

Having a trading plan is essential for every trader. Trading with Mrs Monroe's platform and understanding its unique premise could help you formulate better your own trading plan.


Hey Umar, do you pay the $145 monthly fee to get live market data in tos for your business account or do you trade in a personal account, I just started trading and that’s a lot of money to pay just for live quotes.


Tuesday January 7th?

ftdr sambi

Watching BNGO and Jaguar health, also WBA

BuellerBuys Trading Community

Amazing Post!

Lucky 777Detail

You are a jewel mr umar ! Thanks for these vids

Maximilian Thompson

NGA is merging with lion electric in Q1 2021 !!!

Beth Femore

Your breakdown is always so amazing, it makes it easier even for the common man. Keep up the go’s work. Still on the look for a reliable trader

Kristaps Moruss

Things can be very messy? I'm confused. How about market preferring stable, open market vs trade wars and some guy randomly tweeting crazy shit?


I don't think the Senate race will really matters in the end. Even if the Democrats sweep they don't have enough votes to break filabuster. Nothing is really going to be passed for at least 2 years.

Sara H

Which economic calendar (source) is used please?

Daniel Dimitrov

Are you trade equities or options when you hold - swing trades ?
You can record video when you enter in a deal ( for swing trade) and when you exit.

Dave Gourlay

watching NFLX to drop to the $507-508 lvl


how did you gather all the economic events and news that's going to happen in the coming week? any website?

Christian Selk

Elon should of just bought the 500 Tesla’s to sell 500k haha

Chad Heitman

I never comment on YouTube videos but I wanted you to know these are so valuable Umar, love to see these being done every week, thank you so much for all the value you bring!!!!

Shawn B

Please add commodities like slv, gld, ung. thanks

Achyut Bhattarai

Umar is the best!!

Tarek Mustapha

Love this ??

Katherine Taylor

Woow woow ?? ??❤️

Emerson velasquez

Thank for the great content!

Oliver Diaz

I'm selling tesla

Brian Campa

We make a video on NGA and lion electric !!!!

Charlene Stanton

Lion Electric is the next NIO

Ali Abdul

Keep it up bro, love your videos very informative! Thank you

aditya gawde

If any1 need trading course

Laert Zaicev

Walter ProfitCoin EN. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.

Oliver Diaz

Check out ( qcom )


I wouldn't take the ".com bubble" as a all-time high reference.. it isn't a reliable reference

Shayne Nelson

I believe every stock investor invests for the sole reason of growing their funds and earning higher returns, but these days the stock market is very slow and most people ain’t smart enough to know that the best time to buy stocks is when the market is down, A key principle of investing in the stock market is 'buy low and sell high' For example, the people that made a lot of money from Tesla stock bought it at $17 each in 2010 and sold for $498 in august 2020 Ive been into stocks for a long time now, and I can boldly testify that stocks won’t give you the kind of profit you’re looking for if you buy it when it has gotten to the peak price already, I was investing in stocks and wasting my time until 4 months ago when I met someone who introduced me to crypto mileage and everything I needed to know about bitcoins, I switched from stocks to bitcoins, I started trading with the little 0.5 btc I had in my bitcoin wallet I didn’t know it will turn out this big for me, within a month of trading with crypto mileage I earned over 5 btc, as I continued trading with crypto mileage my portfolio tripped from 5 btc to 15 btc and as of now I earn about $15,000 weekly.. for more information and screenshots of withdrawals text via Telegram @shaynenelson.


ROKU looks like it's setting up for a short

Dave Frami


Sam Serdah

Awesome stuff, just subscribed, and thanks for the informative video.


Thanks for video it helps a lot

Allison Whitten

NGA is a buy

Mehmet Koroglu

Thanks for perfect informations
Waiting for this video all day

Susanna Ho

Happy New Year! Thank you for all the videos!!!

Chef Mehmet Ak

Great job Umer

Kristaps Moruss

When you say market does not favor dems taking senate? hmm...the same way like market was up ~6% next day after dems won presidency?

Deep Harman

Thanks Umar

Gelena Golubeva

Walter ProfitCoin EN. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.


eyes on nio!

Nikkijon Mansurokva

HAPPY New Year Man Thanks Soooo Much For everything You Do for Free. Thansk For your Hard Work .I wish You Good Luck 2021 brings you 50million and many many More.

Royce Leonardo

Good. I wait for love from you ??


Great video like always! Hey why do you not have pre market or after market on your charts? I guess what I’m asking is why not include them?

Teresa Miller

Lion electric merging with NGA

Henry Divioun

Amazing content as expected from umar.
With the growth of Bitcoin right now, I’d love to make an investment, any recommendations would be welcome

K Wright

JMIA an African Amazon type company super volatile!

Antonio Castillo Jr

thank you Umar!

Yassine Joudeh

Easy to understand and very cohesive with his reasonings, thank you man keep it up

Terry Williams

I'm new to your channel and I enjoy watching your videos!!

Daniel McCollum

The major challenges investors face may range from controlling impulsiveness to the frail of compulsion. Most newbies and would be investors often undermine and most often neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Essentially, the process involves studying the paths of a particular asset movement in the past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movements. Permit me to say that Mrs. Sharon Lee is an expert Trader without flaws, the very best. leave her a message on + 1 5 1 2 6 8 8 6 0 1 0

Jordon Windler


Reyes Hyatt

Amazon just bought 2500 trucks from Lion Electric NGA !


Fire video ?

Jay Garrett

Forex and cryptocurrency trading are really helping lives during this pandemic...I’m glad to be part of those who benefitted from investing

Adam Safi

Do offer any classes? there is no link at the end of your video.

Saad Patel

Man, can someone please explain me the supply and demand concept in options.
I understand that we have to short when the Market is in the supply zone but do we only have to short a put because the stock is going to go downwards? I'm a bit confused.


Where do you get all your info on what is going to happen in the near future as far as major news headlines?

Carolina Robel


Francesca Nicolas

Lion Electric is the next NIO

Ambrose Perkins

NGA is merging with lion electric in Q1 2021 !!!

Rylee Watsica

We make a video on NGA and lion electric !!!!

Michael Garde

You bang your hands on your desk so often, screws with your audio.

Waleed Khader

I'm not sure why you aren't' watching $BNGO, but what do you think about it?

Craig Szymanski

I loaded up on BTC and Ether.

MRC Trades



i dont wish for his money i wish for his knowlegde

Glen Douglas

Amazon just bought 2500 trucks from Lion Electric NGA !

What is er in stocks

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Google Stock Analysis - is Google's Stock a Good Buy? Alphabet Stock Analysis - $GOOG - $GOOGL

34 844 views | 5 Sep. 2020

When to Buy a Stock:

When to Buy a Stock: https://youtu.be/6Lu71eyaLoo

DCF Step by Step Guide: https://youtu.be/fd_emLLzJnk

In this video, we analyze Alphabet (aka Google) to see if they look like a good investment today. We use discounted free cash flow to try to come up with the fair value of Google's stock.

Join Learn to Invest: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSglJMvX-zSgv3PEJIE_inw/join

Get a Free Stock with RobinHood: https://join.robinhood.com/jamesc10724

★☆★ Subscribe: ★☆★


Investing Basics Playlist


Investing Books I like:

The Intelligent Investor - https://amzn.to/2PVhfEL

Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits - https://amzn.to/2DAV8h9

Understanding Options - https://amzn.to/2T9gFSp

Little Book of Common Sense Investing - https://amzn.to/2DfFGG2

How to Value Exchange-Traded Funds - https://amzn.to/2PWSkRg

A Great Book on Building Wealth - https://amzn.to/2T8AKZ1

Dale Carnegie - https://amzn.to/2DDAk8w

Effective Speaking - https://amzn.to/2DBncAT

Audible Membership I Use (Audio Books): https://amzn.to/2LCorAY

Equipment I Use:

Microphone - https://amzn.to/2T7JxL6

Video Editing Software - https://amzn.to/2RQM1vE

Thumbnail Editing Software - https://amzn.to/2qIUAgP

Laptop - https://amzn.to/2T4xA8Z

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investments are solely your responsibility and we do not provide personalized investment advice. It is crucial that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments. Please consult your financial or tax professional prior to making an investment.

#LearnToInvest #StocksToWatch #StockMarket

Jii L

Thank you for this video Jimmy❗️❗️


Very useful methods. Could you point out where we can find those income predictions?


Up or down next week?

Killian Mckiernan

Has anyone used the PE ratio to calculate the intrinsic value and subsequently the fair value of Google's Stock at the moment? I keep getting a fair value of $676 significantly lower than what you calculated and the actual sell price.

Can anyone explain to me why this is? I understand that there are probably limitations with each method to valuing stock but I can't understand the massive discrepancy.

I am looking to buy my first shares so I am just looking around on the market and trying to value lots of different types of stock and try to have a general understanding of how to spot a good investment rather than just jump on the wave of a "bull run".

Thanks in advance.

john xanthopoulos

Great videos!
Could you do Apple, Facebook, and some Banks for example. Great great job!

J Roig

Hi Jimmy, great video! Did you take into acount the share repurchase program of Alphabet?

Metal Bum

Been waiting for this. I hope it drops to below $1200

Stefan Henson

Love your stock analysis's Jimmy. Xom and Nio please Jimmy?

Teen Finance

I really enjoy all of your content, can’t wait till more! U inspired me to make my own channel about finance, stocks, business, real estate and more! I’m 13 with about $1700 in stocks

Jorge Cosme



Thank you! Can you make a video on how to become an insider for someone who doesn't work for the company?

Investing for Generations

Great video! In my analysis lately I came to an intrinsic value of around 1200USD. So kind of similiar!

krishna SF

Hi, I need Discounted free cash flow validation Excel sheet. Can you share the link?


He’s protecting a long position

Serf Life

So would you say that you are advocating timing the market and only buying on corrections? Also, does anyone really vote? Is it worth it?


diluted shares says are 687,024 in yahoo 681,000 are the basic

Kevin Nguyen

Can you do apple please


I’m definitely invested in Google... they makeup 30% of my Robinhood ??


Hi Jimmy! Love your videos. By the way the other revenue of Alphabet is on the Google Play Apps right? Also do you think can still grow? Isn't Google already a mature company, unless they buy netflix and basically compete against Amazon.

Stoyan Minev

Hi, Jimmy, great video, thank you!
I have one question off topic - Could you please explain what a negative equity is, how it comes that a company has a negative euity, what does it mean to the shareholders, what do you think of such companies - for example PM is one of these companies with negative equity. Thank you in advance.


Google has a lot of "share of mind" which I've heard Warren Buffett talk about, for example discussing Coca Cola. That would theoretically mean that it would be difficult for Bing to take market share from Google Search even if they had a better search engine than google. "To google" is a word in my language.

Arian Behnami


Fernando Morales

Hey Jimmy! Could you do an analysis of the berkshire class B stock?

Matt Fore

Very valuable information! Loved how you showed the difference having so much cash on the balance sheet - especially during these times - is a huge benefit to the value of the company.

Tom will

great job , Jimmy.

Akhil Bisht

Amazon analysis please..... Love your vedio

Johan Westhuyzen

i would really appreciate if you can share where you get the analyst forecast numbers for free cash flow

Tiago Malia

Hey Jimmy, great video once again!
Can you do a video on amazon and your opinion on rumours that it may be the next stock split?

Jorge C.

Love your videos, thanks for the insights

mike mike

Thanks very much for your efforts

Prabesh Ghimire

Ad on google may not reach the same level before 2022

Michael Gould

Jimmy, Thank you...

Alexander Agustine

1:50 where did you get that chart?

tuan nguyen

Jimmy when you said google was valuation was $3471 I got scare for a minute because with my valuation it was $1359 . I said to my self I better go back and watch all your video again ?? nice valuation ?

alejandro ortega

Jimmmy, my man! We need you!!! We need feedback from you about the current situation!

Julian Phang

I must say out of all the channels out there on investing yours is easily the best! No need for special effects, drama or unnecessary cutscenes, just straight to the point and the fundamentals. Subscribed!

Jason Frank

How does search advertising being down make sense? I would have expected the opposite.

Francisco Heredia

This channel is amazing

Gonçalo Ribeirinho

"Hi, Im Jim.."
Me: Hit insta like

Kfir Ben-Yehuda

As usual, Great video with great and clear explanation. I really Enjoy the way your Videos are done. Thanks

nuno bartolo

In 30 years no one will remember google for search but for the 20 years they added to human lifespan throwing calico

Dandy Finance

Can't go wrong with Google, thanks for the insights!

emre Bozkurt

Could u do a video about Berkshire Hathaway?

Alexander Agustine

Can you guys help? Where can I get historic data? I want to see let's say I want Tesla earnings in the past 5 years...

parliamone insieme

Peccato che non capisco bene la lingua.

Leo Quintana

Finally it hits $1500 !! Time to buy ?


Can I buy it @1358.00 Please help me to decide.

Dividend Bloodhound Investing

Awesome information, being invested in this company and being monetised on YouTube means you sort of get paid twice! ?

Metal Jacket 8ball

Bought at 1735. I’m keep it long term

dipika shah

Hello Jimmy, Really informative video. Thanks. Would you please make video on apple or tesla fair value video.

Joseph Jacobs

My margin of safety is holding it for 30 years, until I retire ? But really good video

Danil En

Great content as usual! GOOGL has been good to me the last few years. Wonder when they will start to pay a div

Kenneth Wiley

yeah there need's to be more information your missing like 20 numbers dude a lot of them are risk factors operation factors


Jimmy, from your point of view, what are the stocks or companies will skyrocket with 5 G technology?


Very Nice!✨
I would love to see the fair value of Walmart (WMT)?

Mya Parker

GOOGL mic DOODLE LOL! Thanks for the information! Always looking forward to your videos every week! You inspired me to create a channel on finance,stocks, and investing so thankyou!

Billy Woods

Would you buy now?


Awesome analysis as usual, thanks

Kah Soon

Hi Jimmy, where do I get the discounted free cashflow valuation from? Thanks

Sergi Medina

I had no doubt about it when I purchased some GOOGL back in April.

Jorgidan 92

Hey Jimmy, what are your expectations for the S&P for next week and beyond? Correction continues or back to bull rally?

The Khost

There is a risk of unbundling? What do you think? Can be a problem for the long term investor?

gonzalo arias mateache

Loved this video! Good job


this is gold please do more, is there a such thing as kelly blue book for stocks or do i actually need to do these calculations myself

Valter Souza

Can you make a video analysing Amazon?

Kevin Kindlon

These valuation videos are excellent. Thanks Jimmy


You didn’t mention how many investments Alphabet makes. Which means it also owns huge stakes in other large companies.

Shane Coble

Jimmy Thanks for the video.

An entry point may be just around the corner. What are your thoughts on why Google did really run as hard as some of the other FAANG stocks ?

Happy investing

Saru D

Let’s goooo jimmy

Brad Miller

American marijuana stocks, i.e., Red White and Bloom

Casey Burns Investing

GOOGL is likely about to take a beating along with QQQ. If so I’m in.

Aidan Francis O'Flynn

Google are the least profitable business in fact nobody uses their cloud..cause they have no major storage.


So if I were to buy 1 share..How much would I make? Am 14 and new to this so sorry if that was a dumb question


Thanks! I bought it at sub $1.3k after Q2 earnings cos i thought it was fairly valued


Great video.

J Roig

excellent videos Jimmy, keep them coming

Markus D.

In the foreseeable future I'd certainly expect a higher growth rate than 2.5 %. If one looks at the last 12 years of its Google's listing growth has been substantially higher. Youtube and Cloud will definitely grow faster. Its core business might be maturing, nevertheless 2.5% is very conservative.

Furthermore Google is a great geek company. I except some growth to come from completely new fields such as AI for vehicles.

The valuation should change dramatically with more optimistic numbers. Google does not seem to be mature.

Anti-trust regulation might be a bit of a drawback. (The classic anti-trust case against Standard Oil resulted in a bigger valuation of its parts than as one company. We will see...)

Sebastian Petrak

Hey Jimmy, could you do Aflac pls? BR Basti

F R8

These individual stock videos are great please do an updated version of Facebook next :)


Hi Jim,
you talk about the worth of the individual stock classes of google and you might hit a point saying that the class b is worth more as it holds significantly more voting power.
But isn't the market cap calculated by the price of the a/c stocks multiplied with the prices? So the worth of the class b shares wouldn't be included in the market cap and therefor there is no necessity to consider (substract) that for the fair value?



Excelente vídeo

olivier germain

What if Google splits its stocks? Would you recommend buying it then? (because of the rally that follows a spilt announcement I mean)

patricio Lopez

Hey Jimmy, question, why using a required rate of return of 7.5% to Google? the beta is 1.08, Based in your previous videos, isn’t more reliable a 10% rate to discount CF? tnks

Raahim Memon

Very helpful video ,,thanks

Davide S

Hi jimmy, thanks for your amazing work. I've a question about the number of shares outstanding. If a company has adr shares, how I account for that? Alibaba for example.

jin fu

간단히 말함 세일할때 사라 지금이 저평가다

Ryan Ferridge

Blue Jedi, google it, will that affect the Alphabet stock?

Matthew D'Andria

At first, I never believed in the reality of making money from forex and binary trading with an account manager because I lost so much more than my whole life savings not until I made the last step to reach out to a US based trading company(mega Investment) that changed my story for good. I lost counts of the profits I've made so far and I'm grateful. I recommend Mega Investment and Crystal Legend greatly for their reliability and trustworthiness. With them, your profit is secured and profit guaranteed. Please contact Crystal on whatsapp "'"+1(650)254-6146"'"


Can you do a video on how to value an ipo

Graz Wilson

can you please email me the excel sheet?


I suggest you do a video on Salesforce. According to my DCF model, it is extremely undervalued, and I think your viewers will appreciate it.

Giovanni Portonera

I have a doubt: I bought Google at 1100 dollars per share. Will I make the 7.5% as required return of the video? The same problem is with other stocks, for example Amazon bought at 1800 dollars, how can I calculate my expected return based on my purchase price? Sorry for the question


Hey Jimmy, where did you get the analyst estimate? you usually use one from Yahoo Finance but here your numbers are different from the ones on Yahoo Finance

Anton Jilin

Hi, many thanks for your Google Stock Ananlysis, really great. A bit more depth about the company and its future growth would be great. Could you please do a stock Ananlysis on STORE Capital? I find its a very interesting company (REITS). Many thanks and keep up the good work

Darin Hibbs

Keep in mind...Google has very close ties to the Communist Party of China...this may prove their downfall.

Zee Wil

Tesla video coming soon?

Aritra Bhattacharjee

I don't get one thing though, why the revenue is expected to drop in current financial year? Sure virus is hitting other business but google should not be one of them as now more people are online.

Ibrahim Shamshad

Please could you do a DCF analysis on any insurance company and a bank which must include on how to extract their free cash flows to firm and equity .. never missed your videos .. Thank you


Not a fan of google and there growth going forward.


Google is a solid company. I'll buy when it drops a little

What is er in stocks

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Classic and Essential Beef Stock - Chef Jean-Pierre

25 816 views | 28 Jan. 2021

Hello Friends! This is a

Hello Friends! This is a re-make of our original stock recipe recorded 9 years ago in 480p technology. This one is in 4K it is the same recipe maybe with a few changes. It is a must make and the base for so many recipes. I hope you like and make enough to freeze for 17 Years :)

Recipe Link: https://www.chefjeanpierre.com/recipes/beef-stock/

Check out our Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=chef+jeanpierre&ref=nb_sb_noss

My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLGNeElk4sNgzUrZr0c9krA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamchefjp/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CookingWithChefJeanPierre/

Chef Jean-Pierre: https://www.chefjeanpierre.com/

Chef JP Store: https://chefjp-com.3dcartstores.com/


Dear Jean-Pierre, for beef bones (and giant marrow bones, and duck, chicken, lamb, fish carcasses) in the US I trust our local Korean and Chinese grocery and wholesale stores. They cut everything the way you’d want. Our nearest one even takes orders, laying away what you want to pick up in a few days. Cheers!

Aaron Rodriquez

Thank heavens we have Chef to teach us these wonderful things

Jim Pomatto

A lot of us use to have black hair lol. Love watching you cook!

Mila Fernandez

Thank you! ?

Lahori Kitchen Fatima

Very nice sharing... Thumbs up???

Chris Merkel

Can we get a video on that duck confit risotto?? That sounds amazing ??

audio murphy

My wife loves this stock....rubbed all over her body. Thanks chef !!! Cheers

b777-200 ER


Aaron Armstrong

8:49 that's going to be in the highlight reel for sure haha!

Anita Kinnear

I haven’t had a recipe of Chef Jean Pierre fail yet. They’re full proof.

marc cody

Must have knowledge ....Great video Chef...Every cook should learn this recipe....Soooo many uses....Did the whole Demi Glace reduction thing (72 hours)....losta work but well worth it....You have a gift teaching people easy ways to do difficult tasks....Keep postin these videos ...thanks


"Cook overnight, but if you have cats n dogs be careful."
Boss you are funny.

Bakedby Jeffrey

Nice, Chef JP.???


Oh goodness me !!! I just absolutely LOVE this man so much. My "Friend"
Chef, thank you so much for NOT having music in your videos... 100% of you my friend is pure bliss.

Didi Sinclair

I LOVE to make stock. Even though once its on the simmer, I'm not involved, having a pot simmering away on the stove is just the best, especially on a cold winter day. I love your recipe. Thanks Chef!!!!

Deborah Johnson

??‍♀️??‍⬛???‍♀️???????? Your the best!!


2:26 You know you came for this ;)

Robert Mccreary

Great video were can I get that big stock pot at


I wish you responded to comments. I followed your previous beef stock video to the t (exact same thing as this one). It was on low heat for a whole day. My stock came out bitter. Such an unappetizing bitter that the whole stock went down the drain. What was the cause? Tomato paste? Leeks? Bay leaves?


Keep it for 17 years, which is longer than most marriages, so make sure you get the freezer with the divorce settlement!

Josh Kurtz

I just discovered this channel and I feel like my grandfather is lovingly teaching me how to cook. Love it.


Thanks chef, always a pleasure to see your videos. I'll be doing the stock in my slowcooker overnight.


Two essentials of a good 'how to make stock' video:
-Bloob, bloob, boob.


How much salt should go with that?

Rusida Ahmad

Nice beef bone


Hmm ... no savoy cabbage? They disintegrate completely into the stock when cooked over night.

James Park

Chef jean pierre is our emotional support butter

Tom Seipert

I understand the concept of having beef on the bones, AND I have been told that marrow bones will make the stock have greasy mouth feel. That said I try to use knuckle bones. My question is large leg bones have some marrow but also I can find them with meat on them. How “ bad “ is marrow to the mouth feel of a stock. Thanks in advance love your videos. I’ve made stock with your method before and it was good.

Mary Shew


william DeFreest

Can I can this stock

Pking With bleach

I love the onyo

Richard Richardsen

Allowing the fat to rise and thicken in the fridge is one method. A good one. There's another way we use in my kitchen. After you've stained the hot initial reduction through a 200 to 600 micron filter or kitchen strainer you're left with a warm opaque suspension of fat and aqueous liquids. If you run that through a 100 micron tamis or biological filter then through a 25 micron one you'll end up with a bright fat free liquid. ( must be warm ) The fat cannot pass 25 microns and ALL of it is left behind resulting in a cleaner stock than if you allow the fat to gel at the top in a fridge which leaves some of that lipid still emulsified in the stock.


Hi chef, would it be possible for you or whoever makes these videos to actually do an at length interview with you about your life - background, childhood, experiences etc? You are one of the most interesting and charismatic individuals I have ever come across and I’m sure you have some really interesting stories. I would love to hear your stories, and I’m sure others would agree.

Thumbs up if you would also like to see something like this.

Bobby Pentland

I like the stock, adds so much depth to flavor. Thanks for sharing this, see you next time.

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5 hours???? I cook my minimum 36 hours. Even your older video states longer than 5 hours.

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17 peppercorn at the beginning .... 14 a bit later and at the end 12 in that huge pot + a magic wand called Chef JP. As a commercial chef you can order stuff that we, your humble followers can’t afford. Thank you for giving us the tips on how to make a great recipe affordable! Oh... I forgot you can freeze the fat from the stock for 17 years! Love it!

Nasir Ahmed

Merci chef . Cuisine France best in the world . Chef Nasir from Austin TX. Also from Montreal


Am making this easy recipe today ...the kitchen smells fantastic!

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Love the recipe, but what was the temperature of the oven ??

J White

8:46 I watched that edit like 5 times ?

face yes

Jean pierre polnareff


Thanks for your great recipe!

Brian Leister

Are there still butchers in the world?


Old stock receipt with new jokes ... now having cats and dogs going after it over night ?

Bruce Schaller

You ever make a dutch baby? It's such a nice breakfast and has great wow factor. I love making it for friends.


A good butcher never leaves meat on the bones, the meat is worth way more in the case. Especially as profits are at an all time low due to supplier prices increasing massively during covid.
Crosscut beef shanks or shoulder/neck used for stewing meat are your next best options, although a bit more expensive.

Brad Dixon

I made this from your old video. I now have 2 gallons of beef stock in my freezer waiting for some great meals. You're the best! thanks for educating the rest of us normal folks in the world

Jmoodaa Chef Joe

JP, that stock is just as I remember it. We had some veal bones I there as well. Tomato paste is the key. The caramelization creates the richness!!

Roland Der Unverbesserliche

totally correct
even where we DO get the bones, often, they try to push "pure bones" without meat
I keep it like the potato.., the best and most important part is just under the "peel", so I never do peel,
always use all of it, just clean some spots here and there...
If we want to be healthy, we have to use the whole animal, and the whole of many other things too, but in the right way!
We can not just eat the most lean meats all of the time, this is not balance.
We must consume enough bone broth, fats, organs..., to keep/get the right balance.
And, it can be made extremely perfect good tasting, too...
Saturated Fats and butter are extremely healthy. It is much better to consume a little of them, and be very high powered,
compared to consuming vegetable (non Omega3) oils, and be slowly poisoned to death..........

Maria Elena Orozco

Again you were right - I roasted the bones with tomato paste and OMG what a beautiful stock it came out to be. Then i used it to make borscht . Fabulous...Thank you -

Nick Villalpando

Anyone else hit the “like” button when the video starts because you know that it’s going to be great?!?!


You had black hair. But silver is the charm you created so many beautiful recipes over the years.

Sunny Bizz

Does anyone else talk to themself in the chef's voice while they cook?

Tom Seipert

Hey is that this same roasting pan from 10 years ago?


Yessssss! I have been looking for up to date videos, in glad he's back.

Bruno Bursic

Chef, you look SO much younger here, I was just thinking that and my wife walked by and said the same, have you lost weight or something? Haircut? I always make this recipe by the way, it's the best stock, love your old videos (The muscles one is the 1st one I watched a long time ago) Cheers.


Your killing me scraping that non-stick braising pan!

Patrick Tierney

6:47 I want all the extra flavor

Liquid Cool

Been waiting for this. Thanks Chef!


Chef Jean-Pierre. I use I would suggest using white wine for the de-glazing


My favorite chef

Ra Sa

Thank you. I made this beef stock from your video and all my neighbors in the building ask me for the recipe i give them it and shared the beef stock with them.

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Thanks Jean Pierre, worked beautifully!

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U look still handsome in those grey hair dear chef..god bless u with smiles,love & long life..I love beef??

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I’m hitting the Like button on this before I watch it.
Because there’s a big bowl of Onyo in the foreground and that tells me I will be able to freeze the result for seventeen years!
Thanks in advance chef! ??

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Mallard reactions - quack, quack? ???????

Sam Wilson

You are awesome. That is all


Sorry, my wife will hate you. Ever since I started watching your channel she hears all the time "Jean Pierre said this, Jean Pierre said that". I cook at home, but when my wife has to cook something, I tell her: It's not rocket science, it's cooking. I love cooking, thanks to you I have a double joy. Thanks.

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wow ????????

Claude Smoot

So we don't add salt?

Bruce B

Great videos, thanks Chef. Got an idea, poulet chasseur ou blanquette de veal. Ok 2 ideas.


Chef, I honestly enjoy your videos. Please keep it up.

Killmonize Productions

The passion:) he loves to teach and cook. It shows how much he cares

rennie rad

J Campbell

You're even more handsome today Chef Jean-Pierre!

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Yeah baby! Thank you very for the recipe. You are as usual a joy to learn from. God bless you

Caleb Cooper

at least 5 hours, boys

K Man

great stuff

Brian Leister

They sell shank bones at my grocery store but there’s hardly no meat on it - just the marrow inside the bone.


my teaching chef said no salt because you can't take it out. I still don't make stocks with salt to this day.

Joe K

gotta love the 4 k's

Yuri Shnirman

The smell, the smell so smelly, the smelly smell is so delicious. I was drooling walking around the house even though I was full. Now the question, once cooked, what do you do with the meat and bones? I simply ate them. But is there something else to do with them?

Jon Pulicicchio

Thank you Chef. I have been using your recipes for all types of stocks for years.

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4Ks is better than 3Ks

Will Martell

Thanks Chef!... Made this recipe over the holiday to make your turkey gravy recipe! Best yet! Made beef veg soup and grandma said it was the best she'd tasted. After the move how about a demi-glace recipe??!! Good luck in the new kitchen!

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Thanks, Chef. Will make next week. My butcher making up a package of bones gor me. Yum!

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I've just hired a skip to make this recipe, my pots are not big enough???

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This man has a unique natural ability to connect with people.. What a gem of a channel

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"Oh Yeah, Baby!"


Always looking forward for your recipe Chef Ty !
If you can show us your version of vegetable stock . Ty

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Where's the beef? ?

Terry C

Each new video is a gift. Loving it, Chef!

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Wow it looks absolutely delicious with a glass of Portuguese red wine. From Mississauga Ontario Canada.

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9:47 freeze the fat or the stock?

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Just love these video’s. But What is it about the number 17 ? it is just hilerious???

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He's not only a great chef, but an awesome teacher as well. And on top of that, naturally funny. I LOVE him.


You don't look a day over 40 - so how can you be cooking for 50 years?

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You are the BEST!!!! X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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Wonderful recipe again!!!!!!!

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You think we can get a demi glacé recipe from this stock from Chef Jean-Pierre?